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Pradeep Sharma
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, April 30
Chandigarh’s most famous landmark -- Sukhna Lake -- is dying a slow death. Even as the mercury touched 42 degree celsius today, the man-made water body’s water level has reportedly come down, sending the UT administration in a tizzy.

The drying up of the lake bed, particularly towards the regulator end, is all the more worrying in the backdrop of large-scale silt deposition in the bed with each passing year.

With the ambitious Rs 73-crore desiltation project of the administration stuck at the Centre, there seems to have no immediate solution for the lake’s silt that has significantly reduced its water storage capacity and area.

Moreover, the UT administration seems to have got its priorities wrong. While the lake struggles for survival, the administration seems to be more keen to treat the symptoms rather than the disease by getting a Rs 2.73 crore spruce-up plan for the lake.

Under the plan, the sprucing up of the lake island, installation of the windmill and beautification of the circulation area are planned by the administration in a bid to attract tourists.

A visit to the regulator end by a Tribune team today revealed that the parched stretch of land was increasing with each passing day. Wet patches at the parched area indicated recent receding of the lake waters from the regulator end.

A dead fish on the parched stretch bore testimony to the fast-receding water storage capacity.

Thrown open to the public by Chandigarh’s creator Le Corbusier in 1958, the lake had been drying up, allegedly on account of lack of proper maintenance and silt deposition. Its water storage capacity is going down at the rate of around 5 per cent per annum, with experts claiming that 70-80 per cent lake bed was covered with silt.



42 degrees Celsius and rising 
Met dept warns of heat wave conditions till Sat; heatstroke cases reported 
Anuja Jaiswal
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, April 30
As temperatures soared in the city to 42°C today, breaking records of the past nine years, over a dozen cases of heat stroke were reported at various city hospitals. The weather department has issued a warning of heat wave conditions till the weekend and indicated possibilities of further rise in temperature.

According to PGI doctors, at least five children were brought in to the hospital’s paediatric ward today with symptoms of heatstroke. Besides, 10 adults were also admitted to the hospital but discharged after medication “The hospital has already received 12 such cases in adults and five in the paediatric department,” said a Senior Medical Officer at the PGI.

With the rising heat and humidity, there has been an increase in cases of diarrhoea and gastric disorders also. “On an average, five to 10 cases of diarrhoea are being reported in daily,” said a doctor at the GMSH-16. The number could be higher since several patients were visiting private hospitals and clinics in the city.

Even as the weather department issued a heat wave warning, the temperature is expected to cross the 42°C mark. According to reports, it was in 1999 that the temperature in the city had touched 42.2°C and since then it had remained below 42 degrees.

Doctors said the most common symptoms of stroke were dehydration, severe headache, vomiting, sudden lack of energy, muscle cramps and, in some cases, high-grade fever.

According to Dr SK Bhandari, Deputy Medical Superintendent, the unpredictability of weather conditions can take its toll and it is essential to take preventive measures in such conditions. “It is important to minimise water loss from the body through rehydration and drinking lots of water can help,” he said.

According to experts, people with high blood pressure should be especially careful as excessive sodium loss through sweating can lead to altered consciousness where the patient passes out unexpectedly. “People with high blood pressure and those taking drugs to control blood pressure should be careful and hospitalisation may be advised if they show severe symptoms of heatstroke,” they said.

While doctors have cautioned parents to take extra care of their wards, the education department has not taken any decision on an early summer break.

According to the DPI, education, Samwartak Singh, there was no move, as of now, to alter school timings. 

Heat-related problems

F Sun stroke
F Skin problems, including redness and burnt skin
F Eye irritation
F High blood pressure
F Headache

Preventive steps

F Drink lots of water
F Avoid drinking water, especially chilled water, immediately after exposure to sun
F Wash face (including eyes) regularly
F Cover the entire body while going out in the sun
F Do not go out on empty stomach
F Try liquid supplementary diet like fruit juice and coconut water to replenish water loss 



LS Elections
Rising crime hardly an issue
Ramanjit Singh Sidhu 
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, April 30
In the rat race for doling out populist promises and raking national issues to score brownie points over one another, candidates, particularly those of mainstream parties, seem to have forgotten the rising crime graph.

With campaigning for the elections entering its last stages, none of the candidates — Pawan Bansal, Satpal Jain and Harmohan Dhawan — have forcefully taken up the issue of rising crime, which has witnessed over a 100 per cent increase in the past decade. During the second consecutive term of Bansal, the crime figures that stood at 2,253 in 1998 almost doubled in 2008 at 4,536, leave aside hundreds of cases that go unreported or end up in compromises.

Fortunately for Bansal, the crime rate of the Sector 26 police station, under whose jurisdiction he resides, remained static as 310 cases were registered in the police station in 2000 while 320 cases were reported last year.

While politicians have made a passing reference to crime, with Jain using the rising graph to highlight the failures of Bansal, no one is talking about how to deal with it. While some crimes like murder and theft can be quantified, no thought is being given to drug addiction and contraband peddling which has assumed alarming proportions.

The open sale of drugs, as highlighted by The Tribune, may be a cause of worry for residents, but it is not on the agenda of parties. BJP candidate Satya Pal Jain had gone on record alleging that the proposal for the recruitment of around 3,000 police personnel in the city, which was recently rejected by the Ministry of Finance, was not advocated properly by Bansal.

PK Sharma, a resident of Sector 50, rued that while politicians cutting across party lines were quick to seek votes, crime seemed to be the last thing on their minds.

“The area is dotted with slums that have become a breeding ground for crime, but for the sake of cultivating their vote bank, these politicians never raise this issue. Rather they support anti-social elements residing in slums. Whenever there is any incident of lawlessness, the miscreants enjoy the support of some politician, another resident said.



Flu can’t keep Punjabis away from phoren land
Anuja Jaiswal & Charu Chibber
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh/Ludhiana, April 30
Wait and watch seems to be the policy adopted by foreign-bound Punjabis even as reports indicate a considerable fall in air passenger traffic in countries affected by the deadly virus that has claimed 160-odd lives so far.

A random survey by The Tribune among travel agents in the city and Ludhiana indicates that while scepticism exists among travellers, no cancellations as such have been received. However, there has been a marginal decrease in further bookings, apparently a result of the advisory issued by the Union Health Ministry and also reports about the spread of diseases in countries like Canada, Britain and America — the hot destinations for Punjabis.

“People who are planning to go abroad are a little scared, but there have been no cancellations,” said Mahinder Bajaj of Bajaj Travels. He said there had, however, been a fall in future bookings. “We counsel anyone who comes to us,” he said. “There has been no impact so far and even the airlines have not issued any travel advisory,” said Rani of Gem Travels.

Even Ludhianvis do not seem too perturbed about the flu. “Students and tourists are travelling abroad as usual. We have not even received any query from clients,” Vicky of Cox and Kings, Ludhiana, said.

“Over 100 tickets have been booked for the US and Canada, besides other countries, where flu scare is rife in the past week,” Grupjeet Saggar of Saggar World Holidays said.

Parminder Singh of Gill Travels was apprehensive that in the coming days, travellers may be forced to review their plans. A travel agent who requested anonymity described the situation saying: “Flu or no flu, the Punjabi spirit to travel to ‘phoren’ land is stronger than any virus!”


CSIO transfers medical technology to Kolkata firm 
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, April 30
The Central Scientific Instruments Organisation (CSIO), here has transferred the technology for the manufacture of three healthcare equipment to a Kolkata-based private firm. The equipment include anesthesia ventilator, sodium-potassium analyser and surgical microscope.

An agreement in this regard was signed between the CSIO and SAP Healthcare Equipment Private Limited, a newly formed company. The technology developed by CSIO, besides being sophisticated, are claimed to be low-cost.

Anaesthesia ventilator is a life-saving respiratory support device used in situation where the patient finds it difficult to breath like being under anaesthesia and or critical care. It ventilates the lungs and maintains artificial respiration in patients, besides delivering anesthetic gas. It is a complex electro-pneumatic system used for performing all functional requirements of respiratory support.

The sodium-potassium analyser is an automated system used for measurement of sodium and potassium in the blood, serum and plasma.

Sodium and potassium are two cationic electrolytes which are very much essential to determine the condition and disease of the unconscious patient.

The surgical microscope for cataract and inter-ocular lens transplant surgery developed by CSIO has a very high resolution with contrast facility and uniform illumination, providng a large working area to eye surgeons. In provides a three-dimensional object (eye) with a high power for detailed observations.



Water scarcity hits Panchkula, Mohali 
Tribune Reporters

Panchkula, April 30
With the onset of summer, the city residents have started feeling the pinch of water scarcity in the town. While the residents of the first floor were already feeling the fall in pressure of water supply, people living on the second floors have been deprived of supply since last many weeks.

In fact, the water supply is plagued with multiple problems, including power cuts, tubewells without generators, depleting groundwater and old pipelines, which gives way to leakages as soon as the water pressure is increased.

A joint in the 12 inches water pipeline in Sector 16 could not be repaired for 15 hours, leaving the residents of Sectors 16 and 17 without water since last evening.

The same joint that was repaired last night by the employees of HUDA failed to bear the pressure of water in the morning, leaving the road dividing Sectors 16 and 17 inundated while the residents had to go without drinking water supply in the sweltering heat.

The city with a population of more than 2 lakh needs around 17 milllion gallons of water per day (mgd) during the summers. The demand, however, reaches up to 21 mgd during peak summer season.

Faced with the sharp increase in the demand, the department has failed to come up to the expectations of residents of the town.

After residents of the housing board, Sector 19, made a hue and cry over lack of water supply to the upper floors early this month, now the residents in the sectors developed by HUDA have also started complaining lack of water supply to the upper floors.

Advocate Subhash Sharma, a resident of Sector 21, said he did not get water supply to the second floor of his house even during winters. Now, the water supply has been limited to the ground floor only since the onset of summers.

Similar were the complaints from Sectors 8, 9 and 12.

The authorities, however, claimed of drastic improvement in the situation. With 10 new tubewells commissioned this year the water was being supplied up to the first floor all over the town, claimed superintending engineer AK Aggarwal. The water was in sufficient quantity and reached the overhead tanks early morning, he added. However, owing to the sharp increase in consumption the water pressure on top floors had started receding with the passage of time.

MOHALI: With the mercury crossing 41° C, those living on the first floor and above have started facing shortage of water.

Though not many complaints have been received so far, residents in certain areas have to get up at night or early in the morning to store water for the day. Due to shortage of water the department of public health had already started rationing of water supply from March 1. Residents in most parts of the town are now being given water supply to fill their overhead tanks on alternate days.

Gurmeet Singh Walia, municipal councillor living in Phase XI, said he had started receiving complaints from residents living on upper floors. Nearly 400 houses (2000 to 2396) faced shortage of water during the past few days, but the position was better at present.

Walia said since the availability of water was far less than the demand, residents should be allowed to have submersible pumps so that they could get water for watering of lawns, washing of vehicles and courtyards.

This would reduce the consumption of water which would then only be needed for drinking and bathing. He said such a proposal would be put up at the next meeting of the Municipal Council.

Dharam Pal Upashak, a resident of Phase V, said that position of water supply was better as compared to previous years. But for three days in a week, those living on the upper floors had to get up at night to store water because it was supplied at full pressure only on alternate days.

Inderjit Singh Kang, executive engineer of the department of public health, said no complaints were received by his department regarding shortage of water.

He said the demand of water in the summer months was 23 mgd against the availability of only 13.4 mgd. Mohali was getting only 10 mgd of water from Kajauli waterworks and the rest of it was got from tubewells. He said 39 more tubewells were needed to meet the water shortage and the Municipal Council had been asked to get these sunk at the earliest.

However, the civic body will not be able to sink any new tubewell till the elections are over because it has not been provided the administrative approval by the authorities concerned in this regard so far.



Bansal promises affordable houses
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh,April 30
The city residents are politically-aware and can see through the game plan of the Opposition, said Congress candidate Pawan Bansal in reply to the Opposition's diatribe against him and the party here today.

Bansal claimed that the Congress-led UPA was in the process of introducing an affordable four categories housing scheme for those not owing one. The dwelling units would be constructed in 300 sq ft to 1,200 sq ft, he added.

Jain's claim: BJP candidate Satya Pal Jain claimed today that the Congress-led UPA government was now on its last legs. While addressing various meetings, he said once the BJP comes to power it would take up flyovers, metro and other development works for city’s development.

He alleged that those who represented the city in parliament for 15 years did not fulfil their promises in spite of becoming the central minister.

Dhawan's campaign: BSP candidate Harmohan Dhawan addressed a gathering at Balmiki Mohalla in Mani Majra today. Speaking on the occasion he said without a proper transfer policy in place how could Bansal assure another storey to the residents.

RJD’s allegation: Bansal has done nothing to get a balanced Rent Act in the past five years. After winnng the elections, the RJD will come out with the Rent Act within six months, Hafiz Anwar-ul-Haq, RJD candidate, claimed while addressing a gathering at a function organised at Ramgarhia Bhawan, Sector 27, today. Meanwhile, the Maharaja Jassa Singh Ramgarhia Association and the Private Construction Labour Contract Union have extended their support to the RJD candidate.



Want votes? Resolve issues, say traders 

Chandigarh, April 30
The Chandigarh Beopar Mandal today urged candidates contesting from the local parliamentary seat to give a commitment for taking up their issues in return of their votes.

Releasing a charter of demands on the traders’ issues at a press conference here today, Charanjiv Singh and Diwakar Sahoonja, president and general secretary, respectively, called upon the traders to vote for the candidate who commits himself for traders’ welfare.

The major issues listed in the charter of demands were taxation reforms, amendments in the bylaws of the commercial buildings, balanced Rent Act, representation of traders in various bodies of the administration, institution of a trade board, construction of beopar bhawan and upgradation of the traditional markets. — TNS



Ad war hots up
Rajmeet Singh
Tribune News Service

Mohali, April 30
As the election to the Anandpur Lok Sabha seat draws closer, the war for advertisements among major political parties has hot up.

The SAD-BJP combine and the Congress have put up hoardings and illuminated billboards on the road separating Phases 7 and 8. Using an effective media of roadside hoardings to communicate with the targeted section of voters, the parties have bought the most sought-after locations in the city for their ad campaign.

“In the coming polls, the parties are aware that a large section of the electorate would be the educated young voters and it the best media to reach maximum number of people,” observed a senior Akali leader.

While projecting their candidates, the BJP is focusing on national issues like unemployment and terrorism. The Congress is cashing in on the legacy of the late Chief Minister Beant Singh to woo voters.

If the SAD-BJP combine is claiming to connect Punjab with the world by domestic and international airports, wide roads and populist schemes like “atta-dal scheme”, the Congress is talking about unity, stability and communal harmony.

Sources in the district administration said the paid advertisements had been allowed after seeking permission from the Election Commission.



UT gets its act together
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, April 30
The Chandigarh administration has taken precautionary measures for the prevention and control of swine flu in the UT.

The animal husbandry department has formed four rapid response teams to meet the challenge. Each team consists of five members headed by a veterinarian.

Health Secretary Ram Niwas has directed all senior medical officers to keep surveillance of patients reporting at dispensaries, community health centres and hospitals with swine flu-like symptoms, including fever, lack of appetite, cough, running nose, sore throat, nausea, vomiting and diarrhoea. All major hospitals have been directed to ensure sufficient stocks of anti-viral drugs, personal protective equipment and critical care equipment, including isolation wards.

As a precautionary measure, Finance Secretary Sanjay Kumar has directed the animal husbandry department to check poultry birds on a daily basis for any symptoms of avian influenza.

The department has been told to ensure that piggeries in Chandigarh monitor the health of pigs and act fast if symptoms like conjunctivitis, coughing and severe bronchopneumonia are detected.

The chief medical officer at the Chandigarh Airport has been asked to screen passengers/travellers coming from affected areas and have these symptoms.

The medical officer, health, MC, has been asked to implement piggery bylaws and ensure that pigs are not seen in the vicinity of the city. Slaughtering of pigs may also be screened by the superintendent, slaughter house.



Twist to firing incident
Tribune News Service

Mohali, April 30
The two-day old case of local property dealer Gulraj Singh Randhawa being allegedly shot at has taken a murkier turn.

A Panchkula-based industrialist, Ramnik Singh Mann, who was initially named as the main suspect, alleged that he was being framed in a false case by the property dealer on the behest of a senior Akali minister and his son.

“ I am attorney of properties of an NRI friend, Gursimran Singh Virk, and the property dealer was trying to grab the property,” he stated in a complaint filed to the Punjab DGP, Punjab Home Secretary and Mohali SSP. Although Gulraj was not available 
for comments.

Retracting from the previous statement, Gulraj stated the shot was accidentally fired while fiddling with a weapon of his friend. Mohali SSP JS Aulakh said after Gulraj refused to lodge a complaint and an affidavit was taken from him and his friend whose licensed weapon was used.

Ramnik Singh Mann said at the alleged time of the incident he was away to Yamunanagar and Kakkar Majra in Haryana. Acting on the initial complaint of Gulraj, police officials from the Mataour police station came knocking at his residence at about 1:30 am on April 29 and did not inform the Panchkula police.

A police official said since the police was taken for a ride by the youth, an action could be initiated against him.

“First he makes the police officials visit the spot and the hospital. A raid was conducted at the residence of the alleged suspect in Panchkula while the victim retracts from his statement another day. The firing is an irresponsible act of handling a weapon by the licencee and an action could be initiated against him, if desired”, lawyer Sanjeev said.



Cops ruin plan to gobble up Rs 23,000 
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, April 30
A prompt action by traffic police personnel “ruined” the plan of two youngsters for gobbling up a bank recovery amount worth Rs 23,000 by enacting a robbery drama.

According to the SHO of the Sector 34 police station, Thakur Darpan (23), a collection agent of ICICI Bank, hatched a plan to enact a drama of bank robbery along with his next-door neighbour Rahul (22) of Rohtak. Rahul has been living in Darpan’s house along with his uncle for the past one-and-half month.

The SHO said as per the plan Darpan carried Rs 23,150 of ICICI Bank in a bag. He informed the police at 12.15 pm that someone had snatched his bag containing the cash. The massage was immediately flashed. A traffic police team deployed near the auto pond in Sector 34 saw a man running with the bag and nabbed him near the road dividing Sector 34 and Sector 35.

The accused identified as Rahul disclosed the conspiracy behind the robbery drama after the cops threatened to book him in a robbery case. At this, Darpan was arrested.

A case of robbery, misappropriation and criminal conspiracy under Sections 392, 408 and 120-B of the IPC has been registered against them.

The police also claim to have recovered red chilies and a punch from Rahul’s possession. They had even planned to throw chilies in the eyes of those who dared to intervene. However, the accused did not get time to use these things, a police officer added. Meanwhile, IGP SK Jain gave cash reward and commendation certificate (first class) to sub-inspector, a constable and four home guards volunteers for taking prompt action.



No change in HUDA plots prices
Tribune News Service

Panchkula, April 30
On the expected lines, the Haryana Urban Development Authority has decided not to increase the prices of its plots during the current fiscal. The price fixation committee in its meeting headed by the HUDA chief administrator decided that in the wake of recession, particularly in realty sector, there was no logic in increasing the prices this year.

The committee generally recommends the increase in the prices between 10 and 20 per cent every year. Last year the committee recommended 20 per cent increase for plots at Gurgaon. The prices of plots at Faridabad were increased to 15 per cent. In Panchkula also the prices of plots offered by HUDA had been doubled in a period of three years ending 2008.



Haryana School Education Board
Class X, XII results out
Tribune News Service

Panchkula, April 30
A student of Sarthak Model School, Sector 12, Ruchi Gupta, secured 92 per cent marks and stood first in Class X examinations conducted by the Haryana School Education Board.

The pass percentage at the district level remained 68.72 per cent, as 3,045 passed out of 4, 431students in the examinations.

Ruchi secured 461 marks while the maximum marks scored were 500.

However, the second position was shared by Subam and Gaurav of JP Gurukul, Pinjore, and New India Senior Secondary School, Sector 15, respectively, who scored 456 marks..

The third position in the district was also secured by a student of New India Senior Secondary School, Sector 15, Ruby.

Similarly, in Class XII examinations, 218 students performed well in the Science section. Around 220 students appeared in the examinations, in which Ritu Jingra of Sarthak School, Sector 12, topped with 421 out of 500 marks. Whereas the second position was secured by Abhishek from the same school, who got 415 marks. Pooja of Government Girls Senior Secondary School, Sector 15, stood third with 410 marks.

Similarly, the first positon was claimed by a student of Government Senior Secondary School, Raipur Rani, Prachi Gupta, with 418 marks in the Commerce section. However, next two slots were clinched by students of Sarthak Model School Kamani Rani and Parul Man Chand, who scored 414 and 403 marks, respectively.

The first two positions in the Arts section were clinched by students of New India Senior Secondary Secondary School, Sector 15, Indu Kumari and Neha Rani who scored 445 and 416 marks, respectively. While student of Government Senior Secondary School, Mallah, Rajni Devi stood third.



A day of awards at KV 
Tribune News Service

Panchkula, April 30
Kendriya Vidyalaya No. 2 celebrated its annual day here today. Ganesh Stuti, save environment, Rajasthani dance, qawali, a tableau on the changing scene of education, etc. were put up by the students.

Brig HS Puri, Chairman VMC, who was the chief guest, gave away prizes to meritorious students and teachers who had 100 per cent result in the CBSE examinations. Principal Alka Gupta presented the annual report and highlighted the achievements of students in various fields.

Patiala: Kendriya Vidyalaya No. 1, Patiala Cantt, celebrated its annual day and prize distribution function, here today, with pomp and show. SPS Khurana, education officer, was the chief guest and nominee chairman VMC and KL Anand, education officer KVS (CR) were guest of honour.

SK Sharma, principal, welcomed the guests and presented the annual report of the school, highlighting the achievements of the students and teachers.

On this occasion, a cultural programme by tiny tots, saraswati vandana, action songs and folk dances, English and Hindi plays, and bhangra was presented by the children.

The chief guest gave away prizes to the children for excelling in academics. KL Anand honoured the principal SK Sharma and Suraiya Parveen for winning the National Award for teachers and Balbir Kaur and Narata Singh who had won the KVS incentive award in the last year. Rajwinder Kaur Sekhon, a participant in the ‘Genesis’ programme, held in Japan and other teachers who had produced 100 per cent result were also honoured.

The colourful programme ended with a vote of thanks by vice-principal V Pande.



Credit transfer system to study in Australia
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, April 30
A seminar on study in Australia through the Australian unified pathway programme (AUPP) was held here today.

Dr Grahame Morris of the University of Ballarat, Austrialia, and G Bajwa, director, AUPP, India, addressed the gathering. The officials, later, answered to the queries of the participants.

Jaswinder Singh, a student, who is studying in Australia through the programme shared his experience. Dr Morris said: “The AUPP is neither an educational consultancy nor an immigration agency. It is specifically designed for Indian students who wish to gain Australian bachelor’s or master’s degree.

“The AUPP is having more than 25 campuses in India and Nepal and more than 2,000 students have already been benefited from this programme, which is a pathway for several universities in Australia such as the University of Ballarat, RMIT University, University of South Australia and the Swinburne University of Technology,” he added.

Speaking about the programme, Dr Morris said: “The AUPP is a system under which student starts his education in India and complete in Australia under the credit transfer programme”. Kulwant Singh and Michel, both directors of the AUPP campus in the city, thanked the visiting delegates and the participants.



Thefts at PU hostels
Suggestions only in papers
Aarti Kapur
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, April 30
Despite repeated theft incidents in Panjab University hostels, authorities are still sleeping over their proposal of upgradation of security system on the university campus.

Interestingly, the security department had sent a proposal to the higher authorities last year to revamp the security system in hostels.

As per the proposal, a clock room was proposed for each hostel, in which students could deposit their valuables.

The security department also chalked out a plan to install CCTV cameras at the entry point of each hostel to check the entry and activities of the outsiders.

They also suggested that a list of all those students having laptops in the hostel should be prepared and I D cards to be issued to students to curb thefts in the hostels.

Officials stated that when the proposal was sent to the authorities, assurance was given that it would be executed by February, but till date no action has been taken.

Officials revealed that in the past two months, three major theft incidents were reported in the hostels and they had approached the higher authorities for implementing the proposal but all in vain.

However, K Tankeshwar, PU director computer centre, said that soon CCTV cameras would be installed in all the hostels.



Placement drive at engg college
Tribune News Service

Banur, April 30
SISCON technologist conducted a placement drive in Shaheed Udham Singh College of Engineering and Technology, Tangori, for the final year students of B.Tech.

In the Ist round, about 53 students were shortlisted out of 157, and 15 out of 25 were offered jobs.aSukhwinder Singh Sidhu, chairman, and Dr D.S. Hira, director SUS Group of Institutions, congratulated the students who have been offered jobs by the company.



Workshop to improve analytical skills

Mohali, April 30
The department of pharmaceutical management of National Institute of Pharmaceutical Education and Research (NIPER) is organising a two-day workshop on data analysis beginning from tomorrow.

The objective of the training programme is to impart data analytical capabilities to those who want to improve the quality of their work by using statistics for research.



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