Sunday, July 19, 2009, Chandigarh, India
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Brides Wanted

seeking alliance from professionals for clean shaven jat sikh bajwa, only son, 1968, 6-1, u.s. citizen divorced, issueless, working with high tech senior level management in bay area, california. caste no bar. willing to settle in u.s. contact: 408-242-9550. e-mail: C33465

Seeking alliance for very handsome Khatri boy 81 born, 5-11,
graduate belonging to high status family of Amritsar. Boy is settled in Delhi looking after family business.  Box 3994M Tribune, Chandigarh

Match for slim, smart, Graduate boy Kashyap (Koli) 23.10.1974, 5'-3", look younger, working MNC, Chandigarh. Income Five figure p.m. Middle class family. Preferred Himachali. 98155-36822. C9-37638

Kamboj Kshatriya boy B.Tech. MIS Australia/173/30. Running business,
Rural Urban property. Looking educated slim beautiful homely girl. Upper caste no bar.  Box 3894M Tribune, Chandigarh.

Professional qualify beautiful girl for very handsome Sikh Non-Drinker Mair
Rajput Suri only son 23 June 1980/5'-11", Electronic Engg. B.Sc. IT. 3.60 LPA + Rental income. E-mail:-  98157- 59751. C9-37522

Match for Himachali Rajput boy, Jan. 78/5'-7", (B.E. E&T), IT professional,
earning good package. Family settled at New Delhi. Looking for b'ful, educated Rajput girl. Reply with biodata, horoscope and photograph. Ph: 99002-33299, 011-28547264. Email:  C9-38026

Match for Himachali Rajput handsome, fair boy, B.Tech, 6'-1", 18.12.1978
born (18:43) in Jammu, Software Engineer, Father was DIG in CRPF, elder brother Engineer, mother housewife. E-mail: . Ph: 01972-222839. C9-38472

Match for Maid Rajput boy, 27/5'-10", fair, handsome, B.A., Laboratory
business. Small, well settled family, Shimla, 092186-87088. C9-39015

Match for Himachali Rajput boy 1978 born, 5'-10", working in MNC,
Chandigarh. Box 4029M Tribune, Chandigarh.

Professionally qualified beautiful status match for handsome Hindu
Kashyap Rajput Engineer boy 28/5'-11", Australian permanent resident, handsome earning preferred, girl willing to settle abroad. 094166-82759. Email:  Box 3950M Tribune, Chandigarh.

Well educated, beautiful bride from decent family for handsome Punjabi
Brhamin boy, 28/5'-10" Graduate, Govt. service. Kundli must. Contact: 094178-77380, 01884- 246828. Email: ,  C9-37188

Professionally qualified girl for teetotaller Saraswat Brahmin boy 12.06.79,
6:30 am, Chandigarh, 5'-9", BE (Civil), 6 LPA. Contact after matching kundli.  Box 3810M Tribune, Chandigarh.

Medico/B.Sc. Nursing/Lecturer 7 bands match for 25/5'- 8", Saraswat
Brahmin boy B.Tech. CSC Vegetarian family. Mob. 094174-00300. C9-37734

Tall, beautiful, preferably B.Tech match for 26/5'-11", B.Tech. Computer
Science H1B Visa holder, fair, pure vegetarian Chandigarh based Saraswat Brahmin boy, working Gurgaon 6.50 LPA. Own house, sister Doctor married. Father Gazetted Officer. Send BHP. Email:  Box 3861M Tribune, Chandigarh.

Professionally qualified match for Punjabi Saraswat Brahmin handsome boy, August 1979 born, 5'-5", B.E. Electronic Engineer working abroad. Box 3882M Tribune, Chandigarh.

Suitable employed match for handsome Saraswat Vashisht Brahmin boy,
28.7.82, 1:25 p.m., Patiala, 5'-7", MBA, working as Officer in SBI, Gurgaon. Father Bank employee. Respected family. Contact: 092536-90001. C9- 38400

Beautiful match for Saraswat Brahmin boy, 27/5'-11", Highly qualified,
Working MNC Australian citizen. Status family well settled in India/Abroad. B.Sc. (Nursing) preferred. Email :  ; Mobile 98784-67358. Box 3897M Tribune, Chandigarh.

Professionally qualified match for Gaur Brahmin boy, 17.08.83, 8:35 a.m.
Chandigarh, 6'-0", B.Tech (CS), working MNC, 6.5 LPA. Box 3905M Tribune, Chandigarh.

B.Tech., M.Tech., M.Sc. match for Saraswat Brahmin boy, 24.6.82, 10:10
a.m., 5'-9", Production B.Tech. working multinational company. Father Mother Punjab Govt. employees. Contact: 98888-90011. Box 3971M Tribune, Chandigarh.

Suitable match for Saraswat Brahmin boy 21.11.82, 12:31 am 5'-7''
Graduate. Income high six figure. Business Road Contractor, hot mix plant owner. Well educated girl preferred. 01851-244981, 98559-44044, 98151-36038. C9-39135

Match for Himachali Brahmin smart boy, 28/5'-8", Computer Engineer,
serving in Atlanta (USA), family settled at Jalandhar. Girl with Engineering degree preferred. Kundli must. Box 4036M Tribune, Chandigarh.

Suitable match for well settled teetotaller vegetarian Gaur Brahmin
Non-Manglik boy, 5'-7", 5th March, 1983/5:00 a.m./Bhiwani (Haryana), B.Com., M.Com., Doing MBA. Working in MNC, Chandigarh 3.5 LPA. White spots. Mobile 094163-08353, 01733-264009. Box 4042M Tribune, Chandigarh.

Beautiful, professional match for handsome, Sachdeva, Software Engineer (Mohali), MCA, 27, 5'-7", 3.0 L. 98157-95807,  C9-27795

US citizen Punjabi handome boy, birth details: 21st May 1980, Midland-
Texas, 8:49 am, 5'-8", BE (IT), well- established, reputed business family from Texas. Looking for qualified beautiful working girl from well- established family. Boy visting India soon. Send BHP at:  Ph:001-432-631-0240 (USA) C9- 37476

Professionally qualified match for vegetarian Arora boy, 30 Jan. 1982, 12:00
pm., Jalandhar, 5'-5", B.Tech. Senior Software Engineer. Job in Mumbai, package 5.5 LPA. Well educated, status family. Contact: 0181- 2207606, 98158-00116. E-mail:  C9-37698

Employed match for Arora Khatri MBA, MNC good package, 5'-8",
11.03.1980, 1:38 a.m. Patiala. 98720-21017,  C9-38192

Hindu Khatri/Arora educated, beautiful, adjustable girl from business
class/industrialist family for non- drinker, non-smoker Hindu Arora boy 26/6', B.Com., well-established family business, educated, small family. # 98880-03674,  NA9-25315-OL

Hindu Khatri/Punjabi educated, homely girl from business
class/industrialist family for 26/5'-8", BCA, MBA, established industry. Father exporter, owns plots & other urban properties, annual turnover in crores. #0161-3269074.  NA9-25316-OL

Professionally qualified Hindu/Sikh Khatri/Arora girl for Hindu Khatri boy
29/5'-9", BCA, MCA, SAP Consultant with reputed MNC at Chandigarh. Parents are doctor, highly educated respectable family. #0161-6545074.  NA9-25322-OL

Proposals invited from USA, Canada, India based Sikh parents of
Physician/Dentist/Engineer daughters, beautiful, affectionate, adjustable, family oriented 27-32 years, preferably practising/getting training in USA/Canada for California settled turbaned, teetotaller, handsome Sikh (Ahluwalia) 35/5'-8", MBA (Health Services), holding Senior Healthcare Management position.  C9-33165

Handsome clean-shaven Sikh boy, 36, 5'-10", divorced, Canadian citizen,
educated and well-settled in Canada and Africa seeking a tall, beautiful, homely, educated girl. Caste no bar.  or mail to:16 Ranger Crescent, Brampton, Ontario, L6P 2J8, Canada. C9-35356B

Match for well settled Sikh Parjapath boy 26/6'-1", MBA, Business Manager
in Cipla Med. Co. 0172-2628402, 98154-20392. C9-37280

Match for handsome Ramdasia boy, 31/5'-6", +2, own business. Good
income. Father retired Officer. Box 3818M Tribune, Chandigarh.

Medico-Non-Medico match for turbaned vegetarian non- drinker Jat Sikh
doctor (MBBS), 5'-8"/29, Working in a Multispeciality hospital at Chandigarh. Father doctor owning hospital. Having urban/rural property. Family of doctors and engineers. Jat Khatri Arora Kamboj Ramgarhia educated families may contact 099150-50140.  C9-38048

Suitable match for Kamboj Thind, handsome boy, 1983/5'- 11", only child,
B.Tech., MBA final, working in MNC. Own Kothi in Mohali, rental income. Father well placed in public sector. Upper caste welcome. Contact:0172- 2268043, 09876053229. Email:  C9- 38056

Suitable match for handsome Lubana Sikh, 31/5'-10", Merchant Navy
Officer, salary 84000 dollar P.A. Elder brother Engineer settled USA. Father Retired Defence Officer. Rural/Urban property. Legally divorced. Caste no bar. Box 3880M Tribune, Chandigarh.

Suitable match from Gursikh family for Gursikh Advocate, Tonk Kashtri
handsome 24/5'-11" healthy boy, doing LL.M. Small, educated and well settled family. Father Govt. Gazetted Officer. Early and simple marriage. 98728-72331, 98881-98908. Box 3908M Tribune, Chandigarh.

US citizen, 25 year old boy 6'-2" business owner looking for professional
Punjabi Sikh girl with business/Science Degree ( i.e. Nursing...) please send your biodata with pictures to  C9- 38816

Beautiful professionally qualified match for 30/5'-10" clean-shaved Lubana
boy, working as Software Engineer in USA. E-mail:  M-98780-93488. C9-38891

Handsome Gursikh boy (Weaver) 6'/28, Senior Software Administrator, 30
LPA, presently H1B USA, green card shortly. Send biodata photo must. E-mail:  C9-39187

Sikh family well established seek match for their handsome son, 33/5'-8",
cleanshaven. Born in India, Educated in USA. Well established businessman. Girl should be beautiful, slim, educated, well versed in both cultures willing to relocate in USA. Please Email bio/photo to :  ; Box 4028M Tribune, Chandigarh.

Indian/NRI professionally qualified match for handsome Kamboj Sikh boy
25/5'-10", B.Tech. Software Engineer MNC USA. Father SDO. Upper caste no bar. Send photo, biodata.  NA9-25789-OL

Well Established Canadian Jat Sikh family seeking a suitable match for their
very handsome 28 yrs, 6' tall MD(Doctor) only son. Girl should be beautiful, Doctor, Dentist, MD, MBBS, MDS, BDS or higher education from Canada/USA/Australia/UK/ India or Abroad with strong family values. Please send a biodata and recent photograph at e-mail  C9-23686

Jat Sikh, USA citizen 23 yrs, 6ft, very handsome/working in MNC and
studying Finance is seeking for beautiful/5'-7"+/well educated/professional girl/preferably related to health care/Science field. Pls. E.mail:@:   C9-34895

Professionally qualified American citizen/Greencard holder girl for
handsome, cleanshaven, Khehra Jat Sikh boy 29/6'-2'', MS from US, working as Software Engineer on H1B visa. Elder brother Doctor, well-settled in US. Contact: India: 01659-320296. US: 516-754-8690. Email:  Box 3652M Tribune, Chandigarh.

Well placed, educated parents looking for tall, fair, slim, beautiful, educated and cultured Jat Sikh bride, 21-24 for their very handsome son, 26, 6'-2", Computer Engineer, cleanshaven, teetotaller, U.S. citizen. Contact with biodata and pictures @  C9-35508B

Professional tall S/M for Jat Sikh clean shave 6'-1", tall very handsome
highly paid boy born October 80. Done B.Tech. MS (C.S.) U.S.A. Working on H-1B Visa. Parents in Govt. service. Pref. to U.S. citizen/Green Card holder. Kindly send detail and snap on E-mail:  C9-37206

Match for cleanshaven, 35/5'-8", divorcee (issueless), own business, kothi
& two shops. Sisters Australian Citizen. Girl must be beautiful, minimum +2 pass. Around Mohali preferred. 9779820166. C9-37532

Jat Sikh Gill handsome boy, Feb 1981, 6'-2", Marine Engineer, working
Merchant Navy. Belongs retired senior officers' family, settled Mohali. Convent qualified girl from well off landlord/officers' family capable of arranging marriage at short notice preferred. 0172- 2274789, 9872915140. Email:  C9-37712P

Suitable match for 6'/29 years, B.A., LL.B. Advocate. Practicing Chandigarh.
Chandigarh based family. Box 3832M Tribune, Chandigarh.

Jat Sikh Kang status/affluent family seeks very good- looking,
good-natured, family-oriented Doctor/Non- Doctor match for 28/5'-8", Doctor boy, smart, intelligent, turbaned, non-drinker, vegetarian; MBBS, presently doing MD (Medicine). Substantial rural/urban property in crores. The girl main consideration. Contact with recent photographs:  C9- 37822

Suitable homely educated match for Jat Sikh USA Citizen boy, 1976/5'-7".
Doing business. 97797-15255. Box 3872M Tribune, Chandigarh.

Match for handsome, clean shaven Jat Sikh boy, MBA/5'- 11"/33/21
LPA. Employed in a prestigious Co. at Delhi. Son of a serving Senior Officer. Email ID:  Box 3873M Tribune, Chandigarh.

Well-established landlord Jat Gursikh Bajwa family invites alliance for their
5'-11"/27, Electrical Engineer boy, working as Area Manager in MNC. Father Asstt. XEN in PSEB. Mother govt. employed. 98555-04272. E-mail:  C9-38470

Wanted educated, cultured, good-looking girl from Jat Sikh respectable
family for US settled Jat Sikh very handsome, convent, teetotaller, Engineer boy, 37/5'- 9", working as Sr. Manager in Leading company, Los Angeles, CA with good built having respect for family values, belonging to urbanised, educated family. Only younger brother well settled in USA. Respond with photograph. E-mail:  98153-30488, 001-5713389544. C9-38565

Beautiful BDS (Doctor) match for Amritsar based Jat Sikh cleanshaven well
settled Australian citizen boy 79 born 5'-9'' permanent Librarian job Melbourne University. Father USA settled. 99155-94275, 0061403663620. Email:  C9-38744

Canada citizen Jat Sikh boy, 39/5'-10", handsome brillant boy, never
married, belongs to very reputable family having rural/urban properties in Canada. Looking for beautiful educated homely girl from status and seriously interested family with photo. Email :  ; 98151-05902. Box 3928M Tribune, Chandigarh.

Seeking beautiful strong family valued convent educated girl for Jat Sikh
28/5'-7", turbaned handsome, Graduate only son, settled Canada. Belongs landlord family Patiala (Punjab). Send photo E-mail:  Box 3976M Tribune, Chandigarh.

Jat Sikh Dhaliwal boy, 26/5'-10", BCA, rural/urban property, two sisters
married abroad. Parents going USA shortly. 99150-00936, 0164-2220557. C9-39069B

Well educated, tall, beautiful match for handsome vegetarian Jat Sikh
23/5'-10", Graduate, Working in Reputed Company. 7 Acre Agricultural land. Contact 98153-11970. C9-39249B

Kang 25 plus 5'-8" Australian PR, White collar job, B.Tech., Master in
Accountancy in Australia. Father Govt. employee Mohali based. Mobile: 94175-80858. Email:  C9-39271

Well educated, beautiful girl for fair, unmarried Jat Sikh boy 36/5'-11" B.Sc.
(Hons), Computer Consultant with MNC at London, UK, highly educated, well settled family. #0161-6545074.  NA9-25321-OL

Beautiful qualified match for handsome 28/5'-7", B.E. (Mech.) fair boy
employed in Air India Delhi above 4 Lacs. annum. Box 3870M Tribune, Chandigarh.

Beautiful, slim, PQM for very handsome, Saini Sikh boy, 1976/5'-8", M.Sc.
(P.U.), M.Tech. (I.I.T.), M.Sc. (France), Software Engineer for 4 years. Co-founded space Surveillance Company. Pursuing Ph.D. in Ireland. Highly educated family. Owning U/R property. E-mail:-  Box 3425M Tribune, Chandigarh.

Seeking a really beautiful, slim, tall, professionally educated, below 30 years girl, for an extremely handsome, fair, Punjabi boy 35/5'-8.5", Engg from IIT, Roorkee, MBA (Gold Medallist), currently working in Dubai past 12 years. Non-smoker, teetotaller and religious minded. Head of Operations for an IT MNC. Owns many commercial properties in Noida, Drives Lexus 470. Earnings in 7 digits per month. Family of Doctors and Engg. with kind repute and richly status. Caste no bar, early marriage. Preference to Doctor, Engg. or Sweet Homely girls from Business family. Send biodata with Photographs. Email:  Box 3807M Tribune, Chandigarh.

Professionally qualified match for Jat Sikh 27/5'-11", MBA, Australian
citizen working Govt. of Australia. Only urban background families contact. Send Date of Birth & Time. Only Jat Sikh, Brahmin, local Khatri may apply. 98156-52173,  C9-37624

Need qualified match for Himachali Rajput 33/5'-10", B.A. L.LB.. Girl should
be willing to relocate Australia. Send Biodata & photo. E-mail:  Box 3840M Tribune, Chandigarh.

Professionally qualified match for handsome B.Tech. MIT Non-manglik
Saraswat Brahmin boy, 29/5'-10", P.R. Australia. Working with Reputed company there. Upper caste no bar. Email :  Box 3907M Tribune, Chandigarh.

Well settled family from London seeks suitable match for their only son,
British born 24/5'-11", handsome, clean shave, service HSBC Bank (London) as Custom Service Officer and Bank Account specialist looking for beautiful Jat Sikh girl upto 24, professionally qualified. Box 3913M Tribune, Chandigarh.

Suitable match for well educated Jat/Ramgarhia NRI Sikh (Cleanshave) 40,
5'-8", slim and fair, never married. Girl should be from respected family with good family values. Please send your photo and biodata to  C9-38798B

Very handsome Jat Sikh teetotaller, cleanshaven 78 born boy, 5'-11",
Scandinavian citizen, Masters in Shipping, engaged in large scale family business of transport and interior, seeks beautiful, educated, cultured and sober girl. Family owns rural and urban property both in Scandinavia and Punjab. Brief marriage, legally annulled. Only one elder brother, married. No dowry and early simple marriage. Reply with photo and full family details. Email:  C9-38844B

Medico alliance for handsome, vegetarian, non-smoker, 6'-3"/1985 born
Kashyap Rajput boy. Working as Electrical Engineer (prominent position) in USA. Father also working as Executive in America. Caste no bar. Box 3847M Tribune, Chandigarh.

Manglik 27/5'-7", very handsome boy from High status Punjabi Khatri family
Computer Engineer (Topper), working for top MNC London, seeks educated, beautiful, slim, homely or professional girl with strong family values. Caste no bar.  Box 3371M Tribune, Chandigarh.

Suitable match for 70 born never married, 5'-4", Khatri boy. Ph.D., AGM
(MNC). Upper caste no bar. Box 3837M Tribune, Chandigarh.

Professionally qualified match for Khatri boy 29/5'-9", M.Tech. IITian, 7 LPA. 098056-25156, 098184-18908. E- mail:  C9-38148

Beautiful, slim, professionally qualified girl for smart Punjabi Khatri boy lead
Software Engineer, working multinational Noida, 29/175/9 Lac annum. Father retired Class-I Officer. High status family. Contact: 098100-67956. Email:  C9-38190

Inviting Professional qualified match for handsome Khatri Manglik boy,
27/5'-6", B.E., M.S. (USA), Working in MNC in USA on H1 visa. Well established vegetarian family. Visiting India in October/November. Box 3896M Tribune, Chandigarh.

Suitable match for handsome Punjabi Khatri boy, 74 born, 5'-8", MBA of a
reputed high status business family of Chandigarh. Looking for beautiful educated girl from Reputed high status family. Call between 10 a.m. - 1 p.m. 098142-02118. Box 3899M Tribune, Chandigarh.

Match for handsome Khatri Manglik boy, 01.10.82, 7:35 p.m. Ambala City,
5'-11", B.Com. Reputed Business family. Box 3900M Tribune, Chandigarh.

Suitable match for handsome Post-Graduate Hindu Khatri boy, 5'-11",
02-01-1979, 3:25 a.m., Jalandhar, Well established business. Contact after matching Kundli. 98140-28819. E-mail:  C9- 38670

Professionally qualified, beautiful, slim, working match for handsome,
smart, slim, Punjabi Hindu Khatri boy born 1979/6', B.Tech. (ECE), working Sr. Software Engineer, MNC NCR. 7.50 LPA. Father retired Gazetted Officer. Small, educated, well settled family of Panchkula. Box 3953M Tribune, Chandigarh.

Suitable match for smart, handsome 6'-2"/24.12.1981, 9:35 p.m.,
Chandigarh, BCA-II, Diploma in Hardware & Networking. Employed MNC Mohali, Salary 1.5 Lakh PA. Decent & respectable family. Father gazetted Officer. Own house in Chandigarh. Employed preferred. Contact 98882-95879.  Box 4032M Tribune, Chandigarh.

Wanted tall, employed beautiful Manglik/Non-Manglik match for handsome
Anshik Manglik B.Tech, locally employed, 1.12.82, 9:20 a.m., Chandigarh, 5'-11". Tricity preferred. 0172-2630382, 92168-70793.  C9-39117

Match for Australia based Ramgharia Sikh boy non trimmer, 28/5'-9", MBA
I.T. Require beautiful, slim, fair, minimum 5'-3" and above well qualified girl. Contact: 98149-60060, Email:-  C9- 35011

Nursing, Medical, Techno professional beautiful match for Australia settled
Sikh Ramgarhia 28, 6', clean- shaven, smart, M.Sc. boy, coming soon. Highly educated family. 98884-93941. E-mail:  C9-38254

Smart, fair, slim, tall match for Sikh Ramgarhia non- turbaned, Master
Computer (UK), high profile, well settled on Tier-I visa, having own residence at UK, slightly Manglik, 18-12-80, 8:35 a.m., Jalandhar, 5'- 11". Father mother class-I officers. Younger brother doing MBA (IIM, Kolkata). Caste no bar. Contact: 98153- 43936, 0181-2222369. E-mail:  C9- 38856

Qualified match for Ramgarhia Sikh well educated only son, 30/6', Going to
Australia P.R. shortly and planning to settle in Canada afterwards. Only sister in Canada. Email :  ; Phone 90234- 44407, 96465-11949. C9-39209

Gursikh Khatri (Sodhi) boy, Nov. 1974/5'-6", MBA, working in MNC very high
position, Sydney. Australian Citizen.  Box 3855M Tribune, Chandigarh.

Wanted well educated girl for Gursikh Khatri non- trimmer, non-drinker
handsome boy, Oct. 79, 5'-9", Manager private leading bank, 4.2 lpa. Small respectable family. Email:  , 098724- 51082. C9-38098

Match for handsome, fair Khatri Sikh cutsurd boy, 1984/5'-9", B.Tech.,
working as Engineer at Panchkula (Hry. Govt.) permanent service. Well settled family.  Box 3914M Tribune, Chandigarh.

Smart, b'ful, prof. qlfd. status match for clean shaven Sikh Khatri MBA 28/5'-11", working in leading MNC, New York. Father Senior IAS Officer in Delhi, mother educationist. Family with liberal views. Email:  C9-38694

Alliance invited from well settled Gursikh family for fair, handsome,
Amritdhari boy 27/5'-9" working as Assistant Manager (Purchase) in JCT Fabrics. Belonging to Khatri family having roots in USA and Canada and well settled in Ludhiana for last 25 years. Contact : 98146-22238 e-mail :  C9-39179

Suitable tall, beautiful and well educated match for tall handsome
clean-shaven fair complexion Ramdasia Sikh Doctor age 28, height 6', employed with Punjab Government as Class-I Gazetted Medical Officer in Punjab Medical (State Group-A) Service (PCMS-I). Belongs to family of bureaucrats. Interested parties may kindly contact. 0172-2747792 and 094172-96661 between 9 am to 5 pm. C9-38086

Suitable match for handsome divorcee Engineer Ad-dharmi 38 years, 6'-1",
Well built cleanshaven well established Own business Income six figures. No encumbrances. Alliance from Doaba and Lower Himachal preferred. Contact 01882248403, 98888-21572, 98140- 42555. C9-38240

Match for 1980 born Haryana Chamar boy, MCA, 5'-4", Software Engineer,
Own residence in Panchkula. 97793- 58382.  ; Box 3943M Tribune, Chandigarh.

Suitable match for Tonk-Kyastriya Sikh boy 26/6'-0", well-settled Canadian
citizen, clean shave, B.Comp, D.Wireless from prestigious Canadian University, MCITP: Server, working with Municipal Government. Caste no bar. Send biodata and photograph at email:  C9-34875B

Suitable match for Tonk-Kshatriya boy 25/5'-6", M.S. Computer Science
(USA) working as Software Engineer on H-1 in (USA). USA citizen/resident preferred. Caste no bar. 94631-45573. Email:  C9- 35270B

Handsome Punjabi Hindu Non-Manglik Tonk-Kashatriya M.B.A. boy June
80/6'-1", working & settled in Norway now visiting India seeks M.Sc. IT/M.C.A/B-Tech./M.Tech. beautiful tall, slim girl. Contact: 098728-06628, 092167-72242,  C9-38676

Suitable match for smart fair Jain vegetarian boy, teetotaller, 1977/6'-2",
Degree - ODP/MBBS, working in large NHS Hospital in U.K. whilst completing further BDS studies (2nd year of 5), earning Rs177333- p.m. Doctor/Dentist pref. from Hindu Upper caste or Jain pref. Unmarried only. Box 3824M Tribune, Chandigarh.

Tall, fair, beautiful, homely girl for Gursikh Army Officer, regular, 6'-1"/1980,
fair, very handsome, well to do family. 98724-39176,  C9-37464

Medico/Engineer/Professionally qualified match for handsome 30/178,
Khatri Sikh highly qualified Doctor. Highly educated family. 097804-63217.  C9-38336

Agarwal Manglik 20.08.80, 13:10 p.m., New Delhi, 5'-7", Manager Five Star
Hotel London (permanent resident) visiting Delhi, affluent educated reputed family, keen settling South Delhi in year. Seek beautiful, professional girl 098104-73130, 011-29533010.  C9-32225

Professionally qualified match for handsome garg boy, 05.07.1979, 12:50
am at Chandigarh, 5'-6", B.Tech, Software Engineer MNC at Gurgaon, 12 lac PA. Own 10 marla house at Mohali. 98761-88366.  Box 3809M Tribune, Chandigarh.

Suitable match for handsome fair, Aggarwal, Garg boy, 27/5'-11", B.Com.,
MBA (Finance), small family. Agriculture landlords, own business, one younger brother Chandigarh employed, no sister. Contact: 092558-82579. Box 3826M Tribune, Chandigarh.

Suitable match for teetotaller, veg. Gupta boy, 29/176 cm/B.E.
(Computers), working MNC Bangalore, 15 LPA, innocent divorcee (few days). Status family. , 98720-03195. C9-37802

Suitable match for non-Manglik, non-smoker vegetarian handsome
Aggarwal Garg boy 28.4.1983, 10.10 A.M. Ambala, 5'-10", working in MNC as Assistant Manager, package Rs 7.3 Lakhs P.A. Compare kundli then contact: -171-2521801, 092551-39966. Box 3944M Tribune, Chandigarh.

Tall, beautiful, Non-Manglik, Professional match for handsome July 1983
born, 5'-8", Mangal Gotra, M.Tech. Software Engineer in USA, H1-B Visa. Visiting India October 2009. Father Senior Engineer having Agriculture and Residential property. B.Tech/MBA preferred. Send biodata with photo.  C9-39155

Educated, beautiful, tall girl for handsome, slim, very fair Bansal, Dec. 78
born, 5'-10", Masters Computer IT MNC Noida, 11 LPA. Early marriage. 0172-2262894, 098729-69794,  C9-39247

Educated match for Goel, non-Manglik vegetarian, handsome boy, B.Tech.,
27/5'-3", Manager-IT, Govt. nationalised bank. 01746-225738.  Box 3823M Tribune, Chandigarh.

Suitable match for fair, non-smoker, non-drinker Aggarwal boy 27/5'-8",
Bachelors in Computer Engineering, managing family business. Father top industrialist, turnover in crores, educated, small family. owns moveable & immoveable properties, very high status family. # 0161-3251374,  NA9-25311-OL

Suitable employed Gursikh match for non trimmer, teetotaller Gursikh Arora
boy, March 1980, 5'-4", B.Com, PGDBA in Building Construction, own business, 4 LPA. Well settled small family of Delhi. Father retired Bank Manager. Mother retired Head Mistress. Only younger brother Software Engineer in MNC. 092505-25088, 011-28122358, Email:  C9-37232

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