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Report card
Jaspal Bhatti

IT seems L.K Advani has got his hands on Manmohan Singh’s medical report. Otherwise, how could he say with certainty that Manmohan Singh has been a very weak Prime Minister? Chances are that the PM’s red blood cells, which carry oxygen, are less than sufficient and that deters him from delivering hard speeches. Manmohan Singh himself has lamented the fact that he can’t use abusive language because his parents had never groomed him that way. Perhaps he could always get tuition from some police personnel to improve upon his vocabulary.

The other possibility is that Advani ji might have noticed in the PM’s medical report low count of white blood cells, responsible for fighting infection. But the way the PM successfully got the nuclear deal through despite infections and defections didn't show his weakness.

If Advani ji notices an imbalance in the platelet count that causes clots, he may be right. It might be because of the clot the PM is uttering the same thing again and again that how Advani ji could claim to be a strong man when deadly terrorists in Kandahar-hijack incident were released in his tenure as the Home Minister?

Is Advani ji comparing the post-operation weakness of Dr Manmohan Singh, who got operated for heart surgery, with Atal Bihari Vajpayee’s who underwent knee surgery? A family doctor of a politician prescribed him vitamin MSling. ‘What it is for?’ asked the politician. "It would help you in campaigning," said the doctor, "It is called Vitamin-Mudslinging!"