Trouble with men

The conflicting lifestyles of the characters in Two & A Half Men result in a laughter riot
The conflicting lifestyles of the characters in Two & A Half Men result in a laughter riot 

IT is complete mayhem when someone applies the brakes to the freewheeling and hedonistic life of a rich jingle composer. Two and A Half Men every Thursday at 7 P.M. on Star World revolves around the life of a wealthy writer Charlie (Charlie Sheen). His Casanova life comes to a halt when his control-freak brother Alan moves in with him who is facing a divorce and has no other place to go. The brother has a lazy, fat school-going son Jake, who alternates between his two parents. Complicating the matters is Charlie and Alan’s self-obsessed mother and their somewhat neurotically infatuated neighbour Rose, who would go to any length to be with Charlie. The conflicting lifestyles of the characters results in a laughter riot that has made this sitcom one of America’s favourites.

Comic capers

This whacko show seems to spare neither celebrities nor hit shows. For, from the high-energy comedians of Comedy Inc on Saturday at 4 P.M. on Zee Caf`E9, no one is sacrosanct or safe. Whether it is Osama bin Laden’s gay brother Lance bin Laden who stays in Toronto or Al Jazeera’s favourite show, Hussien’s Line Is It Anyway, a spoof of American Idol or even a parody of Friends, this programme seems to have the licence to tear anyone’s reputation into pieces. The twisted and dark political and social satire goes to any length to demolish carefully preserved images of personalities like Tom Cruise and Michael Jackson and also grinds to dust television hit shows like Big Brother and The Sopranos. Even movies like the Lord of the Rings are a target here. The popularity of the show can be gauged from the fact that it recently won the Gold Medal Award for Best TV Variety Programme at the New York Festival for the second year in a row. It has also been nominated for the best writing in a television series.NF