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Disobeyance of DM's closure order for schools
Complaint filed against Sacred Heart
Charu Chhibber
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, January 5
Angry over schools' non-compliance of the District Magistrate's orders over the closure of schools in view of the cold weather, parents of students of several schools prompted a non-government organisation to file a complaint with the police against the violating schools.

Taking a serious note of Sacred Heart Convent School's non-compliance with the order, the CBSE Parents Association for Educational Reforms, Punjab, has filed a complaint against the school authorities.

The complaint was filed today at the Sarabha Nagar police station by Parveen Dang, president of the association, after numerous parents approached him in the matter. Dang is also preparing to approach the Human Rights and Child Commission in the case.

The police is, however, yet to register a case as only a DDR was registered by it in the morning. Since children of most of them study in Sacred Heart Convent School, the top police as well as administration officials chose to remain tight-lipped in the matter.

Deputy Commissioner-cum-District Magistrate Vikas Garg had, on Sunday evening, ordered the closure of all city schools till January 8 in the wake of cold wave sweeping the region for the past few days.

It is pertinent to mention here that following the DM's order, Sacred Heart Convent authroities had announced the closure of the school till January 8, but students of some classes had been directed to come for practice for a forthcoming cultural event.

Talking to Ludhiana Tribune, Dang said, "The administration had closed the schools keeping in view the welfare of the children and with a view to protecting them from the severe cold prevailing in the region."

However, Dang added, "The schools which are open despite the DM's directions are behaving irresponsibly. They seem to be least bothered about their students' welfare. We will not let the school authorities be unfair to the kids." He revealed that tomorrow he would file complaints against all schools which are open.

Confirming that a complaint had been lodged at the Sarabha Nagar police station by Dang, SHO Beant Juneja said appropriate action would be taken against the school authorities. All attempts to contact the principal of Sacred Heart Convent, DM and SSP proved futile.

Meanwhile, all schools remained close today in the wake of Gurparab.


Rashi Talwar (name changed), mother of a student of Sacred Heart:

"This is not the first time that the school has disobeyed the administration's order. The principal seems to be indifferent to children's needs and welfare. I wish we had someone more sensitive as the head of one of the most prestigious schools of the city."

Prakash Misra (name changed), father of a student of BCM Arya Model School:

"Every year, the administration orders the closure of schools due to severe cold and every year many schools defy the orders. I suggest that if the school authorities do not want to close their schools owing to bad weather, they should, instead, reschedule their winter vacation so as to ensure that children do not have to attend their classes in severe cold."

SCHOOLS’ stand

Paramjit Kaur, principal, BCM Arya Senior Secondary School:

"We have closed our primary classes because the weather is harsh and it is difficult for small kids to cope. With a long winter break just over and pre-boards around the corner and syllabus still pending, we cannot afford to exempt the senior students. We have given them an hour's relaxation and that is sufficient. Moreover, India's weather is not too harsh and our children need to be trained to be strong enough to face it."

Requesting anonymity, head of another city school said:

"With last year remaining very disturbing, students lost a lot of precious time due to closure during curfews and protests. We cannot afford to close the school for so many days. The administration will not come to our rescue at the end of the sesssion when the teachers and students will be struggling to complete the syllabus. And I do not understand why everybody is raising such a hue and cry over weather when we have known of people surviving through much lower temperatures."


Admn’s order defied 
Mahesh Sharma

Mandi Ahmedgarh, January 5
Lack of coordination between the district administration and the education department has led confusion about special holidays in schools on account of severe winter and foggy weather.

Setting aside the orders of some deputy commissioners to declare holidays in schools till January 10, the education department in this part of Malwa has closed primary schools till January 8. Teachers and students for classes higher than class V have been asked to attend schools as usual.

Investigations by the Ludhiana Tribune revealed that school students and their parents were confused over the administration’s decision to close the schools due to cold wave conditions.

While the district administration had announced special vacation till Friday, a large number of schools opened as usual. In some cases, students had to pay fine for absenting from their classes.

The office of director general, school education, Punjab, and state project director Sarav Shiksha Abhiyan has also taken serious note of the alleged irrational announcement of holidays by the administration.

Maintaining that teaching process was at its peak and holidays at this stage would affect the studies adversely, director general (school education) Krishan Kumar has directed all district education officers to ensure that no elementary or senior secondary school was closed during any working day.

Students of primary classes (class 1-V) will be enjoying holidays up to January 8 but their teachers would attend and perform miscellaneous duties according to the directions of their seniors.

Nullifying all orders regarding change of school timings, the director general (school education) has further clarified that all middle, high and senior secondary schools would remain open as usual from 9 am to 3.20 pm.

Perusal of another communication revealed that practical examination of students of classes V and VIII would be conducted on January 8, according to the schedule declared earlier. The DEOs (elementary and secondary) will be responsible for successful conduct of the examination in schools falling under their jurisdiction.

l Education department sets aside direction to close govt schools

l Holidays for primary classes only up to Jan 8

l Class V students to appear in practical exam on January 8 



Soaring milk prices burn hole in pocket
Shivani Bhakoo
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, January 5
As if the escalating prices of other essential commodities like sugar, pulses, vegetables and fruits were not enough, more expensive milk has now added to the common man’s misery. Prices of ordinary (cow’s) milk had already risen almost six months ago.

Now Verka, a product of Milkfed (Punjab State Cooperative Milk Producer's Federation) has hiked the rates of milk to Re 1 per liter. Once again the already burdened common man has been forced to bear the brunt of higher prices.

Anjali Gupta, a homemaker and resident of BRS Nagar said the government had failed miserably to bring-down the inflation rate. She added it had virtually become impossible to run households with limited salaries as prices of all the basic commodities had reached an all time high.

"I’ve two grown-up kids at home who need to be given milk twice a day. I cannot reduce the quantity either. Though Re 1 more for a litre of milk doesn’t seem to be huge sum, if you calculate the total amount spent on milk it turns out to be in the hundreds of rupees, but salaries remain the same".

In the recently announced hike, prices of standard (green packet) Verka milk will be Rs 25 per litre instead of Rs 24.

Ajmer Singh Bhagpur, chairman of the Verka milk plant in Ludhiana, told The Tribune that Milkfed had increased prices primarily because many farmers engaged in dairy farming for decades had decided to leave this trade due to losses.

"Everything has become so expensive- prices of green and dry fodder have increased manifold - and it has become almost impossible for farmers to sustain this trade. Secondly, the central government isn’t providing any subsidies or grants to farmers in Punjab, with the result the trade is suffering badly. If no help is given to dairy farmers from the government then future generations will be deprived of milk as the farmers have already started leaving the trade due to losses", said Bhagpur.

“Due to all these reasons Verka increased the rates of milk to the tune of Rs 3 per litre during the past two to three months”, he added.



Unauthorised use in vehicles goes unchecked
Mohit Khanna
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, January 5
The yesterday's incident where a Hyundai Santro car was gutted on the Ferozepur road has yet again brought to fore the unabated use of illegal LPG gas kit in vehicles.

There are several vehicles plying on city roads, which have not installed government-approved gas kit. With cheaper variants of gas kits easily available in the market, people risk their lives by installing unapproved gas kits.

Even the police admits that thousands of such vehicles are plying on city roads. According to the traffic police officials, a majority of old petrol vehicles have installed LPG gas kits in their vehicles without realising that the unauthorised kits can prove fatal for their lives. They can be charred while driving.

Interestingly, there is no data available, either with the District Transport Office (DTO) or with the police, regarding such vehicles which have switched to the LPG gas kits.

Further, many illegal filling stations have mushroomed in and around the city, which are also providing LGP gas cheaper than the filling stations.

In the past, the police cracked its whip on several motor workshops which used to install illegal gas kits.

With the police going lax, such motor workshops have again dotted the city. They are providing the life-threatening kits at much cheaper rates than the authorised ones.

Only the new cars, which are coming with the LPG variant, have been approved with the District Transport Office (DTO) office, except that only a handful of old vehicles have been registered with the DTO office which have installed the LPG gas kits.

DTO Ashwani Sharma also admitted the fact. He said if a car was switched to the LPG, it was mandatory for the owner of the vehicle-owner to enter the details of the modification done on a car, but barring a handful of people, no one had visited to DTO office for the entry of details.

Amit Behal, a businessman, said the acute shortage of the LPG cylinders was one of the reasons that these cylinders were being used for the filling of vehicles.



Use of gas geysers causes shortage
Anshu Seth
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, January 5
The use of domestic LPG cylinders in “gas geysers” has added to the already existing scarcity of the LPG in the city.

Even after booking cylinders, consumers have to wait for additional four to six days to get their supply. Ironically, the department of food and civil supplies, which is the regulatory authority to control the supply of LPG and check its “misuse”, is not authorised to check the installation of gas geysers.

Manish Gupta, deputy manager, LPG sales of oil companies, said the whole situation had created lawlessness as far as controlling the “misuse” of domestic LPG for commercial purpose was concerned. “A source informed me that a family had 10 gas connections, which were being used for running gas geysers. When the house was raided, the family instead of cooperating with me, filed a false complaint of misconduct with a household woman against me,” rued Manish Gupta.

The deputy manager expressed his disillusionment with the department of food and civil supplies. He added that they had failed to act on any of his complaints. Despite getting the information of habitual offenders, who were involved in misuse of domestic LPG for commercial purposes, the department officials had failed to take a concrete action, alleged Gupta.

In the recent raids conducted at various small commercial establishments, more than two dozen small gas cylinders weighing 2 kg each, were seized. A small gas cylinder is filled from the regular domestic cylinder, which weighs 14.2 kg and is priced at Rs 325, whereas for commercial activities it is mandatory to use a commercial LPG cylinder, which weighs 19 kg and is priced at Rs 1,056.

Companies supplying “gas kits” for cars are equally responsible for creating a backlog of domestic LPG. People going in for unauthorised gas kits are not only using cylinder earmarked for domestic use, but are misusing domestic LPG, thereby causing inconvenience to other consumers.



Zila Parishad passes budget
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, January 5
The local Zila Parishad has passed Rs 86.43-crore budget for 2010-11 under the National Rural Employment Guarantee Act (NREGA) for the Ludhiana district. Out of the total budget, Rs 51.86 crore will be spent on labour and Rs 34.57 crore on material.

Manpreet Singh Ayali, chairman, Zila Parishad, announced this while presiding over a special meeting for passing the budget at the Zila Parishad complex yesterday. Ayali said the total budget and different development projects of each village had been put on website - wwwnrega.nic.in and anybody could get the information from this website. He assured that the Ludhiana district would be on forefront in NREGA in the state by next year.

He also said a total of 38,135 job cards were made. The development would be carried out on massive scale in all villages in the district in 2010-11 under the NREGA scheme. He said Rs 49 crores would be spent on renovation of traditional water bodies, Rs 12.43 crore on sapling the plants and Rs 6 crore on land development under the NREGA scheme.

Giving information of various projects block wise, Ayali said the development works would be completed in 50 villages of the Pakhowal block at Rs 6.31 crore. Similarly 45 villages of the Railkot block at Rs 8.25 crore, 23 villages of the Sadhar block at Rs 2.49 crore, 90 villages of the Sidhwan Bet block at Rs 10.31 crore, 75 villages of the Ludhiana-1 block at Rs 4.66 crore, 55 villages of the Jagraon block at Rs 9.60 crores, 177 villages of the Ludhiana-2 block at Rs 11 crore, 82 villages of the Khana block at Rs 6.39 crores, 109 villages of the Machhiwara block at Rs 5.68 crores, 61 villages of the Samrala block at Rs 5.04 crore, 71 villages of the Dehlon block at Rs 6.20 crore and 56 villages of the Doraha block at Rs 7.80 crores would be spent on various developments works.

While addressing the meeting Devinder Singh, ADC (D), said NREGA was a unique scheme and there was no dearth of funds under this scheme. He asked all BDPOs that they should work honestly for completion of various projects under NREGA. He said under this scheme, many people would get employment.



Traffic Woes: Chaos reins supreme
Kuldip Bhatia

Ludhiana, January 5
Poor regulation and enforcement, ever-increasing number of motor vehicles coupled with lack of road sense and inadequate parking places have created such a situation in the mega city that driving, or even walking on foot on the roads is a nightmarish experience.

Bumper-to-bumper vehicular traffic, persistent traffic jams and cases of road rage have become a daily routine in almost the entire city with the ill-trained and ill-equipped traffic cops either deliberately turning a blind eye to the menace or remaining clueless to deal with the problem.

It’s not only the narrow lanes in many commercial areas in the old city that defy solution to the traffic congestion, but things are no better even in most of the upmarket commercial centres or some of the posh localities in the city.

Commercial centres like Ghumar Mandi, Sarabha Nagar Market, Model Town and Mall Road are classic examples of unimaginative traffic regulation and management with vehicles stuck in the jams on regular intervals. Similarly, the traffic police has been unable to ease the flow of traffic at several other bottlenecks like the T-point on Domoria Bridge, Old Sabzi Mandi, Mata Rani Chowk, Jagraon Bridge and the entire stretch of Old GT Road from Old Sabzi Mandi to railway station.

With traffic flow being pathetic in most parts of the city, religious events like shobha yatras, nagar kirtans, jagrans or even langars or bhandaras make things even worse, causing obstruction of vehicular traffic and inconvenience to the road users.

The insensitivity on the part of traffic police has gone to such an extent that rather than taking action against those causing obstruction on busy roads or public streets on different pretexts, the police put barricades themselves on one or the other road at the slightest hint of increased traffic movement for any reason, which more often than not, lead to additional pressure on alternative routes and extended traffic jams.

Residents of a locality in Civil Lines were in for a shock when senior police officers expressed their inability to do anything about a busy road having been blocked by putting up barricades for a religious congregation for most part of the morning on Monday and Tuesday. Not only this, the police, for no apparent reason, had closed the road from Fountain Chowk to Durga Mata Mandir to vehicular traffic because of the ongoing army recruitment rally at Guru Nanak Stadium where traffic flow could have been maintained with a bit of regulation and enforcement.

The city residents feel that the traffic cops not only lack will and motivation, most of them are ill-trained for the complex task of traffic management. "What the traffic police in the city needs is the services of an expert team of consultants, intensive training in traffic regulation and management along with extensive support from civic body for removal of permanent and temporary encroachments along the roads which obstruct the traffic movement," said SK Aggarwal, a retired civil engineer. 



Crusade against corrupt officials launched
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, January 5
The women's wing of the Anti-Corruption Federation of India today launched a crusade against corrupt officials, who despite being accused in different cases, had managed to go scot-free and continue in the service.

Releasing a list of many officials, who were booked by the Vigilance Bureau but the case never got sanction for prosecution, the NGO activists said they would fight to get the cases expedited.

Addressing a press conference here today, women wing president Rakhi Kharbanda said had the bureaucracy handled the Ruchika molestation case fairly, her family would have got justice by now.

Giving the list of 14 officials by their names, who were involved in corruption cases during the last six years, the NGO activists said they would expose these officials and force government to swing into action. 



Kid’s presence of mind

Children never fail to amuse adults with their presence of mind. Recently, during an essay writing competition, a student of Class VII was asked by his teacher to explain a particular sentence that he had used in the essay. The sentence read, “The dead body was being manhandled by street dogs.” The teacher, apparently unhappy over the sentence formation, asked the boy to explain it to the class. The reply, however, left her shocked as well as amused. “Ma’am you only taught us not to be dogmatic. Thus, if you are not okay with ‘dogs manhandling the dead body’, lets change it to ‘dogs doghandling the dead body’.” pat came the reply, which made the angry teacher burst out in laughter.

Santa of poor

Many have always waited winters. But for a few, it’s a nightmare. The poor who brave the chilly weather in open pray to God to save them. Hundreds of rickshawpullers, beggars, vendors have to spend sleepless nights on footpaths whereas the privileged depend on heaters, blowers, and electric blankets. But there are good Samaritans, who come to the rescue of underprivileged. “Sent by God”, these residents drive through the footpaths to provide blankets and woolen clothes to homeless without coming in the limelight. Giving blessings to one such messiah, a rickshawpuller said, “I got this new blanket last night. I heard noise of a car and felt little warmth. Somebody had put a blanket while I was sleeping on the footpath. God bless such people.”

SMS mania

SMS sure have a way to lift up the spirits of the recipient but it would not be wrong to say that some messages leave you panting and puffing. Oblivious to the fact that each and every number can’t be stored in the phone memory a few senders take the liberty to go overboard with their wishes without mentioning their names at the end. Going through the “New Year Messages” was a hard time for a doctor who had lost her contacts with her mobile phone and the unending list of her associates and friends forwarded their wishes without their names assuming that their names would be saved in the contact list. A sigh escaped the lips of the recipient of the message that read, “My family and I am sending a bouquet of flowers for you on the first day of the year which will fill your life with fragrance for the whole year ………” but the name of the sender was missing at the end.

Hard nuts to crack

Politicians and self-styled VIPs felt embarrassed when students of a local school, who were helping cops in regulating traffic in the area, refused to oblige them by leaving violators scot-free. The violators, who as usual tried to impress upon the cops on duty by giving references of bigwigs, were asked to convince the students who had stopped their vehicles for verification of documents. When a few leaders tried to convince the students on telephone, they were asked to visit the spot and gauze hazards posed by those whose cases they were recommending. However, none of the callers who had claimed to be advocates, journalists and politicians turned up personally to save the violators. Driver and owner of a truck plying without valid documents had to cut sorry figure when, authoritative student refused to talk to the caller. “Uncle tusin shikayat chahe meri kar devo par menun sarpanch nahin document dikhao,” was the answer of the student when the driver threatened to complain against students for not listening to sarpanch’s phone. “Assin Badal sahib nal gal karange ke je sade sarpanch da phone school de bache nahin sunde tan sanun usda kee phaida,” driver had said.

Easier option

Incompetent and short-sighted that the traffic planners and regulators in the mega city are, they invariably choose to exercise the easier option of closing down a particular road to traffic at the slightest indication of increase in traffic volume due to one or the other reason. The closure of road from the Fountain Chowk to Durga Mata Mandir on account of a weeklong Army recruitment rally at Guru Nanak Stadium on Monday turned out to be a classic example of (mis) management. There was virtual chaos on the Mall, College, Maharani Jhansi and Cemetery roads. The vehicular traffic came to a near standstill during peak hours. Ironically, not much of the vehicular movement was involved as far as Army recruitment rally was concerned and the traffic on that stretch of the road could very well have been managed with a bit of discipline, regulation and enforcement. But who wants to take that much trouble?

Contributed by Charu Chibber, Shivani Bhakoo, Anshu Seth, Mahesh Sharma and Kuldip Bhatia 



‘Raaz Pichhle Janam Ka’
Tragedy struck Ishmeet’s father in past life too 
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, January 5
Losing his talented son at a tender age has been a shock for Gurpinder Singh, father of ‘Voice of India’ Ishmeet. The grief that he and his family experience is irrevocable. The entire family is yet to come to terms with this tragic incident that struck them.

Learning about ‘Raaz Pichhle Janam Ka’, Gurpinder approached the TV channel with the intention to know why this unfortunate incident knocked on the doors of his once happy family. He wanted answers of many unanswered questions that are still hounding him. Did this incident have anything to do with his past life?

During regression, Gurpinder traced himself back to London somewhere during the 1930’s. His name was Raunak Singh and he was a singer by profession. He was married to a woman named Raj Kaur and the couple was childless for a long. It was after a long wait that they were blessed with a baby boy whom they named Ishmeet. A shocking co-incidence as in this life too, his only son was also named Ishmeet.

Raunak Singh had a happy family until destiny had another plan in store for them. He along with his wife Raj Kaur and son Ishmeet had gone for a holiday to a hill station when another tragedy struck them, shattering their lives forever.

A shocked Gurpinder said: “Ishmeet was our only child. He got our family a lot of fame and respect. Initially, I was apprehensive to undergo regression. However, in the quest of seeking answers to the death of my son, I decided to participate on ‘Raaz Picchle Janam Ka’ and approached the TV channel. What I saw during my regression shook the core of my heart. I am now relieved and have accepted this as God’s will as was written in my destiny,” was all he said on the a TV channel airing ‘Raaz Pichle Janam Ka’. 



Rally taken out against social evils
Rakesh Gupta

Mullanpur Dakha, January 5
In order to increase awareness amongst general public about social evils, women folk of Mullanpur Dakha today took out a rally here.

Naib Tehsildar Bhupinder Singh along with MC president Telu Ram Bansal flagged off the rally targeted towards social evils like female foeticide, prostitution, and drug abuse at home besides support to eunuchs. Scores of women under the banner of the Youth Welfare Federation-Women Wing, a subsidiary of the Dera Sacha Sauda of Sirsa gathered near the grain market area equipped with banners depicting the prevailing social evils of the society and took out a procession through the busy markets and streets of the town.

SHO Prem Singh, Amarjit Singh, Suresh Goel, Kuldeep Kaur, Asha Moga, Surinder Kaur Prabhjot Kaur Mandeep Kaur Phagla Nav Kirandeep Kaur Gill and national president of the welfare federation, Veerpal Kaur, were also present among others. Veerpal addressing the gathering on this occasion said they would be making all efforts to stop the availability as well as consumption of drugs in the area.

She said girls in the profession of prostitution against their wishes, whose families were not accepting them, could come to them and they would be treated as daughters and would be married off with good boys.

She said they would be supporting the eunuch children to become self-sufficient and earn their living and not depend on alms given by others.

She appealed the general public not to indulge in female foeticide and in case any one was not ready to take up the responsibility of a girl child, they were ready to adopt all girl children. The rally got an overwhelming response from the general public. 



Woman seeks case against brother-in-law 
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, January 5
Having lost his sister Kavita Sharma, who recently committed suicide due to the alleged illicit relationship of her husband Kamal Sharma with another woman, the deceased’s brother Mohan Bharti has demanded registration of cases under Sections 467, 468 and 120 of the IPC against his brother-in-law.

Kamal Sharma was booked under section 306 of the IPC and was arrested by the Division No. 7 police.

Mohan Bharti has also demanded registration of criminal cases against the woman as he alleged that she is equally responsible for her sister’s death.

Bharti also alleged that his brother-in-law had violated the Hindu Marriage Act by indulging in bigamy as the duo also had a son out of their affair. 



BSNL employees hold protest 
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, January 5
Workers of the BSNL Employees’ Union and the Sanchar Nigam Executive Association held a protest demonstration at Bharat Nagar Chowk today on a call given by the joint forum of the BSNL associations/ unions of executive and non-executives against the delay in procurement of equipment for 9.3 crore lines of the GSM.

Addressing the gathering, Balbir Singh, circle secretary, BSNL Employees Union, Punjab, said the global tender for the procurement of mobile lines was floated by the BSNL around two years back, but it had not been finalised so far. It seemed that the top-level management of the BSNL had put the tender on hold, he added. A conspiracy was being hatched to deprive the BSNL from procuring the lines in connivance with rival telecom operators, he alleged.

He said the association executives and unions of non-executives would not tolerate this and would start serious struggle to safeguard BSNL. The employees alleged that the Government of India was bent upon to ruin the BSNL whereas its employees were struggling to save it.

The union has urged the BSNL workers to be prepared for the struggle, including indefinite strike, if the intervention by the Prime Minister does not bear any results.

Balwinder Singh, district secretary, BSNL Employees Union, Ludhiana, urged the branch-level leaders to send telegrams to the Prime Minister demanding his intervention to save the BSNL by immediately finalising the mobile lines tender.



Swine Flu
Installation of 50 ventilators requested
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, January 5
Dr Narottan Dewan, newly-elected president of the Indian Medical Association, Ludhiana chapter, today forwarded a request to Punjab Chief Minister Parkash Singh Badal for the installation of 50 ventilators for swine flu patients in the city hospitals.

Dr Dewan said several lives could be saved if there were ventilators in intensive care units.

The letter written to the Punjab CM reads, “Poor citizens of Punjab have great hopes from esteemed leaders like you. Your interest and decision can save many precious lives that are valuable.”

The letter written by Dr Dewan also states that political leaders can collect funds to upgrade the existing health facilities. Educated bureaucrats and motivated political leaders of Punjab can make government health services of Punjab better than private hospitals like DMCH, CMCH and Satguru Partap Singh Apollo Hospitals in Ludhiana.

Dr Dewan added that ventilator facilities in these hospitals were mostly occupied and it was hard for the common man to afford these services.

A copy of the letter has also been forwarded to Punjab Health Minister Laxmikanta Chawla.



Doctor gets Japanese board certification
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, January 5
Dr Rajesh Chand Arya, consultant cardiac anaesthesiologist, Hero DMC Heart Institute, has been selected for the board certification by the Japanese Board of Peri Operative Trans Esophageal Echo.

The National Board of Japan recognises people worldwide for their excellence in the field of trans esophageal echocardiography during heart operations.

A total of around 250 doctors from all over the world appeared for the examination, which was conducted on September 13, 2009, in Tokyo and Japan.

Dr Rajesh Arya passed the examination. He is the first anaesthesiologist from India to pass this prestigious examination, which qualified him for the Japanese board certification.

To highlight the importance of heart echocardiograpy during bypass operations, Dr Arya said, “This technique is helpful in assessing the status of patient’s heart, when the operation is going on. During heart valve repair operations, in particular, trans esophageal echocardiography is needed. It helps decide the plan of repairing the valve, as it can inform the operating team whether the repair would be successful or not. Likewise, complications of bypass operations are picked up very early by trans esophageal echocardiography and can be corrected on time,” the doctor explained.

Dr GS Wander, chief cardiologist, Hero DMC Heart Institute, said, “Nowadays all complicated cardiac surgeries are done under the monitoring of trans esophageal echocardiography. It increases safety of patients and improves the success rate of operations.”

Dr wander congratulated Dr Arya on his achievement and wished him success in future.



Gurpurab celebrated with fervour
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, January 5
Gurpurab, the birth anniversary of Guru Gobind Singh was celebrated with religious fervour in all gurdwaras in Ludhiana.

Kirtan darbars were organised in all gurdwaras, wherein, the ragi jathas chanted shabads.

The langar was not just restricted to the gurdwaras as the market associations, residential welfare associations and educational institutions came forward to offer free meals to the people.

Thousands of slum dwellers and beggars were fed in the langars organised in different parts of the city. Some philanthropists also distributed woolen clothes to the street children.

A large number of Hindus, Christians and Muslims also visited the gurdwaras in their respective localities to pay obeisance to the 10th Guru of the Sikhs.

Nagar Kirtans were taken out in various parts of the city, where, the Sikh literature was also distributed to the people.

Salaam Zindagi, a city based NGO observed the auspicious occasion by organising a blood donation camp at the Guru Nanak Dev Bhawan. It was an endeavour of the NGO to bring together people from all castes, creeds and religions on a common platform, which according to the NGO members, is the message given by Guru Gobind Singh. As much as 501 units of blood were collected on the occasion, which was inaugurated by Ludhiana Deputy Commissioner Vikas Garg. 



‘Mitti’ to be released on Jan 8
Our Correspondent

Khamano, January 5
There is totally a new concept and thought in the coming film “Mitti” that is to be released on January 8, 2010, worldwide. Stating this director and writer of the film Jatinder Mauhar, who is a resident of a nearby Bhutta village, was interacting with media persons at BGG School, Thikriwal with some of the actors of the film.

He said this film was based mainly on saving the land of farmers from being acquired by multinational companies and big companies of the country without paying proper compensation and without fulfilling the promises made at the time of taking possession. According to him the main roles in this film are being played by Mika Singh, John Victor, Lakhwinder Kandhola, Vakar Sheik and Kashish Dhanoa and Kartar Cheema. The story and dialogues are written by the director himself. 



13 booked for abduction, murder bid
Our Correspondent

Jagraon, January 5
The local police has booked 13 people on charges of kidnapping, attempt to murder and crushing the legs of a man by running over his legs intentionally following a complaint to the police by a resident of Moti Bagh colony, Onkar Singh.

In his complaint Onkar state when he was getting his truck repaired at a workshop yesterday on Sidhwan Bet road, Jaspreet Singh along with his brother Harpreet Singh, both residents of Badhni Kalan village in Moga district, Akbar of Minia village near Moga and ten other unidentified people arrived there.

Onkar claimed they then kidnapped him after forcing him into their Gypsy jeep and took him to a bridge in Badhni Kalan village. There all the men thrashed him badly, using blunt weapons, he added.

Onkar stated when he lost consciousness he was made to lie on the road and then one of the suspects, Jaspreet, crushed his legs under his jeep. He said he was run over many times and then the suspects picked him up from there and threw him in a lane in Lakha village where Harjit Kaur lived and called her to collect him (Onkar), whom she was planning to remarry, from there.

A severely injured Onkar was later admitted to the Jagraon Civil Hospital. He has accused the suspects of taking out Rs 20,000 that he carried from his pockets to pay the truck repair charges.

Nirmal Singh, the inquiry officer in the case, said Jaspreet was married to Harjit of Lakha village, near here, about nine years ago. “Due to some differences between them Harjit filed a suit of divorce against Jaspreet and got an ex-parte decree of divorce against the latter, which irritated him. After getting the divorce she got engaged to Onkar. This made Jaspreet jealous and in frustration he attacked Onkar trying to teach Harjit a lesson”, Nirmal added.

A case has been registered against the suspects under sections 365, 336, 307, 323, 382, 148, 149 of the IPC. However, no arrest has been made so far.



2 killed, 4 injured in Qualis-auto collision
Our Correspondent

Jagraon, January 5
Two persons were killed and four others were injured when a Qualis collided head-on with an auto-rickshaw on Sunday evening near Sarabha village.

The deceased have been identified as Sucha Singh (44) and his wife Surjit Kaur (42) of Manakwal village. They were returning from Dhalian village after visiting their relatives.

The auto-rickshaw (PB-10-CJ-1957) had crossed Sarabha village when the Qualis, coming from Ludhiana side, rammed into it, killing two of its occupant and injuring four, including Barjinder Singh, driver of the auto.

Barjinder Singh of Manekwal village was admitted to GTB Hospital, Ludhiana. After the accident, the driver of the Qualis, Bhupinderpal Singh of Manjit Nagar in Ludhiana, fled leaving his vehicle behind.

A case in this regard has been registered at Sudhar police station under Sections 279, 337, 338, 427 and 304-A of the IPC. 



60th Senior National Basketball Championship
No player could identify cagers of yesteryear
Mohit Khanna
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, January 5
The oldest Aurjana Awardee cager and several other stalwarts of the game went unnoticed, as the players of their own game failed to identify them during the 60th Senior National Basketball Championship played at Guru Nanak Stadium.

Majority of the players took them to be the parents or even grandparents, who, according to the players, could be accompanying their children, who participated in the championship.

Basketball Federation India president DGP RS Gill persuaded all legendry cagers of yesteryears to grace the occasion. The motive behind the endeavour was to make the players know Indian legendry players of their own game.

Khushi Ram (73), the oldest Indian cager, who won the Arjuna award in 1966, was taken to be the grandfather of some basketball player.

"It is not the players’ fault, actually the game could not gain popularity in the country like cricket or hockey. Only the players of a popular game become household names. I have no regrets if they take me as the grandfather of some cager. If they have not seen me playing how they can they recognise me, but it is true I am considered the grandfather of all young basketball players," laughed Khushi Ram.

Manmohan Singh, another Arjuna Awardee cager, who brought laurels for the city and used to be considered the backbone of the Indian basketball team in the 70s, also expressed similar feelings.

"Recently, I happened to meet a cager, who had recently won the Arjuna award, during a function. But what surprised me when he asked me about the game I had represented. I laughed and told him that I had also played the same game, which he was playing and told him my name. He was apologetic, but I told him it was not his fault," said Manmohan Singh.

On the other hand, the players said the subsequent basketball federations had done little to promote the game.

"Almost all of us know the names of legendry cricketers and few hockey players, but none of us knows the names of lagendry Indian chagers. Our role models are the NBA players from the USA, we have seen them play on television. How can we recognise those whom we have never seen or met before?. It is during the time of the tournaments that we get to know about the veteran players. Our role models are Kobe Bryant and Michal Jordan, who are the best in the business so far," said, the players of Delhi basketball team, while returning home.

Veterans given their due

It was after a long time that the players were given the due respect during a sports function.

President BFA DGP RS Gill made special sitting arrangements for the Arjuna Awardee basketball players. While veteran players sat on sofas, the super cops, including DGP RS Gill, DIG SS Chauhan and SSP SS Gill and other politicians, sat on chairs. Some of them even vacated their seats for the players



120 attend coaching camp
Anil Datt

Ludhiana, January 5
Nearly 120 players (boys and girls) in the U-19 category have been attending the coaching camp for the forthcoming National Rural Tournament Group III to be held in Anandpur Sahib from January 17 to 20.

At the camp, which began on January 2 in Ludhiana for volleyball, kabaddi and kho-kho, for archery in Abohar and for boxing in Moga, Punjab contingent will be finalised to take part in the event.

“The sports department, Punjab, has provided track suits, shoes, socks and sports kits to players, undergoing training in Ludhiana and have made boarding and lodging arrangements at Government Polytechnic Institute, Rishi Nagar, for girls, while the boys will stay at the gym centre of Guru Nanak Sports Complex,” said Jagir Nahar, district sports officer, Ludhiana.



Kabaddi meet rescheduled for January 24
Anil Datt
Our Sports Reporter

Ludhiana, January 5
The eighth International Canada Kabaddi Cup Tournament to be held on January 7 at Guru Nanak Stadium has been postponed.

It will now be held on January 24.

While addressing mediapersons at the office of district sports officer Jagir Nahar here today, Rajinder Singh Hissowal, chief organiser of the one-day tournament, said the tournament had to be rescheduled due to the Army recruitment rally, which was being conducted at Guru Nanak Stadium since Monday.

The tournament is being organised by the Malwa Sports Club, Punjab, and Fresar Valley Kabaddi Club, Canada.

Punjabi actor and singer Babbu Maan will entertain spectators on the concluding day of the tournament.

Eight teams will be vying for top honours in the tournament. Winners will be given a cash prize of Rs 1 lakh, while team finishing second will be awarded Rs 75,000.

“The recruitment rally was to conclude on January 6, however, an overwhelming response to the drive forced the Army authorities to continue the drive till January 12,” said Hissowal.

Besides, organising the event, we have chalked out a plan and have informed Pargat Singh, director, sports, Punjab, to hold a week-long hockey league in the second week of this month at the AstroTurf Hockey Stadium, Punjab Agricultural University, Ludhiana, in which around twenty teams will be taking part.

The league has to be rescheduled, as the director is in Delhi. When asked if they had any specific plan to stop spectators from gathering on the precious synthetic track during Babbu Mann’s show, as the sports infrastructure had been damaged during many such shows in the past, Hissowal said stage for the show would be put up outside the track and the local police would prevent the mob from entering the playing arena.

Members of the organising committee Inderjit Singh Roomi, Sukhwinder Gill of Gaunsgarh, Bhupinder Singh Bassi, Manna Roomi, Bittu Rajoawara and Jagroop Kaler were also present at the press conference.



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