Ulta Pulta
Warm excuse
Jaspal Bhatti

Agriculture Minister Sharad Pawar recently blamed global warming for the steep rise of prices in the country. Global warming is the best excuse to cover up any government, non-government or personal folly these days.

If a criminal escapes from the police custody, the SHO can blame it on global warming. If a trains derails, the authorities could shamelessly claim that it was all because of the climate change. A politicianís wife ran away with a jeweller, he spread the word around, "Woh climate change ki vajah se bhaag gayi (She ran away due to climate change)"His PA advised him not to use the climate change-excuse in this case. After a lot persuasion netaji settled for linking the incident with the gold price-hike.

Sharad Pawar is a seasoned political player. He should not let the changing weather affect his excuse-making capacity. He should always be ready with innovative answers for the governmentís failure on the price rise front. A few of the excuses could be Prices are rising because of the instability in the BJP. Vegetable prices are out of control due to Kasabís wavering statements in the court.

Food prices cannot be kept under control unless you control the swine flu. Vulgarity on reality shows is the root cause of inflation rate.

I donít know what effect the climate change has caused on prices, but the sky-rocketing prices have a marked effect on political rallies. The public has now stopped throwing tomatoes and eggs on politicians.