Saving the dwindling population of tigers in India is a tough challenge. Government-aided programmes need active people participation to save this majestic big cat, writes Usha Rai
WITH forest cover shrinking, poaching for tiger skin, bones and body parts rampant, man/animal conflict still very high and Naxalism making it almost impossible to look after seven of the countryís 37 tiger reserves, will the tiger survive in India?
Tiger in political wilderness

Water babies of India
The concept of water birth in the country is catching on. It empowers women to take charge. The doctorís role is minimal. There is no induction, no pain or
medication. The birth is totally natural, reports Tripti Nath

Childbirth need not be associated with indescribable pain, insists Divya Deswal, a childbirth educator who works in a south Delhi hospital. The reason she says this so confidently is because, of late, she has helped deliver many a bundle of joy with the help of a rather unconventional but relatively painless methodówater birth.

Divine passion
A lot of people are buying spiritual jewellery items as they are entranced by
their mystic element. An assortment of Ganesha idols has been created,
and each has a story to tell, writes Banalata Bipani

Belief in religious jewellery dates back to the ancient times when men tattooed their bodies, wore amulets, or carried mascots and other items on their person to ward off evil influences, increase positive influences, and bring good luck.

Winsome Winchester
Popular for its architecture, the unique heritage city of Winchester is packed with historic buildings and museums. The resting place of Jane Austen, its tranquil countryside is an inspiration for many artists who still live here, writes Nivedita Choudhuri
N unspoilt cathedral city on the edge of the South Downs, Winchester is Englandís ancient capital and the former seat of King Alfred, the Great. Today, Winchester combines the best of city life with the freshness of the surrounding countryside. An hourís journey from London, this is England, as it ought to be and was once.

A phoenix called Madan Mohan
Almost 30 years after his death, composer Madan Mohanís music again came to life in 
Yash Chopraís Veer-Zaara and has not stopped making waves since then. M. L. Dhawan on the composerís latest album that features some of his rare songs
AS and when a tune struck Madan Mohan, he would record it with dummy words and preserve it for use in future. He left behind a huge treasure of thousands of unused tunes composed by him when he died on July 14, 1975.

ĎI donít believe in the supernaturalí
Ram Gopal Varma is back with his new film Agyaat. Rann ó his take on the Indian media is also awaiting release. The unconventional director in a tÍte-ŗ-tÍte with Ritesh Sharma
OU are back with yet another horror film, Agyaat
Well, I am back, as you said but Agyaat isnít just a horror film. Thereís more to it than just the fear factor. Itís rather an adventure thriller, with elements of horror, suspense, and, of course, there is a strong emotional undercurrent too.

Remembering Jatin Das
Satarupa Sanyalís The Immortal Martyr Jatin Das is a classic example of a biographical documentary, writes Shoma A. Chatterji
HOUGH several feature films and documentaries have been made on Bhagat Singh, few Indians even know the name of a close associate of Bhagat Singh who made explosives and handed them to Bhagat Singh for his revolutionary activities during Indiaís struggle for independence.


íArt & soul: Toast of Europe
by B. N. Goswamy

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HOLLYWOOD HUES: Confusion rules
by Ervell E. Menezes

Food talk: Noodle treat
by Pushpesh Pant

rights.htm Power boards liable for poor service
by Pushpa Girimaji

by David Bird

ULTA PULTA: Moment of lie
by Jaspal Bhatti


Islam in cyberspace
Ziauddin Sardar
By Gary R Bunt. Hurst.
Pages 358. £10.99.

Scientist looks at the Creator
Kuldip Dhiman
God is not Dead: What Quantum Physics Tells us About our Origins and How We Should Live
By Amit Goswami.
Pages 310. Rs 295.

Muddy bottom of democracy
Shalini Rawat
Comrade Sahib
By Rohit Handa.
Genesis Publishing.
Pages 267. Rs 175.

Riveting encounter with male psyche
Puneetinder Kaur Sidhu
HE first thought that came to mind after I finished reading Palash Krishna Mehrotraís collection of short stories was: Does man choose his environment or does environment choose the man? Having acquainted with the author, not very long ago, at his way-past-sell-by-date digs in a tony south Delhi locality, I would have imagined it was the former.

punjabi review
Unique personalities
B. S. Thaur
Meri Saunh
By Gulzar Singh Sandhu.
Lok Geet Parkashan.
Pages 240. Rs 200.

Selling ideas and images
Randeep Wadehra
Political Marketing In India
By Dr. Arun Kumar.
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Pages: xxi+397. Rs 1380.

Pakistan: Our Difficult Neighbour And Allied Issues
By Darshan Khullar.
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Pages: xi+111. Rs 280.

India That Is Bharat
By Som Ranchan.
Vrinda Publications.
Pages: 104. Rs 200.

The monk who inspired a hundred books 
Vishal Gulati
T is perhaps natural that the Dalai Lama, the exiled Tibetan leader who is revered as a spiritual guru, should inspire writers from all over the world. Despite there already being over 100 biographies and other books on the monk, writers continue to queue for an audience with him.

back of the book
The Fine Print Other Yarns
By Dinesh Verma.
UBS Publishers.
Pages 293. Rs 295.

Music of Menuhin
O musician embodied the musical spirit in its highest essence more than mystical violinist Yehudi Menuhin, be it breaking barriers and creating a concept of universal music or his fruitful relationship with artistes like sitarist Ravi Shankar among others, says a new book.

19-year-old hits best-seller list
Susan Carpenter
privileged life isnít always the same as a charmed life, but Isabel Kaplan is one of those rare people who lead both. Godchild of Carol Channing, daughter of well-connected University of Southern California professors Susan Estrich and Martin Kaplan, Kaplan is a Los Angeles native who, at 19, has already founded two non-profit organisations, interned at Glamour magazine and with US Rep.