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Quota row mars counselling in 2 engg colleges
Sumedha Sharma
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, July 15
The UT administration’s abrupt move of making “arbitrary” amendments to the provisions of defence personnel reservation in two city engineering colleges sparked off a major protest at Panjab University today.

Defence personnel, who had come from across the country to attend the admission counselling for Punjab Engineering College, Sector 12, and the Chandigarh College of Engineering, Sector 26, were in for a huge shock when the counselling, after being delayed till evening, was eventually cancelled on the pretext of some sudden amendment declared in the reservation provisions.

According to officials on duty, it was sudden “realisation” of misinterpretation of the brochure leading to the “creation” of a UT pool reservation in this category that sparked off the protest.

“We were supposed to have the counselling for those claiming reservation under the defence quota today. The brochure printed earlier stated that admission to these seats will be made on all-India basis. However, today in the evening, we got a correspondence stating that 50 per cent of these seats will be reserved for candidates who have studied in city or are its residents. This demanded remake of merit lists and thus we had to cancel the counselling, which infuriated the parents,” said one of the officials on duty.

The parents accused the administration of not only causing sheer harassment but also making “manipulations” in the admission process by making such sudden announcements.

“It was all pre-planned as they kept on delaying the counselling and then declared its cancellation at 4:30, presuming we all will leave without saying a word. They announced that brochure had been misinterpreted. If that was so why couldn’t this rectification be done prior to counselling? What made them get up from their slumber just today? I have come from Meghalya. Where do I stay now and how will I come back again?” said one of the parents.

“Whom are they trying to accommodate? They suddenly changed the reservation policy specified by them in their own brochure. We have come from so far and in lack of further schedule don’t know whether to stay or leave?”added another woman who had come from Mumbai.

It may be noted that surprisingly while many officials confirmed “seeing” this written communication, they failed to show it to the agitating parents, which further infuriated the protesting lot, who attributed it some foul play. It may also be noted that while Panjab University officials struggled to calm down the agitated parents by even offering them guest house accommodations the administration failed to send any representative to tackle the deteriorating situation. Meanwhile, all efforts to contact Ram Niwas, Home Secretary, to get the reason for this sudden declaration proved futile.

Though PEC director Manoj Dutta, made a quick visit to the spot, even he failed to satisfy the parents who have threatened to move court.

“This is the way the Chandigarh administration works. They can make any abrupt announcement affecting careers of many,” reacted one of the parents.



Tribune Impact
HC out to bell the cat
Saurabh Malik
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, July 15
The Punjab and Haryana High Court says that there is “need to bell the cat” and has directed the Chandigarh Administration to carry out a survey for checking encroachments by powers that be in government houses across the city.

Taking suo motu cognizance of news report “Who’ll bell the cat” carried in these columns on July 6 on the violations by bigwigs in the government accommodations, Justice Ranjit Singh has asserted that “no one is above law, however so high he or she may be placed. The Chandigarh Administration needs to be asked to perform its functions in accordance with law”. The Tribune had launched a campaign against the blatant encroachments by law enforcers on public land not only in the city but also in Panchkula and Mohali.

Justice Ranjit Singh has also directed the issuance of notice to the Union Territory of Chandigarh through its Administrator “to show cause as to why these illegal encroachments should not be removed.

In an apparent attempt to prevent the encroachers from getting away with the illegalities, Justice Ranjit Singh in his detailed order has also made it clear to the administration to ensure all violating officer are brought under the ambit of law.

“Various violations done by influential officials or officers in the government accommodations allotted to them have been highlighted in the news item, along with the photographs showing the illegal encroachments or constructions done by them….

“The Chandigarh Administration will also carry out checks and report, if any such illegal construction or encroachment has been done by any other official or officer in the government houses allotted to them in Chandigarh”.

A perusal of the order also makes it clear that the dual policy in favour of the influentials adopted by the Chandigarh Administration has not escaped the high court’s notice.

“The Chandigarh Administration has been very prompt in checking the illegal construction in any private house/building. Silence in checking these irregularities committed by highly placed officials will certainly give an impression that these officials/officers are above law”.

The matter has now been placed before high court Chief Justice Tirath Singh Thakur for placing it before an appropriate Bench.



Welfare homes inmates suffer from scabies
Anuja Jaiswal
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, July 15
A team of 12 doctors constituted on the directions of the High Court today visited various welfare homes, including Nari Niketan, Aashray and Snehalya, in the city and found many inmates suffering from scabies, a skin infection.

While the doctors were not willing to quote the numbers, Dr Pradeep Tayal, in charge of the team, admitted that they had diagnosed some inmates with symptoms of scabies. He said most of them were from the juvenile home in Sector 25. Unconfirmed reports, however, said some other skin related problems were also detected.

Sources said doctors immediately directed the authorities to begin treatment for scabies, as this was a contagious skin infection. The managers of the welfare homes were also asked to maintain hygienic conditions in order to ensure safety of the inmates.

While none of the doctors on the team was willing to say beyond this, a senior city-based dermatologist said: “Scabies is caused by unhygienic environment, lack of clean water and in overcrowded places.” He said children need clean water for bathing and drinking, besides prompt medication.

Meanwhile, Dr Tayal maintained that they would compile their findings and give a report to Director, Health Services, Dr MS Bains, who is also the chairman of the committee.

The team comprised of two gynaecologists - Dr Veena Sarna and Dr Vidhu Bhasin from GMSH-16, two psychiatrist, one from GMCH-32, Dr Harpreet and Dr Bhalla from GMSH-16, two dermatologist Dr Swami from the Sector 16 hospital and Dr Mala from Sector 32 hospital and two from the medicine department - Dr Pradeep Tayal (GMSH-16) and Dr Meenakshi Gupta (GMCH-32). 


No knowledge of extension to Bains: Chawla
Anuja Jaiswal
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, July 15
“The Punjab government has not been informed about extension to Director, Health Services, UT, Dr MS Bains. We have sent a panel of three doctors for his replacement and will expect the UT administration to choose one and repatriate Bains,” said Punjab Health Minister Laxmi Kanta Chawla.

Talking to The Tribune here today, Chawla said she had learnt about the extension to Bains from media reports. “Only you are saying it. We have not been informed about it till date,” she said.

Ruing that around 82 doctors from Punjab had overstayed their deputations, some even to the extent to 28 years, Chawla said this was undesirable as others too should get a chance to serve in the UT. She said half of these 82 doctors were with the GMSH-16 and a few of them were slated to retire in the coming month or two.

When asked what she proposes to do in case the UT administration remains adamant on Bains’ extension, Chawla said: “We have no official communication in this regard. We have given them the panel well in advance so will expect them to act accordingly.”

When questioned, she said the issue of deputations had become a bone of contention for a long time and the only answer to it was a court directive. “Doctors who are being denied the chance to serve in the UT should move the court and demand their repatriation,” she added.

When pointed out that her demand for the repatriation of the doctors had not bee agreed by the Chief Minister on the plea that the share of Punjab officials in the UT was declining, Chawla said as for the doctors, we were maintaining 60 per cent ratio. “If we repatriate any one, we will send a replacement,” she said.

Meanwhile, it is learnt the panel sent by the Punjab government includes the names of Joint Director JP Singh and Deputy Director RC Nayyar. The name of the third doctor, also a Deputy Director, could not be known.



Pallav’s appointment illegal: Councillors
Aarti Kapur
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, July 15
The appointment of Pallav Mukherjee as chairman of the controversial committee to review the functioning of the Municipal Corporation has opened a Pandora’s box with some agitated Congress councillors now dubbing his nomination to the House as “illegal and ultra vires of the MC Act”.

Claiming that no “licensed architect” could be nominated to the House, some councillors today flaunted copies of the Punjab Municipal Corporation Act, 1976, which is applicable to Chandigarh, and quoted Sec 13(1) h in support of their claims. Pallav refused to speak on it or any other issue pertaining to the committee.

Section 13, which deals with ‘‘disqualifications for councillorship’’ states, “A person shall be disqualified for being chosen and for being a councillor… and (h) if he is a licensed architect, draftsman, engineer, plumber, surveyor or town planner or is a partner of a firm of which any such licensed person is also a partner”.

Terming this as a “very serious issue”, former Mayor Pardeep Chhabra wondered how Pallav had been nominated. He said this showed how callous the administration had been while making the appointment. “They have not even consulted the Act,” he said, adding that the eligibility criteria had been thrown to the winds by the whimsical administration.

Legal consultant K K Monga, however, claimed that the Act only debarred the nomination of those licensed architects who either held a contract or had worked for the corporation. When pointed out that Sec 13(1)h had no mention of the word “Corporation” in it, Monga said Pallav’s nomination was “valid”.

Disputing his claims, a senior councillor, said the legal consultant’s interpretation was apparently flawed. He said sub clause (i) of Sec 13(1) explicitly talked about relationship with the “Corporation” and states that a person shall be disqualified… if he is interested in any subsisting contract made with, or any work being done for, the corporation except as a share-holder…”.

A senior MC official said the very idea of debarring “licensed architect” was because of their “conflict of interest” with the MC, which is the plan approval authority for all buildings within the villages falling in the MC area.

Interestingly, the Act also prescribed penalties for a “disqualified” person continuing as the councillor. Clause 13 (3) of the Act states, “if a person sits or votes as a member of the corporation when he knows that he is not qualified or that he is disqualified for such membership, he shall be liable in respect of each day on which he so sits or votes to a penalty of Rs 300 to be recovered as an arrear of tax under this Act”. 



Schools’ playgrounds cry for maintenance
Neha Miglani
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, July 15
All work and no play! That’s exactly one could describe the condition of playgrounds in the government schools in the city. Broken swings and excessive growth of wild grass speak volumes of the negligence on the part of school authorities as well as the education department.
Schools’ Playgrounds in sorry state of affairs Waste material on the playground of GHS, Sector 24
growth of wild grass on the campus of GMSSS, Sector 23.
Schools’ Playgrounds in sorry state of affairs Waste material on the playground of GHS, Sector 24; and (above) growth of wild grass on the campus of GMSSS, Sector 23. Tribune photographs

As the schools reopen after the summer vacations, the schools’ playgrounds cry for attention of the education department as well as of the school authorities.

Lack of sweepers and gardeners in the schools is cited as the main reason for the lack of maintenance of the campus.

To add to this, on a visit to Sector-24 Government High School, one finds broken swings, which narrate a sorry tale of negligence.

Though the education department confirms lack of Class IV employees as the main reason, which they asserts could be sorted if enough funds are sanctioned to them, the claim falls flat in wake of the school authorities, which claims that better playing facilities should be provided at all costs, which is an essential ingredient for the students development.

The big question, which hangs in balance, is why should the students be deprived of their basic rights to play and bear the brunt of the negligence?

On being asked why the grounds are not maintained properly, a gardener of a government school on anonymity said, “I am the only one who takes care of the entire campus spread over such a large area. It is physically impossible to look after the entire campus by only one person. There is dire shortage of employees here.”

In many cases, the students playing in the fields do not even pay attention to the excessive growth of wild grass, which could cause skin irritation or other infections.



Zira’s ‘Den’ 
DC office fails to act
Yet to seal portion of Sec-9 house
Ramanjit Singh Sidhu
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, July 15
Even two weeks after the recommendation of the UT Police to seal a part of the Sector 9 house being “forcibly” occupied by former Akali MLA Inderjit Singh Zira’s son, the office of the Deputy Commissioner seems to be sitting over the case.

While the UT Police had shown alacrity in investigating the case, which was a fallout of the alleged beating up of the sons of a local nominated councillor, MPS Chawla, and recommending action under Section 133 of the CrPC (conditional order for removal of nuisance), the file in the DC office is moving from one table to another.

When contacted, Deputy Commissioner RK Rao said: “I am awaiting the report of the Additional DC.” He said they were looking into the legal aspects of the report before taking a final decision.

The inordinate delay by the DC office in initiating action has set off speculations in the police circles, which are now wary of the outcome.

“A day after we had sent the report on July 2, we were informed that a party, led by an enforcement inspector, had gone to seal the house but returned without doing so,” said an official.

In its report, the police had recommended the DC to seal a part of house No. 19 in Sector 9, where some “shady” characters were carrying out their nefarious activities. A group of over a dozen youngsters reportedly frequented the house at odd hours in flashy cars with VVIP numbers. The police had then reportedly sent the recommendation after seeking a legal opinion on it.

Sources said, seeking legal opinion is nothing but a delaying tactic, which is generally used in high profile cases.

UT SSP SS Srivastva told TNS that the report was sent to the DC office after examining all the aspects of the case, which suggested that the premises could be sealed for removal of nuisance.

It may be recalled that the police felt the need to seal a portion of the house after it had arrested Prabhjot Singh Zira, son of a former SAD MLA Inderjit Singh Zira, in connection with the assault of sons of MPS Chawla, a nominated councillor.

After the matter was highlighted in these columns, the owner of the house, Sukhjeet Singh Gill, wrote a letter to the higher authorities of UT Administration and the police alleging that illegal activities were being carried out from a portion of his house, which was illegally occupied by Zira and his men.



NGO moves HC against eviction of its office
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, July 15
Chandigarh-based non-governmental organisation, Burning Brain Society (BBS), today moved the Punjab and Haryana High Court against forcible eviction of their office from the business arcade of Hotel Shivalikview.

The society claimed that it was duly paying the rent in accordance with the agreement and CITCO was receiving it.

Taking up the matter, Justice Jasbir Singh of the High Court granted stay on the proceedings by the Estate Officer and issued notice of motion for August 7.

Claiming victimisation and highhandedness on the part of the Chandigarh administration and CITCO authorities, Hemant Goswami, chairperson of the Burning Brain, pleaded that the use of the Public Premises Act, 1971, by CITCO in itself was incorrect and illegal.

CITCO’s property was not covered under the definition of Section 2 (e) (2) (ii) of the Public Premises Act. According to the Act, only companies registered under the Companies Act, 1956, and having a share capital of over 51 per cent by the Central Government were authorised to use the powers provided under the Act.

In the petition, the declaration filed by CITCO before the Registrar of Companies was reproduced, wherein it declared and claimed itself to be a state government company.

The petitioner said the CITCO had not come within the definition of the Central government and so it could not initiate proceedings under the Act.



Unemployed teachers protest
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, July 15
Members of the Unemployed ETT Union from across the state today staged a protest outside the office of DPI (Primary) in Sector 17 seeking jobs. The ETT diploma holders said thousands of posts of primary teachers were lying vacant in the schools in the state, but the government was doing nothing to recruit teachers there. 

The indifferent attitude of the government was not only spoiling the future of the next generation, but also depriving the diploma-holders of employment. They sought recruitment on regular basis at the earliest.

They also wanted that the government should stop recruiting volunteers in place of the ETT diploma holders.

The president of the union, Jagpreet Singh Bathinda, said he would stage protests during the forthcoming Jalalabad byelections and would expose the false promises made by the state government before the voters. He added that the union would stage a continuous protest at Jalalabad on July 19.



Illegal tubewell made operational again
Our Correspondent

Mohali, July 15
An illegal tubewell at Mohali village, whose water sample had failed the portability test and which was made non-functional by the Municipal Council after cholera and diarrhoea had gripped the village last month, was once again operational.

Illegal tubewell operational at Mohali village.
Illegal tubewell operational at Mohali village. Tribune photo: Vicky Gharu

Similarly, even hand pumps, which were made non-functional by the civic body, were being used by residents of the village to get water.

Deputy Commissioner Prabhjot Singh Mand had told council officials to supply piped water to the village, ban use of the hand pumps and take action against those who had illegally sunk tubewells at the village.

Harminder Singh Lambardar of Mohali village said recently that the residents had been using water from the hand pumps for the past about 20 years but no disease had spread earlier.

He said a number of residents had installed submersible pumps to get water for their daily requirements, as the civic body had failed to provide adequate water.

He said the supply of piped water had increased ever since the village had witnessed the spread of cholera and diarrhoea but was still not adequate. Once the area started getting enough quantity of water nobody would use the hand pumps or submersible pumps, which were being used only out of compulsion, he added.

A sample taken from the illegal tubewell had showed that the water contained high content of nitrate and was not fit for drinking. This tubewell, whose water was sold, was made non-functional by the council but was seen operational once again.

The owner of the tubewell, however, maintained that he was not supplying water for drinking purposes but for industrial use, construction work, etc.

SDO NS Dalam said handles of the hand pumps were removed so that the residents could not use them. But the residents arranged these handles again and started using the hand pumps. Even the pipes of the illegal tube well were removed but the owner had again made the tubewell functional. The matter would be brought to the notice of the DC, added Dalam. 



Elite clubs flout norms with impunity
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, July 15
When it comes to building violations and illegal encroachments, it takes just a quick round of the city’s clubs of repute to understand that neither do these clubs comply with terms and conditions of their lease deeds nor do they care for land allotment norms.
The illegal bricked structure at the back of Central Club
The unapproved kitchen expansion in the Central Club.
1. The illegal bricked structure at the back of Central Club 
2. The prefab structure raised unauthorisedly by Chandigarh Club. 
3. The unapproved kitchen expansion in the Central Club. 
Tribune photos: S Chandan and Pradeep Tewari

To top it all, the administration knows about it this, but the notices of breach served on them end up like a piece of paper only.

A Tribune team did recce of three major clubs - Central Club in Sector 9, Chandigarh Club in Sector 1 and Chandigarh Golf Club in Sector 6.

With “couldn’t care less attitude”, these club managements have made amendments in their building plans according to their convenience. The government land is being utilised as parking space, their halls, kitchen areas or basements have been expanded or altered illegally.

The Central Club management has changed the entire façade of the building and the window being demarcated in the original drawing has been closed with a brick wall. The place, which should be table tennis room as per sanctioned drawings, has been converted into the ‘card room’. Though the tavern was found to be closed due to the non-renewal of bar licence but this place originally was approved for tennis court in records.

The “open to sky area” has been covered and got merged with the adjacent room to make it a big hall. Though the dining hall and kitchen with temporary structure was approved by the Finance Secretary, but kitchen has been extended with RCC roof and dining hall with corrugated AC sheet. Temporary structure has been raised along the boundary wall to serve the purpose of service canteen and store extra chairs.

At Chandigarh Club, expansions have unauthorisedly been made in its kitchen area, dining hall and basement without getting the plan sanctioned. The open ground at the back of the swimming pool, which is a government land, is reportedly, being offered on rent for marriage purposes etc. Even the open space opposite the main gate belongs to Municipal Corporation, but this place is being used for parking purposes. Besides, defying the Advertisement Control Act, a catering firm’s event management banners were found on the periphery of the club.

Nevertheless, the management of the Chandigarh Golf Club has raised temporary sheds, made of cement sheets near the toilet block, canteen constructed in open area and occuped more space on the ground floor the front boundary wall. The swimming pool covered with fibre sheets, construction behind the main building too defies the sanctioned norms.

What does Finance Secretary Sanjay Kumar say: A survey has already been done and blatant violations by these clubs have come to our notice. We will scrutinise their revised plans and take action keeping in mind their lease deeds and allotment norms.

What do managements say

Vinod Khanna, secretary of the Central Club: The management is ready to submit the revised plan but neither the Estate Office nor the Finance Department is ready to accept it. Since the old construction developed several snags being quite old, we had to alter it.

Mukesh Bassi, president of the club, said, “I would get the advertisements removed tomorrow positively. For encroachment and violations, the High Court has granted a status quo in the matter. As per court directions, no sooner do we get approval, we will demolish the old construction and reconstruct as per approved plans.

Varinder S. Gill, president of the Chandigarh Golf Club: All added structures have been raised temporarily. The revised plan has been submitted with the administration and the hearing has been fixed with the Secretary, Finance for further approval.



3 cholera cases in city
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, July 15
After Mohali and Derabassi, cholera has now spread in the city as the health authorities today confirmed that three cases of cholera had been reported in GMCH-32 here.

... meanwhile, schoolkids unaware

Students quench their thirst from a wayside tap in Colony No. 4 as the government school failed to receive fresh water on Wednesday.
Students quench their thirst from a wayside tap in Colony No. 4 as the government school failed to receive fresh water on Wednesday. Tribune photo: Manoj Mahajan

However, all of them have been discharged from the hospital. Out of three cases, two were from Ramdarbar and one from Maulijagran.

In the wake of detection of the confirmed cases of cholera, the Nodal Officer along with members of the Rapid Response Team and the Sanitary Inspectors immediately investigated these cases. “It was observed that both cases are of imported infection,” said health officials of the UT department.

According to the health department, they have already stepped up the activities for prevention and control of water-borne diseases like cholera by deploying special teams to carry out the survey of the areas. There is no clustering of such cases in Ramdarbar.

“Special teams have been constituted to carry out the surveillance in all areas of Chandigarh so as to find out the cases suffering from water-borne diseases in Chandigarh,” said the official.

In this regard, a meeting was convened today by the Officer In charge (NVBDCP) and AMO with the Sanitary Inspector’s of the Health Department, UT, who were given guidelines to carry out the surveillance for identifying such cases in their respective areas.

“The department is keeping a close watch of all such cases in the affected areas,” said health official. 



Blood donation camp on July 19
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, July 15
The National Federation of Blinds (NFB), Punjab, will hold a blood donation camp to commemorate its Foundation Day on July 19. NFB’s general secretary, Prof Rajesh Mohan, stated that they were organising the blood donation camp on July 19 to commemorate the foundation day of the Punjab branch of the federation.

Rajesh Mohan said the camp was being organised with the support of Government Medical College and Hospital, Sector 32.



UT to remove encroachments
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, July 15
The UT administration has decided to remove encroachments by scrap dealers on government land in Palsora village and in Industrial Area on July 21. A weekly review meeting held here today under the chairmanship of the Home Secretary regarding removal of unauthorised structures and encroachments on government land,.

It was decided that the Chandigarh Housing Board (CHB) will check building violations and encroachments in the flats constructed by it in Sector 40, Chandigarh, on July 17.

The recent unauthorised constructions on government land, particularly in labour colonies, were taken up seriously.

The administration has also decided to warn the squatters in the Colony No. 5, who are not covered under the bio-metric survey, to vacate the government land by July 21, otherwise such structures would be removed by the administration and criminal cases for trespass on government land would be registered against the violators. 



Add-on courses in college

Mohali, July 15
In order to make the study of BA more meaningful, Government College, Mohali, has started new add-on courses for students. Four such courses have been added this year which are available along with graduation. 

These are tourism and hotel management, guidance and counselling, instrumentation and pharmaceutical chemistry. The latter two are for science students. — OC



Gutsy woman foils robbery
Tribune News Service

Panchkula, July 15
The presence of mind and exemplary courage shown by a woman not only saved her family, but also forced two robbers intruded into their house to flee before they could succeed in their motive.

It was on Monday night when the two robbers entered the house of Shayam Lal, a resident of Sector 15, when he was having dinner. Other family members his wife Rita, father Kishan Chand and children Karan and Supriya were also at home.

Carrying pistol and knife, the two miscreants covered their faces with masks, intruded into the house and took him on gun-point. Rita was in the kitchen while Karan and Supriya were in other room.

The robbers pointing knife at Rita asked her to lock the door from inside as they could not do so themselves finding fault with lock.

It was that time when Rita while locking the door gave them the slip and raised the alarm outside and hearing her screams, the neighbours gathered, forcing the robbers to flee in their car.



Boy succumbs to injuries
Our Correspondent

Mohali, July 15
A 12-year-old boy of Mohali village, who was run over by a CTU bus last week, succumbed to his injuries at the PGI, Chandigarh, today.

According to the police, Bam Bam was playing cricket along with other children in a park in Phase VI. He ran to pick up the ball when it went on the main road near the area but a CTU bus ran over him after which he sustained serious injuries.

He was taken to the Phase VI Civil Hospital from where he was referred to the PGI. 



Ayurveda college-varsity clash intensifies
College decides to double tuition fee without varsity’s approval
Sumedha Sharma
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, July 15
In what may come across as yet another addition to the ongoing rift between Dhanwantry College of Ayurveda, Sector 45, and Panjab University, the college has decided to raise its tuition fee almost by double from this session without any approval from the university.

The matter got highlighted at the admission counselling held at GMCH-32 today, when many parents complained of the college having cancelled its counselling and demanding raised tuition free for admissions.

“Counselling was almost done when it was announced that Dhanwantry College of Ayurveda had decided to raise its tuition fee. Following this, the authorities returned the certificates and papers of those students, who had already secured a seat in this college,” complained one of the parents.

“How can they do this? They are affiliated to Panjab University, which is charging 55,000 and they are asking for Rs 93,000. Our representative went to the university and we got to know that it was not justified. Our wards had got their seats in this college but they returned the certificates saying that the admissions would be made on fresh fee slabs only,” added another parent.

While neither the Panjab University Vice-Chancellor nor the principal, Dhanwantry College, could be contacted for their side of story, a senior university official said, “GMCH-32 authorities called up the university officials to inform about the demands of Dhanwantry College. As per norms, they should have sought approval from us, which they did not. We also got to know that he was not ready to make any admissions in ongoing counselling, so we asked them to submit in writing that they were opting out. I am not too sure whether or not have they done so, but if they have returned the certificates to students and cancelled the counselling results, then the university would not hold any fresh counselling for them.”



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