Saturday, May 23, 2009

Rhyme Time
Song of spring

The sun peers in my window
and cardinals through the pines
Sing the song of springtime
As morning glories grow on vines
Nature sings at my doorstep
Squirrels bury their find
Blue jays in the bushes
Are noises I donít mind
The forest is busy at last
as animals wake from
Birds come home
After a long migration
Feel the gentle breeze
Touch the many blossoms 
See nature change the trees 
For spring has now arrived

Aditya Gupta, X-B St. Maryís High School Sunder Nagar, Himachal Pradesh

God, is it thee?

When I sit alone

with my eyes closed,

I see a calm and pure light

In my mind

That light soothes me,

That light blesses me,

That light showers love on me,

Oh god, is it thee?

When I realise that moments,

I want to totally blank out

The hectic world,

Tell me ó oh god, is it thee?

If it is so

I will be the luckiest person

to find you so close to me

Oh God, is it thee?

Oh God, is it thee?

Anuj Arora, IX -E, D. N. Model Sr. Sec. School, Moga