Our kids are the smartest ever
Roopinder Singh
Grown Up Digital: How the Net Generation
is Changing Your World
By Don Tapscott.
Tata McGraw-Hill. Pages 368. Rs 595.

UST replace ‘our’ in the headline with ‘my’ and you will have every parent agreeing to your statement, even as they despair about the fragmented attention spans, horrible music that they listen to and the inordinate time that they spend on digital devices—net books, cell phones, play stations and computers—that seem to become extra digits on their fingers.

Teasing and tender tales
HAT happens when "plain Jane" Paolomi next door armed with a volume of Persepolis 2 meets Bollywood superstar Sartaj Khan, the man of her dreams, on the sets of a publicity still? She binges at the studio lunch, munches chocolates, dozes off on a corner seat and dreams that she has been transported back in time to 1977 to a government guest house used by former Prime Minister Indira Gandhi on the Andaman and Nicobar Islands with Sartaj Khan for company — a year after the Emergency.

A unique journey
Ravia Gupta
Don’t Ask Any Old Bloke for Directions
By P.G. Tenzing.
Penguin Books.
Pages 218. Rs 250.
AT the ripe age of 43, P.G. Tenzing decides to leave the Indian Administrative Service for an idea that he was living for almost a decade to travel, to wander alone on Indian roads for a year.

The literary voice of Anne Frank
Francine Prose
writer’s voice is something readers instinctively respond to but don’t pay much attention to unless they also happen to be writers. Voice is what makes Hemingway sound like Hemingway and why, after a few sentences, we can tell the work of Alice Munro from that of Flannery O’Connor.

From despair to hope
Laxmi Kant Verma
That Hardly Happens to Someone!
By Rajesh Singh.
Diamond Pocket Books.
Pages 240. Rs 100.
LOVE is one of the wonderful feelings created by God in human beings. While each one of us wants to experience this vibrant feeling, the nature of love can vary from person to person—it may be person’s love for family, friends, career, sports, music, etc.

A rejoinder
Functioning of Panchayati Raj
HIS refers to M. Rajivlochan’s review of our book Functioning of Panchayati Raj Institutions: Status, Issues and Options (The Tribune, Spectrum, September 27, 2009). While the reviewer is entitled to his views, there are certain things we wish to point out.

Islam as template for diplomacy
Randeep Wadehra
Islamic fundamentalism, Pakistan and the Muslim World
By Surendra Chopra & Kusum Lata Chadda. Kanishka.
Pages vii+384. Rs 995.

By Kiran Chopra.
Hind Pocket Books.
Pages 240. Rs 195.

Dalai Lama: A Study
By Som Ranchan.
Indian Publishers’ Distributors.
Pages 108. Rs 395.