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Voters have reaffirmed faith in democracy

HK Dua has rightly debunked the western perception of Indian democracy as “a functioning anarchy” in his front-page editorial “It’s affirmation of a functioning democracy” (May 17). The verdict is a manifestation of the maturity of Indian voters who have overwhelmingly rejected the negative policies of the Left who blackmailed the UPA government in the 14th Lok Sabha continuously for four years and hampered the development of the country.

The victory of the Congress has belied all pre-poll surveys and exit polls, including the one conducted by the Congress. It is a vote not only for continuity and stability but also vindication of the policies pursued by the Congress. Now, no regional party or smaller group of MPs would be in a position to put a spanner in the course of development policies of the government.

Election-results have proved that the voters prefer a politician with a clean image rather than crooked and power-hungry politicians who nurtured the ambition either to be the king themselves or to be kingmakers.



Mr Dua has very rightly attributed the surprising results of the 15th Lok Sabha elections to the maturity of the Indian voter. As is natural, in a democratic set-up with a vibrant media, there will, now, be a slew of write-ups by political pundits and analysis of the outcome in the print as well as the electronic media.

What has really happened is a decent, honest and upright man like Dr Manmohan Singh was humiliated by the Left and vilified by the country’s main opposition party. Now, the electorate has given them a royal snub. Mrs Sonia Gandhi and Mr Rahul Gandhi deserve accolades for standing by Dr Singh.

DR M K BAJAJ, Zirakpur


It is the personal stature, sagacity and unimpeachable integrity of Dr Manmohan Singh coupled with innovative untiring election campaign by Mrs Sonia Gandhi and her children that steered the UPA to reach the present strength. Credit goes to Dr Manmohan Singh for sticking to his determination to go through the nuclear deal.

Now is the time that he should let only MPs with high moral standards run the affairs of the country. Corridors of power should not continue to be a haunt of tainted MPs.



Voters have elected the UPA because of Dr Manmohan Singh’s clean image and competent leadership. Now, he can act independently and take decisions without interference of the Left. He must induct untainted MP’s in his ministry and rise to the expectations of the voters.

O P GARG, Patiala

Help IT professionals

The IT industry brought about a revolution in information technology and its allied fields. Today, the same professionals are on the verge of losing their jobs. According to industry sources, severe job cuts are expected.

The government and the private sector should find new employment opportunities for IT professionals.


Polythene menace

Polythene bags can be seen all around us. The excessive use of polythene bags has resulted in choked drains, bacterial germination, water-borne diseases, and soil infertility. When burnt in the open, these bags release poisonous gas, which can cause cancer and skin diseases. Sometimes stray animals swallow polythene bags and the consequences can be fatal.

It is imperative for the government to focus on developing alternatives to polythene bags. It must be remembered that the average polythene bag is used for five minutes but takes 500 years to decompose. We must apply the three environmental R’s – reduce, recycle and reuse.


Issueless elections

The elections for the 15th Lok Sabha would go down in the history of free India as the one fought on non-issues with absolutely no agenda. The political parties had no polices or plans on removing the hardships of the common man.

More attention was paid to discussing the internal affairs of other nations like the Sri Lankan crackdown on the LTTE or the Taliban menace in Pakistan. The political leaders spent more time debating concerns over which they have little control. Let us hope the new government focuses on welfare policies and removes the hardships that the common man has to face.


School bullying

To the editorial “Expulsions from Sanawar” (May 5) I would like to add that the students always have a sense of fear when they join a new school or college. Often the fear psyche continues for a long time and is exploited by the seniors.

The action of the headmaster of Lawrence School, Sanawar, is commendable. The heads of the institutions have to take firm steps. Only then can ragging and bullying stop.

SUBER SINGH PARIHAR, Khas Narwana, Kangra

Incessant banter

Nonika Singh’s middle “The talkative Indian” (May 16) was interesting. Constant and unnecessary talking is nothing but sheer wastage of precious time and energy, which could otherwise be used for some constructive and meaningful purpose. Thomas Carlyle has called it ‘slavery’ of words.

Quite often, the real message gets lost in an incessant downpour of words. Later, one might even have to chew words and that is no mean task. Many an unpleasant situation can be avoided by using words judiciously. The famous English poet, Alexander Pope, has enunciated, “Words are like leaves and where they most abound, Much fruit of sense beneath is rarely found.”




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