ulta pulta

Pig tales
Jaspal Bhatti

THERE was a hectic discussion going on in the mudslinging cell of a party on how to malign your opponents. The party president said, "I have a new idea". The party spokesman inquired, "Sir, what is your new innovation?"

Pig tales"Swine Flu." said the President, "We should take full mileage out of this deadly flu, " he added. After contemplating for some time the party general secretary said that means the party would have to change its symbol to a swine or pig eating rubbish. "Arre bewkoofo! Swine flu ek bimari hai (You fools, swine flu is a disease). But since it is the most-talked about flu, we should turn it to our political advantage". The party spokesman asked how was that possible.

"We could spread the rumour that it was our opponents who were responsble for this deadly fever."

The brainstorming began. One of the educated party workers tried to tell them that the swine flu had originated from Mexico and since it was affecting people in USA, how could his party men possibly blame the Congress, BJP or RJD in India? The worker was pushed out of the meeting for bringing negativity to the party meeting.

Suddenly another party worker came running with the news that the opposition party had already blamed their leadership for swine flu. "What’s our connection with the swine flu?" asked the general secretary. "They have verified from your father that he used to call you suar (pig) when you were a child and you had once travelled to Mexico when you were in power."

"So what?" asked the secretary with anger. The worker clarified the connection, "The scientists say that the flu has originated from pigs!"