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People of India and Pakistan want peace

I fully agree with the opinion expressed in the editorial
PM carries the day” (July 31). Prime Minister Dr Manmohan Singh’s defence of the joint statement issued at Sharm-el- Sheikh was so effective that the opposition lost all arguments. He convinced the MPs that only “dialogue and diplomacy” are the best weapons to solve disputes and problems at all levels. War never solves problems. It only brings destruction and devastation.

Indeed, terrorism is the main enemy of humanity. It must be crushed with combined efforts of all countries. The day is not far off when Pakistan and India will jointly fight against terrorism.

The Opposition must realise that the majority of people in India and Pakistan want peace. Terrorism is a common enemy of both nations and both need to direct their energies in tackling the socio-economic problems like poverty, disease and illiteracy.


Is milk beneficial?

The article “Milk contributes to longevity” (July 30) by Jeremy Laurance was inconclusive. There is no dearth of material that emphasises that milk is a product loaded with cholesterol and fat, low in iron and there is little positive effect of its calcium on bones.

World-renowned health adviser to former US President Bill Clinton, Dr John McDougall, calls milk “liquid meat”. Dr Benjamin Spock, a leading authority on childcare, had opined that milk could cause anaemia and allergies in infants. Milk with too much Vitamin D can be toxic. Individuals, who lack enzymes that digest milk, develop gastro-intestinal disturbances.

As long as the contamination of milk with pesticides, drugs, hormones and germs continues at the present pace, any talk of wholesomeness of milk is a sham.

A fact-finding committee of eminent experts and physicians of India needs to review the latest findings on the nutritious value of milk and milk products. If in the opinion of the committee the reports are of any significance to the public, these must be circulated widely among the common people.


Honour killings

The editorial “Murder for ‘honour’ ” (July 30) was pertinent and rightly pointed out that suitable changes in the Special Marriage Act must be incorporated. At the same time, individual choices have to be respected. The younger generation, too, must be enlightened about moral values of life and society.

HARISH K. MONGA,  Ferozepur city

Shed arrogance

The article, “Justice, ego and arrogance” (July 29) by B G Verghese lucidly explained how vaingloriously we— be it as individuals or as a nation— indulge in shams and ostentatious behaviour. This is an unhealthy trend and impinges on the fair name of the nation. We must not forget that we are a part of millions of downtrodden, deprived and the underprivileged.

The need of the hour is to avoid wasteful expenditure in economic and social interest and create conditions congenial for building an egalitarian society where we could live with dignity, sense of pride, security, mutual love and peaceful co-existence. These are the fundamental principles of life that we have forgotten in mundane pursuit of material gains.


Combating anaemia

The editorial “Fighting anaemia” (July 28) prompts me to remark that healthy people absorb 5 to 10 per cent of dietary iron. The iron in spinach, too, is poorly absorbed. To win the war against anaemia, the simplest solution would be fortification of sugar with iron.


Couch potatoes

Children are getting addicted to the idiot box. Thus, they are not only exposed to unwanted programmes but also lose out on studies. Sustained exposure to the television can lead to behavioural problems, poor social skills and lack of sleep. Since all shows are not appropriate for children, parental guidance for television viewing is a must.


Good values

The middle “A perfect shot” (July 27) by J L Gupta was interesting and based on a truthful experience that could be the envy of any healthy society. I know a similar change in our society is not possible in my lifetime at least. However, I hope that the younger generation imbibes good values as referred to by the writer.

B M SINGH, Amritsar




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