Lure of lyrics
On his way to Dehradun for the Shailendra Samman Award; lyricist-cum-ad guru-cum-chairman of an MNC and a poet at heart, Prasoon Joshi talks about awards, accolades and aspirations…
Jigyasa Kapoor Chimra

What words are to letters, Prasoon Joshi is to poetry. Better known for his heart-rending lyrics in Taare Zameen Par, and others for Rang De Basanti, Delhi-6, Hum Tum, Ghajini and more, Prasoon is basically a poet at heart.

Exemplifying a rare breed of creativity which transcends the boundaries of a career he chose (MBA) and created a niche for himself in a vocation that was not planned, but sure came dil se. "What I chose was not an impossible dream. Poetry for me was always an essence of life; I took respite in verses. And before fame clicked, I already had a book Main aur Woh to my credit."

Seventeen years of age at that time, he says, "I wrote two more books on poetry, but realised people were not reading poetry, so found another medium, lyrics, to reach the masses." And we must say, he's bang on target.

Talking about the youth and their interest in poetry, he says, "Poets in our country have always been respected, but with changing time one has to find a different medium to reach out to the people. One has to accept that no one has time to sit and read these days and youngsters are not interested in poetry. The format of consumption has changed, so one has to change with the changing times. And being a poet, I believe lyrics and advertisements have become a powerful art form and music the vehicle to carry forward the passion."

On writing for Bollywood, he says, "Every movie is different, one has to keep in mind what kind of movie are you writing the lyrics for. If it is a hardcore commercial movie, an unnecessary thought process is not needed. For Ghajini one needed simple and romantic numbers that people could hum, but on the other hand, Taare Zameen Par needed lyrics that could sensitise parents towards children, so I had to work accordingly. And I am sure, people would remember the lyrics of TZP even in the next 25 years."

From lyrics to advertisement. His most widely known campaign, Thanda Matlab Coca Cola took him to a new horizon and got the prestigious Golden Lion Award for the same. How does one go about making an ad? "Every product is designed for a consumer, so the end user's preference is kept in mind. For the Coke ad, refreshment was on my mind and in India, we always call a cold drink as thanda, so it struck a chord—Thanda Matlab Coca Cola. Since people related to it, it became an instant hit."

Back to his first love—poetry and lyrics, which has been the most satisfying work so far? "Writing for Delhi-6 has given me immense satisfaction. This is one album that captures all moods, from romantic to religious, it had lyrics for a hip-hop song and folk too."

His upcoming projects? "I hope to finish a book by this year-end and other than that, I am looking forward to London Dreams, as this happens to be my first movie with Salman."

Versatile, Prasoon has number of awards to his credit, including the Young Global Leader 2006 by the Forum of Young Global Leaders in the year 2006, in 2008 he was invited as the Cannes Jury Chairman and in 2009, he was named amongst the exclusive 10-member Cannes Titanium & Integrated Jury 2009 at the Cannes Lions International Advertising Festival 2009.

On his way to receive the Shailendra Samman Award in Dehradun, we ask how does it feel. "More than an award this is a respectable thing for me, as people like Gulzar ji have bagged this award." The other reason that he has made to the awards is, "I am very much attached to the mountains, I was born in Almora. I still remember my childhood days, walking long distances into the forest and enjoying the cool winds. Many such memories are attached to these places that I can never forget all my life and it pulls me back to the hills."

Out of the woods
Post-Iss Jungle Se..., Shweta Tewari gets talking of her reel roles
Manpriya Khurana

(L) Sarbjit Cheema and Shweta Tewari
(L) Sarbjit Cheema and Shweta Tewari

Look who's back? Back from the wilds and the woods, now you know what we mean! Shweta Tewari, dressed in dapper white suit, appears too tamed and too demure to have ever ventured out for adventure (Iss Jungle Se Mujhe Bachao) and now a Punjabi movie fits in her resume too. From the jungles to Punjab, detour personified! Talking of her latest film Apni Boli Apna Des, she smiles, "Whenever there's new work, everybody likes being given an opportunity to try something new. I was scared a lot initially. Because Punjabis have this image of being very particular about their language and customs and I thought to myself if anything went wrong, I would not be let out from the airport itself."

Looks like, post the apprehension, it's the appreciation, "But the entire crew supported me, encouraged me a lot," says the originally born-in-UP-brought up-in-Mumbai actor. She adds, "But I've always had lots of Punjabi friends, I feel very close and feel one with the culture." How did she overcome the huge language barrier? "There were a few words that needed to be pronounced the typical way, but then my team made sure that I learnt the language, so it was literally Apni Boli Apna, Des. The particularities were taken care of during dubbing."

Someone blurts out the inevitable, the Iss Jungle Se Mujhe Bachao stint. She says, "I actually got very claustrophobic there. I went there for adventure and not just to sit back and fight." As far as the audience is concerned, "They would rather like to sit and watch people holed up in a house. Somewhere even the audience needs to change its tastes." As of now, "Very soon, another reality show will be coming up and a soap is on the cards." Yes, you're right, she can't reveal much about it, so it's "thank you" for now.

For the love of land
Ravinder Peepat says, Apni Boli Apna Des is a movie on and for Punjabi’s

It's a film about 'people of the land,' about a 'son of the soil' and about 'struggles to salvage the pride of the family.' Don't be mistaken guys! That's where the 'typicality' ends. We're talking of Apni Boli Apna Des that very recently saw worldwide release spanning 11-12 countries.

And as Sarabjit Cheema, the co-producer, singer-actor and lyricist of the film, adds, "The film's received a great response everywhere including the towns Jallandhar, Patiala and Ludhiana." In city, along with the entire crew for the promotion, he says, "It's a movie on what Punjabi culture is all about. The language and where all have Punjabis reached." On nine out of nine Punjabi films substantially or tangentially bordering on NRI themes, the director Ravinder Peepat says, "People who are living outside would like to see their place, where they came from and the next generation too wants to see the characters to acquaint themselves. Plus having themes based on Punjabi Diaspora, is for the economy and returns but not just for the heck of it." Apni Boli Apna Des, the title's obvious and understood. "The title's justified and moreover the movie's a complete package. Of course, today's films are going to be superior technologically but a movie is much more than about technological prowess. It's about dialogues, scenes, actions," he says. As for the movie, it was made with a budget of made on approx six crore.

Cut to Sarabjit Cheema and compare with some of his previous works, he says, "Artists don't have much say in the location, production and other things. But this has been under our home production." For now he's doing, "Another film with Ravinder Peepat, of which we have already completed ten to eleven days of shoot." He adds, "The subject of that film is very different from this one." We'll have to wait to see that! — Manpriya Khurana

Verses meet visuals
In town for the launch of a poetry book, Imroze talks of aesthetics and art education

Many diverse influences, that of a social counsellor, management specialist, sitarist and radio TV broadcaster, meet in the persona of Bittu Sandhu. Now, yet another aspect of her versatility, a prolific poet, has surfaced with the launch of her maiden Hindi poetry book titled, Safina, released on Saturday at a function at the CII, graced by the painting legend Imroze and star actor-singer Gurdas Mann.

Excited and enthused, Bittu shared her views on her new endeavour, with special reference to her impassioned poems, some deeply characterized by serious thought, that normally does not conform to her ebullient mood. " Like any poet, I too have been inspired by the life's elementary experiences, its recurrent joys, as well as its woes and mysterious denials," she says with a feel of concern. In the deeper recesses of the mind lies the intuitive feeling for those who lost their parents early in life and those fighting oppression in society and the agony of incurable diseases. "The sale proceedings of this book will go to the Rani Breast Cancer Trust, which we run for the poor patients and distressed people I come across as a social counselllor," she says.

On her poetic journey, Bittu, as she is affectionately called, her real name being Gursharan Kaur, said that she had been sculpting poetry from her childhood. Due to other family engagements and paucity of time, this book had taken nine years to reach the readers hands, that too owing to the generosity and guidance of the great painting stalwart Imroze, who has embellished the book with incredible illustrations.

Adored by amateurs, connoisseurs, critics and the elite, the Imroze, in the city for the release, lauded the intellectual and imaginative vigour with which Bittu had articulated the poems in a suitable paradigm of words, without coining cumbersome phrases. "Poems are a spontaneous overflow of her powerful feelings and impassioned outburst of emotions, with a rich and varied thought content, as I have observed while sketching illustrations for each poem," said Imroze.

Originally named Inderjit Singh, Imroze was born on January 26, 1926, at Chakk -36, near Lyalpur Pakistan, and studied at the Mayo Arts School-Lahore later. The painting icon-turned-poet, Imroze, the celebrated life and art partner of legendary poet Amrita Pritam, laments the state of affairs in every realm of art education due to rampant corruption all around. We need to respect the child at school and at home. We are used to eulogizing invaders like Alexander with the epithet of 'Great', who just won battles to prove his prominence and did nothing for mankind. Many such " Greats" occupy prized positions even today,"

On the recognition of artists, he shared that Amrita was a college dropout and her books were prescribed for MA classes, but she could not get a government job. "Such is the situation of many talented artists in India and will continue to be so," he added.

Art uploaded
Tribune News Service

Everyone's invited, who's who turned up! It was the launch of Chandigarh Lalit Kala Akademi's website at State Library-34, and the art fraternity showed up to cheer up.

Dr. B. N. Goswami joked, taking to the dais, said, "A few years ago if someone had asked me what is a laptop? I would have said something totally different." Bringing home the point, the importance rather indispensability of technology.

Don't they say, you can put technology into art but can't take art out of technology! The background of hues in grey, the soft subtle home page, the icons, effortlessly point to the website being that of Chandigarh's academy of art. We spotted Neelam Man Singh, Shiv Singh, Ravinder Sharma, V. N. Singh and an enthusiastic bunch of students clicking endlessly from every angle.

Diwan Manna, eminent artist himself, host for the event, said, "One of the idea for having the online thing is to be able to generate funds. We all know no Government supported art sufficient enough. Also to be able to sell works through this platform as well." Perhaps, he was talking of the huge Public Donations/ Sponsorship icon. He continues, "Given his standing, Nek Chand is the first featured artist of website." The artists' directory gives an almost exhaustive list and further details of each artist's works. Moving on, there's scholarships, memorabilia, workshops, exhibitions, collection each an icon in itself. In short a complete platform for art lovers, artists to come in contact, get in touch, join the community, get updates, interact. What's more? Well, you can visit

Dressing decor
Dressing tables have adapted to suit the changing needs of space and style
Jigyasa Kapoor Chimra

Nothing quite adds to that refreshing air of beauty to a home than a quality dressing table or a chic dressing area. Adding charm and class to your home, mirrors are perfect for dressing up a room. And with a variety of dazzling contemporary, sleek and antique designs available, we ask the designers and furniture showroom owners about the latest trend. “With space becoming less and people conscious of what they want, it’s time for sleek and compact dressing tables,” says Nikhil from Spazio-34. He adds, “People these days prefer delicate looking furniture and when it comes to dressing tables, the smaller the better.” What about designs? “Here also size matters, one wants a piece that occupies less of space but is great to look at. In general people are picking pieces that have big mirror and a few drawers.” Any colour prefrence, “Yes, there is. Gone are the days when we had only one colour these days one can experiment with varied hues, but walnut is the preferred colour these days.”

Well, that was about dressing tables, but what about the dressing area? Shikha from design Astelier-17 says , “Dressing area is much popular these days as people don’t want dressing tables in the bedroom. And when it comes to design of the area, it has to be simple and functional. More space for wardrobes and utility area is needed, as people don’t want to shuffle clothes with every season. And for the dressers, straight lines and big mirrors are wanted. Carving and over jazzy dressing area is out of fashion.” What about colours do we see a mélange of hues, “No, bright hues are out of fashion, people are preferring dark brown and black tones,” says Shikha.

Talking about utilisation of space, elegance and style, Sudeep, manager, Durian-7, says, “One has to keep in mind a lot of things before purchasing a piece of furniture. And when it comes to a thing that helps you dress up, choices are galore but people have their own preferences. In general space is the first consideration when people come to pick a dressing table. Likewise they like sleek and contemporary looking dressing table, but then these things are lot dependent on personal choice also.”

Talking about personal preference, we also ask the consumer about their choice. Shruti Goel, a homemaker from sector-37, who was shopping for furniture in sector 34 Furniture market says, “We have been recently married and looking for furniture that is durable, easy on the pocket and great to look at.” Ask her what is the first thing that she bought for her house and she says, “Beds, sofa and dressing table is the first of few things that we picked up.” Well that was for the first choice, what about the dressing table. “Keeping the space in mind we wanted a dresser that had some storage space also, so we choose a dressing table that has some storage space in the back and mirror in the front. It is flat on the front with no table-top so it can be fixed on the wall leaving space to keep something underneath.” Well that’s some utlisation of space.

Drive away dampness
Here’s some help for leaking, dripping and wet walls in the rainy days
Monita Gautam

Though not in its usual fury, but the monsoon season has been here. And in this weather, buildings reveal defects and limitations that are not usually visible on sunny days. Leakage, seepage in roofs and walls and flooding of floors are some common problems. If the first spell of rain has led to any of the above said problems, you need not wait till the rains are over to correct these.

All architects seem to have a common opinion that it is imperative to ensure proper plumbing and water proofing at the stage of construction. According to arch. Shuchita Luthra, most contractors have no knowledge about the proper cement, sand mix, which leads to cracks in the buildings due to weather changes. Due to fissures in brick masonry and concrete, bird droppings get clogged in these fissures and cracks, which leads to growth of saplings. If not taken out immediately and attended to, these can lead to severe cracking of building due to bursting pressure exerted by the growing roots.

Faulty pipes are another cause for leakages. In case of a breakage, it is better to change the pipes. It is important to clean mouth of rainwater pipes of vegetation and earth to avoid choking. Cracks and separation pipes should be sealed to prevent dampness. All electrical and water pipes should be covered at the rooftop to prevent clogging and seepage.

Another major cause of seepage is stagnant water at the terrace. Most of us don’t pay much attention to the maintenance of rooftops. Most of us cringe at time of construction when it comes to appointing plumbers, electricians and waterproofing agency. According to Deepika Gandhi, a lecturer at CCA, “It pays in the long run if one gets a water proofing agency. It not only ensures professional service at time of construction but also ensures proper and timely after sale services.” Bitumen used on terrace fails after 10-15 years, as does the concrete gola. It is best to use water sealants and tile the terraces suggests Gandhi. It is rather imperative to ensure proper drainage of water from terraces and bathrooms. For this determining the correct slope is critical. Water should not be allowed to stand.

Dpc failure is another cause for seepages and dampness in buildings. In such a case one should not go in for shortcuts as it can lead to weakening of the structure opines arch Shuchita Luthra. It is best to lay dpc again. Though a lengthy and costly affair, it is the best solution.

The causes are many. Dpc failure, capillary action in case of cracks, improper ascertainment of slope, bad structure, faulty plumbing and the solutions are not simple, but the first step is to determine the source or root of the problem. Mere repainting of walls or time saver techniques will only render the building weak.

In case of existing structures, after finding the cause of seepage/dampness, it should be repaired. Various chemical compounds are available in the market for the same. Water leakage and seepage on the walls, ceiling, bathrooms or basements which may require minor or serious repairs can be addressed during the rainy season by injection grouting system, crystalline system, water based epoxy coatings, silicone –based repellant coating and acrylic coatings. Injection grouting and crystalline systems are used for permanent waterproofing.

Better care during construction and extra vigil during maintenance are the only solutions to the problem, but the type of treatment required for the problem in hand can only be decided by the experts in the field. Leakage, seepage and dampness leads to deterioration of buildings, so timely action is necessary.

In case of existing structures, after finding the cause of seepage/dampness, it should be repaired. Various chemical compounds are available in the market. Only after the affected wall is treated, should it be repainted.

Green house

A well-furnished house with striking interiors is a dream for most people. The growing demand for such houses in Punjab presents a huge opportunity to those companies engaged in construction and interior designing. The Inside Outside Mega Show (IOMS) in Ludhiana that promoted green housing concepts, is the largest event on interior design, furniture and furnishings, building and construction industries.

At a panel discussion on Green Buildings in Ludhiana, the participants laid stress on popularising the concept of green buildings to protect the environment.

The stress was on making new buildings that have eco-friendly interiors, energy efficient windows, and harnessing solar energy among other things. Mahaesh Thakur, organiser, Inside Outside Expo said, “Green housing concept is one concept which I feel people like to bring in, energy efficiency into the houses like reducing consumption of power, having B-certified conditioners, refrigerators and television is a very good move by our government to increase the energy efficiency and since you know global warming has always been our main concern we are trying to put in our best efforts to bring in green building.” Mumbai-based ATCO was among the companies that displayed building materials and products for green buildings.

It introduced `Magic Grass; - artificial grass from Nurteks - Turkey in 2008, for the first time in India. It looks like grass, feels like grass and is their credo in landscaping. The lush green soft surface is not only eco-friendly but also often costs less then maintaining natural grass.

“Green house concept is gaining huge popularity because it adds the natural essence that is missing in our lives; means it gives natural feel in the green houses as one is living in natural environment,” Hemal Laheri, proprietor, ATCO.

For people in Punjab, the expo was an opportunity to explore new ideas and products for home interiors.

Products made of natural stone caught the fancy of visitors. Rajasthan based Dimex Granites Pvt Ltd, displayed their products for the first time for the domestic market. — ANI

Matka chowk
Trouble in paradise
Sreedhara Bhasin

There was a unique problem that faced us last week. Some sectors of the city had a smelly week. Apparently, the garbage disposal plant was malfunctioning.  Newspapers ran stories on the details. Engineers were dispatched to solve the smelly problem. Blames were duly assigned to parties involved and everyone breathed a big sigh of relief when the smell abated. 

I wish many of our problems would have such a simple and prompt remedy, for example, the street dogs. They are multiplying by the dozens and gnawing at the feet of scooterists and cyclists. The image of gnarled street dogs leaping up at ankles might be a classis Ben Stiller moment, unfortunately it is not funny for the ones whose ankles are exposed. I for one, do not like street dogs and particularly don’t like street dogs that follow me or tug at my pockets in search of snacks. I see people who feed these hungry dogs in parking lots. Their kindness, I am sure is earning them merits somewhere, hopefully from heavens above. I have no dispute with that. But, why do it in a public place? It only turns these poor creatures into beggars and eventual menace. The Chandigarh authorities are building the proposed pounds with alacrity, so acute has become the problem. I am afraid some of these well-fed dogs who have now taken to demanding food from the humans will end up there.

The worst summer is almost over, I hope. Now that the government is trying to stop power theft, remote recording of power meters has been proposed. It is a splendid idea. However, the ingenuity of the power thieves will surely win over this technical remedy and we will end up with load shedding and eat refrozen ice-cream and kebabs.

Everyone is discussing Mr. Sibal’s gutsy new formula for education. Without going into the merits or demerits of what is about to come, it seems incredible to me that the children who bear the brunt of our education policy have very little say over anything. They follow curriculums that are devised by a ministry when one political party is at the helm and submit to further revisions or drastic changes initiated by another ministry when the political wind shifts. They carry enormous bags full of hard-bound books and notebooks, for which of course, the book stores charge extra and wear uniforms often most unsuitable for tropical weather. They labour under a system ruled by adults, archaic institutions and impending competition that will eventually make them or break them. They deserve all the credit for coming out shining and unscathed. 

However, if September is here, winter cannot be far. We can forget the doom and gloom when the bahunias return and the winter birds start landing on the water in a neat row. Life will go on, whether it smells good or bad.

Bride's made
Miss India Universe-08, Simran Kaur Mundi spells this seasons bridal trends
Tribune News Service

Who else could have guided us better on the trousseau trends than the Miss India Universe, Simran Kaur Mundi, 08, who obliged us at the CTC Plaza, Panchkula. Well, she knows it all after walking down the ramp at all the fashion weeks in India and the recent Dubai Fashion Week. "Trousseau is always an important collection at these fashion weeks," says Simran. So here comes the basic guide on the bridal wear on the eve of Bridal Show-09, an exhibition that will have on display jewellery and clothes from various leading designer houses. "Lots of bling, heavy embroidery, other than the clichéd reds and maroons, the colours would be green, golden and creamy whites," adds Simran. Quite basic indeed!

Simran Kaur Mundi showcases a lehenga that costs Rs seven lakhs.
Simran Kaur Mundi showcases a lehenga that costs Rs seven lakhs.

The designing part is then explained on the basis of ramp experience, "A fusion of Indian-western wear would be preferred to the usual silhouettes. For example a lehenga stitched in a gown style, with a tail at the bottom." Well, the most practical advice from her comes for the jewellery segment, "Buy as your pockets allows. It depends more on your budget than choice."

Simran has some grand plans for her wedding too. The tentative wear would be, "A very Punjabi outfit, bright pink in colour and heavily embroidered."

The one-day exhibition would reassure the belief that recession is finally recoiling. The exhibition would target the affluent segment of the tricity and the only reason why entry to the exhibition is only by invite. The cost of bridal collection at the bridal studio here would range from Rs one to Rs seven lakhs. The 27-carat solitaire would be showcased here too. Also one has the opportunity to own a chartered helicopter. So is somebody going to become the first from the city to own a charter?

Aa ab laut chale
After SRK episode, Salman Khan cancels his US trip
Lalit K Jha

Learning lessons from Shahrukh Khan episode, Bollywood star Salman Khan has cancelled his upcoming trip to New York to promote his latest movie Wanted, besides participating in the auction of his personal paintings to raise funds for his charity.

Organisers and promoters associated with the event cited Shahrukh Khan's episode at Newark Airport early this month, where he was questioned by immigration officials and taken for a second screening, as a major reason for Salman to cancel his New York trip scheduled in early September.

The event was scheduled for September 3 in New York.

The promoters were also in talks with local organisers in cities like Chicago, Houston and Dallas for his other events.

"However, after the Shahrukh Khan event, Salman informed us that he would not like to take the risk of coming to the US at this point," an informed source involved with the planning and organising the September 3 event said. — PTI

Tarot talk
P Khurrana

ARIES: "The Hermit" card reveals business and professional affairs may take a backseat; however, you should try to devote your attention to your career goals. Hard work and diligence would never let you down. Investments should be reviewed and some of you could consider investing in real estate. Wednesday would be beneficial for most of you this week. Lucky colour: Creamy white. Tip of the week: Focus on your goals and don't let temporary setbacks affect you.

TAURUS: The card "Strength" says most of you would have to depend on the decisions of other people. Work would be relatively routine, however finances would start to stabilise and you would probably, have to invest more aggressively. Pay special attention to your kidneys and take up a regular exercise routine. Lucky colour: Rainbow pastels. Tip: Overindulgence in food as well as alcohol may lead to health problems, so try and strike a balance.

GEMINI: "The Prince of Cups" says this week, you would be able to express what you want from your self, others and from life. Your ability to articulate your needs wants and wishes would be heightened and give you an extra edge. You can easily plan a holiday and even, decide on doing something new or adventurous. Lucky colour: White. Tip: Take things one at a time instead of a pronged.

CANCER: "The Knight of Wands" reveals this is a week that would herald change and newness into your life. There would be an increase in love and affection you receive from the people around you and there would also be an increase in your energy and enthusiasm. You would be willing to take on new responsibilities and challenges and would be able to give your best. Lucky colour: Purple. Tip: Learn from your past experience.

LEO: "The Chariot" indicates that most of your money concerns would be resolved favorably and loans, debts and credits would all fall into place. Focus on your career growth and don't waste time indulging in useless gossip. Investments made in the past would bring good returns. Lucky colour: Earthy brown. Tip: Try to get rid of negative feelings through love.

VIRGO: This would be a good week to deal with both professional and a personal goal says "The Moon" card. Your inherent charisma, energy levels and good temperament would make you popular and well liked by friends and acquaintances. For those of you who are unattached this would be a good time to find someone special. Lucky colour: Brown. Tip: You need to act for yourself and for no one else.

LIBRA: "The princes of Wands" predicts there may be some changes at work and some of you may also, travel for work purposes. Businessmen should deal with labor issues with tact and wisdom while politicians may have to deal with vague feedback. In your personal life, some of you may feel inclined towards religion, spiritualism or philosophy. Lucky colour: Bottle green. Tip: Allow a sick situation blow over before you start a new project.

SCORPIO: "The Knight of Swords" instigates you to be active and clever. The atmosphere at work would be pleasant and your peers would be co-operative. Students should work hard. Those of you looking for jobs would receive good offers while those in politics and sports would do very well. Singles may receive good marriage proposals while married Scorpions will spend time with family and even, travel together. Lucky colour: Red. Tip: Don't do anything at the cost of health.

SAGITTARIUS: "The Lovers" inspire you with love and creativity. Professional problems and challenges may take up your time and energy this week. The situation at home would be peaceful and relaxing, giving you a chance to unwind and de-stress. Money matters may create some tension, however, it would be resolved soon, especially, if you start spending less. Lucky colour: Silver grey. Tip: You may have to treat people with lot of charity.

CAPRICORN: "The Hanged Man" says how well you do professionally and personally would largely be determined by your ability to convince others about your potential and this week, you would be doing just that. Most of you would also, be appreciated for everything that you've done so far and this would motivate you to do even better. At home and at work, you would have a good idea of what others need and by providing it you would win yourself another admirer. Lucky colour: Peacock green. Tip: Be patient and observant and the rewards would surely follow.

AQUARIUS: "Two of Pentacles" says the highlight of the week would be business, trade and chances to grow and flourish in the professional field. Some of you may have to stand up for your values and beliefs and defend them with strength and wisdom. Lucky colour: Ruby red. Tip: Avoid undue splurging and put aside money for the upcoming months.

PISCES: You draw "Seven of Swords" this week, you may find that your income would fall short of the expenditure; however, you would be able to cope with it easily. In relationships, there would be much variety and warmth, giving you a sense of security as well as excitement. At work, rivalry and office politics would have to be dealt with and also, you may have to make some crucial decisions. Matters relating to law would be decided in your favor. Lucky colour: Bottle green. Tip: Avoid the tendency to criticise others.

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