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The Fine Print Other Yarns
By Dinesh Verma.
UBS Publishers.
Pages 293. Rs 295.

THE fine print and other yarns, a collection of nine stories of which seven are set in Paris of 1980s and 1990s and two in contemporary India, is like a kaleidoscope, each turn of which presents an eminently interesting and unforgettable character. Among them are:

Buddha Deb, for whom Impressionist painting has a strange fascination, who gets a rare opportunity, for just two days, to experience the bohemian life of artists in Paris.

Amitabh, known for his generosity and hospitality, gets so transformed within a few days of his arrival in Paris that he would put to shame a confirmed miser.

Dr Chopra, a widely traveled doctor who considers himself to be the last word on foreign travel, on his first visit to the city of fashion and romance.

Pieter Van Der Polder, Dutch student and amateur cook who gets into an amusing row with a Belgian girl.

These stories provide a keen insight into the mind of an average Indian abroad his resilience and adaptability.