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Black & Gill 
Jaspal Bhatti

Supercop K.P.S. Gill has taken upon himself the task of bringing back the huge amount of black money stashed in Swiss banks. After hearing this, an officer of the Punjab Police said to his wife, "Thankfully, we had invested all our black money in Punjab by buying large stretches of land."

Mr Gill claims that there are definite links between the black money and terrorism in the country. One canít just issue a check to a terrorist for his services. So, logically, it has to be transactions through black money.

I, too, endorse Gillís opinion that black money lying in the Swiss banks ought to be brought back. What is the money doing there when we need it here ó to conduct elections, for horse-trading and to negotiate a stable government and run the nation? If we want to turn Punjab or Bihar or any other state into Switzerland, we will have to have our indigenous ĎSwissí banks for unaccounted money.

The thing that baffles me is that what strategy Mr Gill would adopt if he was given a free hand as he was given during the militancy days in Punjab. While an aam adami could be beaten and coerced in making a confession, how would the Supercop deal with the politicians who allegedly contribute a major share to the black money?

I asked a friend what was Gill going to achieve by spearheading this campaign. "I donít know if gets another medal or not," he said, "but he can get a BJP ticket from L.K. Advani for sure."