Saturday, July 11, 2009

Rhyme Time
Gift of life

Life is a God-given gift

Moving up and down like a lift

Equal to the hardwork we put

Would it be slow or swift

But if not taken seriously

It may create a serious rift

Make the best of your life

Bad from the good do sift

If you wanna get the fruit

Donít from the path you shift

Move ahead move ahead

Never from your path drift

And thank God almightly

For giving us this wonderful gift

Life is like an ice-cream

So enjoy it like a sweet dream

Sirjandeep Kaur Ubha, IX-B, Doon International School, Mohali

The Machine Age

Welcome to this machine age

We are all trapped in this cage

When summers enter our coolers and AC are on

The days when palm fans were used are gone

Roads are full of trucks and cars

For many, buses have become below status mark

This machine age does not care of damage to the environment

The only principle of action is comfort and refreshment

To make ourselves capable and powerful is our will

Then when the electricity goes why does our life come to a standstill?

Is this what we want still?

We are developing to improve and enjoy our lives

But our mother earth is showing destructive signs

A little reflection, a bit of understanding

Man needs it truely for his living

Only then he can survive

When his natural machine, his mind decides

To save the mother earth which has given him life

Shivani Aggarwal, X-A, St Theresaís Convent School, Karnal