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Pakistan emerges as real problem

Indeed, it was surprising to learn that the US has sought India’s cooperation in its search for a regional solution to the crisis created by the Taliban in Afghanistan.

You have rightly observed in the editorial “Fighting Taliban” (April 10) that the US must put pressure on Pakistan. The US must understand that the real problem in the region is Pakistan which is fast getting Talibanised.

It is high time Pakistan understood the ground realities and got rid of the Taliban. Otherwise, it would be too late.




N. Korean missiles

The news “N-Korea defies world, fires missile” (April 6) should come as no surprise. For a number of days, North Korea had been hinting at such an activity with China keeping an eerie silence.

The thinkers in the US know that North Korea is one of the poorest and most under-developed nations of the world.

It is a strange paradox that North Korea is boasting of launching satellites into the space and firing long-range ballistic missiles.

All these tall claims do not surprise the US experts who know that North Korea is a client state of China.

It is not poor North Korea which is doing the unabated sabre-rattling; in fact, it is China which is behind the scene, conducting this puppet show.


A strong PM

Nowadays when a person can stoop as low as possible to gain monetary benefits, it is hard to find a public servant who is free from worldly desires. Dr Manmohan Singh is the strongest Prime Minister in the history of Indian politics.

He is a true Sikh who has won over his worldly desires, because it is aptly
said, “Man jeetay jag jeet”. Strength lies within the personality, not in the use
of bombastic language.

Guru Nanak said: “Truth is supreme still higher is truthful living.” Dr Singh befits in these teachings of Guru Granth Sahib.

Strength lies in positive thinking and construction, not in demolition. It lies in respecting the ideas and views of people surrounding you and not in raising arms.

Dr Singh is upright, honest and humble. To call him weak is just to expose one’s
own poor sense of human traits and values. We wish we could get many more
leaders like him.


Month of festivity

In his excellent middle, “Coping with April” (April 10), Dr Harish Dhillon, lyrically quotes the starting lines of T. S. Eliot’s epic, “The Wasteland”.

Then, like a skilful wordsmith and narrator, he goes on recalling the blooming of flowers in his school garden. In fact, April can be a cruel month for the British, thanks to extremely cold conditions there.

But in India, April is the month of festivity, as the wheat and mustard crops are ready for harvesting and, particularly, the peasants are in a joyful mood. Also, April is the month of Baisakhi, the biggest festival of northern India.


Provide security to dam

In view of the threat by terrorists to damage the Bhakra Dam, it is the job of Punjab or Himachal Pradesh to stand up against such a threat (“High security around dams troubling villagers”, a news item, March 28).

Our intelligence agencies have several times warned the government about the impending attacks, but not foolproof security is provided to the targets on the terrorists list.

The threat to the Bhakra Dam is a serious one. Any damage to it can convert half of Punjab into a watery grave.

Our leaders are busy in election campaigns and have neither the vision nor the resources to face such a threat.

Highly-trained commandos of the Army with the latest weapons should be deployed at the dam. Vigil by Central and state agencies should also be increased.


Unfulfilled promises

Our politicians believe in empty rhetoric. They shed crocodile tears for the poor; their actions contradict their claims.

The situation in the country has worsened. Our elected representatives are wasting public funds. Poll promises are never fulfilled.

The common man is left with a big question mark and does not know what to do and where to go.

PROF B R GOYAL, Bathinda

Need for stable govt

The Tribune is doing a yeoman’s service in educating the voter as to how to go
about voting.

As of now, not-so-friendly countries surround India, yet our self-serving  politicians are unwilling to unite.

They are ready to give us a “khichri” government. The country has seen
enough of coalitions.

Under the existing threat perception, we need a stable and responsible government. So, it is high time the voter shows the  undeserving candidates their  rightful place.

Lt- COL H S GILL (retd),  SAS Nagar



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