Saturday, April 18, 2009

Rhyme Time

Election time

Elections are around

Everywhere popular leaders are making the rounds

Elections are what everyone is talking about

Every leader claims to work for your welfare

But the fact is that each one wants his moneyís share

After every five years

They beg for votes

Everyone is in a state of dilemma

Itís a show no less than cinema

Everyday we come to know of a fresh controversy

Oh God! have some mercy

The future of our country lies

In the hands of these leaders who are good at telling lies

Iíll suggest you all to vote as it is your right

And choose the most deserving one who will bring to our country its pride

Aaditi, X-B, Gobindgarh Public School,


Good health

Health is a state of physical, mental and social well-being

Try to keep fit and remain slim

Else in water, youíll sink

It is said early to bed and early to rise

Makes a man healthy, wealthy & wise

Exercise regularly

And donít skip your walk

Health camps should be organized

In schools, there must be health education

If you are healthy, fit and fine

Then only you can serve the nation

Anil Kumar, X B,
St Maryís High School, Sundernagar (HP)