Sunday, December 13, 2009, Chandigarh, India
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Brides Wanted

Renowned and High Status Chandigarh based Brahmin family having strong allegiance to Indian value system with progressive outlook invites alliance for handsome, fair complexion son 30/5’-7”. Independently running thirty year old chain of Senior Secondary Schools with asset base in crores. Purely vegetarian, teetotaller. Girl should be slim, fair, beautiful, and from a Industrialist/Business/ High Govt. Official/Educationist Brahmin family. Email:  Mobile: 094174-34830 C9-92635

Well placed Jat-Sikh family inviting suitable alliance for son 29
yrs,183 cms, Hsome, clean shaven, teetotaller, B.Tech., MBA (Premi. Insti.), working with world’s largest Private Equity Fund, International $ pay package, India posting. Father very senior IAS Officer. e-mail  C9-91413

Qualified, homely match from status family for smart Goel boy 25
years 5’-9”, (BE) running own Industry independently at Distt. HQ Punjab. Having huge joint family industries in Haryana, Rajasthan. Box 8733M Tribune, Chandigarh.

Suitable match for Kumhar (Prajapati) boy 28/5'-7", B.Tech. Software Engineer, working with MNC in USA on H1-B Visa. Upper caste no bar. Box 8668M Tribune, Chandigarh.

Suitable match for Non-professional Hindu Nai boy, 1982/5'-10", Software Engineer in MNC, handsome salary, well settled business family. 98786-38875.  C9-92103

Kashyap Rajput Sikh boy 27/ 5'-6'', B.Tech, MIS, CCNA Net work Engineer in
Australia. Parents Govt. employee. Brother Eng. 9872868445. Email:  C9-92225

Match for Sarswat Punjabi Brahmin boy 30/5'-8", Commerce Graduate,
Diploma in Food Production, working in Australia. Currently in India for short time. 099154-78254, 097797-44882. E-mail:-  Box 8424M Tribune, Chandigarh.

MBBS Doctor/Lawyer match for Sarswat Brahmin boy, 27+, 6'-1", doing M.D., U.S. Citizen. Sent biodata, photo & kundli. E-mail:  or 001-650-685-6334. Box 8502M Tribune, Chandigarh.

B.Tech. Manglik match 4 fair, slim, h'some Jan 82/5'-11", boy MNC wrkg. Distt Kangra prefd. +9194503-11480. C9-90843

Brahman boy, 5'-11", 27.9.76, UK born 1.50 p.m., wants beautiful, tall girl
preference BDS, M.Pharma, MCA, or Higher Medical/Scientific qualifications. Please enclose photo and biodata. Email:  Box 8652M Tribune, Chandigarh.

Beautiful preferably Engineer bride for 29/5'-10", PEC Engineer Serving Infosys 9 LPA. Educated well-settled family. Respond with BHP  99880-99587. C9-91407

Engineer/Doctor/KVS Teacher match for Punjabi Saraswat Brahmin, Class-I
Railway Officer boy, 30/5'-6". Box 8685M Tribune, Chandigarh.

Beautiful, slim, 5'-4", Medico/Dentico/ Physio Therapist match status family for handsome Masters Physiotherapist Brahmin boy 6'-1", Dec. 1980, working in USA. Caste no bar. Send biodata with Photograph  Box 8693M Tribune, Chandigarh.

Handsome 27 years, 6', vegetarian Commerce Graduate, persuing MBA, settled in well established family Medical Engg. Business Company at Chandigarh. Seeks gentle beautiful Electronics Graduate/MCA/M.Sc. Computer or similar Technical qualification. No dowry. Send birth details with photo:-  / or Contact: 98140-06349. Box 8698M Tribune, Chandigarh.

Suitable match for Brahmin Army Officer 29/5'-7", from decent, cultured professionally qualified family. Send BHP. ID:  094111-06167. Box 8725M Tribune, Chandigarh.

Suitable match for Saraswat Brahmin boy 12-09-1981, 10:16 p.m., 5'-9", BCA Multimedia, working MNC. 94173-38301, 098102-44857. C9-91928

Suitable match for Chandigarh based Saraswat Brahmin B.Tech. (CS),
16.10.82/5:42 a.m., Moga, 5'-9". Employed TCS Noida. Tricity preferred. Upper caste no bar. Mobile: 98147-08905. Box 8739M Tribune, Chandigarh.

Suitable match for Saraswat Brahmin boy, 24.6.82, 10:10 a.m., 5'-9",
B.Tech., working Multinational Company. Parents Punjab Govt. employees. Contact with Kundli, Bio-data at :  98885-19040, 98888-90011. C9-92177

Sarswat Brahmin boy, anshik Manglik, 29/5'-6", +2, one year Computer
Hardware Course, freelance photographer by profession. Own house in Chandigarh. Urban/Rural property. Khatries welcome. 9023474752. Email:  C9-92283

Himachali Brahmin 29/5'-9", USA based Microsoft S/W Developer. Father
retd Senior Central Govt Officer, only Himachali Brahmins need apply. Manglik/non-Manglik both may apply.  (0)98711-07004. C9-92443B

Manglik/Non-Manglik professional qualified, beautiful match for handsome
Saraswat Brahmin boy, Sr. Software Engineer, MNC Gurgaon, 8-8-1981, 4.45 pm, Jalandhar, 6'-1". Send BHP. 98768-82756, 98781-29227. E-mail:  C9-92499

Suitable match for non-Manglik teetotaller Software Engineer, working New
York, Gaur Brahmin, 22.09.82 (00:05 a.m., Delhi), 5'-6", only son, US citizen pursuing MS, well settled New York professional family. Caste no bar, visiting India January. Delhi: 22157428,  NA9-57950

US citizen Punjabi handsome boy, Birth details : 21st May 1980, Midland-
Texas, 8:49 am, 5'-8", BE (IT), well-established, reputed business family from Texas. Looking for qualified beautiful working girl from well-established family. Boy Visiting India in Feb. Send BHP at: , Ph:-214-708-6590 (bhabhi) C9-90477

Suitable qualified match for son of Defence Officer of status family. Boy
Petroleum Engineer 26/5'-8". 092255-29689.  C9-91051

Looking for most beautiful professionally qualified girl, min. 5'-5", for fair,
handsome, well-settled, MBA (IT), B.Tech. boy Placement Officer in reputed group near Chandigarh, 29/5'-10", 3.2 LPA. Only son. Parent's Govt. Teacher. Status family & having rural/urban property. Caste no bar. Email:  C9-91479

Professionally qualified, tall, beautiful match around Tricity/Jalandhar/
Ludhiana for Khatri (Soni) Australian Citizen boy, 30/6'-1˝", MBA (IT) from Sydney, working Reputed Bank Sydney. Upper caste no bar. Boy visiting India second week Jan. 2010. Contact: 0172-2608438, 98140-59924. C9-91679

Good looking, vegetarian, well educated with some professional
qualification, non-Manglik girl, 5'-5", from a family of human values status, preferably from Chandigarh (Tricity) for Hindu Khatri boy NRI (Australia), 5'-10"/18.07.1975/9:20 a.m./Chandigarh. Specialised Mechanical Diploma holder CSIO Chandigarh. Visiting India shortly. Expect simple but decent marriage. Contact 098723-19736 after kundli verification. Box 8721M Tribune, Chandigarh.

Match for Hindu boy B.Tech 25˝/ 5'-6'', MNC Noida 4.80 lpa. Contact 9417356661 after 05.30 pm. C9-91881

Match for handsome, slim, fair, teetotaller, 35/5'-11", Non-Manglik, B.Tech.,
serving MNC Bangalore. Package 20+ Lacs. Belonging Chandigarh. Early marriage. Box 8812M Tribune, Chandigarh.

Compatible match for convent educated B.Tech., MS (USA) pursuing MBA (Clafin Uni USA) Hindu Arora boy. Helping his uncle (per. res. USA). Girl preferably be permanent resident too. 12.07.83, 4:32 a.m., Goneana (Pb.), fair colour, 5'-11". Upper castes welcome. 98788-77222, 98149-28865. Email:  NA9-60542

Seeking well qualified beautiful girl between 25 to 27 years for Sikh
handsome boy, 29/5'-8", Graduate, working in Bangkok. Caste no bar. Contact: 98789-83820.  C9-88153

Match for Lobana Sikh cleanshaven, very fair, handsome 31/5'-11", B.Tech
(ECE), working Sr. Territory Manager in Reliance, package 8.5 LPA. No bars. 95699-44422, 95692-19845, E-mail:  C9-89579

Beautiful educated match for handsome Sikh boy cleanshaven 30/6'-2",
graduate PGDCA 1 year Diploma MDST IBT (UK) UK citizen, well settled 98969-21455.  Box 8675M Tribune, Chandigarh.

Suitable match for handsome Lobana Sikh 32 years, 5'-11", innocent issueless divorcee of status family, MBA, Manager with Reliance Comm., 8 lac package. E-mail:  98144-65402, 093134-11977. C9-91633

Looking for a match for a beautiful Amritdhari Sikh boy, 24 year old, 6 feet,
US born, own business. Please correspond at , must attach picture with bio data. C9-91779

Professionally qualified, homely, beautiful girl from urban family willing to
settle UK for handsome UK citizen boy 28/5'-6", Graduate (London), well-settled business family of UK (London). Caste no bar. Family presently in India (Chandigarh). 098724-69983, 097800-91015. Box 8738M Tribune, Chandigarh.

Beautiful, tall, qualified match for handsome Khatri Sikh cleanshaven 6'-0", 30, US Citizen Engineer employed with Boeing Airplane. Very Well Settled. Contact 98113-52648. . Currently in India. C9-92195

Gursikh parents seek professionally qualified match for their handsome son,
27/6'-1", B.Tech. (Comp. Sc.), working MNC, 30 LPA. NRI preferred. Send detail with photo. E-mail:  Box 8820M Tribune, Chandigarh.

Beautiful tall educated girl from respectable family for Lubana Sikh only son handsome Feb. 1983, 6'-2", Master in Business Economics, Postgraduate in Accounts Australia applied for PR, 2 sister married Canada. 98555-51150, 0183-2501682. Box 8752M Tribune, Chandigarh.

Match for USA educated Jat Sikh boy born 1978/5'-11", on H1B Visa (non-IT). Done BBA. Send biodata and photographs. E-mail:  A9-74300-OL

Chandigarh based educated decent small family looking for IT
professional/Engineer/MCA/Medicine/Pharmacy/H1-Bvisa/F-1visa/DDS/DDS student, girl 5'-4" & above for handsome Jatsikh cleanshave son 28.9.78, 5'-11", BE. India Software MS USA $ 120000/yr. Greencard in few months. Boy visiting India from December 28. Father retired CEO of large company.  94174-41170. A9-74445-OL

Jatt Sikh US Citizen Sandhu family, seeking educated (MD, BDS student or
completed) girl for clean shaven Jatt Sikh 5'-8"/D.o.B. Jan. 83. Boy has done BS in Management from UCLA, doing Masters in Environmental Science. Has great Federal Gov't job. Family well settled in US and India with businesses and properties in California and WA State and Moga, Punjab. No dowry, simple marriage. E-mail with biodata and picture: . US mobile: 509-727-3000. India Contact: 98729-20121. C9-73320

Canada based Sandhu parents looking for professionally qualified and
employed match for their 6'/1979, Software Engineer Son working in Lead Position with MNC of International repute at Chandigarh.  Box 8181M Tribune, Chandigarh.

Suitable match for USA citizen, never married, teetotaller, Jat Sikh only son
38/5'-10", B.E. (Electrical Engineering) + MBA (Finance) both from Top American University. Financially sound. Will be in Punjab with parents from 14th December. Seeks beautiful educated girl. Caste no bar. No divorcee please. Please forward photo and complete bio data. Email address : , address: 154, Housefed Colony, Bathinda, Punjab. Tel: 0164-2240546 or 1-832-276-3265. C9-86210

Canadian born, 6' tall, very handsome, 26 years old Graduate from
University of Toronto, Belonging to Business family. Requires extremely beautiful girl, fair complexion, atleast 5'-8" height, of Medical, Engineering, B.Com. background, students accepted. Contact: 98158-47731.  C9-88805

USA based handsome 6' tall, 1976, Jat Sikh, Architect seeks beautiful slim
professionally qualified Jat Sikh girl 5'-5" and taller only. Please respond with photos and bio at:  or call: 98761-74545. Boy is in India presently. C9-88819B

Jat Sikh parents seeks match for their well settled Canadian citizen son,
very handsome, fair with sharp features, 29/5'-9" clean shaven, Computer Engineer. Girl should be simple, beautiful with sharp features, family-oriented and professionally qualified. Preferred under 26. Send details to Email:  C9-90805B

Match for handsome Jat Sikh only son 37/5'-11", Advocate, Canadian
immigration soon. Own big house. Well-settled Chandigarh. Urban/Rural properties.  C9-90935

Beautiful, professional qualified match from status family for 29/5'-8",
employed MNC, above 12 LPA. Army background, well settled and well educated family. Rural/Urban property. Box 8660M Tribune, Chandigarh.

Required Jat Sikh girl (tall, slim, beautiful), professionally educated, cultured
match for 26/ 5'-11", B.Tech., M.Tech., Jat Sikh boy, permanent settled in Australia, R/U property. 9779562081, 9417515057. C9-91477

Professionally qualified, 5'-6"+ girl for cleanshaven, 6'-1"/ Dec.82,
B.E.India, M.S.Computer, USA citizen, working in CISCO California, boy in India till 30 Dec. Father retired Army Officer. Contact: , 9356717453. C9-91491

Professionally qualified match for Jat Sikh 5'-11", 28 years, MBA Australian
Citizen, works in Australian Govt. Visiting India in Jan. 10. Send BHP. E-mail: , Contact: 98156-89897, 98156-52173. C9-91555

Jat Sikh parents seeking professionally qualified, beautiful girl from
USA/Canada for USA born, Engineer (B.Engg) son, 26/ 6'-1", handsome, clean-shaven, professionally employed in a large US national corporation. Family educated, respected, well settled in USA. Respond with photographs:  C9-91771

Required educated beautiful girl for Jat Sikh cleanshaven boy, 29/6',
Graduate, Diploma Hair dressing Australia. Working as Supervisor in Retail Chain in Sydney. Caste no bar. Send girl's particulars photograph at :  ; Contact 93176-12720. C9-91827

USA family needs professional degree match for brilliant Jat Sikh ME (USA).
USA board qualified Professional Engineer, 1976, 5'-9". Working Washington DC. Permanent resident. Father Advocate High Court. Sisters Ph.Ds. Kothies/commercial properties USA/India. Coming February.  C9-92045

Well established well reputed Jat Sikh (Kang) family seeks beautiful,
well-educated family oriented girl for clean-shaven, 5'-11", Dec 1979 born, Diploma in Computer Engineering boy. Own Showroom. Elder brother/sister settled abroad. Around Chandigarh preferred. Please contact:  Ph: 98147-20049, 98888-89410. C9-92101

Well educated, beautiful, tall Khandani, Landlord match for our handsome
Jat Sikh Kahlon boy 83/5'-10", B.A., Diploma in Hotel Management from Australia, working there TR Holder, father running business of Commission Agent, good U/R property, only son. Family residing near Karnal. Now in India. Early mariage. Contact: 98130-12918, 99918-29940.  C9-92153B

Suitable match for Jat Sikh 29/6', cleanshaven, US green card holder, Senior
Software Engineer in Fortune 500 company. He comes from well educated, simple, respected professional family. Boy is sharp, well settled, house owner and had a issueless mutul divorce after very brief marriage. Please respond with photos and bio at:  C9-92221B

Jat Sikh cleanshaven 6'-2"/38, widower, Govt. service 28000/-, one baby
seven years. Without issue widow/divorcee acceptable. Contact: 94786-40544. C9-92345

Good looking fluent English tall match for Canadian citizen 32/6'-1",
flourishing business in Canada. Rural-urban property in India. E-mail:  C9-92471

Educated established high status Jat Sikh family seeks match for their
Canadian citizen son convent schooling in India and University Education in Canada, 26 years, 5'-8", Electrical Engineer, working as Business Analyst and pursuing the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) Designation, having U/R property in India and Canada looking for educated, cultured and intelligent girl from status family. Send biodata and pictures. E-mail:  (Mob.) 97798-93695. C9-92473

Mohali based high status Jat Sikh family seeks alliance for their very
handsome, fair, 1985 born, 5'-11" tall boy, pursuing Law having R/U property in crores. Girl should be fair, beautiful, slim, minimum 5'-6" and professionally qualified. Girl main consideration. E-mail, Biodata with Photo:  or Contact: 97794-27108. C9-92649

Jat Sikh business family with strong Political background seeks compatible
professional match for their 28/6'-1", teetotaller turbaned boy. Done Engineering in Computer (PTU) and M.Phil in Mobile Communication System from UK (Swansea University). Presently working in US will be getting US immigration in 2-3 months. Father US citizen and business in India as well good urban/rural property. Contact: 98140-53949. Email:  NA9-58675

Beautiful educated Jat Sikh girl required for Jat Sikh boy M.A., 6',
23.11.1983, 4.00 am Muktsar. Sister married and settled in Canada, boy will also get settled in Canada in near future. Preference will be given to Muktsar, Moga, Faridkot, Bathinda area. Contact: 094253-10154, 099814-04578. NA9-59672B-OL

Jat Sikh well educated, beautiful, slim, girl for very fair, handsome,
cleanshaven, unmarried Jat Sikh boy 35/6'-2", Bachelor in Marketing Management from UK, well established business in UK. Educated family, well settled in UK. # 98880-03674.  NA9-59943-OL

Seeking USA, UK, Canadian girl for handsome Jat Sikh vegetarian 26/6', BA,
B.Ed., doing Law. Father Advocate, mother Govt. Teacher. Rural/Urban property. 97799-62695. NA9-60058-OL

Professional match for handsome Sikh Saini cleanshaven boy, 27/5'-9",
MBA, working as IT Manager for USA Government. Send bio-data with picture:  C9-76679

Match for cleanshaved Saini boy 5'-11", 29, MBA, working MNC
(Pharmaceutical) Faridabad, Gotra Gehlan/Dhanote seeks well educated girl, min. 5'-4". Send BHP. Mobile: 099106-63999, E-mail:  C9-91553

Match for handsome Hindu Saini B.Tech., M.S. (USA), Software Engineer,
31/5'-8", working on H1B Visa (USA). Currently in India. Caste no bar. Send biodata, photo. E-mail:  9501776723. C9-92347

Match for fair, handsome Saini boy, BE Electronics, Post-graduate, diploma
in Electronics & Communication from Canada, 5'-9", 1981, serving in reputed firm in Canada. Seeks India based beautiful, slim, BE Electronics/Computer/MBBS/BDS, more than 5'-3", from respectable family. Please send photo with address. Contact: 94650-70205, 94647-34187. E-mail:  C9-92423

Dr/Engr./professionally qualified (really beautiful girl) match for handsome
Arora boy, Dental Doctor MDS 29/168. Australia settled, foreign settled girl preferred. Caste no bar. Family Chandigarh based.  (Australia 0061-393-783-637 between 7 a.m. - 4 p.m.). A9-74038-OL

Professionally qualified slim, beautiful match for a very handsome
cleanshaven boy 28/5'-9", Law Graduate, pursuing MBA, Green Card holder and very well settled in USA, father Sikh Rajput, mother Jat Sikh, only son, parents very well settled in Chandigarh, good urban property. Boy visiting India soon. Caste no bar. Contact 98158-13469. Send bio-data with photo at  A9-74551-OL

Suitable match for turbaned Jatsikh Canadian citizen 35, 5'-10", educated
own business issueless separated educated status family settled in Canada, urban/rural property in Punjab. IELTS with 6 band and professionally qualified preferred.  Ph: 98145-46433. C9-86146

Match for professionally qualified well settled Jat Sikh 49 yrs, divorcee
Canadian citizen 5'-9", 165 lbs. Girl must be simple Physically active minimum B.Sc. Email:  C9-88257

35, 5'-10", handsome, smart, Plastic Surgeon in San Diego, in US for last 11
years, U.S. Citizen, open minded Gupta family, seeking beautiful, open minded well educated girl. Caste no bar. Contact only via email at  with photograph. C9-88263

Gursikh family looking for slim, beautiful BDS or Degree in Pharmacy
vegetarian girl for their clean shaven 30 old, 5'-9", Canadian citizen working as Quality Tech. Please contact with recent photo and bio-data at  C9-88473

Hindu Punjabi, Science Graduate, medium build, 5'-3", widower, settled in
UK invites alliance with 40-50 years, divorced/widow. Contact:  C9-90811

Alliance invited from USA/Canadian citizens for Saini Sikh cleanshaven,
smart, handsome boy, 22/5'-8", studing in Canada since 5 years. 98149-67284, Canada-604 862 3962. C9-91057

Suitable educated, beautiful, slim match for Dewett Canadian citizen boy,
born 79, 5'-11", own settled business. Caste no bar. Marriage bureau excuse. Send photo, biodata and horoscope. E-mail:  0181-2700254. C9-91203

Mohali based status landlord Lubana family seeking slim, beautiful, well
educated match for handsome, cleanshaven, cutsurd sikh boy, 33, 5'-11", MBA, own flourishing business in USA. Upper caste no bar. 0172-4636384, 9779375808.  C9-91221

Suitable Gursikh match for USA citizen Sikh Doctor, 28/5'-8". Doing
Residency USA. Father University Professor. 4024234339,  C9-91457

Professionally qualified match for Goyal boy, 27 yrs./ 5'-7", done Masters in
Accountacy, working as Accounts Manager in Melbourne Australia, handsome salary. Caste no bar. Contact at 9876349000. Email:  Box 8722M Tribune, Chandigarh.

Lubana Sikh boy, Ph.D Food Science, USA, 29/5'-11", looking for
professional/Doctor/highly educated match. Family professionally settled USA. Boy in India. Contact: 98151-45754. E-mail:   C9-92203

Educated, beautiful preferably unmarried match for Mair Rajput (Parmar)
boy, 36/5'-6", divorced, Engineer, very well settled Singapore. Box 8772M Tribune, Chandigarh.

USA citizen Jat Sikh boy, 11 Aug. 1987, 5'-8", studying Medical, good family
business in USA. Seeks beautiful, intelligent girl preferably dentist/MBBS from vegetarian family. Contact: 94642-36792. C9-92553

Suitable beautiful, educated, slim, fair match for SC fair, handsome USA
citizen boy, 29/6', own good business. Caste no bar. 98155-09220. C9-92643

Hindu Brahmin/Khatri/Arora, MBBS/MD girl for impressive, lively, has
amiable personality, career oriented Hindu Saraswat Brahmin boy 28/5'-8", MBBS, pursuing residency in Internal Medicine in USA, already selected for Fellowship in Pulm and Critical Care Medicine. Close-knit family of Doctors and Engineers. # 0161-3251374.  NA9-59906-OL

Beautiful educated match for Ramgarhia (Saggu/Jutla), UK born cleanshave
boy 29/5'-10". Degree holder Construction Management. Contact: 0044-7975921667. Email:  NA9-60279-OL

Match for Punjabi Christian boy, 25˝ yrs, 5'-8", Graduate Businessman.
Preferred working girl. 9316001218. C9-92119

Jat/Ramgarhia highly educated UK based Sikh family wants a fair, slim, tall,
pretty girl from status family, preferably Dentist/MBBS , for their handsome, clean-shaven medical doctor son, born October 1976, 6', educated in England and working in a hospital. Send bio data, pictures to: . Call 00447785534841. C9-91863

Professionally qualified vegetarian beautiful Hindu Khatri for Computer
Engineer 28/5'-9". 5 LPA. Box 8431M Tribune, Chandigarh.

Match for 25/ 5'-11"/ 30000 plus, Diploma holder, Autoparts business.
Greencard in process, planning to launch Gas-station in USA. Parents Govt. job having USA/UK visa. Bhaiya-Bhabhi Indian American. Sister-Jijaji Indian Britisher. Caste no bar. Age relaxable. , 9646797862, 9646797867. C9-91005

Professionally qualified match for Mohali based Hindu local Khatri boy, July
82, 5'-10", B.Tech., MBA, Job in Bombay, 10 LPA. Father Bank Manager, Mother Govt. Teacher. 98761-98325,  Box 8662M Tribune, Chandigarh.

Affluent Defence background Chandigarh family solicit suitable proposal
from status family for only son 28/5'-10", B.E. (NIT) Software Engineer, Pune, 7 LPA. Teetotaller, non-smoker, very handsome, fair. No bars. BHP.  C9-91307

Alliance invited from a well educated, beautiful, tall girl from a simple family
(Caste no bar) with good moral value for Punjabi Khatri US born boy 26/6'-1", IT Graduate. Preference will be given to the Doctor/Engineer. Girls education and family back ground main consideration. Dowry believers please excuse. Contact with latest photograph and complete biodata at  Box 8711M Tribune, Chandigarh.

Match for slim, smart, 5'-8", 1978, Ph.D, Post Doctrorate (Canada), presently well settled Chandigarh. Landlord family, only son.  Box 8740M Tribune, Chandigarh.

Suitable professionally qualified match for Soni Khatri boy 18.10.82, 5'-4",
3:30 a.m., Jalandhar, done Hotel Management in Australia & settled. Contact after matching horoscope. Box 8784M Tribune, Chandigarh.

Professionally qualified match for handsome, fair, Punjabi Khatri boy Sept.
82, 5'-8", M.S. Computer, working US, H1B visa. Well-settled educated Chandigarh family. 93561-77753.  Box 8823M Tribune, Chandigarh.

SM 4 US citizen Hindu Khatri boy 42/5'-11", owner three gas stations
innocent issueless divorcee (brief marriage). Caste no bar. Canada/US citizen/green card holder preferred. 097290-40390, 94160-82040.  NA9-59581

Match for Arora boy Central Govt. service, 42/5'-7", 27,000/-, Chandigarh
own house. Box 8649M Tribune, Chandigarh.

Suitable match for Sikh cleanshaven, M.A., 27 yrs 6'-2". Family in
Business, 28 yrs. Settled in Chandigarh since 1977. Caste no bar. Box 8631M Tribune, Chandigarh.

Professionally qualified preferably Medico match for Ramgarhia Sikh
MBBS, Medical Officer boy 28/5'-5", well settled family. Caste no bar. Email:  Box 8670M Tribune, Chandigarh.

Suitable match for educated Sikh Ramgarhia cleanshaven boy,
Bachelor in Hospitality Management, living in Sydeny Australia, 1982/5'-8", working as Logistics Manager. Phone: 96461-10151, E-mail:  C9-91367

Well qualified, beautiful match for Ramgarhia Hindu boy 28/5'-8", MBA,
working in MNC Industrialist. Family of Chandigarh. Kundli must. Contact: 98786-52001, 0172-2662467. Box 8705M Tribune, Chandigarh.

UK Citizen Ramgarhia Sikh parents invites alliance for their very handsome, tall, slim, vegetarian son, 25/5'-9", settled in UK, B.Sc. Graduate, self-employed, visiting India for two weeks on 23rd December 2009. Looking for similarly educated, good looking, slim, below 25 yrs. and looking to settle in the UK. E-mail:  00447917151229 (7 a.m. to 6 p.m. UK time). C9-92637

Match for Ramgarhia Sikh boy Jalandhar 26/5'-9", MCA working in
Saudi-Arabia as Software Engineer. Preference well-qualified, professionally-qualified, tall, beautiful, slim, cultured girl. Upper caste no bar. Mobile: 090419-25770, 094636-87881. NA9-59681-OL

Suitable match for Doctor 32/5'-11", Khatri Sikh cleanshaven boy in
Gurgaon. 099151-76002, E-mail:  C9-74538

Alliance invited for Sikh Ahluwalia boy, 80 born, 5'-10". B.E. Computer
Science from Thappar, Patiala, Masters in Computer Science from USC, U.S.A., settled in USA on H1B visa, working as Software Development Engineer. Belongs to reputed business family Chandigarh. Contact:  C9-86262

Chandigarh well settled educated Gursikh Khatri family seeks beautiful tall
slim well educated preferably working girl from Gursikh family for their very handsome, 5'-11", Sept. 1982, Non-trimmer, teetotaller son. Working as Manager Top MNC Chandigarh, 5 LPA. Those interested send biodata, photo first instance.  C9-91401

Chandigarh based Khatri Sikh affulent and respectable family seeks alliance
for handsome son 31/6", very fair, Masters Engineer from I.I.T. Working Software Consultant, handsome package. Looking for well educated, tall, beautiful girl with good family values. Respond with biodata and Photo. 98880-76964.  ; Box 8683M Tribune, Chandigarh.

Chandigarh based Gursikh family seeking alliance for their Handsome son,
13.10.1983/5'-6", cutsurd, well settled in Australia. Looking for smart, beautiful, like minded girl. Contact: 94171-32200. Box 8824M Tribune, Chandigarh.

SM4 cleanshaven Khatri Oberoi boy, 21.7.81, well-settled in Australia
(Melbourne), PR applied. Contact: 94647-66001 (after 4 p.m.), 99156-20940, 94172-02029 (coming soon India). NA9-59702-OL

Match for Ramdasia Sikh Cleanshaven, vegetarian, handsome boy, 28,
5'-11", Australian PR, Post-graduate (Accounting). Father Senior Class-I Officer. Educated family. 9988704912. Box 8632M Tribune, Chandigarh.

Suitable match for handsome Manglik boy 29/6', B.E., MBA, working Private
Company, 5 Lac (+). Father Senior All India Service Officer (Punjab). Preferred B.Tech./MBA. 098781-66266. Box 8755M Tribune, Chandigarh.

Professionally qualified, beautiful girl for handsome Khatri Manglik
teetotaller boy 27/5'-9", M.Tech. working in Canada visiting X-Mas mail Horoscope bio-data, photo urgently.  0129-2252100. C9-90997

Suitable match for Sood Manglik boy, 15.05.1981, 5'-9", 12:00 a.m.
Himachal, well settled business. Caste no bar. Send biodata. E-mail:  098163-25108. C9-91239

Professional match for teetotaller 28/6'-1", M.Tech top institute working
Tata Consultancy, excellent remuneration, no dowry, simple marriage educated family. 098148-51363.  Box 8773M Tribune, Chandigarh.

Educated Tonk Kyastriya Sikh family well-settled in the Canada seek a
beautiful, Medico girl for their son aged 27, 6 ft. Government employee visiting India on Dec 21 for 2 weeks. Phone: 416 844 0584. Caste no bar. Email:  C9-89233B

Non-trimmer, non-drinker Gursikh Khatri boy 30 March, 1983, MBA, 5.10
package, 5.45 PA, boy at Delhi family based Amritsar, simple small family. 093560-13700. Email:  C9-90829

Sikh Khatri/Arora professionally qualified girl for handsome & smart, well
mannered, teetotaller, non-drinker Sikh Khatri boy, 27/5'-11", Diploma Architect (Civil Draftsman) after schooling from Public school, well established business (income in high five figures), Hindu Sikh Khatri mixed family. # 0161-6545074.  NA9-59935

Match for Kanpur based vegetarian Bansal boy 27/5'-11", B.Com., LL.B., CA,
own Iron, Hardware established Business. Box 8641M Tribune, Chandigarh.

Match for Bansal handsome Manglik, 27/5'-8", serving Tech. Mohindra,
Noida, 4.5 Lakh annually, Ambala settled family. m (094662-61632). C9-91035

PQM, preferably Er/Dr/MBA, for B.Tech/MS (USA) handsome, smart and
ethical Goel boy May 80/5'-10", wkng. in MNC on H1B visa in Texas, USA. Caste no bar. E-mail:  Cell: 094173-16343. C9-91353

Status match for B.Tech Software Engineer Gurgaon 29˝/169/9.25 lacs.
98147-00836,  C9-92021

Wanted tall, slim, beautiful qualified girl for very fair, handsome, Manglik
Garg boy born Oct. 75, BE, MBA, 5'-10", 8.5 LPA. Working Manager Banglore, well-settled family of Chandigarh. Property in Chandigarh & Punjab. Box 8771M Tribune, Chandigarh.

V.B'ful medico/non-medico girl for v. fair, handsome Agrawal Doctor
29/5'-7", MBBS/MD/Dip. Critical Care Consult. ICU top Hospital NCR. E-mail:  # 94662-60460. NA9-57788B-OL


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