Saturday, May 9, 2009

Karuna Goswamy


1. Upright pole, often seen on a ship

3. Boast; talk tall

7. Indiaís great mountain wall

8. The Vikrami one was in use earlier

9. Tavern; drinking hole

12. Belligerent; aggressive

14 Knot; protuberance

15. Therapy based on these cells is gaining ground


2. Brazilian dance of African origin

4. Satyajit ___, great film-maker

5. The Nazis used chambers of this to eliminate countless Jews

6. Dark, malt beverage

7. Gardenerís long-handled implement

9. Upward shove or raise

10. Widely cultivated cereal grass

11. Report the police is meant to register about a crime (inits.)

12. Proscribe; inhibit

13. Removable cover of a pot etc.