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Tribune Impact
Shrine on GLADA land razed
Our Correspondent

Ludhiana, June 4
Officials of Greater Ludhiana Area Development Authority (GLADA) have removed a shrine raised illegally over a 300 sq yard plot at Urban Estate (Phase I).

The enforcement staff, along with senior officials, descended at the spot yesterday and razed the structure.

The Ludhiana Tribune had carried a report on the bid to usurp the prime land. The GLADA officials had visited the spot and stopped the construction of a boundary wall. However, the structure inside (called the grave of the pir) was not touched. Persons present at the shrine had offered to dismantle it within two-three days.

But instead of clearing the site, the followers tried to construct pillars and raise a lintel to consolidate their possession. In May, another report in this regard was published by Ludhiana Tribune.

The plot, with a market value of around Rs 75 lakh, was under unlawful encroachment for the past over a year, and since then, several attempts were made by land grabbers to construct a pucca building at the site and proclaim it a shrine so that GLADA would not evict squatters for fear of hurting religious sentiments.

Confirming that the structure had been removed and the plot cleared of the encroachment, the GLADA additional chief administrator, Dr Indu Malhotra, said: “We were aware of some activity taking place on the vacant plot and the attempt to give it a religious colour. The action took some time because several of our officials were busy with election duties.”

She said GLADA was in the process of securing all its vacant plots and other properties. “We are in the process of making a list of all such properties for their proper disposal or utilisation as per government policy,” she added.


Raid on 5 hookah bars
Owners booked; teens let off after warning

Tribune News Service

Hookah bar owners refused to comment on the issue, but employees at the bars said hookah was a profitable business and the bar authorities would start selling it in two- three days. Meanwhile, the police appears to have learnt from its mistake and conducted the raid in an organised manner. A few months ago, it had raided some hookah bars and collected samples, but the health department refused to accept the samples. This time, the police conducted the raid in coordination with health officials, who themselves collected the samples.

Ludhiana, June 4
After raiding the premises of five hookah bars and detaining around 40 teenagers last evening, the police came down heavily on erring hookah bar owners and booked them for mixing nicotine in tobacco products.

Besides, the hookah bars were booked under various Sections of the anti-tobacco Act. All the teenagers who were detained were students of schools situated in the vicinity of the hookah bars. However, they were later let off in the presence of their parents after a strict warning by the police.

The raids were conducted on Mr Beans and One Happy Bean, both situated at Sarabha Nagar, Hookie Cookie and Twister at Kitchlu Nagar and Las Vegas at Prem Nagar.

SP (detective) SK Kalia, who conducted the raids, said: “We have been receiving numerous complaints from parents of youngsters that such hookah bars were encouraging smoking among teenagers and should be closed down.”

He said the raiding party was accompanied by health department officials, who collected samples. A teenager, who was caught having hookah said on the condition of anonymity: “Hookah gives me a high. Smoking hookah is a style statement these days among the young crowd.”

Another teenager said he took to hookah under peer pressure and also to impress girls. “One of my friends encouraged me to take a puff. When I expressed reluctance, he said smoking hookah was no big deal and started boasting about his experience with other activities like doping and boozing,” he said.



Computerisation Only in Name — I
Hi(gh) tech low at govt offices
Jyotika Sood
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, June 4
In 1991, the Ludhiana Municipal Corporation became the first civic body in Punjab to introduce computerisation, but the irony is that the technology is limited to making bills and entries of cash collections.

Even online tender application that was started by the MC Commissioner last year, failed and the corporation website is not being updated regularly.

The situation is so bad that birth and death certificate department employees don’t have any computer to make entries and still depend on paper and pen for maintaining registers.

Officials revealed that the process of maintaining computer records of birth and death accounts was started in December 2001, but was suspended in April 2003 due to some technical snag and after that, the issue was never raised.

The main computer section of the civic body is situated in the basement of the Zone-A office where around 10 computers are joined through the LAN system in a room where the AC is non-functional.

The office, which works as the main server, is connected to the other three zonal offices through a special lease line and the systems used by officials are outdated.

“All the systems are of Pentium I, a technology that is outdated. Though senior officials like the MC Commissioner and Mayor have the latest computer models, those who have to do maximum work are still struggling with old machines,” the employees said.

A special software was designed in 2000 by Trident Infosys for the Punjab government which is still being used and no new help ever came. As far as the training is concerned, the last workshop was organised between 1999 and 2000, after which no municipal Commissioner thought of imparting skills in this regard.

The employees said former MC Commissioner, SS Sandhu, and a senior official, Sarabjeet Singh, who was a software engineer, brought about the change, but it was limited only to their tenure.

The employees of the fund-starved MC stated that lack of political will was one of the major reasons for the present condition of the office. If everything became computerised and systematic, embezzlement and entries in back dates would not be possible.



Sant’s cremation passes off peacefully
Mohit Khanna
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, June 4
Residents heaved a sigh of relief as no untoward incident was reported from any part of the city in the wake of the cremation of the body of the deputy chief of the Sachkhand sect, Sant Ramanand, today.

The entire peace mechanism was monitored by Commissioner JS Bir who was in constant touch with the police and the administration. In order to avert any untoward situation on main roads, the administration altered the routes of several buses, including the Lahore-Delhi Sada-e-Sirhind. Instead of Jalandhar, the bus went to Amritsar via Ferozepur.

Huge deployment of force was seen at sensitive locations, including Jodhewal Basti, Salem Tabri and police divisions 4, 6 and 7. However, no curfew was imposed.

Shop owners across the city showed reluctance in opening their shops till afternoon and the streets wore a deserted look at several places. Rohit Kumar, a hosiery wholesaler, said: “Only when my friend assured me that everything was normal outside, that I dared to open my shop. Earlier, protesters had damaged my shop and I did not want to take any risk this time.”

The traffic came back to normal once the news of his cremation reached the city. “I was planning to travel to Gurdaspur along with my mother, but my friend told me not to travel today,” said Shruti Chopra, a resident.

“Everything went on smoothly. People also cooperated a lot,” a senior official said.

Jodhewal Basti, considered to be the most sensitive spot in the city, also remained calm today as a majority of Sachkhand followers were off to Jalandhar.



Ludhiana-Chandigarh line
Work begins, finally
Mahesh Sharma

Mandi Ahmedgarh, June 4
The railways department of the union government has initiated the process for taking possession of land that had been acquired for laying a broad gauge rail line on the second section of the Ludhiana-Chandigarh track.

Cheques worth 80 per cent of the award, proposed by the department, were disbursed to landowners of villages of Payal subdivision falling in this district today.

The Land acquisition collector has, meanwhile, asked the owners whose land had been acquired not to till or make amendments to the land.

Talking to The Tribune after disbursing the cheques to landowners of Rampur, Begowal and Katana villages, the SDM, Payal, Neeru Katyal, said the railway authorities had started taking possession of the land that had been acquired for constructing the new line.

“As the department has paid compensation for buildings, fixtures and trees on the land, the owners have no right to remove anything from there,” she said, adding that the remaining 20 per cent award money would be paid after the approval of the award by the higher authorities.

The landowners who could not take the cheques today could collect the payment from her office during office hours.

The union government had ordered the laying of the Chandigarh-Ludhiana rail line during the tenure of Nitish Kumar as the railway minister over a decade ago.

Chandigarh-Morinda, the first section of the 112-km line, was built at a cost of Rs 195 crore. The remaining span between Ludhiana and Morinda is yet to be constructed.



24 jhuggis destroyed in fire
Tribune News Service

Khanna, June 4
At least 24 temporary structures were gutted after a fire broke out at Dileep Singh Nagar near the railway station here this evening. No damage to life was reported in the incident but belongings of their occupants were destroyed.

The incident took place around 4 pm when a girl was preparing tea in one of the jhuggis. The thatched roof caught fire, which soon spread.

“The structures made of thatch were dry due to the heat wave and they immediately caught fire,” said a fire brigade official who reached the scene soon after the incident.

The residents said the fire spread within no time, and heat and smoke brought down the visibility in the area.

Rekha, a resident of the area, said she was around half a kilometer from her jhuggi when she saw smoke engulf the residential area adjoining the railway station.

“As soon as I reached there, the hutment were gutted. However, none of the people, including children, received injuries in the fire,” she said, adding that there was no electricity in the area when the fire broke out.

Some of the people who tried to douse the blaze and salvage their belongings received minor injuries on arms, hands and legs.

“People had a tough time preventing affected families from going near the fire. Though some of them risked their lives and saved important belongings, many just stood there saw their shacks go up in flames,” said eyewitnesses.

The impact of the fire was such that some houses constructed in the vicinity were partially damaged.

Senior police officials reached the scene and assessed the damage. No case was registered till the filing of the report.



More cats out of MC’s bag
Bills, payment made in single day

Jyotika Sood
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, June 4
More skeletons seem to be coming out of the municipal corporation closet over the use of cat’s eye, as sources say bills and payments for undertaking work of these devices have been made in a single day in the last week of May.

According to senior officials in the corporation, the entire process of making entry in the measurement book to cross-checking by various officials, including assistant engineer, XEN, SE, Municipal Commissioner and Joint Commissioner BK Gupta were done on the same day.

The payment made for cat’s eye was so prompt that even the accounts branch and DCFA branch cleared the bills without taking much time.

The sources in the corporation said the processing of the bills was augmented as Municipal Commissioner GS Ghuman was going on official training for a week.

They added that the work on installation of cat’s eye had been of such inferior quality that most of these had come off. On comparison with the old ones, which are still intact, the difference is evident.

The sources said the old cat’s eye near Verka milk plant were still functional, while newly installed ones had come off.

The work on cat’s eye was issued without inviting tenders and was approved by the finance and contracts committee.

Besides, payments made have raised a question mark, as the DCFA branch has been in possession of certain bills before March 31 and is yet to release these payments.

Talking to The Tribune, SE Dharam Singh said: “After the committee members gave its approval, the work was allotted to two companies on 25 per cent of the approved rates. We have just made partial payments and the final payment is yet to be made.”

He was supported by XEN Karamjit Singh who gave similar details.



Quacks flourish as govt fails to act
Anshu Seth
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, June 4
In the absence of guidelines from the state government, the department of health and family welfare has failed to crack down on quacks practising in the city.

The number of quacks has increased manifold in the slum areas of the city in the past 10 years.

Economically weaker sections, especially the migrant population residing in slums, fall prey to such quacks running their “medical shops” under fake degrees procured from unrecognised universities/colleges.

Quackery has increased manifold despite the fact that no registered medical practitioner (RMP) has been given recognition in Punjab after 1963.

A decade ago, the Punjab and Haryana High Court had declared that no degree other than MBBS, DHMS, BAMS would be recognised for medical practice in Punjab and summons were issued to quacks following the lists forwarded by the department of health and family welfare.

A large number of people availing of the services of these quacks end up with complications and some even die due to administration of wrong medicines.

In a recent incident, the Shimlapuri police registered a case against two quacks of Giaspura under Section 304 of IPC for having caused death of a woman following an unsuccessful attempt to carry out caesarean on Wednesday night.

Giaspura is full of quacks who jeopardise the health of people through their open practice of homeopathy, allopathy, ayurveda and also electro-homeopathy, naturopathy and other alternative therapies. The health authorities and the police department have done little to curb the menace.

Civil surgeon Dr SP Sharma said: “We have no authority to ascertain whether or not the person is a quack as there are no guidelines from the government. But we do act on complaints, if any.”

Taking a jibe at the government’s policy, a doctor working in a rural dispensary said: “It is not possible for the government to provide healthcare services in every village of the state without augmenting the budgetary allocation for health. Thus ‘quacks’ are a blessing in disguise who take care of the immediate problems of the people.”



Visitor-friendly sub-registrar offices soon
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, June 4
Visitors to the three sub-registrar offices in the city will finally get a shelter in the sultry weather, drinking water and conveniences.

The Punjab and Haryana High Court had directed the district administration to provide facilities at these offices, which make millions for the state exchequer every month.

The court had directed the district administration to revamp the offices following a public interest litigation filed by 31 local lawyers, who had stated that the offices were in bad shape and were not providing any facility to people visiting these every day.

Deputy Commissioner Vikas Garg made a round of the offices and took stock of the situation today.

Talking to The Tribune, he said they would give a new look to the sub-registrar west, east and central offices on the Ferozepur Road, Transport Nagar and Gill Road, respectively.

The estimates have already been prepared and work will start soon.

He also issued orders for cleaning the offices of litter as directed by the court.

He said no out-of-use vehicles would be allowed to be stationed on the premises and a suitable area for parking of vehicles would be provided to public.

The three offices, which witness a huge rush of people for registration of property related documents every day, are without any basic facility.

Though people pay lakhs of rupees to the state exchequer as collector’s duty, they are made to stand in a queue without proper shelters.

Sometime ago, asbestos shelters were erected for public but these became very hot during summer months.

The offices also lack toilets, drinking water facilities and even parking facilities. The conveniences in Transport Nagar offices are locked.

The toilets at the Ferozepur road office, too, are in bad shape and are not opened for public.

During rains, the compound of these offices become slushy and there is no concrete passage for people. The parking space, too, turns into a pond.

Residents had protested several times against the lack of amenities in the past.



Farmers protest against erring agents
Our Correspondent

Jagraon, June 4
The Kirti Kisan Union and farmers of the area today staged a dharna against the exploitation of farmers by certain commission agents.

They staged a dharna in front of the market committee’s office against the inaction of the authorities concerned and the erring commission agents of Dalla village.

Farmers accused agents of overweighing the food grains. A farmer said, “Since the agent is a high-profile Akali leader, the market committee authorities have fined the labour in charge of weighing with a paltry fine of Rs 600 and the commission agent with Rs 3,000 only.”

Owners of the Jagir Singh and Company, Malla, were caught red-handed while overweighing the produces of farmers.

Rajinder Singh Dalla, secretary of the market committee, and SDM Mukand Singh, along with the police force, had also reached the Dalla Grain Market when the situation went out of control. Around 660 bags in the mandi were found overweight.

All-India Farm Labour Association president Hardev Singh Sandhu and district president of the Kirti Kisan Union Tarlochan Singh Dalla demanded the suspension of the chairman of the market committee.

The Arthia Associations also held a meeting in the market committee’s office. President of the Arthia Association Darshan Singh said the department concerned had already punished the guilty by imposing fines on them. He added that the matter was settled and farmers were protesting unnecessarily.



Protest against dismissed DSP
Our Correspondent

Jagraon, June 4
A protest rally was staged by social and employees organisations of Jagraon and surrounding areas here yesterday against the dismissed DSP, Ashok Puri, for threatening a rape victim, her family and the person pursuing the case to turn hostile from their statement given earlier.

The infamous case involving Ashok Puri was taken up by a joint action committee in 2000, which forced the police to probe the matter.

In the inquiry, the DSP was found guilty and was dismissed.

A large number of protesters gathered at the courts complex and raised slogans against the accused demanding punishment. They demanded that the directions of the Punjab and Haryana High Court, Chandigarh, be implemented by the Jagraon SSP immediately. The spokespersons condemned the various ways adopted by Ashok Puri to threaten the victim and her family. They said he even offered Rs 25 lakh as settlement but on refusal threatened to get them involved in false cases.

They said they were committed to fighting the case to its logical end.

MLA Gurdeep Singh Bhaini, joint action committee convener Gurdeep Singh Moti, Inderjit Jhanji, Kamaljit Khanna, Baldev Singh Kohli, Darshan Singh Oberai, Tarlok Singh Dalla, Piara Singh, Hardev Singh Sandhu, Nirmal Singh Bhumal, Baldev Singh, Avar Singh, Hakam Singh, Ram Ji Das, Nahar Singh, Gurmail Singh, Bhupinder Singh, Kulwant Singh, Surinder Singh were among those present in the rally.

The gathering also paid tributes to the demised freedom fighter Baba Bhagat Singh Bilga and protested against the atrocities towards Indian students in Australia.



Industrial boards ‘fail’ industry
Shivani Bhakoo
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, June 4
The industrial boards — for small, medium and large-scale industries — were constituted by the SAD-BJP government to solve their problems. However, the boards, formed around one and half years ago, seem to have “failed” to provide any goods to industry.

Certain board members feel that the quarterly meetings are nothing but a “waste of time” and boards are not providing solution to the problems of industry.

VP Sharma, an industry leader, feels the industry has gone from bad to worse. There has been no improvement in industry, which is a major part of state’s economy. Even after constituting respective boards for industry, no special attention has been paid to business in the state.

“Boards are there to highlight the plight of industrialists, to get a direct feedback. They act as mediators between the state government and local industrialists but even after their formation no concrete steps have been taken to provide relief to the industry. The problems remain the same, he adds.

A member of the Medium-Scale Industrial Board, SC Ralhan, says the boards were constituted with good intent.

These were made to let industry solve its own problems. “But they are not effective. The boards have not been empowered to take up issues with various other departments on their own. In such circumstances, meetings of such boards were a waste of time,” says Ralhan.

Core issues, including VAT, power crises, registries in Focal Points, infrastructure, power tariff-hike, bad shape of roads and sewerage in industrial areas and Focal Point, industrial policy, etc. continue to persist.

Inderjit Singh Pradhan, chairman, Small-Scale Industrial Board, says the board continues to work for the welfare of industrialists. He says that he has regularly been highlighting the problems of industrialists to leaders.

“Tomorrow, I will meet Chief Minister Parkash Singh Badal and demand for an early release of duty drawback worth crores of rupees lying pending with the department of custom’s here. On June 11, the board will have another meeting on the issues of VAT, power cuts and electricity tariff hike, etc. If we continue to highlight the problems to the government, I am sure leaders will have to provide solutions,” adds Pradhan.



Sidhwan Canal
Clean-up work nears completion
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, June 4
There is hope at last for polluted Sidhwan canal passing through the city, as the irrigation department is cleaning up a stretch of 13 km of the canal at the cost of Rs 2 crore within 20 days.

The round-the-clock clean-up operation was started a fortnight ago. As many as 250 labourers and a number of machines, including tippers and tractors-trailers have been pressed into service to clean the canal.

According to XEN (irrigation) RS Saini, the canal is being cleaned of garbage, stones, debris, silt and other material.

The removed material is being dumped on its banks to firm these up. He said the project was likely to cost Rs 2 crore but the exact cost would be calculated once it was finished.

Saini said the operation would be finished by June 8 and farmers would get good flow of canal water. Later, they would repair bridges and falls also.

He said the canal was being cleaned up after a long time.

The pollution in Sidhwan canal was a major concern in the city. Various organisations had demanded cleaning up of the canal a number of times.

The Punjab and Haryana High Court had also directed the state government to clean the canal.



Disproportionate Assets
Probe against head draughtsman
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, June 4
The local bodies department of the Punjab government has sought a report from Municipal Commissioner GS Ghuman against head draughtsman Ashok Kumar Soni who is stated to have property above Rs 1.5 crore.

According to sources, the Commissioner has been told to inquire into the matter after a complaint of corruption was forwarded by an NGO against the official, alleging that Soni had made property worth millions by unfair means.

The complaint was received by the local bodies department on April 15 and was forwarded to the MC Commissioner.

It was stated that various properties had been bought by the official in his own name and also that of his relatives. The properties included four properties on the Chandigarh road amounting to Rs 1.73 crore and a house at Dholewal costing around Rs 12 lakh. Apart from it, the officer had also deposited a huge amount in the name of his daughter-in-law and grandson.

The complaint said the assets mentioned above had been made by the officer through unfair means and investigation was needed.

Sources said a copy of the complaint had been forwarded to various officials throughout the state.

Soni has been working with the MC for the past more than 20 years and earns over Rs 20,000 per month as salary.

The anti-corruption and crime investigation president, Rohit Sabharwal, who had moved the complaint, said: “Information gathered by us is true to our knowledge and if investigations are done honestly, startling facts would surface. Corruption in the MC has become routine and everyone experiences it if one visits the office to get some work done.”



Accident victim’s 10-year ordeal far from over
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, June 4
Life has become an endless struggle for Gurpinder Singh (34), a resident of Jamalpur, who fell victim to a road accident 10 years ago and became disabled for the rest of his life.

Gurpinder’s lower half of the body got paralysed in the accident. He had studied till class XII and was working at a drug store in order to earn his livelihood. But after the accident he lost his job.

He was admitted to the PGIMER, Chandigarh, where he was being treated for paraplegia. His family then brought him home.

His woes aggravated when his younger brothers, who were supporting the family financially, met with an accident. Somehow, the family remained united and was able to overcome the trauma. As the family was reeling under financial crunch, Gurpinder could not continue with the required physical therapies, hence his condition deteriorated. Prolonged use of catheter in order to drain bladder resulted in urinary tract’s infection due to which his body stopped responding to treatment.

Thereafter, Gurpinder was admitted to the Christian Medical College and Hospital, Ludhiana. Due to severe infection in his external genitalia and high fever, doctors had put him on intravenous antibiotics. After a few days, infection developed in his private parts and he had to be operated upon.

In order to save his life, doctors had suggested a wound debridement, which would cost around Rs 2 lakh. As his family cannot bear the expenses, the CMCH authorities on behalf of his family have sought financial help from philanthropists for the patient.



PAU financial crisis worsens
KS Chawla

Ludhiana, June 4
The implementation of new pay scales for teachers and non-teaching staff will add to the financial crisis of Punjab Agricultural University.

The situation worsened when the university exhausted its pension fund for over 2500 retirees two years ago. The university faced a lot of difficulty in making the payments as the state government denied help in this context.

Finally, the agitated retirees knocked the doors of the Punjab and Haryana High Court that directed the university to ascertain the actual pensioners and make their payments.

The authorities concerned approached the state government, which sanctioned Rs 20-crore grant during 2007-2008 for the development of agricultural research.

The pensioners again approached the high court that asked the university to pay them pension by March 31, 2009. The state government again gave Rs 10 crore from the rural development fund, which was adjusted against the payment of pension.

A C Rana, Comptroller of the university, said the pensioners had been given the pension till April, 2009.

They had been paid Rs 46 crore hitherto and the authorities concerned had raised Rs 16 crore from its sources.

The fixed deposit receipts of the university and the interest accrued on the same had been used to make payments, Rana added.

But now, the authorities are bothered about paying the pension after April. There is only one fixed deposit receipt worth Rs 10 crore that would mature in August.

The Central and the state government have implemented the Sixth Pay Commission recommendations for the Central government employees. The teachers of the university are governed by the pay scales of the Central government (ICAR and UGC) while the scales of the state government employees cover the non-teaching staff.

Rana said they were assessing the amount needed for the implementation of pay scales of the teachers and the non-teaching staff.

The board of management of the university had appointed a committee under the chairmanship of former Vice-Chancellor of the university Dr SS Johl to suggesting means for raising the funds for the university, he said.

The committee has recommended imposition of cess of 50 paise per Rs 100 on the sale of the crops. Punjab Chief Minister Parkash Singh Badal, who held a meeting in June last year, had agreed to implement the cess from Kharif-2008 crop. But, no cess had been imposed so far. The cess would result in collection of Rs 150 crore per year that would meet the financial needs of the university.

The latest estimate of the salary bill of the teaching and non-teaching staff of the university is worth Rs 101 crore. The university passed its deficit budget of Rs 95 lakh for 2009-10.

PAU Vice-Chancellor Dr Manjit Singh Kang said they were asking the state government to help the university by implementing the cess proposal.

Financial commissioner NS Kang disclosed that the cess proposal had not been rejected so far. The matter would be discussed with the Chief Minister soon.

The authorities concerned had introduced self-financing courses last year in order to raising funds, Rana said.



Scotland delegates visit engg college
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, June 4
Delegates from University of West of Scotland (UWS) visited Ludhiana College of Engineering and Technology (LCET) here today.

Marcus Ross, director of corporate marketing, University of West of Scotland, said we would want to contribute to building a knowledge-based economy for Scotland.

SS Grewal, head of the MBA department, Ludhiana College of Engineering and Technology, said the college would provide a healthy environment to the students for their studies. the director of the college, Dr JS Johal, said the college would give exposure to the students in order to enhance their professional and personal growth.

Management members comprising chairman of the college Vijay Gupta, general secretary Dr Rohan Sachdeva and college principal Dr Pawan Kumar gave a college memento to Marcus Ross, director of corporate marketing, UWS.

NSS camp

A rally marked the third day of the seven-day-long NSS camp organised by Guru Nanak Girls College, Ludhiana.

NSS volunteers took out a rally by holding posters and raising slogans against female foeticide and pollution. This was followed by a demonstration on tattoo-making and nail art by Gurasis and Navdeep.

After the demonstration, Prof HS Brar delivered a lecture on the role of diet and exercise in order to lead a healthy life. He added that exercise is significant for a healthy life.

The lecture was informative and the volunteers participated actively by putting forward their queries.



GHG students excel in BCA exams
Our Correspondent

Mullanpur Dakha, June 4
Students of BCA III of GHG College, Gurusar Sadhar, have excelled in the examinations conducted by Punjab University in April, 2009. The pass percentage of the college was 100 per cent, while 88 per cent students secured the first division.

Neha with 80.25 per cent marks secured the first position, while Sathyanayagi with 80 per cent and Poonam Singh with 77 per cent marks secured the second and the third positions, respectively.

Swaranjit Singh Deol, principal of the college, and Manjit Singh Gill, president of the managing committee, congratulated the staff and students on their achievement.



BCA I exams
Khalsa College students excel

Ludhiana, June 4
Students of Khalsa College for Women, Civil Lines, Ludhiana, have scored top positions in BCA I examinations held in April, the results of which were declared by Panjab University, Chandigarh, yesterday.

Niti Sethi secured 82.9 per cent and stood second in the university while Ranika Garg secured 82.13 per cent and bagged fifth position in the university.

Four students of the college ranked among the top 10 positions in the district i.e. Niti Sethi, Ranika Garg, Manika Garg and Simmi Kapoor.

The college principal, Dr Varinder Kaur Thind, appreciated the efforts of the students. — TNS



80 students get prizes at BCM school
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, June 4
BCM Senior Secondary School, Sector 32-A, Chandigarh road, yesterday organised the prize distribution function for students of classes VI to VIII who took part in activities held during April and May.

School principal DP Guleria distributed prizes to 80 students. He also appreciated and encouraged them for future endeavours.

The trophies for quiz competition were organised by Sikh Missionary College.



Water woes
MC turns deaf ear to residents’ pleas
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, June 4
The water woes have started taking its toll on the city with reports of unhygienic water being supplied to residents.

Latest in the list is Deep Nagar, Street No. 7, where the residents have not been able to get water for the past three days.

A resident, Sudhir Mudgal, said: “The water shortage in the area has been due to regular technical snags in the tubewell that supplies water.” He added that the daily routine was disturbed due to acute shortage of water.

A housewife, Archna, said, “The sweltering head and holidays of children have made the situation worse. Everybody knows that water is an essential component for all activities, including cooking, and household chores.”

She said the residents were forced to line up and get water from neighbours by lining up in queues.

Similarly, Mahesh, a resident of Street No. 3, said, “We witnessed two worms in the water taken from a tap two days ago. Unfit water is an issue witnessed every summer but the MC officials hardly pay any heed to it.” He added that repeated complaints too have not yielded any results.

Area councillor Sushil Raju Thapar confessed that water supply was paralysed since yesterday and added that tubewell motor had been replaced and the supply would start till 7:30 pm.



Quilted handbags are back
Manav Ghuman
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, June 4
Quilted handbags are back with a bang. They seem to be the latest trend to hit the market. They are sturdy enough for everyday use, stylish and an affordable substitute to expensive designer brands.

Both formal and casual varieties of these bags are available. One can go for leather or cloth base as per the requirement.

The retro look for handbags is in as well. This applies to quilted handbags, too. One can see bags put together with pieces of denim, tie and die patches, material from T-shirts and even prints of different captions.

“My mother used to have a same quilted bag long back. It is true that fashion repeats itself. Quilted bags look great, especially for casual evenings,” added Tripti, a college student.

A great thing about these handbags is that one can get them look exactly the way they want and therefore getting the ethnic look is fairly easy.

The best way to get ones own original quilted handbags is to make them yourself.

“My mother has the basic knowledge of stitching and has made a nice quilted handbag for me,” adds Shruti, a fashion designing student. 



Awareness camp at Gyaspura
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, June 4
An awareness camp regarding the water-borne diseases was organised by Ludhiana Municipal Corporation in Ward No. 72, Gyaspura, today. Residents of the area were apprised of the water- borne and other diseases that spread during summer like malaria, dengue and cholera.

The residents were informed about the timely measures, which should be taken to keep these diseases at an expanse.

They were appealed not to letting the water get stagnant around their houses and cleaning water coolers frequently.

Besides, they were asked not to eat stale fruits and vegetables and should stop consuming uncovered eatables. Chief sanitary inspector Darshan Singh said nearly 400 pamphlets regarding the precautions were distributed and 1,000 tablets were distributed to residents of few areas.



Seminar for traders on global recession
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, June 4
A seminar on global recession and small-scale industries was organised by the Small-Scale Industrialists and Traders Association in association with STEP here today.

The inaugural lecture was delivered by STEP executive director Joginder Singh Kular.

He explained the schemes, plan and policies of the government for welfare and development of small-scale industries in India with special emphasis on Punjab and Ludhiana.

He showed confidence in creative and integrated nature of city entrepreneurs and expected that they would not only come out of the crisis but also lead entrepreneurs working throughout India.

A serious debate began with the paper reading by CA Arun Rattan on the “Global economic crises and possibilities to face it with maintaining intact prospective of small-scale business”.

A call was given to strengthen the associations of industries and traders to face global economic crises and curse the master plan in a collective manner.



Man killed in accident

Raikot, June 4
A man was killed in a road accident here yesterday. The accident took place on the Jhorran road when the motor cycle (PB 44 4762) he was riding skidded. Jarnail Singh (41), an ex-serviceman of Bhai Roopa village, near Bathinda, was serving as a security guard in Ludhiana and was going to work.

His motor cycle slipped near Bassian village, causing severe injuries on his head. The victim was taken to the local Civil Hospital where doctors declared him bought dead. The police has registered a case under Section 174, CrPC, and handed over the body to the family after the post-mortem examination. — OC



Excise inspector in VB net
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, June 4
The vigilance bureau arrested an excise and taxation inspector for taking Rs 2,000 as bribe from a city resident here today. The accused has been identified as Jagdish Singh. The VB officials laid a trap and arrested the inspector while accepting bribe.

The complaint against the accused was made by Ramesh Bangar, a resident of Amarpura.



One booked for molestation

Mullanpur Dakha, June 4
The Sudhar police yesterday booked a man for molesting his sister-in-law and her two daughters.

The complainant, Harbans Singh, a resident of Issewal village, said his brother-in-law Lachhman Singh, a resident of Barewal, had been molesting his wife for the past 22 years. Harbans further said Lachhman had tried to molest his two daughters also.

Harbans Singh complained the matter to the Humbran SHO, who found the allegations true. A case has been registered against the accused under the Sections 354, 506 of the IPC. — OC



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