L U D H I A N A   S T O R I E S


Voters keep cards close to chest
Kanchan Vasdev
Tribune News Service

Weather to be key factor

The candidates in Ludhiana Parliamentary constituency are keeping their fingers crossed for and are hoping that weather remains in their favour on the D-day.

As the weather is all set to affect the outcome in this constituency, which has become more urban than rural this time “If it is a hot day, Ludhianvis will not come out of their homes to cast votes. On the other hand, if it is a pleasant day, it will give jitters to another party,” said a poll watcher.

Ludhiana, May 12
With just a few hours to go for elections in the Ludhiana Parliamentary constituency, the voters, especially in rural areas, are not speaking their mind out.

Proving not to be so naïve this time, the rural voters are not giving inkling who will they support. There are no party flags atop roofs in the countryside and the voters are not speaking their mind out and keeping the candidates guessing till the last minute.

“Why do you want to know? What do want to hear?” pat comes the counter questions from the villagers when asked about the wave of candidates.

“Dono da hi zor hai aithe,” (Both have a good influence on voters here), says a voter of Majri village in Mullanpur Dakha area. “Rest we will see on the poll day. You will get to know,” he adds as he tries to guard his liking for a candidate.

Another villager of Swaddi did not say a word when he was asked who was finding favours with the voters this time. “How do we know your are from the media?” he asks The Tribune team looking suspiciously.

“Both the parties are equal for us. You never know I may vote for the SAD while my wife may vote for the Congress. It is all a matter of time,” he adds.

Supporters of a candidate said the voters were acting pricey this time. Earlier, they used to tell their mind but not anymore. They do not want to annoy anyone.

“So much so that many people were seen in the election rallies of both the candidates. Earlier, if they visited one rally they won’t go to another. Now they have turned smarter,” he said.


More forces deployed at Shimlapuri
5 booked for carrying weapons
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, May 12
A day after SAD councillor and his six supporters were booked for an attempt to murder former Congress councillor Palwinder Singh Taggar and his brother while they were distributing voter slips in the Shimlapuri area, five Congressmen were booked by the Shimlapuri police for preventive measure today.

According to the police, Congress supporters were carrying sharp-edged weapons in their SUV.

The situation in Shimlapuri remains tense. Extra forces and paramilitary forces have been deployed in the area.

Moreover, injured Plavinder Singh Taggar visited the houses in Shimlapuri wooing the voters to vote for the Congress.

Taggar alleged that yesterday a group, headed by SAD councillor Jagvir Singh Shokhi, along with his accomplice, attacked him with sharp-edged weapons to stop him from entering in the area.

But today he was discharged from hospital and met the residence of Shimlapuri to garner their support for party nominee Manish Tiwari.

Earlier, the police booked seven accused, including Javbir Singh Sokhi, Harbant Singh, Rinka, Happy, Gurpreet Singh, Deepy, Nona and one unidentified person, in an attempt to murder case.

On the other hand, Shokhi has rebuffed all this allegations. He said Taggar’s injuries were self-inflicted and it was SAD workers who were attacked by the Taggar group.

Two youths, Narinder Singh and Bhupinder Singh, have been admitted in Apollo Hospital with multiple injuries after being attacked by the Taggar group.

Shokhi alleged that Cong supporters were baffled after the success of the NDA rally and wanted to play emotional card by inflicting injuries on themselves.

This is the second such incident in this area. on March 3, a group of SAD supporters attacked the mother of Manish Tewari.



Liquor flows on city roads
DM’s orders flouted
Kanchan Vasdev/Mohit Khanna
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, May 12
In gross violation of District Magistrate orders, liquor was being consumed openly in several city areas last night, two days before the Lok Sabha elections in the city.

District Magistrate-cum-District Election Officer Gurkirat Kirpal Singh had ordered that all liquor shops would remain closed from May 11 (5 pm) to May 13 (5 pm) in view of the elections. He had also imposed a ban on consuming and storing liquor.

Giving two hoots to these orders, a number of people were seen consuming liquor in open by The Tribune team that went around the city and surrounding villages last night.

Many of them were seen drinking with that cars parked on the roadside. While the police was camping at Shimlapuri in view of recent cases of violence, the roads were spared for the boozers to make merry.

A number of boozers were seen consuming liquor in front of Bansi Dhaba near the Shastri Nagar railway crossing. Several were seen carrying bottles in front of railway station and even drinking openly at ‘pan’ shops.

An argument between a ‘dhaba’ owner and a boozer was also witnessed at a ‘dhaba’ near the railway station. The dhaba owner was not allowing a person carrying a wine bottle enter his outlet. The person, seemingly on a high, was arguing with him.

The booze parties went on till late night and nobody stopped the violators. The situation was out of control in ghas mandi at Chauri Sarak where a number of tipplers were seen enjoying their drinks, especially in front of ‘Pandit’s Parantha’ outlet. 



Galib, Tewari in for close fight
Kanchan Vasdev
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, May 12
The fate of 30 candidates will be sealed in the EVMs tomorrow in 1,328 polling stations across the constituency. Two EVMs will be used at every polling booth with one having buttons for 16 candidates and the other for 14.

Though it remains to be seen how many voters vote out of recorded 12,96,964 voters, with 6,86,650 males and 6,10,314 females, supporters of candidates will leave no stone unturned to ensure their victory.

Political activity in the constituency started with speculation of almost a one-side game as the SAD-BJP took a long to decide about the candidate. With just a few hours left for the polls, the constituency offers a very interesting fight.

The city came on national poll map in the fag end of campaigning as a national rally of the NDA was organised in the city with prime ministerial candidate LK Advani campaigning for their nominee GS Galib. On the other hand, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and AICC general secretary Rahul Gandhi were canvassing for their candidate Manish Tewari.

The contest has narrowed down between the two candidates and with just a few hours to go for elections. The contest is anybody’s game. This does not rule out other players, who can play a spoilsport for either of the two parties.

Congress national spokesman Manish Tewari is basking in the glory of Dr Manmohan Singh’s presence in the city yesterday and Galib is content for his alliance’s rally where he could manage an impressive show.

It remains to be seen whether the electorate transforms into votes for them. Galib had wrested the seat twice earlier but under the Congress flag. This time, he moves around more with saffron flags seeking votes for the party he used to criticise when he was a Congressman.

While the contest remains directly within Tewari and Galib only, candidates like Kehar Singh Ramgarhia of the BSP and migrant candidate TR Mishra would have an effect on their performance by polling some thousand votes.

Since migrant vote is also a major factor, both are eyeing these votes. The SAD-BJP has managed migrant Shambhu Kumar Singh’s support recently. Already the exclusion of 400 villages has hit the Akalis more, being a party with a largely rural base.

During the last elections also, Lok Bhalai Party supremo Balwant Singh Ramoowalia had tilted the balance in the Akalis’ favour by polling a remarkable 1,87,787 votes.



Party autos at your command
Mohit Khanna
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, May 12
The low turnout of voters in all four phases of elections has put pressure on SAD and the Congress as close contest in Ludhiana is on the expected lines. In the constituency where every vote matters, leaders of both political parties were visiting door to door urging people to cast vote.

For this purpose, the candidates have instructed their supporters to arrange a fleet of vehicles so that voter can be taken to polling stations.

As the presence of poll observers may pose a hurdle in their plans, the political parties have employed a noval way to ferry people to the polling stations.

According to sources, both parties have arranged a fleet of autorickshaws to ferry voters to the polling stations.

As autorickshaw drivers do not follow any route plan, they can ferry passengers to any part of the city and polling booth too.

As the mercury is soaring, special AC vehicle have been made ready for the convenience of the voters.

These vehicle will ferry people back to their destination after casting votes.

According to the sources, SAD has arranged a fleet of around 700 autorickshaws to ferry voters to the polling station.

On the other hand, an equal number of vehicles will be pressed into service in support of Congress candidate Manish Tiwari.

Special instructions have been given to the area councillors to ensure that residents of their area vote for a chosen candidate. Party sources said councillors of SAD and the Congress had even threatened the residents of their area that if the rival candidate would take a lead in their area, the resident would be in for a tough time.

A transporter, who did not wish to be identified, said he had been given instruction to arrange 50 vehicles on the day of polling. Failing, he would face problems by the party candidate.

Liquor arrangements will also be made in the autorickshaws.

A resident of Shimlapuri said the entire area would be turned into a garbage dump, if the candidate did not get majority from his area.



Private buses off road, courtesy EC
Jyotika Sood

Ludhiana, May 12
After the use of private buses for rallies, today it was the turn of the Election Commission to take away private buses from the common man so as to ferry officials put on poll duties.

More than 100 private buses, including mini-buses, were hired by the Election Commission at Rs 3,750 per day, exclusive of fuel charges. With a majority of bus operators falling prey to the alluring offer, it was the common man who had to suffer.

Transportation from villages, including Pakhowal, Daad, Lalton, Jodhan, Mansura, Gujarwal, Chappar and Kalakh, was almost paralysed.

Talking to The Tribune, Chander Singh of Chappar said, “It was a tough job to reach the office today, as no bus was available and I had to take lift from various people. I had to even walk on foot in this hot weather.” He added that there are generally five to six buses in the morning, but today there was none.

Darshan Singh of Kalakh village said, “A majority of buses on road today were of the Punjab government, and just a handful of private buses were plying between Raikot and Ludhiana. All buses were jam-packed.” He added that the same thing happened a few days ago, when there were Congress and SAD-BJP rallies in Ludhiana.



800 polling parties dispatched
Mahesh Sharma

Mandi Ahmedgarh/Raikot, May 12
The administration claimed to have made the arrangements for free and fair voting in this part of the Malwa belt falling under Ludhiana and Sangrur districts.

About 800 polling parties, each consisting of a presiding officer and from 3 to 4 polling officials, equipped with necessary paraphernalia, were dispatched to their respective polling booths situated in towns and villages of the area.

With a very small number of officials being absent in the final rehearsal today, an adequate number of presiding officers and polling officers remained present at headquarters of their respective assistant returning officers.

Investigations by the Ludhiana Tribune revealed that about 800 polling parties, each consisting of from 4 to 5 officials, were sent to establish their polling booths at localities falling under Ludhiana and Sangrur districts. Though the parties were constituted by representatives of the Election Commission at the district.

According to Jaspal Singh Jassie, Raikot SDM-cum-assistant returning officer, as many as 135 teams of designated officials from various government and public sectors had settled at their respective booths by the close of the day today. The officials and cops were served langar at the venue of final rehearsal.

Earlier, addressing the members of polling teams and supervising staff, Jassie exhorted them to perform their duty with a target to ensure fair and free voting.

Payal SDM Neeru Katyal Gupta said over 700 officials had been trained for undertaking democratic process of polling in the subdivision. As many as 149 polling teams were dispatched to equal number of booths in 34 buses.

Katyal claimed to have made special arrangements for comfort and safety of female staff posted on the poll duty. Anganwari workers of the area were directed to take care of needs of female officials posted at their respective villages.

"Beside directing the anganwari workers to call on women posted at booths at localities near their residences, I suggested the staff to contact the CDPO in case of need at any time," said Katyal, while talking to the Ludhiana Tribune.

Prem Chand, Ludhiana SDM (West) and Samrala SDM Sukhdev Singh Mahal supervised the final rehearsal and dispatching of parties for booths situated in areas and erstwhile Kila Raipur assembly constituency and Samrala sub-division.



It was party time for boozers 
Rakesh Gupta

Jagraon, May 12
It was the time the addicts waited for. Whether it was opium, liquor, poppy husk or any demand of the addicts, everything was available promptly without any limitation of quantity to be consumed.

Poppy husk and whiskey were the preferred option of addicts, while beer was the favourite for non-drinkers. The local leadership trusted a person in each locality and provided the contraband substances as per requirement.

Pritam Singh, a villager, said these substances were readily available with the trusted persons of the local leaders.

Vikram Singh, another villager, said he was pleasing his friends and local residents, but not pressurising them to vote for a certain candidate. He said the leaders had no dearth of these things as they had stocked it earlier. He said poppy husk, which was available for Rs 12,000 per quintal about a month ago, was now available in the market at a whopping price of more than Rs 30,000 per quintal.

Prabhjot Kaur, wife of an addict, rued the system. Angry over self-centred politicians, she said what these leaders would benefit for them though the real picture of these leaders was clear before the society, they were turning a blind eye toward them for petty gains.

The addicts know that the game was just for a couple of days, said Manjeet Kaur. She said they would not even get a glimpse of these leaders for the next five years.



Candidates relax as canvassing ends
Kanchan Vasdev
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, May 12
After two months of hectic parleys to woo voters, the candidates had a relaxed day today as they mostly remained indoors sitting in the cool environs of their homes.

As the electioneering came to an end yesterday, the two candidates, who put in days of sweat and toil to garner votes, kept their fingers crossed for the tomorrow’s big event of their life.

SAD-BJP candidate Gurcharan Singh Galib was at home throughout the day. He spent time with his family talking over various issues. He squeezed in a few hours for his love for history books also and read several pages from his favourite books.

“Winning and loosing are two sides of a coin. Though I always say I will win, even if the results are otherwise, it will not make any difference to me. I will be unaffected,” said a content Galib, while talking to The Tribune.

Congress candidate Manish Tewari spent the day relaxing. He met workers, who poured in at his office and gave them directions to ensure a peaceful poll tomorrow.

He was surrounded by people from various walks of life, who came to meet him on the penultimate day of polls.

Commenting on his assessment on the outcome of polls, he said this was no time to react in politics. Time will only tell which way the voters feel fit.

“The elections this time gave me a good challenge as my mother was attacked and a Congress worker was also injured. Now, I will have to take extra care of the sensitive polling stations. I want that the peaceful environment in Ludhiana is not affected at any cost,” he said.



Raikot MLA accuses admn of inaction
Our Correspondent

Raikot, May 12
The Raikot sitting MLA has lodged a formal complaint with Election Commissioner, Punjab. In the complaint with Kusamjit Kaur Sidhu, he has levelled serious allegations against the local administrative officials of inaction. 

He has accused the local police and the SDM to be biased and favouring the ruling party.

He said a gang of about two dozen goons, equipped with deadly weapons, could be seen openly threatening the residents for voting against the SAD candidate and though these goons were wanted in many cases by the police, but the police and the administration had become mute spectators.

He said a huge stock of illicit liquor was discovered in a building of Hari Singh Nalwa chowk, to be used on the dry day of election, but again, the administrative officials took no action.

He said a complaint was lodged with the Raikot ARO and the Punjab Election Commissioner of code of conduct violation by the SAD on May 9, but the administration failed to take action on that complaint also.

However, Raikot SDM-cum-returning officer Jaspal Singh said he neither had any complaint nor any information regarding these allegations levelled by the Raikot MLA. He said he would take adequate action whenever he noticed any violation of code of conduct.

However, SHO Gurdial Singh said the liquor in question belonged to the liquor contractor Jaswinder Singh Dhaliwal and Ajit Singh and the room, where it was kept was his godown.

However, the excise department has sealed all the godowns and liquor vends all over the Punjab and the godown was also sealed by them.

He said they had no complaint against any gang of goons roaming in the town. Moreover, in the presence of police and paramilitary force, it is not possible that any one would dare to act like the way it had been complained.



Lack of enthusiasm at NDA rally
KS Chawla

Ludhiana, May 12
Although the National Democratic Alliance (NDA) was able to put up a united face at its mega rally held here yesterday, it does not seem to have made much impact on the electorate. The electorate has already made up its mind and is not ready to open its cards, said a professor of Punjab Agricultural University.

Another professor said the rally was simply a show of force and solidarity among the partners of NDA. “This was only a show of the BJP as all BJP-led state chief ministers were present along with the prime ministerial candidate LK Advani and BJP president Raj Nath Singh,” he added.

There is no doubt that the rally was organised at a short notice and the mobilisation of people had also been done. But the one thing that was visible to all was the lack of blue and saffron turbans.

In the earlier rally, jointly organised by the Shiromani Akali Dal and the BJP, the presence of Akali Dal workers was hugely felt. The rally held in December 1996 was attended by a much bigger crowd and was dominated by the "sea of blue and saffron turbans".

That rally was addressed by AB Vajpayee along with Madan Lal Khurana, the then Chief Minister of Delhi. Various Akali Dal leaders, including Parkash Singh Badal and the late Gurcharan Singh Tohra were also present in that rally.

Parkash Singh Badal looked more enthusiastic in that rally compared to his participation in the rally yesterday, where he was quietly watching the proceedings and his son was being projected as the leader of the hour.

Advani, while praising the leadership of Parkash Singh Badal, said that the rally had been made possible because of him (Badal).

Even the Moga rally organised on the eve of the Punjab Vidhan Sabha elections in January 2007 was very big compared to yesterday’s rally. Advani had participated in the Moga rally too, which was organised with Sukhbir Singh Badal’s efforts.

However, the BJP leaders were satisfied with the participation of the people.



Democratic way to reject politicians
Exercising rule 49-O of Conduct of Election Rules
Jyotika Sood
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, May 12
Wednesday would be an important day for residents of the city, as the Ludhiana constituency goes for polling and would decide the future of the district for the next five years.

If you are planning not to vote on the grounds that there is no eligible candidate, wait! You have an option to show your anger. Exercise rule 49-O of the Code of Election Rules and enroll that according to you there is no eligible candidate in your constituency.

Though The Tribune has been campaigning through its main edition urging people to vote, the NGO Resurgence India, too, has been regularly appealing the masses to cast their vote, as every vote makes a difference.

Even if you don’t like any candidate, do go to the polling booth and exercise the power of rule 49-O.

Talking to The Tribune, NGO representatives said, “More than 40 per cent of people in city don’t go to vote, pleading lack of deserving candidates and this number could play a swinging role.

Generally the difference between number of votes among the winning and losing party is just of meagre 5 per cent and one could easily guess what difference this 40 per cent population could make.”

Requesting people to cast their vote conscientiously, NGO spokesperson Hitender Jain said, “In case the voters don’t find any eligible candidate or party, they must record their anger by exercising the option to refuse to vote under rule 49-O of the Conduct of Election Rules.”

He further said that by expressing anger through this mode of voting, residents could express their displeasure against the current political system. Besides, it is a democratic way to slap the politicians and make them realise that the citizens are not a mute spectator and inefficient candidates don't deserve votes.

He added that this effort would force political parties to rethink and put forth good candidates in future.

Exercising option 49-O

Go to the polling booth and get your electoral number entered in the register of voters. Sign the aforesaid register, get the indelible ink mark on your finger and then say ‘I’ refuse to vote. The Presiding Officer will then make a remark to that effect in the register of voters and ask you to sign against the remark. All the 49-O options are counted separately



Officials play it safe, residents suffer
Skirt work fearing EC wrath
Jyotika Sood
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, May 12
The firmness of the Election Commission (EC) has had a major impact on the government officials with majority of them refraining from official work fearing violation of Model Code of Conduct.

Even the Ludhiana Municipal Corporation (MC) has been witnessing the same fear, especially after the transfer of Deputy Commissioner Vikas Garg, as most of the officials prefer not to visit the office citing poll duty as the reason.

For the past one week, normal working of the civic body has come to almost a naught as visitors fail to spot officials on their seats.

Officials prefer to work from their camp offices situated in their official residences.

While the junior officials can be justified as they have poll duties, many officers, who don’t even have poll duties, shirk work under the garb of polls.

Talking to The Tribune on a condition of anonymity, one of the officials said, “The EC is very strict during these polls and we don’t want to take any risk. The politicians often visit offices for some work and we cannot say no to them.

Visiting office at this time and doing work of politicians is not viable. So, we prefer to work from camp offices. We don’t want to come under the EC scanner just to please politicians.”

The Ludhiana MC offices in all the four zones are deserted for the past one week, much to the inconvenience of city residents. “We are told that works will be done only after the elections are over,” rued a city resident.



Demand for registration on allotment rates
Conveyance deeds of plots, flats
Kuldip Bhatia

Ludhiana, May 12
Allottees of plots and flats from government agencies like PUDA and improvement trusts have called upon the government to continue the registration of conveyance deeds of plots and flats on the allotment rates as against the collector's rates, which are higher than the reserve price.

The allottees said if it was not possible to make the provision permanent, the period for the registration of conveyance deeds at reserve price be further extended for at least one year.

The decision was taken by the state cabinet at a meeting held on March 2 and was notified just before the announcement of the Lok Sabha elections.

The facility was given to the allottees for a period of three months, which is due to expire by the end of this month.

General secretary of the MIG Welfare Society Kuldeep Singh Kreer said the registration of conveyance deeds on allotment rates was aimed at benefiting thousands of people from low and middle income groups who had invested their hard-earned money in the purchase of plots or flats from PUDA or other government agencies across the state.

He added that a large number of prospective beneficiaries could not take advantage of the scheme due to the non-cooperative attitude of the revenue officials.

For nearly a month, the revenue department refused to register conveyance deeds of the properties on the reserve price as officials claimed that they had not received the said notification.

Thereafter, a majority of the government employees and officials, including those of revenue department, got busy with election work and all work related to the registration of conveyance deeds came to a halt, he said.

He further held that it was a matter of frustration for the residents of the colony as in case of delay of more than three months, the properties would be registered at prevailing market price as fixed by deputy commissioners of different localities.

Meanwhile, the society made a plea to the state government to withdraw the condition.



Lawyers boycott court
Our Correspondent

Ludhiana, May 12
Lawyers boycotted the court of Judicial Magistrate Pooja Andotra accusing her of misbehaving with a senior lawyer here today. The District Bar Association (DBA) announced that they would continue to boycott this court until the matter was resolved.

The controversy started when lawyer Ashok Mittal made a written representation to the president of the DBA, alleging that the judicial officer had “changed an order after pronouncement”. He also alleged “misbehaviour” on part of the officer when he brought this in the knowledge of the court.

Following this, DBA president Parupkar Singh Ghumman went to the court for sorting out the matter, but it got more complicated.

“I made a request to the Judicial Officer that we should resolve the matter amicably. But the attitude of the officer was quite 'aggressive'. She was not ready to resolve the matter.

Then on the request of the lawyers, we immediately decided to boycott the court until the controversy is resolved,” said DBA president, talking to The Tribune.

Thereafter, an emergency meeting of the association was convened in the Bar room. Several lawyers, including former DBA president Naval Kishore Chhibber, SK Singal and Anju Sodhi shared their views showing resentment against the attitude of officer.

Sensing the mood and tone of the lawyers present at the meeting, the DBA decided to boycott the court. They also made a representation to District and Sessions Judge GK Rai, who assured them of looking into the matter and taking necessary steps.



Jamalpur students top in Class VIII exam
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, May 12
The Punjab School Education Board declared the results of Class VIII examination. Many top positions in the district have been bagged by the students of BCM Senior Secondary School, Jamalpur.

Satvir Singh secured sixth position in Punjab and first position in the Ludhiana district, securing above 94 per cent marks. Pankaj Kumar from the same school bagged the second position in the district and 17th position in the state.

Amarjit Singh, again from BCM school, stood third in the district and 18th in the state.

All top positions have been grabbed by sons of factory workers. Satvir, while talking to The Tribune, said he was thrilled over his success. He used to study for six hours daily. He aspires to be a chartered accountant.

Pankaj also aspires to be a CA, while Amarjit wants to be a doctor. All three toppers are well-versed in English.

Principal MR Mehta said their school was for the children from economically weak backgrounds. It was the effort of the staff and the management which had enabled students to bag all top positions.

Fifth, eighth and ninth positions at the district level have been bagged by the children from this school.

Meanwhile, two students from RS Model School have been placed in the state merit list.



From Colleges
250 examined at eye camp
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, May 12
An eye check-up camp was organised at the GMT College of Education here today. Dr GS Bajwa, head, department of ophthalmology, DMCH, inaugurated the camp.

Eye specialists of the DMCH examined around 250 patients. Medicines were distributed to about 100 patients free of cost.

Special emphasis was laid on the diagnosis of cataract and glaucoma.

As many as 17 cases of cataract were detected by doctors.

Free operations would be conducted for the needy.

Dr Bajwa advised the patients to be careful about eye infections and diseases in the hot and sultry weather.

Career guidance

The Guru Nanak Institute of Management and Technology (GNIMT) has started a career guidance cell where students who have either passed or appeared in 10+2 exam or graduation would be advised and guided about their career plans.

The career guidance cell constitutes the placement officer, experts from the field of management and technology and faculty members to provide necessary guidance to students. The candidates would also be given assistance regarding preparation for various entrance tests.



Stress on quality nursing at community level
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, May 12
International Nurses Day was celebrated at Dayanand Medical College and Hospital on the occasion of birth anniversary of Florence Nightingale. The theme of the day was “Delivering quality serving communities: nurses leading care innovation”.

Anju Lata, lecturer, College of Nursing, DMCH, spoke on the significance of the day. The nursing service report was presented by nursing superintendent Gurpreet Kaur.

Dr Jasbir Kaur, principal, College of Nursing, DMCH, welcomed the guests and highlighted the achievements of Florence Nightnangle, founder of the nursing profession.

DMCH principal Dr Daljit Singh and Dr BS Shah dwelt on the need for quality nursing at the community level.

A poster-making competition on the theme of the day was also organised.

SPS Apollo Hospitals also celebrated International Nurses Day. Various programmes, including panel discussion, debate and poking competitions were held in the hospital throughout the week. The function was presided over by Lt Col Neera Devi, chief of nursing services. 



Man booked under dowry act
Tribune News Service

Mullanpur Dakha, May 12
A man was booked for allegedly seeking dowry from his wife. In her complaint lodged with the marriage dispute cell of Ludhiana, Sarika Jain, a resident of Old Mandi, Mullanpur Dakha, had accused her husband and in-laws of beating her up and demanding dowry.

Dakha SHO Yogi Raj said Sarika had filed an application against her husband Piyush Jain, father-in-law Rajnish Jain, mother-in-law Neelam Jain and brother-in-law Vishal Jain on February 3.

Sarika got married to Piyush Jain of Hebbowal Kalan, Ludhiana on May 16, 2005.

The inquiry was done by the DSP (marriage dispute cell) but to no avail.

However, in his inquiry he gave a clean chit to Sarika’s in-laws.

Jagraon SSP Gurpreet Singh Bhullar said a case had been registered. 



One killed in accident

Khanna, May 12
A resident of Bhammadi village died after he was hit by an unidentified vehicle near Mohanpur village late last night.

The deceased has been identified as Baljinder Singh. He was on his way back home on a two-wheeler when a speeding vehicle hit him. He died on the spot. A case has been registered.

Bike stolen

Khanna: Four persons stole a motocycle belonging to Nihal Singh, a resident of Malerkotla, today. Nihal Singh said the bike was parked adjoining the bus stand, from where it was stolen. The bike was worth Rs 19,000. — TNS



Lions XI victorious
Our Sports Reporter

Ludhiana, May 12
To inculcate sports spirit among students, Spring Dale Senior Secondary Public School, organised different sports events. In this sequence, a volleyball match was conducted at the school premises, near Sherpur Chowk, in which two teams comprising students of Class XI, namely Lions XI, led by Ravishek, and Tigers XI, led by Gurdarshan Sandhu, battled it out for top honours here today.

In the first set, Lions XI romped home winners 25-20. In the next set, they faced a little resistance as Tigers XI lost it, 11-25. However, in the third set, spikers from Tiger XI waged a spirited battle before going down 22-25 and the match in three straight sets.

Avinash Walia and Sandeep Raikhi, director and principal of the school, respectively congratulated the winners.



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