L U D H I A N A   S T O R I E S


Fire in Dugri Road outlet 
Goods worth Rs 25 lakh reduced to ashes
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, October 16
Material worth Rs 25 lakh was gutted when a departmental store caught fire at Dugri Road in the wee hours today, reducing all stored good to ashes.

The three-storey Jolly Departmental Store caught fire at 3.30 am allegedly due to loose electric wires hanging from an electric pole in front of the outlet.

Neighbours informed the owner, Daljit Singh, who had left the shop only two hours before. As the outlet was storing inflammable products like cannisters of ghee, the fire spread like anything and gutted all three storeys within a few minutes only.

Firemen reached the spot. It took seven fire tenders for fire fighters to douse the flames. The fire seemed to be uncontrollable.

Daljit Singh said he had fully stocked his store due to Diwali and was in the shop till 1.30 am. He had witnessed a sparking in the loose wires and had complained to the Punjab State Electricity Board about it.

Despite waiting till 1:30 am, Daljit left the shop thinking no team would turn up. ‘‘I was just gone to sleep when the phone rang. I knew it was a fire alarm as I was already anticipating a danger due to the sparking. Had they listened to my complaint, my goods worth lakhs would have been spared. Everything has been ruined from interiors of store to all goods stored inside, ’’ said Daljit.

A fire officer said the shop owner was storing at least 150 cannisters of ghee. Whenever they were trying to douse flames, one cannister or the other was catching fire.

‘‘It gave a us a real tough time. At one point of time, it seemed that the entire market would be gutted as the ghee was melting and catching fire. But we managed to control it in time, ’’ said the fire fighter. 


Cops, fire dept on toes
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, October 16
While everyone is enjoying the festival spirit, two departments remain on toes to counter any eventuality on Diwali. Cops and fire fighters have been told to stay on high alert in the wake of Diwali.

Beside providing security, the city police is busy keeping a tab on gamblers too. City SSP SS Gill has directed all SHOs to stay on high alter till Sunday morning.

On the other hand, the fire department has requested industrialists not to keep any inflammable item in open and switch off the electricity connection before locking the industrial unit on Diwali.

The fire department has also appealed to the people to take precautions while burning crackers. It has been seen that the burning of rockets and other such firecrackers have resulted in fire incident on Diwali.

A fire office said, "It has been more than 10 years since I have celebrated this day. My children always complain to me that I do not celebrate Diwali with them but if I cannot make them understand as how important to be on the job. A minute delay in a fire incident can result in tragedy."



Password eludes traders as VAT return date nearing
Manav Ghuman
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, October 16
With the last date for the e-filing of the quarterly VAT return approaching near, traders are in a fury as they have not received the passwords required for the e-filing of the return. The Income Tax Department has failed to issue the mandatory passwords to the traders while the last date for the filing of the VAT return is October 20.

e-filing has been made mandatory for those traders who are trading outside Punjab. While VAT e-filing is also compulsory for those traders whose annual turnover is above 5 crore.

The traders are provided with a password by the department so that they can create an account and file their return. Manjinder Singh, a trader, complaining that while the last date for the filing of VAT return is October 20, he has not received his password till date. With two holidays also approaching near, a few days will be left for the filing of the return, he added.

Sources in the department revealed that they were facing some technical problem in the systems due to which they were not able to provide the passwords to the traders. "We will try to provide the passwords within the next two days," said the source.

Another traders Vikas Gupta saidthey were facing a lot of problems in e-filing. "On the one hand, we are facing technical problem in e-filing as we are not adapt with the system, on the other hand the department has not provided us with the passwords, which are necessary for the filing," said he.

Satish Aggarwal, president of the Taxation Adviser Association, said the association felt that the last date for the VAT return should be extended to March 31.

While Jatinder Khurana, press secretary, adding that e-filing should not be made mandatory as the traders were facing many practical problems. "Many traders are not accustomed to computers and do not have the required infrastructure due which they are facing many problems. In addition to this, it takes lots of time to upload the form the filing of the VAT return," he added.

e-filing has been made mandatory for those traders who are trading outside Punjab



Conman netted for duping jobless youth
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, October 16
The police today nabbed a man, who had reportedly duped hundreds of unemployed youth of over Rs 20 lakh on the pretext of giving them jobs at the PSEB and BSNL.

The accused, Sandeep Singh, who had been on the run for the past eight months, was nabbed by the police from Harkirshan Nagar here today.

The division No. 5 police booked him in February following complaints of the youth, who were duped on the pretext of getting jobs in the government-run departments.

According to the police, Sandeep Singh, who was running a consultancy agency in Model Gram, along with his accomplice Kashav Kumar, took Rs 5,000 to Rs 7,000 each from 400 unemployed men and women and assured them job in the PSEB and the BSNL.

According to the police, during the interrogation, Sandeep admitted to have duped many innocent people on the pretext of giving them job.



Ludhianvis put up front against China
Call to shun Chinese items in protest against intrusion by their army
Mohit Khanna
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, October 16
Intrusion by the Chinese army along the border and latest remarks against India by top Chinese officials have evoked a strong response from many Ludhianvis, who have decided to shun Chinese items on Diwali.

Chinese products are invading the market and a number of people have decided not to buy the stuff following Gandhigiri.

People belonging to various walks of life told The Tribune that it was the first step towards a blow to Chinese economy.

"Mahatma Gandhi has shown us how to protest by opting non-violent means. Like Gandhi discarded British clothes to give the English an economic blow, I have also decided not to buy any Chinese material to protest the Chinese intrusion on the Line of Actual Control (LAC)," said Amit Behal, a businessman.

On the other hand, some traders have also launched an anti-China campaign. To launch their protest, they are not selling any Chinese item on their stalls.

Rajiv Gagat, who deals is earthen pots and traditional candles and other ethnic material, has not given a single inch of space to the Chinese material. He says, "They (Chinese) at one hand ars flexing muscle by occupying our land and on the other hand we are selling their products. This is not acceptable. I made a promise that I would not put Chinese itmes on display at my shop."

Some firecracker dealers have also refused to sell Chinese crackers on Diwali.

Ashwani Kumar, who is running a cracker stall in Dugri, said, "I am not going to sell Chinese crackers as these not only cause more pollution as compare Indian crackers, but also are affecting hundreds of people who are solely dependent on cracker manufacturing business."

Gaurav Gupta, a resident of Civil Lines, hold similar views. Shunning Chinese crackers, he said, "Why should I use Chinese crackers, so that Chinese army gets more stronger and they sit over our head. This Diwali I am going to take a pledge that I will not use Chinese products. I do not want to feed them with my hard-earnd money."



Festival of lights with special kids
Anshu Seth
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, October 16
Bursting of every cracker invited non-stop clapping, dazzling smiles and cheer among special children, as they celebrated Diwali on the premises of Ek Prayas, Aashirwad, Nirdosh and various other institutions for children with physical and mental disabilities.

From ceremonial lamp lighting, Laxmi pooja to fireworks and sweetmeat distribution every occasion was marked special.

These children born with cerebral palsy, mental retardation, autism and multiple disabilities have set an example of "self-reliance" as is evident from their endless endeavours that include paper crafts, diya and candle making, wall hangings, kitchen napkins, bed sheets and various other decorative objects.

Packed with precision, these gifts items varying between Rs 30 and Rs 200 have become "favourite buys" for Diwali for some city philanthropists.

Ek Prayas and Nirdosh School have been elemental in promoting the cause of "environment health" as the faculty has successfully taught these special children to make simple and colourful paper bags that can rightly be termed as "eco-friendly" means of generating funds.

These children are not only good craftsmen but also good salesmen, as they have sold large number of carry bags, paper envelopes, folders during Diwali exhibitions organised in the city. Interestingly, a large number of shopkeepers across the city have become regular promoters of their products, as they are giving 100 per cent profit to these organisations without taking any commission.

A philanthropist while voicing her opinion on the "entrepreneurship" that can be encouraged by these skilled special children in the city said, "Ludhiana being the mentor of so many entrepreneurs is just the right place to create employment for people with disabilities. The initiative has to be taken by someone from the city as was promised by LMA member Prem Kumar at recently organised regional meet for parents of children with disabilities," she added.



Diwali, not so bright for them
Shivani Bhakoo
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, October 16
Diwali, the festival of lights, certainly will not bring brightness and happiness in the lives of those old-age home inmates, whose families have abandoned them in the dusk of their lives.

For them, Diwali means recollecting old memories, when celebrations used to be grand in the company of children/grandchildren. But now, celebrations are within fourwalls of old-age homes in the company of similar people, abandoned by the near and dear ones.

Many of them still do not want to be identified as this may bring bad name to the children. “I have no regrets. I was destined to be here. It is nobody’s fault. It was a big family, they could not bear my expenses. On Diwali, I pray to God for their well-being. They do visit me sometimes, but not every Diwali. I hope they will come this time”, said Savita Devi, (name changed), a septuagenarian at the Nishkam Sewa Ashram here.

Another octogenarian Rajinder Singh (not real name), an inmate of the Swami Vivekanand Ashram, here said one could enjoy festivals in the company of children/grandchildren. “I remember when children used to light up the house with candles and diyas. Whole family celebrated the festival with happiness. But time changed and children considered me as burden. Ultimately, I was landed here a few years back”, he said.

For Purvi Devi, his paralytic stroke became a curse. “As I had no child, we adopted a daughter. After the death of my husband, I got a paralytic stroke. I became bed-ridden. My daughter left me to my relatives, who looked after me for 4-5 years. But when I started moving, I realised that I should move to some old-age home. The relatives resisted but I came to the old-age home. I belong to Dharamsala but I celebrate the festival with the relatives in Ludhiana”, said Purvi Devi, further adding that their “home” was also decorated with flowers, diyas and candles on Diwali. “It is home away from home”, she said while tears rolled down her cheeks.



Diwali gift: MC beautifies only dy speaker’s park
Jyotika Sood
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, October 16
At a time when hundreds of public parks in the city are in a shambles, it seems that a park in front of Punjab deputy speaker Satpal Gosain’s residence is of more importance for the Municipal Corporation.

Though MC's "Diwali Gift" to the speaker has been deferred due to postponement of F&CC meeting due to some personal commitments of the Mayor, one fails to understand as to why this money is not being spent on parks that are in a mess.

According to information, item number 27 of the F&CC agenda circulated Rs 22,300 for supply and fixing dome in the park in front of Gosain's residence.

This amount may appear too small to the MC officials, but what about so many parks in the city that have either become a victim of encroachments or are lying abandoned.

When Punjab deputy speaker Satpal Gosain was asked about it, he answered, "I had just asked the MC officials to beautify the park so that people could come and enjoy a walk and environment. I have no idea of what they will do to beautify it."

Interestingly, the LMC has not been taking enough initiatives for development of public parks and out of total 773 parks in the city, only 500 are maintained and that too due to support of residents through the Park Management Committees.

Objecting to beautification of the park, eco-activist SS Channa asked, "Why parks in front of residences of politicians and officials be maintained and not the public. We are paying taxes and its civic body's duty to keep masses at priority rather than their political bosses."

“There are hundreds of park crying for development and the money could be easily used for buying plants and can at least make one park look green,” suggested the eco-activist.



Residents pledge green Diwali
Manav Ghuman
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, October 16
Green Diwali is what a majority of residents intend this year. Majority of youngsters have also decided that their Diwali will be green and eco-friendly this year. Gifting green plants and fresh flowers is yet another idea that has clicked the crème of the society.

Florist shops are all flooded with orders for the festival. Apart from decorating their own houses with flowers on Diwali, people are also buying flowers as greetings.

Technocare Nursery has specially introduced two new varieties for this Diwali. " A lot of people are coming to buy plants this year. Bonsai plants and orchids are the two varieties that we have introduced for the festival," said Nilam Kapoor, director of the nursery.

Nicely wrapped green plants depict thoughtfulness of the one who gifts them. “Global warming is a major challenge before us. Festivals and special occasions like birthdays and anniversaries are the best time to gift new life in the form of plants, which in turn can help combating global warming apart from air pollution," adds Shipra, a city resident.

Apart from fresh flowers and plants, bamboo streaks are hit among people this year. “Bamboo streaks bring prosperity and happiness and a lot of people are buying bamboo streaks not only for themselves but also for their relatives," adds Pardeep Kumar, a florist.

While youngsters have also pledged for a safe and eco-friendly Diwali. Gurnoor has decided not to go in for loud crackers. "No rockets and bombs and other crackers that emit smoke. I have decided to burn only a few crackers as a mark of tradition," she adds. Keeping the power cuts in mind, Gurnoor has decided to do away with decorative lights. 



Hospitals gear up for Diwali 
Anshu Seth
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, October 16
City hospitals have geared up to provide emergency treatment to people in case of fire incidents or individual burn injuries.

Dr Sanjeev Uppal, in charge of emergency at the Dayanand Medical College and Hospital (DMCH), stated that the hospital received an average of 40 patients with face and hand burn injuries every year on Diwali, out of which three or four patients had to be admitted to the hospital. "Majority of the facial burns are received due to bursting of anars, rockets and hand burns are caused due to bursting of crackers in hand. Not to miss the eye injuries received by children as they try to ignite crackers by bending their faces," said Dr Uppal.

Dr Uppal stated that all emergency arrangements had been reviewed in the hospital. He said, "We are geared up for any number of patients, as apart from 11 beds in burn unit, 25 additional beds have been arranged in other areas adjoining emergency.”

However, the doctor advised children to refrain from keeping tins/lids on crackers as he cited an example wherein a child had ended up slitting his throat after experimenting with the track last year.

Dr Kamal Massih, medical superintendent at the Christian Medical College and Hospital (CMCH), said, “The hospital despite having a holiday will remain open. Doctors and paramedical staff has been called in shifts in order to deal with emergency cases, if any.

The paramedical staff and trauma staff too will be there round the clock," Dr Massih said.

Special arrangements have been made at SPS Apollo Hospital wherein a team of specialists, including the senior medical officers and residents, has been formulated to deal with the casualties. The paramedical staff is also prepared to deal with emergency situations through the disaster management drill. Also, 13 beds have been installed in emergency to accommodate burn injury cases. 



Firecrackers sale booms
Mahesh Sharma

Mandi Ahmedgarh, October 16
State government’s appeal to say no to crackers and sparklers received a mixed response from general public in this part of Malwa.

Investigations by The Tribune revealed that majority of residents of this region had paid little attention to ‘say no to crackers sparklers’ appeal issued by Chief Minister Parkash Singh Badal and authorities in the Punjab Pollution Control Board.

Barring a fraction of population, who had personal reasons for not celebrating Diwali, a large section of the residents were anxious to purchase fireworks and crackers as early as possible. While some made purchases from local market others, with an intention to choose higher quality articles, bought in huge quantities from Ludhiana, Kilaraipur and Kartar Pur villages. Unlike earlier trend, some prospective buyers were seen trying to establish whether the manufacturers had complied with directions of the apex court. According to these rules, failure on part of manufacturers to mention chemical details of crackers is liable for action under provisions of the department of explosives. 



Gamblers’ Days
Kanchan Vasdev
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, October 16
With Diwali tomorrow, houses of many industrialists have virtually turned into gambler dens as money worth crores has already exchanged hands in Ludhiana this season.

While at least 10 days prior to Diwali, rich and affluent try their luck in the forbidden game, the gambling reaches its peak on the day of festival and its penultimate day.

‘‘We are going to stay awake tonight. A friend has made arrangements at his house in a posh locality where we will all try our luck today, ’’ said a young wood merchant, stating that bids would go to as high as Rs 1 lakh to Rs 10 lakh.

Having no dearth of money, rich residents of this industrial city gather at the houses of friends and relatives and the game goes on till small hours every night. ‘‘Drinks and cards go together. As more and more drinks are downed, the stakes go higher and higher,’’ he adds.

Narrating a recent turn of events, he revealed that his friend started losing and when he had lost all money, he 
put his car at stake. Finally, he lost his car also and was dropped home by a friend. It was a day later that he got the car evaluated and paid up the money before he could take it back. His car remained the talk of the town.’’

Another industrialist, who gambles every Diwali, said their group was addicted to the game. ‘‘You can see tonight. Many big houses of the city will have queues of cars parked outside throughout the night today. Then you know most of them are up to it,’’  he said.

The industrialist said as per rough estimates, at least Rs 40 crore had already exchanged hands in Ludhiana till date. By tomorrow, it would go up further.



31 samples of sweets fail purity test
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, October 16
From the city, where"maximum trading" of spurious khoya and sweets takes place, 107 samples have been taken during the festival season this year.

However, the department of health and family welfare was able to declare the results of only 45 samples out of which 14 have passed the adulteration tests, while remaining 31 have failed the laboratory tests.

Ludhiana civil surgeon Maninderjeet Singh, disclosing the names of sweetmeat shops, today stated that those results were from the major seizures which was made possible by the efforts of Punjab health minister Laxmikanta Chawla, who paid personal visits to the laboratory in Chandigarh.

The names of the outlets, whose samples have failed, include Super Lovely Sweets in Lakkar Bazar, Hira Sweets in Karimpura , Arora Sweet Shop in Lakkar Bazar, Anmol Sweets in Janakpuri, Laxmi Sweets at Jalandhar Bypass, Jaswant Sweets at Gill Road, Janta Sweets opposite Arora Palace, Monty Sweet Shop in Salem Tabri, Harisar Sweet Shop in Harisar village, Satti Sweets in Jagraon and Kamlesh Rani in Jagraon, who was making khoya at home.

At the same time, 6.5 quintal substandard sweets at Aggarwal sweets and one quintal at Ram Kirpal Singh in Khanna was destroyed yesterday evening.

However, civil surgeon was unable to give the reason for late procurement of samples of sweets from major sweetmeat shops in the city, which are selling sweets worth lakh every day and are the major buyers of khoya.

When asked about the missing check on the "expired" food stuff in the big chain stores, Dr Singh said the campaign against adulteration would continue, adding that 40-50 samples of eatables and beverages would be taken from all small outlets and big chain stores in the city every month.

Shops whose samples fail

Super Lovely Sweets in Lakkar Bazar, Hira Sweets in Karimpura , Arora Sweet Shop in Lakkar Bazar, Anmol Sweets in Janakpuri, Laxmi Sweets at Jalandhar Bypass, Jaswant Sweets at Gill Road, Janta Sweets opposite Arora Palace, Monty Sweet Shop in Salem Tabri, Harisar Sweet Shop in Harisar village, Satti Sweets in Jagraon and Kamlesh Rani in Jagraon



Ignore Chinese products: Body 
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, October 16
Taking a strong notice of the city markets flooded with Chinese goods, the city-based National Integrated Medical Association (NIMA) has said a straight no to Chinese goods and crackers this Diwali.

Dr Surinder Gupta, secretary of the association, said the way Indian markets were flooded with Chinese goods, Indian consumer had fallen prey to ulterior designs of China. Using these goods was the worst thing to do, especially at a time when that country was bent upon creating a war-like situation on the frontiers, added Dr Gupta.

Another patriot, taking up the cause of saying no to Chinese products, pointed towards the "furniture" which has taken over the business of many small furniture manufacturers in the city.

Leaving the conventional furniture made from teak, tali and deodar, people are running after cheap wooden furniture imported from China which has half the life as compared to Indian furniture. Added the owner of a furniture showroom near Gill Road, "I have been in the business for more than 30 years and people have never complained about the genuineness of wood, but it is the marketing of this Chinese furniture that has made a dent in our businesses over the past few years."

Further pointing towards media reports that are always critical of the Indian government’s suboptimal response to Chinese aggression on the border, another critic of Chinese products held the government responsible for keeping the mischievous activity of China a secret. Sharing the feeling, Harjeet Singh a septuagenerian stated that it was painful to see goddess Laxmi and Ganesha bearing "made in China" stamp.



Jyoti Rani first in poster making
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, October 16
A poster-making competition on “Achieving Food Security in Times of Crisis” was organised by the PAU Science Club at College of Agricultural Engineering and Technology, PAU.

The competition was held to mark World Food Day.

PAU Vice-Chancellor Dr Manjit Singh Kang said the theme for the competition was relevant. He appreciated the creative expression of students highlighting food production.

Chairperson of the club Dr SK Mann said the club organised various activities for students to exercise their creative skills.

Director of students welfare Dr PPS Lubana interacted with students. Dr Kiran Bains, who coordinated the event said around 34 undergraduate and postgraduate students participated in the contest.

Jyoti Rani was declared first. Neha Bhandari stood third, while the second position was shared by Rubina Grewal and Rohini Jain.

Orientation workshop from Nov 5 Punjab Agricultural University will organise a north region orientation workshop for state/district academic coordinators and evaluators from November 5 to 7.

The workshop is being jointly organised by the Centre for Communication and International Linkages (CCIL), PAU, and Punjab State Council of Science and Technology (PSCST).

The technical plan for the workshop has been worked out in consultation with the officials of the PSCST. Dr Kulbir Singh Bath, principal scientific officer, PSCST, said about 225 academicians from north regional states of the country would be participating in the workshop.

PAU Vice-Chancellor Dr Manjit Singh Kang will be the chief guest, while Dr DK Pandey of the department of science and technology, Government of India, will be the guest of honour on the occasion.



Diwali celebrated with fervour
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, October 16
Keeping up with the festive spirit, the students and staff of New GMT celebrated the festival of lights. The entire school was decorated with lights, colourful festoons, frills, flowers, rangoli, candles and diyas. Principal JK Bhalla told the students why and how Diwali should be celebrated. Winners of rangoli competition, diya and candle decoration were given prizes by director Jasbir Singh Thind. Sweets were distributed among children.


Students of GN International Public School today celebrated Diwali by organising inter-house exhibition of Diwali handicrafts, which were prepared by students themselves.

The items prepared by students included different types of candles, diyas and pooja thalis, which were colourful and decorated with ribbons, sparkles, beads, shells, stars, mirrors, glitters etc.

Principal Gurmant Kaur Gill and director P Kahlon were also present. The creativity of children and their approach towards celebrating pollution free Diwali was quite visible through this exhibition.

Spring Dale

Diwali was celebrated at spring Dale Senior Secondary Public School with lots of enthusiasm and festivity. The students of the primary wing decorated earthen lamps (diyas) and candles. The secondary wing students made the traditional ‘torans’ and colourful wall hangings.

There was a rangoli competition from Classes VII to XII in which students had shown their talent and decorated the campus. Director and founder principal Avinash Kaur Walia and principal Sandeep Raikhi wished very happy, prosperous and safe Diwali to all.

Jesus’ Sacred Heart

Diwali was celebrated with great aplomb at Jesus’ Sacred Heart School. There was a fire crackers show followed by a magic show. Sweets were distributed to all students.

Decorated diyas were gifted to the students and the importance of the festival was discussed with them.

In the senior wing, diya, thali, candle decoration competitions were held for the students who displayed much creativity and ingenuity in their artistic creations. Chairperson Amarjit Sehgal greeted the students. Principal Anju Banga stressed the need for a safer Diwali.

World Food Day celebrated

BCM School, Dugri, celebrated the World Food Day here today. The main aim of the event was to increase public awareness about the world food problem, poverty, malnutrition and achieving food security in times of crisis.

As a part of celebrations, the students brought extra food packets to the school which were distributed among the under-nourished and under-privileged people of society. Dr Vandna Shahi, principal of the institution, said cost of food was increasing due to inflation and the poor were the worst affected. “We all should celebrate this day as a reminder of commitment to help the unfortunate souls,” she added.



3 booked for seeking dowry
Our Correspondent

Jagraon, October 16
Three persons were booked yesterday for seeking dowry on the complaint of a girl from Raikot. Sonia, in her complaint to the then SSP, Ludhiana (rural), Gurpreet Singh Bhullar, had stated that she was married to Dimple Kumar of Shiv Colony, Nawan Shaher, in September, 2007.

She had stated that soon after the marriage her husband, mother-in-law Santosh Rani and father-in-law Rampal started demanding more dowry. After some time the family turned her out of their house and asked her to return only with more cash.

She complained the matter to the Women Cell, Jagraon. On June 5, both the families entered into a mutual compromise. However, on September 23 Sonia’s in-laws turned her out of their house demanding more dowry. The matter again reached the SSP office. After due legal opinion the Raikot police booked all three accused.



1 held for fraud

Jagraon, October 16
The police today arrested a person for allegedly withdrawing cash from the account of some other person. The accused has been identified as Nirpal Singh of Talwandi Mallian village near Dharamkot.

In his complaint, Inderjit Singh of Mohalla Gandhi Nagar has alleged that thousands of rupees were withdrawn from his saving account in the local branch of State Bank of India.

Inderjit Singh, who has a joint saving account with his wife Jasvir Kaur, said a few days back when he visited the bank to withdraw some cash, he came to know that on September 26, Rs 7,000 and on October 8, Rs 15,000 were withdrawn from his account.

Thereafter, the bank officials kept an eye on the operations of Inderjeet’s account and today when the accused came to the bank to withdraw money, he was nabbed.

The accused possessed a valid duplicate passbook of the account holder and used a withdrawal voucher to get money. However, SK Arora, manager of the bank, denied involvement of any bank employee in the case. A case has been registered. 



Two minor girls from UP traced
Our Correspondent

Jagraon, October 16
The police has found two minor girls here who were lured into eloping around 18 months ago from UP. The girls, Nimmi (15) and Vimmi (17) (name changed) belonged to Nichlor village, near Maharaj Ganj, in UP.

The police officer, Sudarshan Parshad Verma, who had reached here to take the custody of the girls said a case was registered regarding their abduction on May 21 on the statement of the brother of the girls, Rajesh Kumar, against Raja Ram, Soni, Babu Munna -- all of the same village. All accused were nabbed by the UP police.

The girls told to the police that all four accused had lured them to elope from the house on the pretext of marrying them, but had absconded soon after they boarded the train nearly a year ago. The victims met a woman who was an orchestra organiser in Jagraon.

The girls started living here and one of them had even married to the foster son of the woman. The UP police, accompanied by the father of the girls, took the girls to their village in UP.



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