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Traffic Blues- IV
12,000 unregistered autos plying
Mohit Khanna
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, July 2
Autorickshaws are said to be the major cause of traffic chaos in the city. According to an estimate, around 35,000 autorickshaws ply everyday and ferry more than 1 lakh commuters to various destinations.

In the absence of proper stoppage points, these autorickshaws create traffic jam.

A majority of drivers run the autos on kerosene, thereby releasing toxic emissions. The authorities concerned have failed to check the spread of pollution caused by the autos.

Auto drivers also do not care much about signals and flout traffic rules.

“If a commuter collides with an auto, he would hear the choicest of abuses. It is common to find the auto drivers engaged in road rage,” Himanshu Uppal, a student, said.

Neither the police nor the autorickshaw associations have tried to educate the drivers about the hazards of pollution and to sensitise them about fatal accidents caused by sudden turns.

According to police sources, out of 35,000 autorickshaws, around 12,000 rickshaws are not registered with the district transport department. Around 2,000 such autorickshaws are owned by some cops themselves.

“Instead of banning them from plying, the need is to educate them,” Sarabjit Singh, president of the brickkiln association, said.

Illegal transportation of hosiery goods through autorickshaws, known as “peti mafia”, is also contributing to the traffic menace, especially in the evening.

The autorickshaws run at high speed to evade cops as these ferry hosiery materials on which tax has not been paid.


Stamp Paper Scam 
Woman gets police remand till July 9
Rajneesh Lakhanpal

Ludhiana, July 2
Duty magistrate Kapil Sharma today remanded Bhupinder Kaur, alias Jyoti, one of the accused in the multicrore fake stamp paper scam, in police remand till July 9.

The prosecution had sought her remand with the plea that the accused was running the office of documentation in the name of Jodh Documentation Centre, Dugri, where the fake stamp papers were prepared.

It needed more time for interrogation in order to get to the bottom of the case, which was suspected to be run in connivance with others at a large-scale in the state. It was pleaded that it wanted to recover the printer and computer on which the papers were made.

Talking to The Tribune, the SSP, Dr Sukhchain Singh, said the police had recovered some fake stamp papers from the custody of the accused. He said the accused were using fake stamp papers of the denominations of Rs 5,000 and Rs 15,000 in most cases.

After recovering fake stamp papers from Jyoti, the police was hopeful of getting more information in the case to nab all the culprits.

Jyoti was arrested last night. She had been evading arrest for a long time. Earlier, she had moved an anticipatory bail application which was dismissed by the court about a month ago.

Declining her bail plea, the court had held that custodial interrogation was necessary for the recovery of the machinery used in preparing the counterfeit stamp papers.

The scam came to light when the sub-registrar (central), Major Gurinder Singh Benipal (retd), found that stamp papers of Rs 45,000 denomination submitted to him by a private party were only a coloured xerox.

He had reported the matter to the DC. Taking cognisance of the same, the DC had asked the SSP to register a case and investigate.



Power hotline for mini sectt offices
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, July 2
As a fallout of regular power cuts, all offices of the district administration at the mini secretariat are set to have uninterrupted power supply through electricity hotline from next week.

More than a dozen offices that are likely to benefit include the Deputy Commissioner and miscellaneous offices; Assistant Commissioner to DC (general and development); SDM (East and West); secondary and primary education; district development and panchayat officer; district transport officer; district town planning; election offices; treasurer; and excise. Confirming the development, a senior official said the district administration had already deposited Rs 73,000 with the PSEB for the services.

While all departments have their respective utility services, certain (including transport and education) always see a greater rush of people.

Some visitors face problem with their licenses while others look for solutions to examination result related problems. No electricity means no computers and that means virtual stopping of official work.

Irregular power supply and frequent cuts put a lot of pressure on computers. Computer-related technical problems is a common excuse visitors hear for their work not being completed.

A senior official said: “Of all things, we are going to record a major saving on account of fuel burnt in running the generators. Not just expenses, we will ensure a healthier environment.”

It is felt that even as the hotline connection may solve public problems at the mini secretariat, there are thousands of residents who continue to face long power cuts. The answer is more power.



Power Cuts
Temporary relief for farmers, industry
Our Correspondent

Ludhiana, July 2
Two short spells of pre-monsoon showers in the city and the downpour for about two hours that followed in the forenoon yesterday, brought much respite to the city residents from sweltering heat and prolonged power cuts during the day and night since the past three weeks.

With the rains, which was reported to be widespread in the region, the load of agricultural sector came down significantly and more power was available for the urban feeders, say PSEB officials.

“As the gap between demand and availability of power was reduced to a greater extent, the power cut on urban (mixed) feeders was proportionately cut down for just about two hours yesterday and further reduced to an hour today,” a senior PSEB official informed.

Even though on a temporary basis, the industry has also been provided some relief as a result of pre-monsoon rains. Category II feeders (with 90 per cent or more of industrial connections) will have two compulsory weekly off days instead of earlier three days.



Rain spells trouble for residents
Mohit Khanna
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, June 2
Potholes and water logging are back in the city with the arrival of monsoons.

The heavy pre-monsoon showers, followed by a spell of the first monsoon rain, exposed the tall claims of the Ludhiana Municipal Corporation in dealing with the problem of water logging in various parts of the city.

The low-lying areas are the worst hit by downpour as water gushes out on roads after sewerages get choked.

Yesterday’s showers spelled big trouble for residents of Madhopuri, Janakpuri, Shimlapuri, Jodhewal Basti, Haibowal Road, Transport Nagar, Focal Point and Gyaspura areas after a sewerage got choked and drain water entered their houses.

Residents of numerous localities complained that sewerage water had seeped into their water pipes carrying drinking water.

The transporters of the local Industrial Area had a tough time while loading and unloading goods due to water logging.

“Water logging is an annual affair in Transport Nagar. Successive state governments have made promises regarding a resolution to the problem time and again, but nothing has been done to redress our woes. It is very difficult to work in such filthy conditions. These virtual water ponds serve as breeding grounds for mosquitoes causing dengue and malaria,” said Kirpal Singh Sandhu, president, Tempo Union.

Narrating their tale of woes, residents of Chaura Bazar complained of foul smell emitting from a choked sewer.

Narinder Sharma, who owns a cloth shop in Chaura Bazar, complained that due to rain, the manhole in front of his shop got choked, which resulted in water logging.

Due to the foul smell emitting from the sewer, customers were reluctant to come to his shop, which was adversely affecting his business, he rued.



Summer Break
No jewellery business for 3 days
Showrooms to remain shut till July 5
Shivani Bhakoo
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, July 2
Those planning to buy jewellery here will have to wait for three days from tomorrow as all jewellery showrooms in the city will remain closed due to “summer holidays”.

At least 150 members of the Ludhiana Jewellers’ Association will be away with their families on holidays till July 5.

There will be no buying or selling of gold and other ornaments in the city, which, during peak season, amounts to around Rs 60-70 crore daily.

Talking to The Tribune, Anand Prakash Sikri, president, Ludhiana Jewellers’ Association, said all leading, marginal or small showrooms will be closed for three days.

He said the practice started three years ago when the association took a collective decision to this effect.

He added that there had been around 70 per cent decline in the business due to global recession and increase in gold prices, so it was the right time for a break.

People preferred not to invest much in gold these days, Sikri added.

Suresh Dhanda from Krishna Jewellers said June and July were the two months when there was virtually no business.

“There are no marriages during these two months. Also, people go out for holidays. We also need a break and the time also suits us. For three-four days every year, the jewellery market in the city remains closed,” said Dhanda, adding that he had plans to go to Hardwar and Rishikesh with his family.

Reena Malhotra, a resident, said the closure of jewellery showrooms takes the sparkle off city markets. “It is not that we go and make purchases every day but I have a habit of window shopping. Whenever I am in the market, I make it a point to see what is the latest in jewellery. But jewellers also have the right to go holiday with their families,” she said.



Officials want old office timing back
Mohit Khanna
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, July 2
With monsoon hitting the region earlier this week, resulting in sharp fall in the mercury, government officials are demanding revocation of the state government directive to change office timing from 9 am-5 pm to 7.30 am-1.30 pm.

Alleging “great inconvenience” due to the new office timing, most government officials, including the top brass, are of the view that the government should switch back to the old timing.

They said the new timing was implemented from June 29 keeping in view the harsh weather conditions with unrelenting heat wave sweeping across the state, which made official working difficult. Long power cuts only added to the woes.

However, the officials added, with rains over the past two days, the temperatures had come down drastically, easing the power situation as well. Thus, the government should switch back to old office timing immediately, said officials requesting anonymity.

Many officials said they had been overburdened with work ever since the new timing had been implemented. The new timing, they said, had made things worse for them as they had been forced to skip breakfast to reach office in time. Moreover, office hours extended beyond 1.30 pm to around 4-5 pm.

On the other hand, there are others who have welcomed the directive and are happy with the changed office schedule as it gives them ample time to spend with their families or for leisure activities.



Excise staff to go on leave today
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, July 2
Officials, ministerial staff and Class IV employees of the excise and taxation department have decided to go on mass leave on July 3 and all barriers, mobile wings and district offices of the department would remain close in protest against the attack on an ETO.

A meeting of the confederation of excise and taxation department was held here today at which this decision was taken. The attack on Harminder Singh Sidhu, ETO, and his associates at Abohar on July 1 was condemned. The confederation demanded that the accused be arrested and security be provided to Sidhu at the Civil Hospital, his house and the excise and taxation sub-office at Abohar. 



Chamber seeks tax holiday for Punjab 
KS Chawla

Ludhiana, July 2
The Chamber of Industrial and Commercial Undertakings, Ludhiana, has sought tax holiday for Punjab as has been given to Himachal Pradesh, Uttarakhand and Jammu and Kashmir to make industrial products competitive and meet the crisis caused by the global meltdown.

In a pre-Budget memorandum submitted to the Union Finance Minister, its general secretary, Avtar Singh, maintained that the global meltdown has adversely affected the gross domestic product of the state.

Due to the economic crisis and rise in the prices of industrial inputs, income tax exemption limit of individuals should be raised up to Rs 3 lakh per annum. In the corporate sector various surcharges should be waived off and the tax on fringe benefits given to the employees be withdrawn.

The chamber has further urged the government to increase the excise duty exemption limit to Rs 3 crore and exemption from the service tax be increased from Rs 10 lakh to Rs 20 lakh per annum.

Avtar Singh has also asked the Prime Minister to reduce the excise duty on iron and steel like HR coils, CR coils, strips and sheets and steel ingots and similar goods used by the engineering industry as the basic raw material to 8 per cent. Import duty on the iron and steel products be raised from 5 per cent to 15 per cent to avoid shutdown by the big steel manufacturing units during the economic crisis.

He also told the finance minister that in view of the bad performance of the small and medium industries, the RBI in consultation with the finance ministry should provide productivity-linked benefits and incentives to the small and medium enterprises.

The chamber has also urged the minister that there should be no income tax on exports of textiles, knitted and woven garments and fabrics.

Referring to the indirect taxes, the chamber has urged that no service tax on commission paid to foreign agents and no tax on railway freight on export cargo from Ludhiana to port of loading should be charged. Bank interest on pre-shipments should also be reduced to 7.5 per cent.

The eligibility limit of small-scale sector, which at present is Rs 4 crore, may be raised to Rs. 8 crore due to the hike in the prices of the raw material and other inputs during the past five years. Compulsory audit on annual turnover of Rs 40 lakhs should also be raised to Rs 1 crore minimum.



Ripening of fruits 
Use of chemicals rampant
Gurdeep Singh Mann
Tribune News Service

Samrala/Khamano, July 2
Before laying your hands on fruits in the market, just take a peek beneath those sheets where fruits are kept. Chances are that you’ll find chemical laid in baskets storing banana, mango, and sapota to ripen them early.

Green grocers continue using harmful chemicals to ripen fruits and veggies overnight in their bid to make quick buck. Even the Prevention of Food Adulteration Act has done little to curtail this practice as the authorities never bother to check quality of fruits and vegetables supplied in market.

These eatables are already saturated with excessive pesticides put to use during its growing period and are ripened using even deadlier chemicals.

Posing as a customer, this correspondent approached a fruit seller. When he tried to eat a sapota (chikoo), the vendor said these should not be eaten without washing. “We ripen them using carbide and its very harmful chemical,” he warned.

Health authorities reveal that incidents of throat infection are common these days. “Mangoes are a rage in summer and it’s the same fruit that is ripened overnight with chemicals. These chemicals cause irritation in throat and excessive intake causes internal rashes,” warn medicos at Khanna.

This practice is banned under the Prevention of Food Adulteration Act and violators are liable to undergo six-month imprisonment and pay a fine of Rs 1,000.

However, one is yet to find even a single example of vendors or wholesalers being punished for poisoning food and compromising on its nutrition value.

Fruits commonly ripened using chemicals are bananas, mangoes, papayas and sapota. Vegetables include tomatoes, brinjal and pumpkin.

Beside use of chemicals, sellers also use oxytocin injections for lettuce, bottle gourds, ridge gourd, cucumber, and striped pear gourd (parwal).

Also, many farmers depend heavily on sewerage water to irrigate cauliflower, ridge gourd and bottle gourd. “In order to increase volume of fruits, injections are used and for early ripening of fruits chemicals are used,” said officials of health department at Mandi Gobindgarh.

Health officials claimed to have conducted raids and destroyed fruits and veggetables where use of chemicals was detected.

Beside, there is a prevalent practice of dipping green vegetables in chemicals to brighten their colour. Vegetables like bitter gourd, green peas, pumpkin and ladyfinger are dipped in chemical concoction.

These chemicals are easily available at various chemical shops in different urban and rural areas without any check on their sale.

District health officer Jagpal Singh said use of chemicals in veggies and fruits was alarming but all authorities could do was destroy them.

“Though we have conducted raids in different places of Fatehgarh Sahib, very few cases have been detected where chemicals are used for ripening. If there is a written compliant we will take action,” he added.

He added that fruits and veggies be washed with salt and lemon water before consuming.



Spurt in snakebite cases
Labourers want it declared agricultural accident
Mahesh Sharma

Mandi Ahmedgarh, July 2
Alleged indifference towards educating farm labourers about preventive measures against agricultural accidents has resulted in spurt of snakebites among labourers engaged in paddy transplantation.

Migrant labourers who have since become indispensable for paddy transplantation have emerged as the biggest sufferers.

Resenting unconcern of the authorities, labourers have now urged the Centre, including the Prime Minister and the union minister for human resources, to impress upon the Punjab government to undertake treatment of agricultural accident victims, including those bitten by snakes.

Investigations by The Tribune revealed that a large number of labourers working in fields were bitten by snakes during paddy transplant period.

In the absence on any assistance from the state government, their kin, mostly uneducated and poor, had to arrange for the treatment on their own.

In a majority of cases, snakes had bitten labourers when they were asleep on the ground in fields.

“As we have to move from one village to another, we cannot afford to keep cots and farmers refuse to lend us anything from their houses,” said Sri Chand of Baranour village in Begursarai district of Bihar.

Joginder, one of his associates, was bitten by a snake when he was sleeping on the ground in fields at Barundi village, near here, yesterday.

Galtir Pandit of Bhagatpur village in Madhepur village, Bihar, was bitten by a snake while he was asleep in a tube-well room at Ghungrana village, near here, this morning.

Also, Narayan of Rabon village of Ludhiana district was bitten on the neck during sleep a few days ago.

Relatives of these victims undergoing treatment at a private hospital here demanded that snakebite be declared an agricultural accident and that the government should come to the rescue of victims.

Dr Surinder Singh Rangi, a practitioner known for treating snakebite victims, claimed that around 500 persons visited him for treatment during paddy season every year.

Claiming that victims of cobra and crate if brought to a physician within three hours and 24 hours, respectively, could be saved by giving anti-snake venom.

Prophylaxis could be improved by educating labourers on first aid for snake bite, he claimed.



City Rotary club brings laurels 
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, July 2
Rotary Club, Ludhiana, won laurels in the Rotary district 3070, comprising rotary clubs of Punjab, Himachal Pradesh and Jammu and Kashmir, in the district awards function held at Hamirpur.

SP Karkara, president of the club, and SS Khosla, secretary of the club, were declared best club president and best club secretary, respectively, in the district.

In addition, Sanjiv Sethi was elected district governor for 2011-12.

Meanwhile, Harish Singla brought laurels to the city by winning the highest honour bestowed upon by the Rotary International. He is the only Indian from the Rotary district 3070, to win the “Service Above Self Award.”

This award recognises Rotarians who have rendered exemplary services with an emphasis on personal volunteer efforts.

He is the only Rotarian from Punjab, Himachal Pradesh and Jammu and Kashmir to receive this honour.

He has been donating funds to four charitable hospitals in the city, which included Krishna, Vivekanand, Rama and Raghunath Charitable Hospitals. “We have been giving machinery to all these hospitals. Recently, some machinery was also donated at Nav Durga Charitable Hospital,” he added.

In addition, he has also donated funds to Government Girls School, Bharat Nagar. The award was given to him in a state-level function held at Hamirpur.



Seminar on ill-effects of drugs 
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, July 2
Punjab Youth Forum under its anti-drug addiction movement, CHETNA, organised a seminar on repercussions of drugs on health, financial and social life.

Dr Satish Nauhria, medical adviser, Punjab Youth Forum, said drug addiction was curable like any other disease.

Dr Hardeep Singh, president, PCMS association (Punjab), spoke on collective efforts of the society towards the menace, while Dr Darshan Kheri asked the addicts to participate in games and other religious and social activities to keep themselves away from drugs.

Emphasising on the need to strengthen the willpower of drug addicts, Dr Kirpal Singh stated that a good company could be helpful in successfully de-addicting the addicts.



Flower show at Aastha Ladies Club
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, July 2
It was all flowers, fruits and vegetables day at Aastha Ladies Club here today.

Club members sashayed down the ramp with jewellery made from flowers and vegetables.

The function named “Dil Qurban is Ada Par” was aptly titled, as every member was dressed in whites and wore different colourful jewellery made from flowers.

Some used marigold flowers, while the others preferred rose. It was a refreshing experience for all the members, as they were in close proximity with the nature.



Transporters, CPI resent hike in petro prices
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, July 2
The Ludhiana Transporters’ Association has condemned the Central government’s decision to increase the prices of petrol and diesel by Rs 4 and Rs 2, respectively. Darshan Singh, president of the association, said this was the second such “gift” by the UPA government, which had put common man in trouble. Earlier, the toll tax was increased by about 3 per cent.

He said common man was the worst sufferer. With the increase in petrol and diesel prices, transporters would have to increase the tariff with the result the prices of basic commodities like milk, fruits and vegetables etc would also witness hike in near future. He complained that with such decisions, the government wanted to eradicate the poor not poverty.

The local Tempo and Mini Truck Operators’ Union has also condemned the hike in oil prices. Gurpal Singh Dholewal, president of the union, said it was an unjustified step taken by the Union government. Dr Arun Mitra, assistant secretary, district unit of the CPI, has also condemned the step taken by the UPA, which was against the common man’s interests. He said the government should immediately revoke the decision.

Meanwhile, the local unit of the CPI today condemned the hike in the prices of petrol and diesel by the Centre. The excuse about the rise in international prices is unacceptable. Since the petrol and diesel prices had drastically reduced in the world market, the government of India had marginally reduced the prices that too under people’s pressure. This led to the hike the prices of all basic commodities. The CPI demanded immediate revoking of the hike.

Kuldip Singh, state secretary, MCPI (United), said: “This looks like the first gift of the UPA which promised us big reforms within 100 days of its coming to power. I think the fuel price hike now is just the beginning and people need to be prepared for the worst. The 100 day promise was nothing more than an election stunt.” 



MCPI (U) rubbishes claims of zero inflation 
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, July 2
The state committee of the Marxist Communist Party of India (United) has rubbished the claims of zero inflation in the country.

Kuldip Singh, state secretary, in the report on the national and the state scenario said “with prices of essential commodities sky-rocketing, we don’t understand tall claims of zero inflation. Common man is severely hit.”

It was also pointed out at a meeting here that Indian economy was suffering in wake of the global meltdown largely showing in the US economy.

The Indian government needed to give a special package to farming and the industrial communities.

The state unit has also expressed serious concern over the power situation in the state. The central committee will hold a meeting in Chandigarh from July 10 to 12.



Tewari seeks daily flight between city, Delhi
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, July 2
Manish Tewari of the Congress today urged Union Civil Aviation Minister Praful Patel to resume at least one daily flight between Ludhiana and Delhi.

In a letter addressed to the minister, Tewari said:“Ludhiana is the industrial hub of North India and home to the hosiery, light engineering and bicycle industries of the country and has been ranked number 1, among 17 Indian industrial cities in all parameters, including the construction, property, taxes and trading”.

However, he regretted, “It’s indeed a travesty that a city that contributes possibly the highest revenue to the Central kitty in North India does not have a single flight connection to service the city”. He pointed out, exporters, importers, buyers, business persons and people connected with trade and industry who regularly visit Ludhiana from all parts of India and the world, have to go through a torturous experience just to get to Ludhiana or return from there. This impacts even government resource mobilisation adversely as loss of business translates’ into the loss of revenue directory.

He said, in the late 80s and early 90s Indian Airlines, Vayudoot and other private airlines regularly serviced Ludhiana. However, since the mid 90s these services have been discontinued or folded up due to commercial considerations. He said, “Though I know that Air India is going through a difficult patch at least one daily flight may be started between Ludhiana Delhi.”

He suggested, if there is a concern about certain minimum revenue that the flight must make, his office could talk to the various industrial associations in the city and put them in touch with the commercial people of these airlines so that the airline does not incur a loss on its city operations. However, this offer should not be construed to mean that the city becomes a subsidy basket for the other loss making routes of Air India. “In other words, we will pay the fair price but don’t rip us off”, he remarked.

He said, connected with this was another issue of the upgradation of the existing civilian airport at Sahnewal or the construction of a civilian enclave at the Halwara Air Force base both in the district.

However, he added, pending this Greenfield airport taking a final shape the Sahnewal civilian airport should be upgraded by installing night landing equipment or immediate commencement of construction of the aborted civilian enclave at the Halwara Air force base.



Illegal nursing homes violate land-use bylaws
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, July 2
Unauthorised hospitals and nursing homes in residential colonies of the city have become a den of quackery, which are not only violating the land use byelaws but also infringing the healthcare tenets.

A large number of nursing homes and hospitals have mushroomed in every nook and cranny of the city. Most of these were established by doctors registered with the Punjab Medical Council but are being practically handled by the quacks, now.

To the utter shock of DS Divakar, one such establishment in Purana Bazaar (old city area) didn’t even qualify to administer first aid as the medical equipment and material like bandages, suture threads and syringes were lying in open. “Also, the place was unhygienic and stinking and nowhere near the parameters that define the cleanliness in a hospitals or a health centre,” the resident rued.

So much so that a number of multispeciality hospitals operational in almost all low- lying areas of the city don’t even have specialised doctors and qualified staff. These centres are also flouting the waste disposal rules by dumping the medical waste in vacant plots or by simply burning it in their backyards.

Brotherhood Society, a city-based NGO, has written to the municipal corporation and district health department to provide information on the action being taken and already taken against the nursing homes and hospitals running in the residential areas. 



Cancer centre being upgraded

Ludhiana, July 2
Mohan Dai Oswal Cancer Treatment and Research Foundation is being upgraded to a multi-speciality hospital. Around Rs 60 crore is being spent on the construction of new wards and latest technology.

Dr Satish Jain, medical director, said the number of beds had been increased from 325 to 500.

An 80-bed Vidya Sagar Oswal Cardiac Unit, new trauma and causality wing, improved OT block with six operating theaters, newly installed escalators, 1.5 MRI and expansion of maternity wing and college of nursing were part of the expansion plans. — TNS



Heart patient in need of aid
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, July 2
Having been diagnosed with severe heart disease, Parmod (32), a migrant labourer, is in a dire need of financial help. The sole bread earner of his family, this farm labourer is supporting his four children and wife in addition to his aged parents.

Unable to put up a fight with the problems caused by his diseased heart, Parmod came to the CMCH and was diagnosed with a severe heart disease and was recommended early mitral valve replacement. The approximate cost of the surgery is Rs 2.25 lakh, which the patient’s family cannot afford.

The doctors at the CMCH suggest that surgery is the only answer to his problem following which his condition is likely to improve as his young age is the strongest positive factor.

His family has appealed to the public and all NGOs to help him financially. The contributions can be sent to medical superintendent’s office, Christian Medical College and Hospital, with “Treatment for Parmod Unit # C 551717” written on the back side of the cheque or on the covering letter.



Man confesses to killing 3 more, toll rises to 7
Our Correspondent

Jagraon, July 2
A serial killer captured by the local police has confessed to have killed three persons. With this, the toll has now risen to seven. Karam Singh, alias Pamma of Rasulpur village, along with two of his accomplices- Shingara Singh of Dolon Kalan and Yahid Mohammad of Kila Rehmatgarh village in Malerkotla-were arrested on July 25 for committing the crime.

During preliminary investigations he confessed to have killed two of his friends, Ranjit Singh (25) and Gurtej Singh (20) of Kaunke Kalan besides his wife Charanjit Kaur in Ludhiana about three years ago. He had even killed his sister-in-law Ruby about 18 months ago in Malerkotla and thrown their nude bodies into the canal for concealing their identities.

He, now, used to live in Malerkotla as Sehzad. The SHO said during Kasram Singh confessed to have killed his former employer Gurdev Singh Deva, who had met him in a as both were serving the term in a Ludhiana jail. After getting out of the jail Deva employed him as his driver. Kasram along with his wife and friend Jagjit Singh first killed Deva and then threw his body into Daudhar canal. Later, he killed Jagjit Singh also threw his body into Malerkotla canal. Jaswinder Singh and Ranjit Kaur were also involved in the murder case are absconding. He even killed Amandeep Kaur, alias Mangi of Ludhiana, and threw her body into a canal at Rauke village. The SHO said in all murder cases he used to throw the naked body of his prey into the canal for concealing their identity. 



Man booked for sending 100 abroad
Tribune News Service

Mandi Gobindgarh, July 2
The Fatehgarh Sahib police today booked a person for fraudulently sending at least 100 people abroad. Most of the victims are from the town and a few from Himachal Pradesh.

The accused has been identified as Pawan Kumar, a resident of Dashmesh Colony. He was about to leave the city when a few relatives of the victims caught him and handed him over to the police late yesterday night. A case has been registered against the accused for cheating the residents of the area. The cops investigating the matter said the accused had sent 143 people to Iran in 2008.

Those who went Iran were helpers and a few engineers. They were supposed to work in a furnace unit there. While Pawan Kumar also went to Iran along with the others but managed to return home. He allegedly did not help others who got stranded in Iran without money. 



Woman booked
Tribune News Service

Khanna, July 2
The local police today booked a woman of Dholanwal village for beating up a resident of her village yesterday morning. The victim, Harnek Singh, in his complaint lodged with the police alleged that Gurmeet Kaur, wife of Balbir Singh, beat him up in the village.

The police officials said both parties fought over the issue of watering the fields during the past few days. A case has been registered in this connection. 



1 hurt in accident
Tribune News Service

Khanna, July 2
A resident of Theh village sustained injuries in an accident that took place today evening. The victim, Davinder Singh, was on his way to Theh village on a bicycle when an unidentified car coming from Khamano side hit him. Davinder was rushed to the local civil hospital where he undergoing treatment. A case has been registered in this connection.


Two held: The Khanna police today arrested a person and seized 10-kg poppy husk his possession. The man has been identified as Sanjay Kumar of Gehri Bet village. A case under Sections 15,61 and 85 of the NDPS Act has been registered against the accused. He was produced in the court.



Dhruv Pandove Trophy
Ludhiana, Patiala share point each
Our Sports Reporter

Ludhiana, July 2
The two-day match between Ludhiana and Patiala in the ongoing Punjab State Inter-District Cricket Tournament (u-19) for the Dhruv Pandove Trophy, played at the Punjab Agricultural University campus ground, remained unresolved here today.

Yesterday, play could not start due to wet outfield following rain and today also, the match started in the afternoon.

Only 63 overs could be bowled and Patiala made 228 for the loss of four wickets.

Hence the two teams had to content with one point each, taking their tally to four points

Patiala’s innings revolved around Jiwanjot and Gaurapreet who scored 77 and 72 n.o. Other notable contributors were Vikas Dit (34) and Mohit Mahindra (16).

For Ludhiana, skipper, Rahul Singla scalped two wickets for 97 runs followed by Baltej Singh and Jashan Sidhu who chipped in with one wicket each after conceding 46 and 44 runs, respectively.



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