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Businessman shot at 
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, May 31
A 28- year-old-man was shot at by unidentified assailants near the Durgi Bridge late yesterday night. The victim, who has been identified as Naveen Kumar, owner of Rekhi Mega Mart at Basant Avenue, is recuperating at DMC Hospital after a bullet pierced through his chest and stuck in his shirt’s sleeve.

The incident took place at around 10. 45 pm when Naveen, SP Kora and Mintu, manager and employees, respectively, were returning home in his vehicle.

Naveen said: “The moment we reached near the Dugri Bridge, two youths with muffled face alighted from a vehicle, shot at us and tried to stop my car. The bullet hit me but I didn’t stop the vehicle and fled away from the spot.”

He further added that the assailants did not stop there. They started chasing his vehicle and even shot at his car. The shot broke the windshield of the rear end of his car while another bullet got stuck in the vehicle.

Ashok Kumar, relative of Naveen, complained of poor security arrangements at Basant Avenue and surrounding areas of Dugri.

“Had cops been present there the accused would have been nabbed”, said Ashok and further added that due to growing robbery and snatching incidents at gunpoint, it has really become difficult for businessmen to take the cash from shops to their residence.

The police sources said the robbers might have been following him from his shop as Naveen was carrying huge amount of cash.

However, the robbery bid was foiled due to Naveen’s presence of mind, who kept on driving the vehicle despite being shot at. Meanwhile, the police has registered the case in this regard.


Racist attack in Australia 
Students, parents not ready take risk
Charu Chhibber/ Mahesh Sharma
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana/Mandi Ahmedgarh, May 31
The recent spate of attacks on Indians in Australia, which has come as a rude shock to the students and authorities in both countries, is taking a heavy toll on those aspiring to go down under to pursue higher studies.

Once the most-favoured destination of thousands of students world over, Australia is now fast losing its magic as the attacks have not only made students and their parents jittery about the idea but have also forced them to rethink on this issue.

Many aspiring student and their parents have even shunned the idea of pursuing studies abroad.

A survey by Ludhiana Tribune team revealed that numerous educated youths of this part of Malwa, who had initiated the process for seeking admission in various courses in the universities of Australia, have also started reviewing their plans.

Many of them who had earlier deposited token amounts for admission in Australian universities with the representatives of the respective educational institutes or travel agents have even started demanding refund.

A resident of Jandali Road, Mandi Ahmedgarh, Pardip Sharda said his family, following reports of attacks on Indian students in Australia, had decided not to send his son Lakshdweep there.

Lakashdweep, a student of MCA, will now pursue higher studies in India instead of putting his life in danger by going to Australia.

“Reports of attacks on Indian students have shaken us to that extent that despite assurances being given by advisers and travel agents, we are not ready to take risk by sending our son to Australia. My parents are of the opinion that the racial hatred, once spawned can not subside easily,” said Sharda, adding that Lakashdweep’s grandparents were worried about his well-being.

Shiv Sahil Puri, a commerce graduate, who had initiated the process for getting admission in a university at Melbourne, said he had asked his agent to refund his token money paid last month.

There are hundreds of other students who have either shelved their plans to go abroad or are contemplating doing so.

Meanwhile, educationists feel that Australia’s multi-billion dollar education industry is in for tough times ahead with the growing cases of racism against Indian students. These attacks have also have left education consultants worried.

“The number of students going to Australia is much higher as compared to the UK or the USA because it is much easier to find a job there,” remarked education consultant Harshita Dutta.

“It will, to a certain extent, definitely hamper the inflow of students going to Australia,” added Dutta.

Meanwhile, Shiromani Youth Akali Dal (Badal) has strongly condemned the attacks on Indians in Australia and has appealed to the Prime Minister to pressurise the Australian Government to punish the guilty so as to ensure the safety of Indian nationals. 



Rajguru Nagar gets 66 KV sub-station 
Our Correspondent

Ludhiana, May 31
There is a good news for those living in the Sarabha Nagar, Bhai Randhir Singh Nagar, Aggar Nagar, Rajguru Nagar and many other areas along the Ferozepur Road, as the Punjab State Electricity Board (PSEB) has commissioned a new 66 KV sub-station in Rajguru Nagar to augment the power supply in these areas.

With the new sub-station becoming functional after the load shifting, which will be carried out in a day or so, the complaints of low frequency, load shedding, tripping and snags in power supply will become a thing of the past.

HS Randhawa, deputy chief engineer, city (East circle), told The Tribune that the commissioning of 66 KV Rajguru Nagar sub-station, set up at a total cost of nearly Rs 8 crore, was held up for the past over two and half years for want of clearance from the forest department, which had raised objection to overhead 66 KV cable from over the designated forest land.

"To overcome the problem, the PSEB had to lay a 2-km long underground cable, incurring an expenditure of Rs 4 crore, which is equal to the 50 per cent cost of the entire project."

Randhawa maintained that setting up a new sub-station was the only way out to provide some relief to the existing hugely over-loaded Ferozepur road sub-station, which was feeding 10,000 to 12,000 consumers in localities.

The transmission and distribution network in this particular area was under such a strain due to the overload that the load shedding and tripping of lines had become a routine and the department had to face the wrath of consumers. In addition, low voltage was a common complaint of the residents, which caused frequent damage to electrical fittings, appliances and equipment.

He expressed confidence that with the sub-station becoming functional by tomorrow, the people would heave a sigh of relief. 



Extravagant MC on beautification drive
In spot as road markings fade
Jyotika Sood
Tribune News Service

Employees of a contractor, who has undertaken the job of applying marks on a road, were found using domestic LPG cylinders despite the fact that blue-coloured cylinders are meant for commercial use
Who cares?
Employees of a contractor, who has undertaken the job of applying marks on a road, were found using domestic LPG cylinders despite the fact that blue-coloured cylinders are meant for commercial use

Ludhiana, May 31
The local municipal corporation it seems is always surrounded with controversies. After road-construction, its now white road-markings that have put a question mark on the functioning of the civic body as most of these lines on the Ferozepur Road have started disappearing.

Municipal commissioner GS Ghuman had told The Tribune earlier, that if the markings fades the contractor would redo it. Another fact that has come to fore is that markings too has not been done as per the set norms.

The technical experts revealed that these road markings, which have faded, should have life of at least 2 years keeping in mind the city’s weather conditions. These road markings are classified as longitudinal, transverse, object markings and word messages.

The main idea behind these lines is to guide and control the flow of traffic on main roads and highways and supplement functions of traffic signs. Besides, they also act as psychological barriers for the drivers, but most of the residents don’t know about the importance of them because the driving licenses in India are easily available buy paying extra bucks.

They revealed that a special paint with glass as ingredient was being used in the mixture of white substance prepared for marking lines, so that lines shine at night and these should be 3 mm thick that was above the surface so that vehicle driver could feel that he was moving on line. But who cares for the rules.

The experts added that for urban roads with less than four lanes, the centre line could be broken into line segments 3 m-long and 150 mm wide with broken lines are placed with 4.5 m gaps. Similarly, there are different directions depending upon road type and width.

Senior Deputy Mayor Praveen Bansal today directed Municipal Commissioner GS Ghuman to investigate into gross irregularities in the road markings and bad material being used.

He said, “Stop lines on every signal are missing which indicated the position beyond which the vehicles should not proceed. But you won’t find it in most of the places and vehicles are often parked on zebra crossing.” He added that pedestrian crossing or zebra crossings should be preceded by a stop line at a distance of 2 to 3 m for intersections without signals, but corporation officials were not taking care of how these lines were being marked. 


Streetlights worth crores lying abandoned
Jyotika Sood
Tribune News Service

Poles of old streetlights left behind on the Ferozepur Road in Ludhiana.
Poles of old streetlights left behind on the Ferozepur Road in Ludhiana. Photo: Inderjeet Verma 

Ludhiana, May 31
When it comes to extravagant expenditure, it seems no one could beat the local municipal corporation. The severely fund-crunched civic body, which has spend Rs 6 crore on installing fancy lights in all major roads of the city, has no plans on how and where to place the uprooted streetlights.

Though the corporation was quick to offer tender of fancy lights and installation was also started before the Lok Sabha poll, neither officials nor councillors of the ruling alliance seemed to have chalked out plans where to install the existing streetlights.

According to sources, most of the lights, which are being uprooted, were in working condition but no one is sure about the whereabouts of a large number of poles that have been removed. Besides, even their functioning is being questioned. “If the municipal commissioner and the mayor themselves raid the stores where the officials have kept the removed streetlights, it would bring many hidden facts to the fore,” the sources added.

They added that a few years ago when the elevated road connecting the Jagraon Bridge with Subzi Mandi came into being, the streetlights installed on the stretch, too, were termed as fancy lights.

However, one does not need to depend on the sources as facts speak for themselves on the Ferozepur Road. The uprooted old streetlight poles have been left behind in several places. Even if someone picks them up and takes them home, there is no one to question, as they lie abandoned.

Talking to The Tribune, Congress councillor Parminder Mehta said: “All streetlights below the elevated road have been lying non-functional for the past more three months and the officials have failed to correct them.”

Lashing out at the civic officials he said, “When the officers are aware of the fact that many old city areas don’t have streetlights, they could have planned everything in such a manner that the removed streetlights could be placed in other areas at the same time.” He added that the bulbs, wires and poles removed from the old streetlights are worth crores, but no one was ready to keep its record.



City Concerns

Eve-teasing, particularly, in the evening seems to have become an accepted part of life in the city. It’s a reality that majority of the eve-teasing cases go unreported and undoubtedly women don't feel secure on the city roads. 

A number of cops on beat duties in different areas, particularly in markets accept the occurance, however, express helplessness in being present everywhere. Ludhiana Tribune will like to seek opinion of the readers on the issue. Do make a mention about the loose ends in the administration's monitoring mechanism and possible solutions.

Responses, in not more than 200 words,can be emailed to ludhianaconcerns@tribunemail.com or sent to our city office at Bhadaur House, Ludhiana.



1.2 m die of tobacco in Asia: Docs
Our Correspondent

Ludhiana, May 31
The district branch of Indian Medical Association (IMA) organised an awareness seminar at Centex Fabrics Export unit at Focal Point here today. Dr Manoj Sobti, district president of the IMA, said though the Union government had banned tobacco smoking at public places, the state government had done nothing to implement the anti-tobacco law.

The provision for imposing a penalty for smoking at public places had not been invoked in Punjab and the law remained only on paper.

He said cigarettes contained around 4,000 chemicals, most of which were harmful. The main ingredient - nicotine, affected the brain within ten seconds. In particular, the cigarette smoking was injurious to nursing mothers.

Dr Hardeep Singh, senior vice-president of IMA commented that tobacco was the leading preventable cause of death. "More than 1.2 million people die every year in South-East Asia due to tobacco.

The wide spread use of tobacco products in the region has resulted from unrestricted use of marketing tools by the tobacco industry, the addictive nature of nicotine and the lack of knowledge about the harmful effects of tobacco products among tobacco users and non-users in the form of second-hand tobacco smoke."

Dr DP Singh Arora, general secretary IMA, told the factory workers that tobacco affected all portions of the body. The district branch of the National Integrated Medical Association (NIMA), along with Aasha TB project, Diabetes Free World and the Punjab Police State Apex Committee for NGO project organised an interactive session to discuss the strategies against the menace of tobacco in Shivpuri.

NIMA secretary Dr Surendra Gupta said the menace of tobacco consumption worldwide had created an alarming situation. Though various governments had come up with several anti-tobacco legislations to ban cigarette smoking at public places, yet the tobacco consumption continued to grow.

Dr Rajesh Thapar, NIMA president, stressed that even though many stringent rules had been framed to restrict the sale of tobacco products and banned smoking at public places, the rules were not being enforced in the desired manner.

The Universal Human Rights Organisation (UHRO) has asked the government to bring use of tobacco and alcohol under the NDPS Act and also ensure its stringent implementation to save the people from adverse effects of these intoxicating.

The UHRO president Satnam Singh Dhaliwal lamented that after the Supreme Court’s directions, the government had enacted a legislation to put a ban on smoking at public places and imposing restrictions on sale of tobacco products. However, the law was being flouted with impunity.



Teachers not paid salary since March
Rakesh Gupta

Raikot, May 31
Around 12 employees of Shaheed Gurinder Singh Government Senior School, Bassian, near here have not been paid their salary since March. Among these 11 are teachers and one a Class IV employee. 

The district Education officer (DEO), Ludhiana, without enquiring the facts transferred the post of sst teachers to Government High School, Sehora. This was done under the surplus scheme.

The DEO termed the post vacant, where in the post was actually filled and the teachers were teaching here. Though they transferred the post, the department failed to transfer/adjust the teachers else where since then.

Now, instead of correcting the wrong, the DEO has ordered to stop the salary of these teachers from March. The DEO has now asked the teachers to find out a school with vacant posts for SSt teachers.

Interestingly, the DEO himself is responsible for keeping records of filled and vacant posts of teachers in the district. However, principal of the school Bhagwant Singh said the department had initiated the proceedings to settle the issue.

He also confirmed that the 12 teachers were asked by the DEO not to withdraw their salaries from the school till they were transferred to a suitable school. Amarjit Kaur DEO, Ludhiana, said the matter had been brought to the notice of higher authorities and it would be sorted out soon.

The angry teachers, however, have threatened to approach the Labour Court and other authorities if the matter was not resolved soon and their salaries were not released immediately.



Bank to uplift economic status of poor 
Shivani Bhakoo
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, May 31
In an effort to uplift the economic status of poor people in villages, Punjab and Sind Bank (PSB)has come forward to provide them with free specialised training programmes. A total budget of Rs 14 lakh has been sanctioned for 2009-10 for training programmes, targeting weaker sections to become self-employed.

For providing maximum benefits to poor rural populace, PSB officials are contacting the sarpanches and block development panchayat officers (BDPOs) of various villages falling in the district.

The Punjab and Sind Bank Rural Self-Employment Training Institute here has tied up with private agencies to teach unemployed youth the basics of computer, cutting and tailoring, mobile repairing, stitching and embroidery, scooter repairing, pickle making,etc.

To start with, such programmes would be conducted at Bhattian, Nurpur Bet, Ghungraana and Jagraon villages. After the training, low-interest loans would also be given to those who are interested to start their own work.



Vienna Backlash
Local industries registered Rs 500-crore loss 
KS Chawla

Ludhiana, May 31
As a result of violence witnessed in the state in the wake of the attack on Sant Niranjan Das and his deputy Sant Ramanand of Dera Sachkhand in Vienna in Austria, Ludhiana alone has suffered a loss of more than Rs 500 crore in terms of industrial production and the overall loss in the state would be around Rs 1,000 crore.

Avtar Singh, general secretary of the Chamber of Industrial and Commercial Undertakings, told The Tribune today that the daily industrial production of all types in this industrial hub was between Rs 500 to Rs 600 crore and for two days there was complete closure of the industries. There was partial functioning of the industry on Wednesday. The situation was brought under control on Thursday, he said.

PD Sharma, president, Apex Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Punjab, echoed the same views and said the loss of production could have been averted had the administration taken strong precautionary measures. Sharma said there was no patrolling of the industrial areas and focal point. Curfew had to be imposed and as a result the factories remained closed.

Avtar Singh said the state government must act sternly against the lumpen elements and ensure industrial and communal peace in the state. He said the state had already suffered during 10 years of militancy and people of the state had seen enough of curfew orders.

A cross section of the society is critical of the handling of the situation caused by the violence on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday in various parts of the state.

There is a general feeling among people that when the state administration had come to know about the violence on Sunday night at Jalandhar, Phagwara and other places, the government should have acted tough on the following day when the protestors had taken over the law and order.

It is most unfortunate that the protestors set the bogies of a train on fire at Jalandhar when headquarters of the PAP, the BSF and the Army are located at Jalandhar Cantonment. The government was just a silent spectator, said a senior citizen.

The state government came into action only when the Punjab Congress MPs met Union Home Minister P Chidambaram and brought the matter to his notice who then reprimanded the state government.



MC turns a blind eye to choked sewer
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, May 31
For the past six months shopkeepers in Dholewal on the GT Road have been requesting Municipal Corporation officials to get the stagnated water in their area cleared, but the voices seems to fall on deaf ears.

“The choked sewerage in our area has left this water behind, which is neither being dried nor is draining out. It has become a breeding ground for mosquitoes and stench, but no one cares,” said Harminder Singh, who runs a motor workshop just adjacent to the logged water.

Similarly, other workshop owners Baldev Singh and Paramjit Singh said, “This stretch behind the green belt area falls on the main road and officials often move from here. We don’t know that why can’t they move with their eyes opened.”

Similarly, other shopkeepers, too, rued that the smell emitted by the water was causing health problems. They added that a tubewell was in the proximity of the logged water and if the stretch kept on increasing even the water may be polluted.

The shopkeepers said, “More than five times we have reported the matter to the MC, but in vain.”



State-level function of laughing clubs
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, May 31
Several laughing clubs in the city met under the aegis of the Fraternity Club in a combined function organised at the Leisure Valley, Sarabha Nagar, here today.

Yash Pal Kapoor, president of the Nehru Rose Garden Laughing Club, announced that a state-level function of different laughing clubs from all over Punjab would be organised at the Rose Garden in the city shortly.

Ram Nath Singla, chairman, said, “Laughing means living gloriously. A person who laughs freely never grows old.” Usha Jain and Shradha Wig laid special emphasis on importance of laughing for women in particular to stay fit and in keeping their families smiling as well.



CME on neurological disorders among kids 
Our Correspondent

Ludhiana, May 31
A CME on “Paediatric Neurosurgery Update- 2009” was organised by the Department of Neurology, Christian Medical College and Hospital (CMCH), here on Friday.

The main aim of the CME was to update medical professionals with latest developments in the field of paediatric neurosurgery as well as making people aware of the problems children could face due to neurological disorder.

Those attending the programme stressed on paying attention to the problems lying undiagnosed among children so that the disease could be diagnosed early and treatment given accordingly.

Dr Pradipta Tripathy, professor and head of neurosurgery, CMCH, said: “When a child reports frequent headaches or experiences unexplained seizures, or falls short of typical childhood developmental milestones, it may signify a special problem. Unfortunately, neuro-surgical disorders among children are common and the number of those affected is on the rise nationwide.”

Seven guest speakers and many local speakers of national and international repute spoke on intricacies of paediatric neurology. Lectures were also delivered on common paediatric neuro-surgical diseases like head injury, brain tumours, CNC congenital malformations, hydrocephalus and childhood epilepsy.

Dr SN Bhagwati, founder president, Indian Society of Paediatric Neurosurgery, who is currently director of neuroscience division at Bombay Hospital, Mumbai, was the chief guest. He delivered the first Dr KN Nambudripad memorial oration on “Hydrocephalus-Evolution (past, present and future) in its management.”



Warning on falling groundwater level 
Punjab may not sustain agriculture by 2023: Expert
Sheetal Chawla
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, May 31
|Time has come for farmers, highly irrigated northern states of India and the Central Government to check the fall in the groundwater table in Punjab, Haryana and Western UP, or soon water crisis would become inevitable.

Farmers of these states must understand that early regular supply, in the month of June, of subsidised electric power to tubewells is a sweet poison because it is the main reason behind the rapid fall of water table and the indebtedness of the farmers. This warning bell has been sounded by Dr GS Hira, internationally known soil scientist, in a study entitled, ‘Water management in high irrigated northern states for the food security’.

Dr Hira, a former Additional Director of Research of Punjab Agricultural University, has pointed out in his study that large scale cultivation of rice and its early transplantation due to early regular supply of electric power in the month of June to tubewells is currently the major factor responsible for the fall of water table and the indebtedness of the farmers.

About two thirds of water table fall can be checked by delaying rice transplantation to June 30 rather than June 10 as is the current practice.

Dr Hira maintains that India’s current population of 1.12 billion is expected to reach 1.35 billion by 2023. By then agricultural production should increase by 23 per cent.

Predictions indicate that by 2023, agricultural production in Punjab may not be sustainable unless major steps are taken for groundwater management. Similar will be the situation for Haryana and Western UP.

The study highlights that from 1997-2007, there has been a four fold increase in the cumulative fall in water table in the central districts of Punjab. It has been estimated that the total annual expenditure on tubewell infrastructure, both for irrigation and domestic purposes by Punjab farmers, is about Rs 1.5 billion. During the same period, Punjab farmers’ indebtedness increased four fold from Rs 57 billion to Rs 240 billion.

The study further points out that if the present rate of fall in water table in central Punjab continues the energy cost of pumping groundwater from a depth of 42.5 m would increase by 93 per cent by 2023 compared to that of 2006.

During 2007, the Punjab State Electricity Board supplied 7,500 million units of electricity to tubewells. Accordingly by 2023, the PSEB will have to supply 14.5 million units annually for pumping groundwater required for irrigation. The PSEB is already under debt and incurring annual loss of Rs 20 billion.

In 2007-2008, the cumulative loss of the PSEB had reached Rs 115 billion. If the prevailing situation were allowed to continue, the cumulative losses of the PSEB would be Rs 415 billion by 2023.

Dr Hira has suggested that the area under rice should be reduced by 35 per cent in central districts of Punjab and by 25 per cent in districts of Jalandhar, Kapurthala and Amritsar.

He has recommended the construction of head works on the river Sutlej between Ludhiana and Ropar to create a large reservoir to store flood water during the monsoon.

During July, August and September, a large amount of water is released downstream of Hussainiwala head works. It has been estimated that 0.1 to 1 million ha m water is going to Pakistan during the monsoon season.

Dr Hira has also emphasised that the Central government should provide funds for enhancing recharge of ground water in the high intensity irrigated areas of the region.



Industrial policy won’t solve problems: Businessmen
Shivani Bhakoo
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, May 31
Resentment prevails among local industrialists as the SAD-BJP alliance has failed to bring about the industrial policy even after two years of its formation. There are many others, who feel that even if the government announces the industrial policy, it will be of no use till their basic problems were resolved.

President of Apex Chamber of Commerce and Industry PD Sharma said though the industry in city was waiting for the policy for long but even if it was implemented, it would of not much benefit. “Unless and until our basic problems are solved, industrial policy will be of no use.

We have been raising several issues with the state government but hardly any steps have been taken to provide relief. At this time, when recession has taken its toll over the industry, government should extend a helping hand. But they are adding additional burdens on us in the form of duty on the electricity tariff.

Do you think industry will be able to bear so much pressure in this existing meltdown scenario or any industrial policy will work here”, Sharma asked?

Though, the government had made several announcements about the policy being implemented from February, but even after so many months, there seems to be no hope for industrialists, who have been waiting for it for long.

SC Ralhan, chairman, Engineering Export Promotion Council (northern region) said announcements of implementation of the industrial policies were nothing but political statements. Basically the policies were announced to benefit the industry but in Punjab things were different.

The existing industry was being run on their own efforts. As far as bringing new avenues were concerned, the land was too expensive, the situation of power was grim and there was absolutely no infrastructure.

“The government claims to provide incentives to promote us. Declaring policies means nothing unless we are given solution to our basic existing problems. To promote industry, one needs to have a focused mind but unfortunately it is missing in the state”, complained Ralhan.



MBA students prefer self-employment: Study
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, May 31
"Entrepreneurship has become the first choice of majority of MBA students in Ludhiana. The most important factors that encourage students to become entrepreneurs are professional and technical education, desire to be self-employed, desire for more money followed by family background, desire for taking personal responsibilities, self-achievement and success stories of existing entrepreneurs," revealed a study conducted by Ramandeep Kaur Kailey, MBA final year student of Punjab College of Technical Education (PCTE), under the guidance of Sandhir Sharma.

The study is exploratory in nature and limited to Ludhiana city. The study included 100 MBA final year students as respondents studying at various institutes in the city.

"Entrepreneurship is the best choice for young professionals, especially when there is global recession," remarked Dr KNS Kang, director general PCTE Institutes.

The study found that 34 per cent respondents joined MBA degree for better job opportunities and managerial skills. 15 per cent respondents revealed that they chose to undertake MBA degree under the influence of family and friends. 

The study also found that 83 per cent students didn’t have any prior work experience. As per the study, 83 per cent respondents were influenced by professional and technical education they attained and their family background as a major socio-economic factor forcing them to be entrepreneurs.

Desire for taking personal responsibility and need for self-achievement were the two major psychological factors influencing young minds to be entrepreneurs. Besides, the study found that making money, securing employment and gaining social acceptance were some other compelling factors to be an entrepreneur. 

The study found that risk taking quality, innovativeness, technical knowledge, ability to marshal resources and other managerial skills were major qualities required to become a successful entrepreneurs. 

As per the study, majority of the students opted for retailer and services for their level of operations followed by manufacturing, then trading and a very few opted for wholesale, dealer and others. Majority of the students opted retail (FMCG) as a field in which they would like to be an entrepreneur followed by textile, iron and steel and then education.

As per the study 43 per cent respondents declined their wish to be an entrepreneur, reasons being- lack of capital, lack of market knowledge and lack of confidence.

As many as 67 per cent respondents were of the opinion that management institutes were not motivating and educating them to become entrepreneurs. As per the study, the respondents suggested that the management institutions of the city should start with incubation centres for entrepreneurship, short courses on entrepreneurship skills and consultancy services. 

The respondents further suggested that the institutes should encourage the students by imparting practical knowledge and encouraging students to become entrepreneurs. As per the study, majority of the respondents were not aware about the entrepreneurial facilities offered by the government and private bodies.



Khalsa College girl tops in BBA 
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, May 31
Students of BBA III of the Khalsa College for Women,Civil Lines, here have done their college and parents proud by bagging four out of the top 10 positions in the Panjab University examinations held this year.

Harmandeep Kaur has stood first in the university with 81.9 per cent marks, Mehdeep seventh with 79.9 per cent, Manisha Gupta eighth with 79.8 per cent and Megha Maini is 10th in the university with 78.8 per cent marks.As far as the university positions are concerned, the college has bagged seven out of the top 10 positions.

"I have finally achieved what I had dreamt of," says an elated Harmandeep who 
was fourth in the university last year.She aspires to join the corporate world and is awaiting her final selection results for the MBA entrance examinations.



Govt school registers 100 pc result in commerce
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, May 31
Students of Government Senior Secondary Model School, PAU, have excelled in the Class XII PSEB exams. The school has registered 100 per cent result in commerce, 98 per cent in arts and science and 98.4 per cent in vocational group.

Seventy students in science, 43 students in commerce, 63 students in arts and 99 students in vocational group have passed out in the 1st division.

Sandeep Kaur stood first in the science group, Silky topped in commerce by securing 80 per cent, Poonam stood first in arts with 80.4 per cent and Manish Kumar bagged the first position in the vocational group by securing 84 per cent. 



Pak’s Madhuri in city
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, May 31
Mehrunnisa known as Madhuri Dixit of Pakistan, who loves to play larger than life characters, is in the city these days for shooting of her film “The Heartland”. Based in the US, Mehr's father is from India, while mother originally belonged to Lahore. Mehr has not restricted herself to one medium and has done films down South, in Pakistan, Bollywood and Hollywood.

Telling about her role in the film, she said she is playing a character that is 25 years older than her age. "The role is very challenging and after listening to the narration, I was dying to do it.” The movie delves into the simple and rustic life of the villagers and tends to show the beauty of India except poverty, which is generally depicted in the movies, she added.

Mehr is of the opinion that in the coming times Bollywood would surpass Hollywood. “While the West is advanced in the technical aspects, we have our rich and diverse culture. They borrow our cultural aspects, while we borrow their technical know-how,” she said.

Mehr feels that music is the strength of the Hindi films. “Nothing surpasses the Hindi film music and especially its melodious numbers.” Mehr has no particular choices when it comes to working with specific directors and actors. "I only want a strong role," she smiles.

While talking about her dream role, she added that she is a classical dancer and would love to do a period film while playing a classical dancer. Her album on kathak "Kuch Nahin Tere Bina" is soon to be released.



Teenager killed in accident
Our Correspondent

Jagraon, May 31
A teenager cyclist was killed after he was hit by a car last evening. The victim, identified as Jagdish Singh (17), a resident of Kotmann village, near Sidhwan Bet, was returning home from his tuition classes at Bhundri village on his cycle.

When he had reached near Kot Mann village, a black Indica coming from Ludhiana hit his cycle near the village crematorium. The youth was taken to Pahwa hospital, Humbran, from where he was referred to DMCH, Ludhiana, where he succumbed to his injuries.

Though the driver fled from the accident site, the villagers identified him as Sanjiv Kumar of Sidhwan Bet. The police has registered a case against Sanjiv under Sections 279, 427 and 304A of the IPC on the statement of Kirpal Singh of Kot Maan village. No arrest has been made so far.



Man commits suicide
Our Correspondent

Jagraon, May 31
A man is reported to have committed suicide by hanging himself in his home. The deceased is identified as Gurmeet Singh (40) of Sidhwan Bet. He was running a shop of dry cleaner.

He was upset because of his disturbed marital life as his wife had abandoned him. He was rearing his two daughters and his two nieces as his brother and sister-in-law had died some years ago in a fire accident.

Last evening he came to his house in an inebriated state and hanged himself after midnight with the fan of his room. The police preceded under Section 174 of the CrPC on the statement of Malkait Kaur, mother of the deceased.



Bid to abduct minor, two youths arrested 

Jagraon, May 31
Youths attempted to abduct a minor girl from her house in Mukandpur village near Delhon. Sukhwinder Kaur, mother of the girl, in her complaint to the Delhon police has accused Amandeep Singh of Mukandpur village and Gurjit Singh of Khatra Chuharm village of attempt to abduct her 17-year-old daughter on the evening of May 28.

She said Amandeep Singh had called her in the morning and asked her to call her daughter on the phone to which she refused. Amandeep started abusing her over the phone and threatened to kidnap her daughter in the evening.

She narrated the incident to village sarpanch Jang Bahadur Singh. In the evening both the youths, along with other accomplices, equipped with sharp-edged weapons barged into her house to abduct her daughter. 

The sarpanch tried to confront them and in his attempt he received some injuries. Meanwhile, the police reached the spot and arrested both the youths, along with their weapons, and booked them under various Sections of the IPC. — OC



Truck mows down child

Jagraon, May 31
A child is reported to have been crushed by a truck at Ramgarh Bhullar near here. The deceased has been identified as Jagjit Singh (10) of Ghall Kalan near Moga.

He had come to his relative’s house at Ramgarh Bhullar along with her mother Gurmeet Kaur today. A speeding truck (HR 29 A 7499) crushed the child while both mother and son were trying to cross the road. The child died on the spot. The driver of the truck is absconding. A case has been registered against the truck driver. — OC



Industrialist’s house raided

Ludhiana, May 31
The house of Varinder Bihari Aggarwal, owner of Creative Line Hosiery, has been raided in connection with a cheque bounce case. The raid was conducted on the basis of an arrest warrant issued by the Itawa court. A bank dishonoured cheque for Rs 12 lakh recently.

The case was filed by Mamta Aggarwal, wife of Surinder Aggarwal, Varinder’s elder brother, at the Itawa court in 2003. Surinder, who came along with the arrest warrant, alleged that the accused neither returned the money nor appeared in the court, after which the court issued the arrest warrant. Varinder is absconding. — TNS



Softball Tourney
City lads, Gurdaspur eves script victory
Our Sports Reporter

Ludhiana, May 31
Hosts, Ludhiana in the boy's section, while Gurdaspur in the girl's section emerged champions in the 14th Junior Punjab State Softball Championship that concluded at Guru Nanak Stadium, here today.

In the boy's final, Ludhiana survived many anxious moments before romping home triumphant 6-3 against Amritsar. The title clash match turned out to be a seesaw battle and eventually, Ludhiana players managed to overpower their opponents.

For winners, Jaspreet Singh and Munish scored 2-2 points, while Amit and Shiv accounted for 1-1 and steered their team to overcome stiff challenge put up by Amritsar lads.

For Amritsar, Simran contributed two points and Jaspreet Singh chipped in with one point.

In the match for hard line cup, Jalandhar prevailed over Moga 4-3.

In the girl's final, Gurdaspur faced a little resistance from Jalandhar, as they won the verdict 9-0. Mandeep Kaur scored two points while Neha, Amandeep Kaur, Gagandeep Kaur and Jasvir Kaur contributed 1-1.

Earlier, in the semi-final, Gurdaspur overwhelmed Taran Tarn 10-0 and Jalandhar routed Sangrur 9-0 to advance into the final.

In the match to decide third position, Sangrur scored a comfortable 9-0 win.

Major (retd), Harbans Singh gave away medals to the winners. Gian Singh and Pran Nath Passi, vice-president and honorary general secretary, respectively, of the Punjab Softball Association, along with other office bearers and Gursharan Singh, former district sports officer, Sangrur, were also present.



Hockey: Ludhiana Hawks, PAU XI win
Our Sports Reporter

Ludhiana, May 31
A hat-trick by Tej Pal Singh enabled Ludhiana Hawks to register an emphatic 5-1 victory over Kings XI in the annual Ludhiana Hot Weather Six-a-Side Hockey Tournament being organised by the District Hockey Association at the Prithipal Singh Memorial AstroTurf Stadium on the Punjab Agricultural University campus here today.

Tej Pal Singh struck in the 3rd, 24th and 28th minute to read the score sheet 3-0 and Manjeet Singh sounded the board in the 34th minute to further consolidate the lead (4-0).

Two minutes later, Karni Grewal of Kings XI found the target to reduce the margin (4-1). However, in the very next minute, Ludhiana Hawks’ Sachin Saroj Singh was on target, which sealed King XI’s fate 5-1.

The second match of the day, played between PAU XI and Sher-e-Punjab Club turned out to be a well contested affair in which the former managed to scramble past 2-1.

PAU XI surged ahead in the fourth minute through Suman Kumar. However, they squandered away the lead in the 25th minute when Rinku of Sher-e-Punjab Club scored to make it one-all. The match winning goal came off Gurmeet Singh Lucky’s stick in the 35th minute.

Former national hockey star Paramjeet Singh Bir was the chief guest today. In the matches, slated to be played on next Sunday, Sher-e-Punjab Club will take on Ludhiana Hawks at 6.30 am while PAU XI take on Kings XI at 7.30 am.



Stephen bowled over by Punjab
Manav Ghuman
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, May 31
The US-based actor Stephen, who is in the city for shooting of his film “The Heartland” is bowled over by Punjab. Though he has roots in India, this is the first time that he is in the country. 

The warmth and friendly nature of the people here have spellbound Stephen. "If given a choice I will spend the rest of my life here," he said.

Stephen finds people here very caring and helpful. "During the shooting, villagers do look at white skinned people curiously but once they know you, they tend to be very protective," he added.

At present work is his top priority but if he had some more time he wished to travel around. "Taj Mahal is the monument I will love to see," he adds. If not this time, he will surely come back to visit different places in the country.

During his stay here, he has become a great fan of Punjabi food. "Naan, curry and kheer are really delicious and these days I eat them everyday. I have gained a lot of weight and will have to really work hard to get in shape," he smiles.



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