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Pakistan’s abject surrender to Taliban

The editorial, “A state within a state” (April 16), has aptly described what the Taliban is up to. Pakistan’s abject surrender to the Taliban by allowing them to introduce the Islamic laws in the Swat valley will surprise only those wearing blinkers. This situation has been waiting to come to such a pass for a long time, thanks to Pakistan’s civilian and military rulers running with the hare and hunting with the hound just for sticking to power. Unfortunately even the US did not see through their game or looked the other way deliberately for its own strategic interests. This has led to fundamentalist groups having a free run of Pakistan.

The Taliban is an anathema to modernity and free thinking and it is taking Pakistan to the medieval age. As usual, women are an easy target of the hydra-headed monster of fundamentalism. There cannot be a better proof of their barbarity and cruelty on women than the heart-rending scene of some masked men lashing a pinned down girl for her so-called immoral conduct in full public view. The girl was flailing, screaming and asking for forgiveness or death with nobody stopping her tormentors.

India should be ready to cope with any eventuality with Taliban just across the border. A nearly failed state can throw up all types of surprises and shocks, since its elected representatives have an ostrich-like approach towards the Taliban.

HEMA, Langeri (Hoshiarpur)


The signing of agreement by Pakistani Government with Maulana Sufi Mohammad for allowing Talban to implement Sharia Law is shocking but not unexpected. However what is more shocking is that the resolution for this deal has been passed by Pakistan’s National Assembly.

One wonders why political parties like the PPP and the PMQ (N) fought with the autocratic rule of Prevez Musharaaf for restoration of democracy in the country if fundamentalist and obscurantist forces were to be allowed to rule the roost in Pakistan. With the benefit of hindsight, perhaps people would have preferred Musharaaf’s rule, warts and all.

The deal signed supposedly for buying peace with the Taliban is nothing but capitulation and will encourage the latter to spread its tentacles throughout Pakistan. With the Taliban on the loose, Pakistan is becoming virtually a failed state, posing a threat to peace in the region and beyond.

The Indian Government should brace itself for coping with the possibility of Taliban problem affecting it directly. The Pakistani society too should join the international community in containing the Taliban menace without any delay. The future of Pakistan is at stake.



Indeed, it was surprising to learn that the US has sought India’s cooperation in its search for a regional solution to the crisis created by the Taliban in Afghanistan. You have rightly observed in the editorial “Fighting Taliban” (April 10) that the US must put pressure on Pakistan. The US must understand that the real problem in the region is Pakistan which is fast getting Talibanised. It is high time Pakistan understands the ground realities and forces the Taliban to leave its territory. Otherwise, it would be too late.


Set an example

My blood boiled on reading the news story, “Minor Dalit 8 month pregnant” (April 17). Where are decent educated Punjabis? Who will stand up for this vulnerable poor girl? She should be compensated and those who abused her should be given deterrent punishment. Set an example so that girl children are henceforth safe to walk alone. Educated people should lead by example. Let us not be callous about the vulnerable people in our society.

S SIDHU, Montreal, Canada

Deplorable action

It is a tribute to our mature democracy that by and large major political parties have condemned the action of Mr Jarnail Singh. The journalist not only disgraced his profession but also a valiant community. Devoid of any foresight, our present Sikh leadership is out to hijack the issue for their parochial political ends.

While the Sikhs are rightly perturbed over the delay in punishing the perpetrators of heinous crimes in 1984, these leaders did precious little to punish the guilty of fake encounters. Some of the perpetrators are blue-eyed boys of the present establishment. People should not fall prey to myopic and hypocritical stance of their leaders.

DALJIT SINGH, Chandigarh

Politics of non-commitment

The standard of politics today has been lowered and the leaders of political leaders are abusing each other. Our country is secular, yet communalism has been echoed in political speeches, thus giving rise to the division of nation through caste and religion.

Different political parties are devoid of appropriate manifestoes of development and do not promote adequate employment opportunities, eradicate corruption or boost economic prosperity.

If our democracy has to be saved, then there has to be a ban on criminals and corrupt people from contesting polls. One wonders as to how Bollywood actors will be able to ensure good governance when they are devoid of administrative experience. Records show that actors-turned–elected-politicians do not attend Parliament and hardly participate in national debates.

The actors canvassing in election are doing so for politicians who do not have merit of their own to project themselves.




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