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Jinxed Spot
Another accident within hours,1 dead
Tribune News Service

Zirakpur, December 4
Just a few hours after the tragic incident of two persons being burnt alive when their car collided with the oil tank of a truck near the Zirakpur sales tax barrier here last late night, Ashok Kumar, an onlooker, died and two cops were injured after they were hit by a speeding Maruti car at the same spot.

SSP, Mohali, Gurpreet Singh Bhullar, DSP Dera Bassi JS Khaira along with other police officials and mediapersons, who were also standing there, had a miraculous escape. Among the injured was the private security officer (PSO) of the SSP.

Sandeep, a resident of Partial, who was going back to Patiala along with his family after attending a marriage in Chandigarh, was driving the Maruti car. Due to the absence of street-lighting or any warning sign, the car driver could not see persons standing along the road and bumped into them. He probably panicked on seeing police presence there.

Ashok Kumar, a resident of Sector 50, Chandigarh, had moments before, parked his car a few metres away and had come to enquire about the incident. After being rushed to the GMCH, Sector 32, Ashok Kumar died today.

Since the incident took place on the Chandigarh side, the car driver was arrested and bailed out under Section 304-A of the IPC.

SSP, Mohali, GPS Bhullar, said he had reached Zirakpur to visit the accident spot, where a car had collided with the truck. The incident took place around 1 am, where SSP Mohali was talking to family member of the burn victims. The police had barred the entry of vehicles from the Chandigarh side, but a speeding white Maruti entered the area and failed to notice the people on road. The driver lost his balance and rammed the vehicle into the group.

The injured cops are Gunman Karamjit Singh and PSO Sukhvinder Singh. They were admitted to the GMCH-32 Chandigarh.

Police officials on the spot stated that a major tragedy was averted as JCB machines were busy cleaning the road. The Maruti car had a gas kit and if it had rammed into the JCB machine, a major tragedy could have taken place.



No lessons learnt
Trucks continue to take U-turn
Rajiv Bhatia

Zirakpur, December 4
It seems the Mohali police and the local administration have not learnt any lesson from the yesterday’s tragic incident in which two persons were burnt alive when the Honda City car they were travelling in hit the oil tank of a multi-axle trailer taking a U-turn through an illegal turning on the Chandigarh-Ambala National Highway.

The authorities concerned failed to take any measure to close the illegal median at entry point of Zirakpur near the sales tax barrier.

A visit to the spot revealed that trucks were crossing the median putting at risk their as well as commuters lives in danger. Traffic cops at the spot were mere spectators as they failed to take action against the errant truck drivers. A number of trucks parked on the roadside at the sales tax barrier also cause traffic congestion.

In the absence of any blinker, indicators and streetlights, minor accidents are a routine affair on the stretch.

SSP, Mohali, GPS Bhullar said they had already written to the Mohali DC and the Excise and Taxation Department to provide parking facility for trucks to take the U-turn. The entry point too needs to be widened. “Since most of the trucks don’t have permits to enter Chandigarh, they need space to take the U-turn,” he added.

Dera Bassi DSP JS Khaira said the issue of illegal thoroughfare near the sales tax barrier had repeatedly been taken up with the authorities concerned. He said he had already written to the Mohali SSP for removing the sale tax barrier.



Non-functional instrument landing system
Flights grounded
Sumedha Sharma
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, December 5
The non-functional instrument landing system (ILS) at Chandigarh airport affected all flights today, leaving thousands of passengers harassed. In the absence of this system, used for safe landing of flights during bad weather or fog, no flight reportedly either departed or arrived at the airport due to poor visibility leading to total chaos and confusion.

The ILS, the only one at the airport, has nor been functioning for a very long time.

While all efforts to contact the airport authorities proved futile, a senior official of one of the airlines revealed: “We required a visibility of around 2,800 meters; however, all that we had was 150 meters. No flight departed from here today. Also, many flights that were scheduled to land could not do so and after circling the airport for about an hour went back with the irate passengers being sent to their destinations by road.”

“All this is happening just because the airport doesn’t have a functioning ILS. Every time we speak to authorities they say it can only be done next year. We wonder how we will manage this winter. We are suffering for their fault and when the passengers create a hue and cry we cut a sorry figure,” said another airline official.

It may be noted the ILS has been nonfunctional for months now and as per the earlier versions of the airport authorities the current ILS is an outdated technology. They claimed to have already requested the immediate replacement to senior officials.

Meanwhile, the chaos resulted in great inconvenience for those headed for Mumbai or Calcutta as they could not board their connecting flights. However, what irked them the most was the attitude of the airport authorities.

“Its okay if their ILS is not working but shouldn’t they have informed us when we arrived at the airport? We kept on waiting for hours and running from one desk to another, but nobody helped. The private airline staff seemed quite clueless themselves and, as usual, nobody from the airport authorities did or say anything,” said a passenger.

“I had to reach Mumbai for a SAFMA meet and my flight was scheduled for 1:00 pm. I reached the airport by 11 pm and was quite surprised to find lax security checks and arrangements. To my shock the flight didn’t arrive till 3:30 pm. Nobody told us what had happened or bothered to help us out.”



Swine flu claims another life
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, December 4
One more person died of swine flu yesterday, taking the toll in the tricity to nine.

According to UT health department, Brij Mohan Sharma (53), a Tribune employee and resident of Sector 29, Chandigarh, was brought to the GMCH-32 in a critical condition. The doctors took his throat swab samples. But he died before the reports could come.

“We have informed the Ambala health department for quarantining family members of the victim as all the members had gone for funeral procession to Ambala yesterday,” said an official of the UT health department.

Meanwhile, two more persons, including a 15-day-old infant, and 25-year-old man from Mohali, tested positive for swine flu at the PGI here today.

The condition of both the patients is stated to be stable, said the UT health department, adding that the Punjab health department had been asked to quarantine the victim’s family members.

Earlier, the eight swine flu patients who died at different hospitals in the tricity belonged to Chandigarh, Panchkula and other districts of Haryana and Himachal Pradesh.

So far, over 570 suspected cases of swine flu have been detected. Out of these, 158 patients have been found positive. 



Purse snatched, woman hurt
Tribune News Service

Panchkula, December 4
Unleashing their fury, snatchers struck in the town again today and made a woman their target. The victim, identitified as Kirti Bajaj, was returning home in Sector 15 when three snatchers on a bike snatched her purse hanging on the handle of her moving Activa scooter. In the process, Kirti fell, fracturing her right leg.

According to Kirti, she was returning home from the market in the evening and when she was nearing her home (No. 1370 A), one of the three youths riding the bike pounced upon her bag.

She fell and the slings of the bag got entangled in the handle of the two-wheeler. The snatchers kept on pulling her along with the scooter for a few yards till the slings of bag were broken, she said.

The bag contained Rs 3,000 and documents, she said. On Tuesday, two bikers had snatched the purse of a woman in Sector 4 in the afternoon.



Education dept projects - I
Most new schemes unlikely to take off
Sumedha Sharma
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, December 4
In the aftermath of the infamous ‘cash for job’ scam, the UT education department - after a protracted dormant period - appears to have shifted into the error correction mode by lining up ambitious new projects.

However, whether the plans, though they sound exciting enough, would eventually take concrete shape is a matter of conjecture. Leave aside their success, even the projects leaving the files seems to be doubtful given the department’s past record.

Several projects, some of them long forgotten and others still under process, were earlier announced with similar fervour but students in the city are yet to reap any benefit from any of them.

To begin with, the most recently announced project - Rajkiya Madhyamik Shiksha Abhiyaa, which was one of the few initiatives spearheaded by former DPI (S) Samwartak Singh, was meant to help schoolkids up to class VIII by providing them SSA like benefits like midday meals, free books, nonscholastic activities and scholarships.

The project was supposed to have been launched on a pilot basis a month back and formally introduced in schools from this academic season. While the official version says it has been delayed a little and is in the last stages of planning, the officials in the so-called implementation committee are not able to elaborate upon the project’s action plan or even its concept.

Another project that appears to have met a similar fate is the ‘Hi-Tech Midday Meal Kitchens’ in city schools. It may be noted though the project was conceived during the tenure of ex-DPI (S) SK Setia and eventually shelved, Samwartak revived it after claiming it would be a “big step to revolutionise the midday meal scheme”.

This project, which was supposed to benefit 104 government schools and seven government-aided schools, was aimed at not only reducing transportation costs but also helping schools to customise and cook meals according to their respective requirements.

In spite of lakhs of rupees allocated, with a design of a shed with ‘hi-tech’ kitchen attachments also finalized, the project eventually did not take off.

For senior officials the project’s fate is a consequence of change of leadership as, according to them, there is long tradition of shelving the predecessor’s ambition.

“There is no continuity at the DPI level and every new officer has a different take on education. So every time there is a change new dreams are sold to kids in place of the older ‘under process’ ones. However, hardly any of the plans materialise,” rued an official.

When it comes to project approvals the period when Setia was DPI(S) can be termed as ‘golden’. It was during his tenure that not only about a dozen ambitious projects were conceived but also the funds for them approved and apparently allocated. Though many shrugged off most of the plans as being unrealistic, some of them are still viewed as among the department’s few notable achievements.

To be continued


Kajauli Waterworks
Bureaucratic wrangle further delays project 
Kulwinder Sangha

Mohali, December 4
With its population steadily expanding, Mohali’s water requirement will vastly increase in the coming years. However, plans for augmenting water supply have received a setback after the work of laying two pipelines from the Kajauli waterworks under Phases V and VI of the project got embroiled in a controversy.

This has resulted in a further delay in execution of the ambitious water project drawn up about six years ago.

While the Greater Mohali Area Development Authority (GMADA) wants the pipeline in Phases V and VI should be laid exclusively for Mohali, the Chandigarh Administration wants to provide only 5 million gallons a day (mgd) of water from the two proposed pipelines. This would be on the same pattern that had been adopted in the case of the earlier four phases.

The prestigious project had already been hanging fire for the past six years as GMADA had not bothered to place it on the priority list. Now, with the UT administration staking its claim on the two water pipelines, the project’s execution is likely to get delayed still further.

At a meeting chaired by the principal secretary, department of local government, Punjab, regarding the Kajauli scheme on October 1, the GMADA chief administrator informed that the “land for transmission mains from Kajauli was acquired by the Punjab government and two-third of its cost was shared by the UT administration with the rest by the Punjab government”.

Punjab was getting 10 mgd of water out of the 80 mgd being supplied to Chandigarh from the Bhakra main line from the four phases, which had been executed earlier. The CA pointed out at the meeting that the “fifth and sixth phase of the pipeline will be exclusively for Punjab and UT will have no share of water in these pipelines”.

However, UT chief engineer SK Bansal stated the “sharing pattern from the Kajauli waterworks between different beneficiary states was decided at the meeting held on July 6, 1983 at the home minister’s office in North Block, New Delhi, and that holds good even today”.

Accordingly, 10 mgd of water was being given to the Punjab government out of a total of 80 mgd at present and, as such, Bansal contested the GMADA chief administrator’s claim.

He further informed that “The UT administration has prepared an estimate under the Jawaharlal Nehru National Urban Renewal Mission (JNNURM) for laying more pipelines and sharing of water shall be as per agreement”.

The GMADA chief administrator said JNNURM would not fund the acquisition of the land required for the water works and arrangement of funds had to be decided.

The UT chief engineer said a meeting was later held under the chairmanship of the Punjab chief secretary at which the matter was discussed.

However, he added the issue regarding the water sharing pattern from the two proposed pipelines remained unresolved, though it was clear the pipelines would be laid by the Chandigarh administration.

A scheme to provide 20 mgd of canal water to Mohali through an independent line from the Kajauli waterworks under Phase V to meet the requirement of the growing town was prepared by PUDA (now GMADA) in 2003.

However, the project failed to make any headway as it was not given the required importance by the authorities concerned.



National award for Tejaswani
SD Sharma

Tejaswani being honoured by President Pratibha Patil at a function in New Delhi.
Tejaswani being honoured by President Pratibha Patil at a function in New Delhi. A Tribune photograph

Panchkula, December 4
Known as a wonder prodigy of exceptional musical genius in music circles, Panchkula girl, Tejaswani, though mentally challenged is admired as the ablest of all by music lovers and connoisseurs in India, especially in the Bollywood.

Awards galore for the melodious singer par excellence was a routine matter, but Tejaswani felt at the top of the world, as President Pratibha Patil bestowed her with the National Award for the Empowerment of Persons with Disabilities-2009 yesterday at a glittering ceremony in New Delhi.

Though the award carried a certificate of honour, memento and cash prize of Rs 50,000, but the sympathetic and blessed adulation of the President declaring her the role model mattered the most, added Harsh Sharma, who toiled hard to see Tejaswani at the epitome of popularity.

This is for the first time that such a child from the tricity got the Presidential honour in her category.

“Thanks to the media, people know us as proud parents of Tejaswani,” echoed both Harsh and Sunil Sharma.

Music came to her rescue when the diseases made her almost lifeless. Tejaswani remembers by heart and can sing over 500 musical compositions, including filmy songs, ghazals and complex classical bandishes to perfection with consummate ease.

Not complacent, she attended five classes daily under music maestros Pandit Yashpaul, Pandit Bhim Sen Sharma and Varinder Bachan. Her album of devotional songs is awaiting release.



Best markets get beopar mandal awards
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, December 4
The Chandigarh Beopar Mandal held its first award function at Hotel Taj here today. UT Finance Secretary Sanjay Kumar was the chief guest on the occasion. Speaking on the occasion, he welcomed the initiative taken by the beopar mandal of recognising people who have been contributing to the society, the trade and the city.

He urged the beopar mandal to make it an annual feature. He also said that gradually the awards would become one of the prestigious awards of the region.

Addressing the gathering, he said the administration would cater to the genuine demands of the beopar mandal. He pressed for partnership for the regularisation of parking, advertising and CCTV camera instalments in city markets.

The best market award for outstanding maintenance of the upkeep and cleanliness including landscaping, best market award for maintenance of systematic parking of vehicles in the market, award for excellence in trade and individual retailers were given on the occasion. 



Motor markets in Mohali to be shifted
Tribune News Service

Mohali, December 4
Motor mechanics and those dealing in auto parts will soon get sites in Mohali. The Greater Mohali Area Development Authority (GMADA) has decided to have motor markets at various places in the town.

VP Singh, chief administrator, GMADA, said the town-planning wing had been asked to identify ideal sites for the proposed motor markets.

In late nineties, GMADA (erstwhile PUDA) had promised sites. But the scheme never took off.

The Phase VII area, where a motor market is functioning, comes under a semi-industrial site. But with the coming up of residential areas around the market, resentment has prevailed among residents.

Residents claimed that mechanics had encroached upon public land. The Resident Welfare Association of Phase VII had moved the Punjab and Haryana High Court against various activities of shopkeepers.

GMADA officials maintained that the allotment conditions did not permit allottees to encroach upon government land.

To overcome the problem, GMADA has now decided to have motor markets at some other sites. Two sites, one in Jagatpur village and other in Sector 57 have been identified for the purpose.



4 PGI docs awarded
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, December 4
Four PGI doctors were awarded at the Annual Conference of Radiation Oncologists of India in Hyderabad recently.

Dr Rakesh Kapoor, Associate Professor in the Department of Radiotherapy, was awarded Prantik Pradhan Overseas AROI Fellowship for his scientific work.

He can avail this fellowship at a renowned radiotherapy centre in the US or Europe for a short-term training in 

Dr Pankaj Kumar, Senior Resident in the same department, was also awarded an overseas fellowship in the category of age less than 35 years. He would undergo a short-term training in advanced radiotherapy techniques at a renowned centre either in the US or Europe.

Dr Rahul Krishnatry, Junior Resident in the same department, got Best Paper Award for his scientific presentation and has been awarded the AROI Gold Medal. While Dr Ritesh Kumar, Junior Resident in the department, has been given Travel Grant Fellowship for 2009-2010.

The short-term training in the fellowship category will definitely help in improving the radiotherapy techniques practised at the Department of Radiotherapy for the treatment of cancer patients.



’84 Riots
Admn releases compensation 
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, December 4
The Chandigarh Administration has released the compensation amount for 92 victims of the 1984 Sikh riots, residing in the city.

Home Secretary Ram Niwas said, “We have got a formal communication from the Centre to this effect and I have instructed the office of the Deputy Commissioner to speed up the office procedure and hand out the cheques to the deserving parties at the earliest.”

The Home Secretary clarified that the amount was approximately Rs 2 lakh in a majority of the cases with certain minor differences.

It is worth mentioning that a majority of the riot victims in the neighbouring states of Punjab and Haryana have received their compensation amounts already.

The administration plans to check the list thoroughly to ensure that the relief seekers had not sought compensation from any other state earlier.



UT wants change in office timings
Tribune News service

Chandigarh, December 4
The Chandigarh administration has written to the Punjab and the Haryana governments for amendments in the morning office hours, between 9 am and 10 am.

The step has been initiated in order to lessen the traffic load on city roads during the rush hours. An important meeting to this regard is slated for December 8.

Confirming the development, UT Finance Secretary Sanjay Kumar said: “We have asked the Punjab and the Haryana governments to give an office timing of their choice between 9 am 10 am. We have given them the first choice and they can adjust their working hours accordingly. A formal decision will be taken after the meeting.”



Fair price shop inspected
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, December 4
The food and supplies department carried out an inspection of a fair price shop, Arihant Provision Store, in Sector 25, Chandigarh, to check the distribution of whole wheat flour to the above poverty line ration cards holders.

During the course of the inspection, random checking of the sale entries of issuance of fortified atta was conducted in which some beneficiaries were not found to be residing at the address given at the time of registration. Overcharging in some cases by the depot holder has also come to notice.

A show-cause notice has been issued to the errant depot holder. The show-cause notices have already been issued to six depot holders of Colony No 5 and five fair price shop holders of Colony No 4, Industrial Area, Phase I, Chandigarh, for irregularities in distribution of essential commodities.



‘Indian theatre lacks charm’
Sanjeev Singh Bariana
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, December 4
There is poor professionalism in theatre, television and movies in India, said Ramanvir Grewal, a graduate from East 15 Acting School, Essex, one of the 21 recognised schools in United Kingdom.

“Basically, we only carry out services to NRIs in the name of Bollywood films. The television plays are an apology to quality work and theatre here does not financially help artistes. Thus, I will go back to England this month,” he said.

Ramanvir Grewal did his Masters in English from Panjab University before joining the three-year course at Essex in London. I have done a play with theatre group Abhinet before I decided to join acting.

“I had gone to UK on a tourist visa and tried my hand at acting before I joined Essex. The acting schools there are professional,” he said.

“My area of interest is political theatre and I performed in ‘destiny’, a play based on political developments in UK in 70s,” Ramanvir said.



‘Song and Rhyme Day’ at Euro Kids
Tribune News service

Chandigarh, December 4
It was a day ruled by music, fun and rhythm as Euro Kids preschool celebrated its annual musical extravaganza - Song and Rhyme Day - on school campuses in the city (Sectors 18 and 37) and in Panchkula (Sectors 9 and 12-A) here today.

It was a delight to listen to sweet songs and rhymes, taking the audience back to their childhood. The school wore a bridal look with dexterous decorations. The students sang “Mama darling, papa darling” and melodious Hindi numbers including “Chodo kal ki batein” and “Ek chhoti kashti”. Addressing the gathering, principal Mona Verma said: “ Songs and rhymes help a lot in introducing and appreciating music. Children are encouraged to perform on stage this helps build their self-confidence and social connectivity.”



Play, mime mark annual day celebrations
Tribune News Service

Panchkula, December 4
Saint Soldier’s School wore a festive look, as its annual day was celebrated with great fervour here. Additional Deputy Commissioner Ashok Sangwan, Panchkula, was the chief guest. The celebrations began with a fantastic field show followed by the art and science exhibitions and an enthralling stage show.

An excellent display of different asanas by students captivated the audience. Attired in bright colourful dresses, the students of junior wing presented a carnival showing wonderful gifts of Mother Nature and their favourite cartoon characters. The audience was spellbound watching the spectacular display of courage and concentration by taekwondo students. The stage show commenced with Indian classical orchestra followed by a beautifully enacted play, “The Twelve Dancing Princesses”, by tiny tots, who stepped on to the stage beaming with joy and spread their radiance and surprised one and all by their wonderful acting skills.

A mime highlighting corruption prevailing in present society also enthralled the audience. The academic and sports achievers were also awarded on this day. The celebrations came to an end with the thrilling performance of hip-hop dance, which rocked the stage.



Garden inaugurated

Chandigarh, December 4
A long-standing demand of residents of Sector 47-C for a green belt was fulfilled with the inauguration of a garden today by Dr Roshan Sunkaria, Commissioner, Municipal Corporation.

The garden, spread in about 1.76 acres, was developed at a cost of Rs 15 lakh.

Dr Sunkaria appreciated the work done in southern sectors by the horticulture wing under the supervision of Arun Kumar Kansal, XEN, Horticulture. On this occasion, Chief Engineer S K Bansal, area councillor Jatinder Bhatia were also present among others. — TNS



Peace Club in Mohali
Tribune News Service

Mohali, December 4
DAV Public Senior Secondary School regional director-cum-manager Madhu Bahl, Phase X, Mohali, inaugurated the first Peace Club in Mohali.

There are already more than 100 active and vibrant Peace Clubs functioning in various schools of Chandigarh under the able guidance of Yuvsatta, an NGO. Prominent amongst those who were present included Hushang Garmroud, a peace educator, educationist Susan and Parmod Sharma, coordinator, Yuvsatta.

A training programme for around 50 representative students of the schools was also organised before the launch.



Power billing scheme, a flop show
Tribune News Service

Zirakpur, December 4
The on-the-spot power billing scheme of the Punjab State Electricity Board (PSEB), which was introduced here a few months ago, has not solved the electricity bill related problems of Zirakpur residents, as they were facing inconvenience.

The residents of Zirakpur alleged that they were not getting the bills on time and they had to come at the PSEB centre to collect their bills.

A visit to the PSEB centre revealed that the residents had hard time to get their bills. They stated that the spot billing machine had generated the bills of only those customers whose data had been fed in the machines.

However, PSEB officials ensured them of an earliest solution to their problems and the bills would be distributed on the priority basis.



Tribune employee cremated
Our Correspondent

Ambala, December 4
Brij Mohan Sharma, PA to Editor, Dainik Tribune, was cremated here today. He had died in the Sector 32 Medical College Hospital, Chandigarh, last evening after a brief illness.

Dainik Tribune Editor Naresh Kaushal laid a wreath on behalf of The Tribune Trust Management and Dainik Tribune staff on the mortal remains of the deceased.

The Ambala unit of the Haryana Union of Journalists, at a meeting, condoled the death of Sharma. 



Panel formed to conduct academic audit of PU
Neha Miglani
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, December 4
In a decision that may bring trouble for those faculty members of Panjab University who have not been teaching for the requisite work-hours till now, a three-member committee has been formed by Vice-Chancellor of RC Sobti to conduct a detailed academic audit of the university.

The committee, which has been formed under the chairmanship of SK Sharma, and consists of SS Kumar and MR Khurana, has been asked to submit a comprehensive report by December 20.

In what is being viewed as a reply to the press releases issued by the Panjab University Teachers Association (PUTA) on the shortage of faculty for the past few days, the PU authorities have decided to scrutinise the whole situation and fill the seats according to the needs of the university.

The committee would furnish complete details of the workload of teachers in various departments of the PU, analysing whether it is in agreement with the UGC norms.

Questions such as how many teaching posts are there and what is the workload, what is the time table of each teacher and work hours and how many more seats need to be filled according to the instructions of the Ministry of Human Resource Development, Government of India, will be answered in the report.

“Earlier, in 2001, the MHRD had directed us not to recruit any teachers, but later it was amended in 2004, stating that the seats may be filled as per needs. The committee will submit the report to the VC on December 20 and accordingly, the seats would be filled,” informed Prof Naval Kishore, Dean Student Welfare.

While the teachers association has been claiming that there is a dire shortage of staff, as per the data collected by them, facts also reveal that there are more than six departments in the varsity, which have several faculty members, but hardly any students enrolled. This was stated in a detailed financial audit conducted by the varsity earlier.

Moreover, some of the departments were also found out to be a burden on the PU’s financial assets, as the students are no longer interested in the courses, yet the faculty continues to draw salaries.

“According to the UGC norms professors, readers and lecturers are supposed to take 18, 16 and 14 lectures, respectively, in a week. Whether this is being implemented, will be checked by the committee and steps will be taken accordingly,” added Prof Naval Kishore.



Centre to pay 60 pc budgetary deficit
50 pc fee to be refunded to students who fail to join course
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, December 4
Students who apply for a course in Panjab University and are unable to join it will now be refunded 50 per cent of the fee, irrespective of whether the seat is subsequently filled or not.

The decision was taken in the Syndicate meeting held here today.

Though not a part of the Syndicate proceedings, a major announcement was made by Vice-Chancellor, Prof RC Sobti in the meeting regarding more grants in the pipeline for the PU by the Central government.

The fixed capping of Rs 32 crore granted by the Central government to the PU on annual basis has now been removed. In what may relieve the PU of major financial burden, 60 per cent of the deficit will now be paid by the Central government.

Removal of the slab of Rs 32 crore would imply smoothening of the fiscal liabilities on the varsity.

Earlier, according to 60:40 break-up, the Punjab government sanctioned a fixed grant of Rs 16 crore annually to the PU and the Centre gave Rs 32 crore, irrespective of what the budget of the university was.



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