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2 undertrials give cops the slip
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, June 11
Two undertrials, facing murder charges and also framed in more than 12 cases of theft and robbery, fled from a jail bus while being taken to the district court complex for hearing here today.

The incident took place this morning, when the jail bus ferrying 40 undertrials stuck in a traffic jam at Jagraon Bridge.

Seeing the opportunity, the undertrials, Raju Ganja and Sunil Kumar, escaped by removing the wooden slab put as a makeshift arrangement to cover the broken floor of the bus.

According to the police, Sheetal Singh, a sub-inspector, and four jail constables were travelling along with the inmates.

A cop said soon after escaping from the bus, the criminals ran in different directions to confuse the police.

The criminal took full use of the traffic jam and ran in the narrow streets of the old city.

Meanwhile, top police officials claimed that a massive search operation had been launched to nab the criminals, but the cops were clueless about the incident.

Sources in the police said the jail cops, who were ferrying the undertrials, might face action for negligence.

The sources revealed that both criminals were close friends and arrested by the Jodhewal police on the charges of murder. Except murder, Sunil has nine cases of theft against him, while Raju was implicated in five cases of snatching.


Slowdown and Power Cut
Double whammy for industry
Shivani Bhakoo/Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, June 11
The Punjab State Electricity Board's decision of imposition of four-hour daily cut on all urban and industrial feeders in the state has come as a big shock to all industrialists, who are already reeling under severe crises due to global meltdown. The industry feels that the imposition of heavy power cuts after the parliamentary elections was a "cheating" with the industrialists.

President VP Chopra, Federation of Punjab Small Industries’ Associations, told it was unfortunate that Punjab was facing acute power shortage for the past so many decades and all state governments had failed to provide a solution to the problem, which was so vital for the economy of the state.

He complained that instead of spending crores of rupees on issuing advertisements for self-praise, the state government was required to find out the permanent solution to get rid of the power shortage in a stipulated time frame.

“The industrial boards constituted by the state government for the welfare of the industrial sector in Punjab should rise to the occasion to advise the government for the permanent solution in the larger interest of the economy of Punjab,” said Chopra.

Chairman Badish K Jindal, Punjab Chapter of Federation of Associations of Small Industries of India, told that 65 per cent of the total industry of Ludhiana was situated in the areas which were consuming merely 25 per cent of the total power consumption. But this particular industry was generating almost 30 per cent more employment as compared to the industries situated in the designated industrial areas.

For many industries such as heat treatment and plastic, this cut will prove to be a closure of their unit as they require continuous power for their manufacturing process.

“It is really shocking that the SAD-BJP government has become a mute spectator on the power issue. The small industry is already fighting for the survival and such policies of the government will prove to be the reason for its closure,” said Jindal.



Scared, Sub-Registrars join duty
Kanchan Vasdev
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, June 11
Following frequent incidents of expression of anger by politicians and lawyers against Sub-Registrars in the past have made them work under the shadow of fear.

This came to fore today when Tehsildars worked under scare of a backlash as they remained off work yesterday to protest against an attack on a car of Sub-Registrar East Jagsir Singh by a lawyer.

Though the offices were functioning today, the atmosphere was not normal in the East office. Not many people had turned up for getting the work done. An uncomfortable silence prevailed in the office.

Jagsir was attacked on Tuesday by a lawyer and his accomplices. He had to leave office midway. A few days ago, Sub-Registrar Central Major G.S. Benipal had complained against a councillor of having misbehaved with him.

Earlier also, there were reports of similar incidents involving lawyers and politicians. In the backdrop of the frequency of such acts, the Tehsildars of the district have asked for personal security from the DC.

“We are really scared of working under these circumstances. We do not know who will attack us. So we want that in addition to security in the office, we should be given personal guards also. Only then things will streamline here. Otherwise, we will continue working under fear,” said Jagsir Singh.

The revenue officials gave a representation to the Deputy Commissioner stating that they were literally scared while working. So they should be secured first. Only then they can work freely.

The expression of anger by lawyers and politicians against the revenue officials is common. The matter has reached top officials of the state government also several times as the revenue officials keep on complaining.

After such incidents, the officials protest and public and the state exchequer suffers. Earlier also several times, strikes have been observed and losses have been incurred by the exchequer.

The revenue department of the district has also earned the notoriety of being a den of corruption in the past. Residents are often complaining against it. Several of them justify their bout of anger against the officials.

They claim the work is delayed deliberately. Several times they have to grease the palms of several officials to get their work done.



State of Health - IV
Doors of this OT always ajar
Anshu Seth
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, June 11
Poorly maintained operation theatre (OT) in the Civil Hospital, Jagraon, run under the Punjab Health System Corporation, comes as shock after taking a look at the premises.

There is no restriction for the people to go inside the OT even at odd hours.

The Tribune reporter paid a visit to the civil hospital on June 9 at around 11 pm to find the doors of the operation theatre wide open and the staff on duty didn't even bother to stop anybody from entering the OT.

Presence of broken furniture, a rusting iron cabinet, unclean bin and uncovered operative material/instruments in the OT may appear absurd to doctors working in private and established hospitals, but it is a "familiar sight" for the doctors working in civil hospitals as was evident from the above mess is the OT at the civil hospital.

Even the Bovoyl's apparatus, the most important equipment used by anaesthetists, is not operational and they are still depending on spinal anesthesia, revealed one of the doctors, who was earlier working at the hospital.

Incongruously, a room in the same block has been specially furnished for the doctors on emergency duty which was spotlessly clean. What was more interesting is the presence of a double bed, couches, refrigerator, air conditioner and a television set in the room.

However, the doctor on the emergency duty was sleeping in the room, who, when woken up, cited his fatigue from double duty as the reason behind dozing off.

A staff nurse on duty, when asked about the "luxuries" in the room for doctors on night duty, said this ensured the presence of doctors on emergency duty.

Maintaining anonymity, a staff working in the hospital said, "A large amount has been spent on the building but nothing was done to improve the condition of the OT or buy the necessary material to keep it sanitised round the clock."



NSS camp ends at GNN College
Our Correspondent

Doraha, June 11
A seven-day NSS camp, organised by Guru Nanak National College, concluded here today. On this occasion, a function was organised by volunteers. Raj Rani, former president, Municipal Corporation, was the chief guest on this occasion. A skit on the theme drug abuse and ruined careers was performed by students.

Jaswant Singh Gill, director, inspired the volunteers to spread awareness in society and urged the girl volunteers to be self-sufficient in life.

Principal Dr Narinder Singh Sidhu spoke about the importance of balanced diet. He gave tips to girls to maintain good health.

Raj Rani highlighted the role of healthy youth in a developing society. She inspired the volunteers to be brave, confident and assertive and have guts to stand against the social evils like female foeticide, dowry and drugs.

Earlier, a declamation contest was organised on the topic “Religion doesn’t teach us communal violence.” Young girls provided an insight into the hearts of youngsters, who get deeply wounded by incidents, especially related to communal violence.

Megha Sharma of BA III said the purpose of religion was being defeated by sheer ignorance of masses governed by anti-social elements.

Jagjit Singh, a representative of Doraha in Sikh Missionary College, spoke on the topic “How to lead an honest and pure life.” In his lecture, he discussed the causes of communal violence and suggested remedies to combat it, stressing peace to be the lone solution. He inspired young girls to recognise their role towards their families, society and nation and contribute in the eradication of social evils such as drug addiction, dowry menace and female foeticide.

During the camp a lecture on the topic “Towards a Better Career” was delivered by Kirandeep Kaur, lecturer in management at Bhutta College of Engineering and Technology. She highlighted the importance of setting of a clear-cut objective in life. Students were told how to frame an impressive curriculum vitae.



Seminar on importance of blood donation
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, June 11
A seminar on the importance of blood donation was organised at SPS Apollo Hospitals, Ludhiana, today. It was a part of the week-long blood donation drive and was attended by hospital staff as well as the public.

According to Dr Hitish Narang, consultant, transfusion medicine, the week-long activities involving seminars, poster competition and quiz competitions, culminating on June 14 on World Blood Donor Day was an opportunity to thank donors for their selfless life-saving act and call upon others to join them.

This day was important in the world of blood banking as it was celebrated as the birthday of Karl Landsteiner, a Nobel Prize winner, who discovered the AB and O blood group system, he added.

He said World Blood Donor Day focused on the life-saving gift of voluntary non-remunerated blood donors, who donated blood purely for altruistic reasons. As more and more countries were achieving the goal of 100 per cent voluntary donation, there was growing appreciation of the vital role of voluntary donors, who give blood on a regular basis.

Regular donors were the safest blood donors and were sufficient to meet the needs of all patients, requiring the blood transfusion, he added.

Dr SP Singh, chief operating officer, said “In 2009, the theme of World Blood Donor Day will be 100 per cent voluntary non-remunerated donation of blood and blood components to support national blood donor programme in building a stable base of voluntary donors, who make a long-term commitment to blood donation.”

According to Dr G Avasthi, director, medical services, women and children in low-income countries had the greatest need for blood.

He said, “More than half a million women die every year from complications related to pregnancy and child birth and 99 per cent of these deaths take place in developing countries.”

Haemorrhages account for 25 per cent of complications and were the most common cause of maternal death, he added.



Govt for kerosene to needy only
Shivani Bhakoo
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, June 11
In an effort to streamline the distribution of kerosene in the district, the state government may have started taking stringent steps, but about 800 depot holders in the city have raised objections over the new criterion of distribution.

As per earlier practice, the “creamy layers” in the city were also shown the beneficiaries of the scheme. As a result, genuine and needy had to buy kerosene from the black market. The government has asked the District Food and Supply Controller (DFSC) to identify and issue cards to the deserving and needy only. The depot holders, on the other hand, feel that instead of setting the new criterion, the government should start making new cards.

Dharam Pal Verma, president of depot holders, Ludhiana, told The Tribune that if the new criterion was adopted, many of the depot holders would fail to get their daily bread. “The government should make new cards to streamline the working. Last time, 8 lakh cards were made in 1992. Now, the number will increase to about 20 lakh due to migrant population. Certain depots are serving only under the atta-dal scheme and if new criterion will be adopted, they may have to shut their depot, which is not acceptable to us,” said Verma.

As many as 150 to 200 depot holders sat on dharna outside the DFSC office to protest against this move here yesterday.

HS Mokha, DFSC, on the other hand, said as per records with the department, only 20 per cent of the city residents had gas connections, which was not true. There were certain defects in the system and in order to bring transparency, strict steps were being taken. At present, kerosene was being provided under three categories, which included people of below poverty line, those falling under the atta-dal scheme and under Anna Antodya Yojna (AAY).

He said all needy were not covered under these categories. Others like vegetable and fruit vendors, rickshaw-pullers, jhuggi dwellers, etc. were also to be identified. “Now when we have started with the identification process, the depot holders have started objecting to it. The creamy layer is shown to be distributed the kerosene oil on paper only. They have their vested interests, as they sell the kerosene on the black market. But the government will not allow this practice,” said Mokha.



Undertrials Escape
Laxity of jail officials exposed
Mohit Khanna
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, June 11
The escape by the two undertrials from the Jagraon bridge has again laid bare the careless attitude of the jail officials who seem to have learnt no lesson from the repeated escape attempts of the criminals.

The poor condition of vehicles ferrying undertrials to court complex again proved pivotal in the escape of the criminals.

It has been more than a year when seven members of the Bangala gang, notorious for their criminal activities across the state, fled while they were taken to jail from a court hearing.

The state jail authorities also failed to prevent the escape of wanted criminal Rajiv Raja earlier this year. However, he was nabbed by the Haryana police few days ago.

The broken floor of the bus, which was covered by wooden slab, is an apt example of the lackadaisical attitude of the jail authorities.

A jail cop, on the condition of anonymity, said three months ago, an undertrial also fled in a similar manner when the jail bus came to a halt at a traffic light near Bharat Nagar Chowk.

“This shows the non seriousness of the authorities and the cops have to pay the price for it. Instead of repairing the damaged vehicle, the police officials take action against the cops to wash their hands off their responsibilities. Had the department of jails taken care of the maintenance of the buses, which ferry the criminals for hearing in the court complex, the incident could have been averted,” said a traffic cop on duty at the Jagraon bridge.

The jail officials, however, remained tight lipped about the incident. So much so that all jail officials kept their mobiles switched off and were not available when contacted on the landline.

Even the city police preferred to remain mum on the incident. Despite repeated attempts, jail minister Hira Singh Gabhria was also not available for comments.



Hollywood stars descend on city
Manav Ghuman
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, June 11
The crew and cast of Hollywood film "Heartland", being shot in the city, is feeling at home in India. A team of Bollywood and Hollywood stars are shooting on the city outskirts. The movie stars Prem Chopra and Divya Dutta from Bollywood and Stephen Singh and Amelia Jackson Gray from Hollywood and Mehrunnisa from Pakistan. The city's child artiste Jannatpreet is also among the stars.

Writer Sunny Virmani, speaking about the storyline, said “Heartland” is a comedy that showed the similarities between India and America. "When you get into the heart of each country and past, all are stereotypes. The film is told through Punjab and Texas and also through an interesting amalgam of characters; Grandfather Ranbir Singh who epitomises the heart and soil of India, Heather represents rural America.

Prem Chopra, while speaking on the occasion, said he was really enjoying while shooting. "It seems we all know each other for long," he said. Speaking against piracy, he said that it needed a joint effort.

Manmeet Singh, who earlier worked in "Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi", said he was getting nervous but was amazed to see the friendly and congenial attitude of the co-artistes and is now at ease. Amelia and Stephen both are spellbound by the warmth of Punjabis.

Meanwhile, the leading pair of Ramayan being telecast on NDTV Imagine was also in the city. Gurmeet Singh from Chandigarh is playing the role of Ram while Vevina is playing Sita. "Since the serial is going off the air in the end of this month, we wanted to interact with our viewers," said the duo.

While Vevina will be doing films, Gurmeet has signed a film by Subhash Ghai.



Tips on resource conservation technologies
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, June 11
Punjab Agricultural University has developed a number of resource conservation technologies (RCTs) in different crops. To cut down the initial inputs and conserve resources, the university has recommended new technologies such as tensiometer and leaf colour chart (LCC).

Dr Ajmer Singh Sidhu, head, department of soils, PAU, said tensiometer is a simple, economical and farmer-friendly instrument that helps to decide the exact irrigation timing after continuous flooding of 15 days after transplanting.

He elaborated that the tensiometer is installed in rice field at 15-20 cm depth and the water level inside the inner tube is monitored regularly.

The irrigation to rice is recommended when the level just crosses the green strip and enters the yellow strip. This technology saves 25-30 per cent irrigation water from that with intermittent irrigation at two days interval, without any effect on crop yield.

The excessive use of N will pollute underground water due to leaching and encourage biotic stresses, said Dr Yadwinder Singh, a senior soil chemist.

Therefore, need-based fertilizer N application should be followed, he said. Apart from soil test-based recommendations, the LCC also indicates the actual N status of the crop. The LCC has been recommended for fertilizer N application in paddy.

PAU has recommended a basal doze of 25 kg urea per acre at the last puddling. The colour of youngest fully expanded leaf (second from the top) of thus randomly selected disease-free rice plants from each field is matched with the colour strip of the LCC every 7-10 days starting from two weeks after transplanting till initiation of flowering.



Yoga camp at GHG Khalsa school
Our Correspondent

Mandi Ahmedgarh, June 11
“Claiming that yoga is based on scientific research and knowledge acquired through persistent efforts of our ancestors,” organisers of a five-day yoga camp organised by Patanjali Yog Samiti here called upon people to adopt it as an element of ones lifestyle.

The camp is being organised by the CB Social Welfare Club at GHG Khalsa Senior Secondary School here.

Stressing on the need of regular exercise, instructors led by state president Krishan Lal Gupta and Naresh Kumar called upon office-bearers of social organisations to join hands with the organisers in educating masses about hazards of changed western lifestyle.

A large number of persons, including men, women and children attended the camp and learnt various asanas, including pranayam. The organisers emphasised on physical, mental and spiritual aspects of yoga.

Tarsem Garg, chairman of club, called upon the women to adopt yoga for a healthy and stress-free living.

Samiti workers further stated that yoga was the way of life that had been termed the best since times immemorial. "Yoga brings discipline in life and enables an individual to attain new heights in life," the samiti activists went on to add.



Recruitment on Compassionate Grounds
Mayor asks local bodies director to review cases
Jyotika Sood
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, June 11
Perturbed over the attitude of the Municipal Corporation, representatives of various unions, including Vijay Danav of the Municipal Karamchari Dal, met Mayor Hakam Singh Giaspura in his office to discuss recruitment of dependents of 329 people on compassionate grounds.

Talking to The Tribune, Danav said, “The communication from the local bodies department has stated that married sons are ineligible for recruitment under compassionate grounds, which is injustice. When the matter was taken up with the Mayor today, he called upon the legal advisor and then directed the officials to write back to local bodies director SK Sharma to review the matter.” Besides, he asked for a time period of one week.

The communication came after a case was forwarded to the department, which got a negative reply stating that direction through circular number 11.27.94-2PPI/2364 has no such provision.

Giving details, Danav said there were 300 cases pending with the civic body and neither the officials nor the councillors had taken the matter seriously. Besides, there were 29 cases files of which were already completed and the work had been pending due to non organisation of municipal house meeting.

Interestingly, this is not the only problem with Class III & IV employees of the Municipal Corporation. Even regularisation of the Mohalla Sanitation Committee (MSC) employees has taken a backseat in the Municipal Corporation, which has no funds to recruit more people.

Though directions of regularisation of these employees came on orders of local bodies minister Manoranjan Kalia, the Municipal Corporation has come in a fix and except holding meetings and forming committees they have not come up with a solution yet.

The dissolving of the MSC came in August, last year, and the local bodies department had given two deadlines to the Municipal Corporation. However, the latter failed to abide by not even a single one.



Promises Rs 80 lakh to sewerage board
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, June 11
Mayor Hakam Singh Giaspura held a meeting with officials of the O&M department, along with joint commissioner BK Gupta, to take a stock of the situation of sewerage in the city.

The meeting was convened following a visit of Punjab Water and Sewerage Board chairman Baldev Raj, which is scheduled for tomorrow.

According to the information, O&M cell officials apprised the Mayor of the various amount submitted by the department to the sewerage board to undertake projects in the city.

The meeting was also attended by the sewerage board SE who told the Mayor that due to lack of payment of funds by the Municipal Corporation, further work on sewerage could not be initiated.

Besides, the Mayor also told the SE that they should first complete old works and promised to pay them around Rs 80 lakh for undertaking various tasks.



LIT Allotment Scam
Punjab pulls up Improvement Trust
Kuldip Bhatia

Ludhiana, June 11
Even as a three-member panel, headed by a former administrator of the Ludhiana Improvement Trust (LIT), is still to start a probe into alleged irregularities in allotment of plots to housing societies and locally displaced persons (LDPs) and fix responsibility of the guilty officials and staff members, the state government has reprimanded the trust administration for its failure to contest claims filed before lower or appellate courts, district or state consumer disputes redressal fora for allotment of plots, or go for appeal against the awards within the stipulated period.

A letter shot off by the Director of Local Government, Punjab, dated June 4, 2009, says the government has taken a serious view of the fact that whenever a court or forum’s decision is delivered in favour of the claimant for allotment of plot under the LDP category, it is not timely challenged before the next appellate authority with the result that the LIT fails to seek an interim order in its favour.

Taking advantage of this lapse on the part of the trust authorities, the decree holders get the orders of the lower court or forum implemented, and in many such cases valuable trust land has to be allotted to ineligible persons with questionable claims.

The government has further taken the LIT authorities to task for its lackadaisical approach to contesting various claims for allotment of plots in the lower courts or dispute redressal fora. "It has been noticed by the government that claims for allotment of plots are not contested properly, and often the office assistants or superintendents concerned are not present with necessary record during the court proceeding," the circular mentions.

Through the circular, the government has explicitly directed the trust administration to file appeals against all orders of the court or fora for allotment of plot to any claimant before the appropriate appellate authority within four days of issuance of such orders. Necessary approval for this purpose from the state government may be sought at the personal level to cut any procedural delay.

Further, the government has sought details of all orders of the courts, district forum, state or national commission for allotment of plots under the LDP category from April 1, 2006, along with action taken by the LIT in this regard. The trust has been asked to submit details of each court orders, along with action taken like filing an appeal or allotment of plot or other property in such cases.

Not only this, the circular letter says that if no appeal has been filed against orders of the lower courts, district or state fora, and allotment of property has been made, the particulars of such officials or employees, who had failed to file an appeal, or those who issued the allotment orders, be supplied to the government within four days of receipt of this circular.

Other details sought by the government are extent of financial loss caused to the trust through allotment of properties to ineligible persons on the basis of court orders and name and designation of officers or employees responsible for such loss. LIT has also been asked to intimate if any action has been initiated on allotment of any plot or property after a blanked ban was imposed on allotment of plots on February 12, 2009 and explain the reason or circumstances for this act.



New teachers vent ire against pay commission
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, June 11
Newly appointed government schoolteachers of master cadre today raised a voice of protest against the unjust treatment of the Punjab government, as they have not been included in the Fifth Pay Commission.

They burnt copies of the Fifth Pay Commission report. They are finding it hard to make both ends meet in the present times of the rising prices. The government's tall promises of the election of providing employment to the youth beat hollow if they don't implement the commission in time.

The BEd Teachers’ Front today submitted a memorandum to Deputy Commissioner Vikas Garg, highlighting their demands.

According to president Ajit Pal Singh, BEd Teachers’ Front, after receiving the appointment letters on contract basis at the rate of Rs 5,400 per month, they joined their duties.

All 14,000 teachers who were appointed last year have not been included in the pay scale recommendations of the Punjab Fifth Pay Commission, while the Punjab government employees will be receiving the new pay scales.

The teachers further alleged that Dr Upinderjit Kaur, Education Minister, Punjab, promised new pay scales during the elections but now when the elections are over, their requests go unheeded.

Sukhbir Singh, a spokesperson of BEd Teachers’ Front, said they were appointed with the basic pay of Rs 5,400 but according to the commission, the basic pay was Rs 14,500, which they were being denied of.

Chief parliamentary secretary Harish Rai Dhanda and deputy speaker Satpal Gosain, Vidhan Sabha, assured them that they would arrange their meeting with the Chief Minister within a week.



Plea for simple tax mechanism
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, June 11
PD Sharma, president, Apex Chamber of Commerce and Industry (Punjab), Ludhiana, has written to the Finance Minister of India, regarding the “cumbersome” tax compliance mechanism.

“The paper work is so bulky that industrial units have to spend more time and energy on them instead of the operational work. Just as people in general have reposed confidence in the government, the government should also trust taxpayers. With more paper work there is a tendency of complicity between some sections of taxpayers and tax collectors. Hence, tax laws and procedures should be simplified,” he said.

Among the direct taxes, the chamber has recommended the abolition of the fringe benefit tax. He said in this economic meltdown, incomes of industry were decreasing, but the expenses did not come down proportionally. It was also sought that Sections 269 SS and Section 269 T of the Income Tax Act should be amended so that cash transactions could be increased to Rs 50,000 from the present Rs 20,000. The chamber has also sought that the compulsory income tax audit limit of turnover should be raised from Rs 40 lakh to Rs 1 crore. Income tax exemption limit should be Rs 3 lakh.

The Central Board of Direct Taxes was thinking of levying 2 per cent TDS on SMEs, which supply goods to large units. Among indirect taxes, Sharma has strongly advocated that the CST should be brought down from 2 to 1 per cent. He also said processing charges of banks were very high and interest rates of all banks should be uniform.



Chamber flays PSEB for raising security amount
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, June 11
The Punjab State Electricity Board (PSEB) has enforced the provision of Section 16.1 of supply code to increase the amount of security. The industry, which is already reeling under financial burden, cannot meet the requirement in this regard.

President PD Sharma, Apex Chamber of Commerce and Industry, during a press meet today said according to the provision of Section 16.1, industrial consumers who got monthly bills were required to pay twice the amount of monthly consumption as the security and those who got bimonthly bills would have to pay thrice the amount of consumption as the security.

"The governments all over the world are helping the industry in this phase of economic meltdown, the Punjab government was unique in punishing the industry. Section 108 of the Electricity Act 2003 empowers the state government to direct regulatory commission in the matters of public interest and the commission is bound to follow the state government directions. So, the Punjab government should use the provision to save the industry,” said Sharma.

He further added that banks shirk to lend money to the industrial units. The incremental credit deposit ratio was 26 per cent. Under the circumstances the industry will not be able to pay additional security as asked for.



Anaesthesiologists meet on July 13

Ludhiana, June 11
Anaesthesiologists of the city under the banner of the “Indian Society of Anaesthesiology”, Ludhiana branch, and the Punjab Medical Council, Mohali, will hold a CME on “Trauma: The role of Anaesthesiologists” on July 13 here.

More than 150 anaesthesiologists and postgraduate residents from the DMC, the CMC, Apollo, Oswal, ESI, MediCity, Deep Hospital, Civil Hospital and anaesthesiologists in private practice will participate in it.

Dr BS Sekhon, Dr Naveen Laiker, Dr Sunil Katyal and Dr Rajesh Sharma, leading anaesthesiologists, Ludhiana, will be honoured on the occasion.

Dr Neerja Bhardwaj and Dr Indu Sen from the PGIMER, Chandigarh, and Dr Jyotsana Victor from the CMC, will deliver lectures. A poster competition will also be organised to increase public awareness about the role of anaesthesiologists. — TNS



Curtains on knitwear exposition

Ludhiana, June 11
The National Buyer Seller meet of Ludhiana's knitwear and apparel industry ended yesterday. Chief Minister Parkash Singh Badal visited PAU in the morning and complimented the organisers for arranging the exposition in the city.

Appreciative of the entrepreneurial skills of the Knitwear and Apparel Manufacturers Association of Ludhiana (KAMAL), he was impressed with the world-class quality merchandise on display at various stalls in this year’s Knits and Wears business meet.

The CM invited the members of KAMAL to a special meeting wherein detailed discussions would be held to provide all possible support to such business-boosting events from the government as well. Badal also promised to give attention to the request made by Knits & Wears’09 organisers and other hosiery associations to be provided a permanent venue for such occasions in the city. The chief guest at the closing ceremony in the evening was Manoranjan Kalia, Minister of Industry and Commerce. — TNS



Sohian murder case solved
Rakesh Gupta

Jagraon, June 11
The Jagraon police, with the arrest of Paramjit Kaur, wife of Jagmohan Singh, brother of the deceased, has claimed to have solved the Sohian blind murder case.

The accused had strained relations with the deceased over some domestic dispute because of which he had left the house and started having food at a relatives house in the village. She got frustrated over sale of his share the land. She is stated to have confessed to the crime around 10 in the night.

On the morning of June 9, Surinder Singh alias Chinda (56) was found murdered in his house at Sohian village near here. He was inflicted fatal wounds in his head and face with a sharp-edged weapon. He had remained unmarried and was living alone with a migrant Ashok Kumar, who was working as a domestic aid to him also.

Ashok Kumar said after having dinner last night at 9, he went inside his room to sleep and till that time every thing was okay. In the morning when he woke up, he found Surinder Singh murdered. He was having 1.5 acre agriculture land in his share out of which he had sold one acre and was to execute sale deed yesterday.

On getting the news of murder, DSP Jagraon, Mukhtiar Singh, SHO Jagraon Sadar Gurmeet Singh, CIA in charge, Pritam Singh, along with fingerprint expert and dog squad rushed to the scene of crime.



SAI trainees shine at athletics meet
Anil Datt

Ludhiana, June 11
Two trainees of the Sports Authority of India (SAI) training centre, Ludhiana, gave excellent performance in the National Athletics Championship held at Madurai, Tamil Nadu, from May 29 to 31.

Bhagwant Singh of Chuana village in Gurdaspur and Arpinder Singh from Amritsar district, trainees of the SAI centre being run here near the Guru Nanak Stadium, hogged limelight in this meet by clinching one gold and one silver medal each to stamp their superiority over others.

Bhagwant Singh finished ahead of others in the 100m sprint to emerge as the fastest runner. He clocked 11.08 secs to annex the gold medal. He took 22.08 secs to secure a silver medal in the 200m race.

While, Arpinder Singh, with a leap of 15.21 mts, won a gold medal in triple jump event. He finished runner-up in the long jump event with 6.91 mts attempt.

On the basis of their outstanding performance during this championship at Madurai, both of them have been selected to represent the nation in the forthcoming World Youth Athletics Meet to be held from July 7 to 12 in Italy.

These upcoming athletes were received at the centre today where SAI centre in charge Harbans Singh, along with their coaches S S Pannu and Sita Kapila, were in attendance.

Harbans Singh appreciated the boy's performance and congratulated their coaches for bringing fame to the state as well as the centre. He wished them more success in the upcoming international competition.



Women’s Cricket
Amritsar defeat Gwalior
Our Sports Reporter

Ludhiana, June 11
Amritsar beat Gwalior by 30 runs in the opening match of the first Prince Gold Cup Open Cricket Tournament for Women being organised by Shivam Cricket Academy at Noorwala Road ground, here today.

Batting first, Amritsar made 144 runs for the loss of four wickets in the stipulated 20 overs. The main architects of their innings were Monika Mehra (43 n.o), Simranjit Kaur (22) and Monica (13).

For Gwalior, Preeti and Sapna scalped one victim each after conceding 12 and 16 runs, respectively.

Then Amritsar bowlers restricted Gwalior to 114 runs, which they made after losing seven wickets in the allotted 20 overs. Varsha and Kanchan chipped in with 20 runs each.

For the winners, Anjali grabbed three wickets for 15 runs while Sunita took one for 24 to help their team to romp home victors by 30 runs.



Cricket on menu of hotels, clubs
Mohit Khanna/Manav Ghuman
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, June 11
The world is getting smaller and now, it is the turn of cricket to get smaller! The shortest and latest version of international cricket -- T20 -- has become the first largest event in this form of the game. It is also a celebration time as various hotels and clubs in the city are offering the best of grub and drinks to ease the lump on your throat when you are frenzied with excitement.

The menu is a very interesting one with cricket riddles or teasers and 20 items in each dish that you order. Dishes are also named after cricket and participating countries.

The matches may be at Johannesburg, Durban or Cape Town, but you can enjoy them all on wide plasma and LCD screens, along with a special menu and refreshing beverages at the nearest club or restaurant.

A hotel at the Ferozepur Road has set its ambience according to the ongoing cricket fever. Visitors will find bats and balls around them. Waiters serving in the Indian cricket uniform further add to the excitement.

A special mocktail menu on T20 series is the main attraction for the guests. Some of the drinks on the list include Lord’s Paradise, Oval’s Interest, Ozy Fantasy and so on…

Raman Grewal, director of the hotel, said, “In the wake of the cricket fever, we had made arrangements and installed big LCD televisions in our restaurant. A special menu has been prepared for the T20 series. People are loving the ambience and enjoying the matches in perfect environs.”

The bar at another hotel has set perfect environs for the cricket frenzy visitors. The menu in the bar is divided into two sections - House of Lords and House of Commons. Special dishes from every participating country are on its menu. Kuku paka from Sri Lanka, tandoori chicken pockets from Bangladesh, kaleji gurde ki ban from Pakistan, lamb babotie from South Africa and cheese corn puffs from Australia tickle the taste buds of the visitors. Besides, belly dancers and Filipino band entertain the guests after the match.

Sanjay Kapoor, cultural secretary of a city-based club, says the club has arranged a projector to show the live telecast of the matches on a 35mm screen. “Members can dine and enjoy the match on the serene grounds of the club,” he adds.



Katoch Shield
Ludhiana to take on Patiala today
Our Sports Reporter

Ludhiana, June 11
Ludhiana will take on Patiala in the third match in the ongoing Punjab State Inter-District Cricket Tournament for the Katoch Shield being organised by Punjab Cricket Association to be played tomorrow and on June 13 here at Punjab Agricultural University campus ground.

This match assumes significance for both sides, as the winner will be through to the semifinals. Both teams have secured three points each from two matches.

In the opening match of this tournament, Ludhiana suffered defeat against Amritsar, however, in the next match, Ludhiana scored an outright victory over Bathinda. Similarly, Patiala lost to Amritsar but overpowered Bathinda.

The match will begin tomorrow at 7 am.



Cricket trials tomorrow
Our Sports Reporter

Ludhiana, June 11
Ludhiana District Cricket Association (LDCA) will conduct cricket trials to select Ludhiana probables (u-19) here at Punjab Agricultural University campus ground on June 13 at 4 pm.

Players born on or after September 1, 1990 are eligible for these trials. The selected probables will attend a coaching-cum-training camp prior to the final selection of the district squad for the Punjab State Inter-District Cricket Tournament (u-19) for the Dhruve Pandove Trophy to be organised by Punjab Cricket Association at different venues across the state from June 25 onwards, according to LDCA general secretary, Vinod Chitkara.



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