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EC biased, allege Akalis 
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, May 5
Casting aspertions on the working of the Election Commission in Punjab, the Youth Akali Dal today alleged that the commission was helping the Congress in the state as there was no action on the complaints filed by the Akalis.

Reacting against the registration of a case against an Akali councillor, Kamaljit Singh Karwal, and his supporters for attacking Congress candidate Manish Tewari’s mother and her supporters, YAD leaders said they had been falsely implicated in the case.

The police had yesterday booked Karwal for attacking Tewari’s mother and other women supporters. Stating that the commission was acting at the behest of the Congress, Simarjit Singh Bains, an Akali councillor, said while cases were being registered against them, there was no action against their complaints to the commission.

“We did not want to say this. But now it is evident. There is no action against any of our complaints. Senior officials, too, have been threatened that their ACRs would be spoiled by the commission,” alleged Bains.

Narrating the sequence of events on the day when the Congress alleged that their women workers were attacked, Bains said the Congress workers had pelted a banner of SAD candidate GS Galib, put up outside Karwal’s office in the Shimlapuri area, with stones. It was later torn.

Bains alleged that Karwal’s supporters stopped Congress workers from doing so. This made them angry and they hit an Akali worker with a “kirch”. He received injuries also.

“We did not attack any woman as they had already crossed Karwal's office. We respect women as we are followers of Gurus. But they blocked traffic and started raising slogans. Within an hour, a Scorpio reached the spot filled with swords. They started removing banners put up outside the office of Rajinder Singh Bajwa, a former councillor. The police remained a mute spectator. No action was taken against them, but the police registered a case against us,” Bains said.

He added that he spoke to Chief Minister Parkash Singh Badal about the incident and he asked them to maintain peace. Akali workers did not indulge in any violence after that, Bains claimed.

Meanwhile, Bains said they had received venomous SMS being circulated by the Congress. They would complain to the EC about it. He demanded an inquiry into it.


City youth Cong chief, 20 others booked
Mohit Khanna
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, May 5
After an SAD councillor and 50 others were booked for attacking Congress workers, it was the turn of the city youth Congress president, Dimple Rana, and his supporters to face the wrath of the police for creating ruckus at the Shimlapuri area on April 3.

The police today registered three cases against Congress workers for allegedly beating up, threatening and hurting the religious sentiments of SAD workers during the poll campaign at Shimlapuri on May 3.

The police has also booked a Congress worker for the traffic jam at Gill bridge. It is for the first time that supporters of a political party have been booked for staging dharna and blocking traffic. In the other case, Congress city youth president Dimple Rana and his 20 unidentified supporters were booked for tearing the poster of SAD candidate GS Galib.

The complainant, Rajinder Singh, alleged that the Congress workers headed by Dimple Rana entered his shop and beat him up with iron rods. They also removed and tore the posters of the SAD and BJP.

In the third case, the complainant, Hardeep Singh, said Congress workers Kuldeep Batta, Jarnail Singh, Balwant Singh, Pappu and Gagan, entered his shop and assaulted him. The accused even removed his turban.

However, the Congress has termed this move as vindictive. They alleged that the police was playing in the hands of the government.

On Sunday, Akali activists attacked Dr Amrit Kaur, mother of Congress candidate Manish Tewari and others, in which several women workers were injured. While one of the Akali councillors was booked for minor offences by the police, no action has been taken against him.



12,000 employees not to cast vote
Shivani Bhakoo
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, May 5
Even though more than 12,000 employees posted for election duties in the district will be given opportunity to cast their votes by filling form numbers 12 and 12-A, majority of them might not prefer to cast their franchise due to the tedious and lengthy procedure.

Iqbal Singh, a bank employee, has been performing the election duty regularly during his eight-year service so far. However, he has never been able to cast his vote. He said, “Since I was put on duty outside my constituency, I was asked to fill a 12-A form to get the postal ballot. After casting the franchise the form had to be submitted to the Deputy Commissioner’s office. There were many formalities involved so I preferred not to cast my vote during the last elections. If the procedure remains the same, I will not be able to cast vote this time too.”

An official with the district administration, on the condition of anonymity, admitted that some 90 per cent employees deployed on election duty did not cast their votes despite the fact that forms were given to them. He said it was convenient to fill form number 12 (election duty certificate) than form number 12-A (postal ballot forms). Even employees falling under the former category (form No. 12) do not cast their votes. “What to talk about others, I myself have not been able to use my voting right in the past two elections,” he said.

Kuldeep Singh, a senior lecturer, said the size of votes of the employees performing poll duty could become the deciding factor at times. He said, “No one has paid any attention to this issue. The number of employees put on election duties will perhaps be in lakhs in the state and such a vast number of voters do matter. There should be a simple and short procedure for the employees to exercise their voting right.”



Prices of veggies go through the roof
Charu Chhibber
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, May 5
Vegetable prices that have already been on the higher side since the onset of summer, have recorded another 30-50 per cent rise with the demand for seasonal veggies rising by the day.

Vegetables like peas are available at Rs 60-70 per kg in the retail market while lemon is priced at Rs 30 per kg. The same was available for Rs 7 per kg last week.

Potato has gone up from Rs 6 per kg last week to Rs 12 per kg this week. Tomato has also registered a sharp rise from Rs 10-12 per kg last week to Rs 20 per kg.

Cauliflower has gone up from Rs 10 per kg to Rs 20 per kg this week while cucumber remains constant at Rs 20 per kg.

Some veggies did witness a dip in prices like lady’s finger came down from Rs 50 to Rs 30 per kg, onion from Rs 18-20 per kg last week to Rs 12 per kg this week, as did cabbage from Rs 10 per kg last week to Rs 6.

In fruits, apples got dearer by Rs 20 per kg. A kilogram of apple cost Rs 45-50 last week while this week, it had gone up to Rs 70 per kg.

The prices of grape doubled from Rs 40 per kg last week to Rs 80 this week while pineapple registered a hike from Rs 15 to Rs 25 per kg. Watermelon, however, came down from Rs 15 per kg to Rs 10.

Wholesale traders said the prices were expected to rise further.



Anshu Seth
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, May 5
In the absence of check from the health authorities, a large number of blood banks operating in the city are violating norms pertaining to expired and infected blood.

Also, blood banks are storing and supplying blood even after its expiry, which is 35 days, thereby endangering the lives of people in need of blood transfusion.

Voluntary blood donation has been ignored in the state as Punjab has 18 per cent voluntary blood donation as compared to an annual average of 52 per cent at the national level.

The Supreme Court in its guidelines on January 1, 1998, had directed the state governments to encourage voluntary blood donation.

Sat Paul Bansal, a record-holding blood donor who is a member of national and international organisations working for blood donation, said the apex court had also emphasised on the working of the National Blood Transfusion Council, followed by state and district-level bodies to monitor voluntary blood donation in blood banks.

“Unfortunately, nothing is being done at either the state or district level,” he rued.

Ignoring the fact that transportation results in “lysis” (breaking up of red blood cells) in blood, the blood banks of some city hospitals and clinics had procured it from Anandpur Sahib during a blood donation camp organised at Holla Mohalla.

A senior doctor said: “Some blood banks procured blood without looking into the requirement and couldn’t supply it in the stipulated time.”

He also pointed towards the recent incident wherein a large number of blood bags were found dumped outside Dr BL Kapoor Memorial Hospital, in violation of norms regarding biomedical waste. Some blood bags were procured from a blood donation camp at Anandpur Sahib.

However, Dr Waheguru Pal Singh, Medical Superintendent at the memorial hospital, said it was the mischief of some employees who were ousted from the hospital.

“The expired blood is destroyed in a hypochloride solution in the hospital and empty pouches are given to an authorised agency that collects biomedical waste,” he claimed.



Face Off
Tewari is a weekend leader

What are the main poll issues?
Traffic and pollution are the two major problems that ail the city. To make it clean and convenient for people, a two-pronged strategy would be needed. A mass transport is needed to help combat traffic as well as pollution problems. Vehicular emissions also need to be checked and a fuel with less fumes needs to be introduced. I have a soft corner for the physically challenged and the elderly. I would ensure that all public utility places are user friendly for these people.

How will you improve Ludhiana if you are elected?

I want to see Ludhiana as a well developed city. If elected, I would ensure better road connectivity, and bring flyovers and railway overbridge projects. Just as the problems of the urban area would be considered, people from rural areas, too, should get representation. I would ensure that they get clean drinking water and cleaner surroundings.

How do you rate Tewari as your opponent?

Tewari is an outsider. He has no link with Ludhiana. He is a parachute candidate. During the past five years, he could not stay in the constituency. He came here only on weekends. So he is a weekend leader. When would he get time to get the work of people done? I was helping the masses in his absence. He has no standing in this constituency against me.

Why should people vote for you?

I am the son of the soil. I have remained in touch with my people all through my life. I have stood by them in their sorrow. Power never went to my head. I am a leader of the grassroot. Also, I have no allegations of corruption against me. I rose from the smallest rank in politics, held various powerful positions, but nobody could raise a finger at me. This is my biggest asset. I think this is enough for the people to elect a person who belongs to them and has a clean image.

What are your strengths and weaknesses?

My biggest strength is my righteousness. Despite being in politics that is considered a dirty game, I do not have a blot on my image. My people have remained loyal to me and swear by me. My straightforwardness is my weakness. Though at a 
personal level this is viewed as a good quality, in politics it is a bad trait. I call a spade a spade. 

Galib’s lost credibility

What are your strengths and weaknesses?

I don’t believe in the concept of strengths or weaknesses. I believe in building up a strong character. I like to accept challenges as these come and in whatever manner. I believe in optimism. A leader not only needs to be of strong character, but he must also be an optimist because you have to meet and face all types of situations.

How will you change Ludhiana constituency if you win?

I have already released my vision document. I don’t promise to make it like Paris or London, but I do affirm that I would ensure that it becomes a place worth living. It should have a metro. It should have elevated roads. It should have free and smooth flow of traffic. It should have round-the-clock electricity. People should be able to breathe fresh air and drink clean water. These are the basic requirements of a metro city like Ludhiana.

How much do you think Ludhianvis like you? Will they vote for you?

Ideally you should ask this question to the people of Ludhiana. But my assessment is that given the response I am getting from people, they do like me. We must admit that Ludhiana has always starved for proper representation in Parliament. Although I won’t like to comment here, but during the past two decades, nobody spoke for Ludhiana in Parliament. People do have expectations from me and when they have expectations they would certainly like to give me a chance and vote for me.

How do you see Galib as your opponent?

Galib was considered to be a gentleman. We were together in the Congress all these years, but unfortunately he parted ways at the last moment. At 76, he should make way for youngsters. Given his track record in Parliament, where he did not speak a single word during the past 10 years and his last-minute defection to Akali Dal, he has lost credibility. We must agree that he joined the Akali Dal for purely personal considerations -- that of ticket -- which he was denied by the Congress. How can he claim that the Congress is bad, when only a month ago, he wanted to contest on that party’s ticket.

What have you learnt from your experiences in elections?

Why only elections, life in itself is a great learning process. The one thing that I have learnt the most is that the power a leader wields comes only from people who stand by him. They are one’s real strength. You give them your best and they will give you their best.

— As told to Kanchan Vasdev



Poll din missing at Doraha
Lovleen Bains

Doraha, May 5
Candidates as well as voters of the town seem to be passive to the forthcoming elections. For, neither the candidates nor their supporters are in a mood to campaign or muster votes for their respective parties.

As regards the Congress, it is believed that one major faction aligned to Ravneet Singh Bittu, a candidate from Anandpur Sahib and grandson of late Chief Minister Beant Singh, is busy campaigning for him there, while the other faction, showing their loyalty towards AICC spokesman Manish Tiwari, is sitting at Ludhiana.

The situation back home being that there are only a handful left to canvass in the town.

The Akalis are not in a jubilant mood either.

The passivity of workers aligned to different parties may be attributed to the negligible visits paid by candidates so far coupled with the maintenance of poor contact with people of the town.

A resident opined: “The general impression is that candidates are finding it difficult to gather courage to muster votes due to their scant performance all through these years.”

The voters seem to have grown maturer. Hence, the election fever has failed to grip the town as people are disinterested in casting their ballot.

One of the major causes being the ban on registries of the town for the past three to four years.

“In spite of our efforts, neither has the Congress acceded to our demand of lifting the ban nor has the Akali government come to our rescue,” says a resident.

“Our faith in either of the parties during these years has been shaken. Further, basic amenities, too, are lacking in the town. In spite of our reminders and pleas, nobody has come to our rescue. Whether it is the provision of hygienic conditions, repair of roads, raising of low-lying areas, clearance of blockages, timely evacuation of accumulated water, according lighting facilities to the residents or ensuring regular power supply, none of the parties has initiated any steps to mitigate their problems, lamented a senior citizen.



BSP candidate threatened, abused 
Tribune News Service

Khanna, May 5
The BSP candidate from Fatehgarh Sahib’s reserved constituency was allegedly abused and threatened by a section of residents from Mandi Gobindgarh yesterday. The candidate, Rai Singh, was campaigning at street number 5, Krishna Nagar, when all of a sudden four to five people hurled abuses at him.

According to the police, the complainant alleged that some workers of the Congress had been forcing him to withdraw his nomination. They also allegedly threatened him few days ago during campaigning.

A case was later on registered in this connection against the accused on the complaint of Rai Singh. The accused were identified as Amarjeet Singh and Gurmeet Singh, both residents of Mandi Gobindgarh.

A case under Sections 171-C and 506 of the IPC and Section 127 of the Representation of Peoples Act has been registered against the accused. However, the accused were later on bailed out.



Arms holders upset over DC’s order
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, May 5
The orders issued by Deputy Commissioner Vikas Garg directing all licensed arm holders in the district to deposit their weapons in nearby police stations or authorised arm dealers, has came as a shock for residents.

According to officials in the district administration, the orders have been issued to prevent any untoward incident during the Lok Sabha elections. However, the decision of the DM hasn't gone down well with arm holders concerned about their safety.

District Magistrate Gurkirat Kirpal Singh has issued a 72-hour dead-line for implementing the orders, failing which strict action would be taken.

Policemen were seen going to the house of arms holders, asking them to submit their weapons with immediate effect. The weapon holders said they carried weapons for safety and not for a mere show of strength. They said neither the Election Commission nor the DM was aware of the ground realities.

“In the wake of the increasing crime incidents and the absence of adequate police arrangements, a weapon is the sole support of self-defence for people targeted by snatchers,” said a weapon holder.

Residents said instead of targeting the genuine arm holders, the administration should keep a check on the access of illegal weapons.

Hardeep Singh, Hockey Olympian said, "I appreciate the move of the DM. He finally took stock of the security scenario. But people with licensed arms are not a threat, it is actually the criminals with illegal possession of weapons. They are the ones who can create ruckus in the up-coming elections. The administration should nab such criminals. I do not know what kind of safety they would provide by making people vulnerable."



Man refutes NRI groom’s allegation 
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, May 5
Gurdeep Singh Khurana, a resident of Sultanpur Lodhi, has refuted the allegations levied by his NRI son-in-law Gurkaran Singh that his wife Gurpreet had allegedly duped him to reach Canada.

Gurdeep said after reading a newspaper report on April 20, he came to know that Gurkaran had given such a statement about his daughter.

He said Gurpreet got married to Gurkaran on April 20, 2008, and reached Canada in October 2008. Soon after her arrival, Gurkaran started physically and mentally harassing her. He got the Internet and telephone disconnected. However, Gurpreet managed to contact the Toronto police by calling on 911 and pleaded for help. When the police reached Gurkaran’s house, he stated that the number was dialed by mistake.

Gurdeep added that his daughter managed to meet police personnel, who shifted her to her relatives’ place.

He said, “My daughter is well-educated and can earn around Rs 30,000 per month. So why would she need to get married to someone for reaching Canada?”



Fire at hosiery unit
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, May 5
A small fire broke out in a room of a hosiery unit at Sunder Nagar yesterday afternoon.

According to officials, it was a small fire and the flames were doused within 30 minutes by the fire department of the municipal corporation. Two fire tenders, one from Mata Rani Chowk and another from Sunder Nagar fire station, were pressed in to control the situation. 



Protest by Punjab federation
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, May 5
On a call given by the joint action committee of the Punjab Subordinate Services Federation, Punjab and UT, members of the local unit held a protest in front of the DC’s office here today.

Organisation’s president Gurmel Singh said: “A review committee should be formed under the leadership of a judge to make amendments to the Fifth Pay Commission by the Punjab government.”

He said: “The worst part of the report is that some of the pay scales are less than what is being provided by the Central government.”

The protesters raised slogans against the government and said if the government failed to listen to them, they would continue with their agitation.



Paintings with shades of Orissa
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, May 5
Artist Amita Gupta has put up a solo show of her paintings titled "Reflections" here today. Her paintings reflect the various hues of her birthplace, Orrisa. Be it a boat in the sea or sunset, Gupta has shown the tinge of Orrisa in her paintings.

"My paintings are the representation of the day-to-day life. My perception of the world I live in and work also affects my art," she adds.

Art is a necessity for her and she sees herself through art. "Everything inspires me and being a part of the society, my work is bound to be reflective of it. Nature is a big preoccupation for me. Ecological issues affect me and it shows in my works," she says.

Her paintings are part of collections at various hotels in Rourkela, Orrisa. "I am swept away with the waves, sometimes calm, serene, sometimes lashing against the rocks into the deep, limitless and unknown. I go where they take me." 



20 schools take part in declamation contest
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, May 5
The 16th Inter-School Declamation contest was organised by the Nehru Sidhant Kender Trust, at its Joginder Pal Panday Auditorium, in the memory of Pandit Jawahar Lal Nehru here today.

It was organised in English, Hindi and Punjabi languages. Around 40 students from 20 schools vied with each other for the Nehru Championship Trophy.

Students expressed their views on burning topics of day-to-day interest like “Modernity has resulted in erosion of values,” and “Terrorism is nobody's friend.”

Principal of Sri Aurobindo College of Commerce and Management and organising secretary of the Nehru Sidhant Kender Trust Lt Col (Retd) Dr DB Sharma spoke on the social, educational and charitable activities of the trust.

The results are:

English: Nakul Aggarwal of KVM (city branch) 1, Ashima Dhingra of BCM Arya Model School, Shastri Nagar 2 and Jaisal Brar of Sat Paul Mittal School, Dugri 3; Hindi: Saiyam Kalia of Sat Paul Mittal School, Dugri 1, Kanav Gupta of DAV Public School, BRS Nagar 2 and Parul Jain of RS Model School, Shastri Nagar 3; Punjabi: Rishu Modgil of BCM, Focal Point 1, Tanreet Grewal of BCM, Chandigarh Road 2 and Asma Grover of RSM School, Shastri Nagar 3.



Engg students hold dharna
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, May 5
Students of Agricultural Engineering College of Punjab Agricultural University (PAU) held a dharna outside Thapar Hall here today.

Students said they protested because their long-pending demands were not being met by the authorities.

Earlier, these students protested on the issues, including lack of faculty in various departments, especially in the department of mechanical engineering.

“Some of our demands are met. We were given assurance that the remaining demands will be met soon but nothing was done,” said one of the agitating students, adding that they want rescheduling of SWE 303 (irrigation engineering), which was not taken up by the students. The students even threatened, if their demands were not met, they will resort to an indefinite strike.



PAU signs MoU with apparel makers
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, May 5
Punjab Agricultural University (PAU) signed an agreement with the Knitwear and Apparel Manufacturers Association of Ludhiana (KAMAL) here yesterday.

An MoU was signed by Dr Manjit Singh Kang, Vice-Chancellor of the PAU, Dr Neelam Grewal, Dean, College of Home Science, Sudarshan Jain, president, and Arun Aggarwal, general secretary of the association.

The MoU would be valid for a period of five years.

Kang said the collaboration would give rise to several small-scale projects in the area.

Jain said they would provide training to PAU students. 



Non-biodegradable menace

Plastic bags, the main cause of environmental pollution and death of domestic animals like cattle (apropos article by Anshu Seth in Ludhiana Tribune dated April 25), are non-biodegradable. In spite of a ban, these are continuously being used and this is causind pollution.

Being light in weight, these flow easily in the air and collect at roadsides. The bags are carcinogenic if eatables, especially liquids like curd and milk, are put in it.

Waste plastic bags can be processed and utilised in construction of roads, as is done in some southern states of India. The plastic from these bags, like coal tar, binds the concrete of the roads and smoothens them.

People engaged in collecting waste bags from garbage should be encouraged to collect these bags and sell them to the persons concerned from the local government to recycle them. This would clean the environment as well as provide employment to people.

Sunita Sharma, Ludhiana



Seven booked for illegal possession of land
Tribune News Service

Khanna, May 5
Seven people were booked yesterday for allegedly taking illegal possession of Sherjang Singh’s land in Bhadewal village.

In his complaint, Sherjang stated that seven men tried to take possession of his land by threatening him. The police has booked seven accused that include Narinder Singh, Daljit Singh, Paramjit Singh, Manjit Kaur, Inderjeet Kaur, Paramjit Kaur and Balwinder Kaur.

Elderly woman assaulted

An elderly woman from Ikolaha village was allegedly tied up and beaten up by three village youths.

Acting on the complaint of the victim’s daughter Davidner Kaur, the police has booked Malkit Singh, Tarlochan Singh and Harpreet Singh under Sections 342, 506, 34 of the IPC.

Liquor, poppy husk seized

Radhe Shyam of ward No. 35 was arrested with six bottles of illicit liquor here.

In another incident, the Khanna police arrested Gurmail Singh, a resident of Mahaun village, with 20-kg poppy husk. The police also arrested Mohammad Rizwan, a resident of Old Delhi, near Java village in Payal with .12 bore pistol and two cartridges.



4 arrested for looting woman

Khanna, May 5
The police today arrested four people, including three women, for looting a woman late last night. The accused have been identified as Parkasho, Gogan, Mahindro and Bhullar.

In her complaint to the police, Swaranjeet Kaur alleged that three unidentified women and a man took away her gold chain at a knife point late last night while she was returning from a gurudwara in Rajgarh village. Acting swiftly, the police laid a naka immediately after getting the complaint and nabbed all accused. A case in this connection has been registered against the accused. — TNS



One held for murder
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, May 5
The police has arrested a person for allegedly killing a man whose body was found in Focal Point on March 20.

According to the police, illicit relation of accused’s sister with the deceased was the reason behind the murder.

Addressing the press conference, SP SK Kalia said the police was probing the matter.

The accused, Manish Kumar, a resident of Street No. 6, Vivekanand Colony, near Gyaspura, was nabbed after the investigation.

On March 19, the accused called the deceased in an inebriated condition at a place near Gyaspura, where he stabbed him to death with a sharp-edged weapon.



In-laws get 10-yr jail
Our Correspondent

Ludhiana, May 5
Luvshakti Sharma of Bhagwan Nagar, near Dholewal Chowk, and his entire family is put behind the bars for allegedly killing newly wedded Roopinder Kaur (19) by setting her ablaze.

They were ordered to undergo rigorous imprisonment for 10 years, each, under Section 304 of the IPC. Those convicted include prime accused Luvshakti's mother Janak Rani, brother Naveen Kumar and sister Suman Rani.

The orders were pronounced by the court of Additional Sessions Judge AS Grewal. Pronouncing the verdict, the court held that the accused had committed a heinous crime, so, their plea of leniency was rejected.

Roopinder had married Luvshakti in May. They had fallen in love a few months ago and eloped.

Fire was spotted in the house around 2 pm. Some neighbours climbed the roof from the adjoining house and forced their way into the house after breaking open a door. Roopinder’s body was found on the floor. She was burnt beyond recognition.

The Division no. 6 police had registered a case under Section 304, 201 and 34 of the IPC on June 4, 2004, following the complaint of Kuldeep Singh, a businessman.

The father of the victim informed that after marriage, his daughter called him, and apprised that her in-laws were demanding dowry. However, the accused persons had denied to have ever demanded dowry.

But after the submissions of Additional Public Prosecutor Rattan Singh, the court found them guilty, and awarded the sentence.



District Inter-School Cricket Meet
Kushal shines on Day 4
Our Sports Reporter

Ludhiana, May 5
An all-round performance by Khushal got SAN Jain Model Senior Secondary School an easy win, by five wickets, over Radha Vatika Senior Secondary School, Khanna, on the fourth day of the first edition of Ludhiana District Inter-School Rajgadh Estates Prize Money Cricket Cup Tournament being organised at the SDP College for Women, Circular Road, here today.

SAN Jain Model Senior Secondary School won the toss and opted to bowl first.

They restricted Radha Vatika School to 86 runs in 19 overs, in which 34 runs were extras.

For the winning team, Khushal was the most successful bowler, claiming four wickets while Mohit grabbed two wickets.

SAN Jain Model School achieved the target in 16 overs with Khushal and Sandeep scoring 24 and 19 runs, respectively. The second match was played between Phulwari School, Lohian, and Harsh Vidya Mandir, in which the former came out triumphant by 116 runs.

Opting to bat first, Phulwari School scored 177 runs for the loss of 7 wickets in the stipulated 20 overs. Rajbeer Singh made 65 runs off 41 balls while Mandeep Singh made 25 off 11 balls. Harsh Vidya Mandir School bowlers gave away 35 extras.

For Harsh Vidya Mandir, Sandeep, Naginder and Harsh shared two wicktes each.

Harsh Vidya Mandir's innings folded at 61 runs.

For the winners, Satinder scalped three wickets while Sarbjeet took two wickets and helped their team to romp home victorious.



Squads announced for basketball meet
Our Sports Reporter

Ludhiana, May 5
Baljit Singh Brar and Nagma Mirza, both trainees of the Ludhiana Basketball Academy, have been named captains of the Punjab youth basketball boys and girls teams, respectively in the 26th National Youth Basketball Championship scheduled to be held in Mumbai from May 9 to 16, according to Teja Singh Dhaliwal, general secretary Punjab Basketball Association.

Those selected are:

Girls- Nagma Mirza, Sandhya, Geeta, Gauri, Sonia, Aruna, Anjali Gulati, Amanpreet Kaur, Sukhnoor Kaur, Karamjit Kaur and Surbhi Mohan.

Harjinder Singh and Surinder Kaur will accompany the team as coach and manager, respectively.

Boys- Baljit Singh Brar, Manpreet Singh, Kamaldeep Singh, Gauravdeep Singh, Hardeep Singh, Arzoo Kumar, Sunil Bajaj, Hardeep Singh, Tarandeep Singh, Khushdeep Singh, Gurdeep Singh and Damandeep Singh.

Lakhwinder Singh Aujla and Bhupinder Singh have been appointed coach and assistant coach, respectively while Tejinder Singh Virk will be the manager.



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