Saturday, May 9, 2009

Rhyme Time
Land of peace

Peace is what everyone needs

Peace is what we all want to see

Be truthful and kind

As these too fill your mind

Love spreads everywhere

There is hatred nowhere

Stop terrorism, stop everything bad

Because these make our hearts feel so sad

Start being good and shower some grace

On Earth, to make it a better place

Deeksha Khaitan, VI-D, Vivek High School, Chandigarh

Season of flowers

The season of flowers and fragrances is here

Creating a serene and invigorating atmosphere

It rekindles our senses and freshens our mind

Spring is here so divine

Spring to me is a naughty kid

Secretly winter it hid

Its short life span

Is like childhood for man

Itís hard to understand its wayward design

Sometimes rain and sometimes shine

Now and then makes the sun shine

Sometimes slightly and sometimes so hard it makes you whine

Impishly it blows the wind on a dry day

(Trains us for the summer day by day)

It is like a mother to the plants that sprout

Makes them bloom and stand out

It covers the earth with colors so bright

Their sight is, for the eyes, a delight

The queen of the seasons is here

Now there is nothing to fear

Pack off your thick caps and coats

Because spring is here, folks

Arshdeep Sekhon, XI (non-med) Sacred Heart Convent Sr. Secondary School, Ludhiana