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Dense Fog: Major trains running late
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, January 8
The late running of major trains in the Northern region due to the intense fog and speed restriction has caused lots of inconvenience to passengers who are stranded for hours at the city railway station.

Down trains like 2332 Himgiri Express was running late by eight hours, 2716 Sachkhand Express was late by 16 hours, 2203 Gareebrath was delayed by five hours while 0414 Jammu-Varanasi Express was late by an hour.

Similarly, in Up trains 2715 Sachkhand Express was running late by four hours, 2919 Malwa Express was late by nine hours, 1057 Dadar Express Amritsar was late by eight hours followed by three hours delay in the scheduled timings of 5109 Brauni Express and 2925 Pashchim Express.

Children and women, huddled together inside a waiting room, can be seen waiting the arrival of their respective trains. While men could be seen roaming in front of the inquiry office to get the latest update on the train timings.

Tea vendors are doing the brisk business as people are sipping tea to get some respite from the biting cold. Peanuts and “chikki” are a few “energy snacks” available at the station vends for those waiting for the trains during the night hours.

Groups of men and boys could be seen playing cards while others can be seen reading books and magazines. Sohail, a marketing head with a food chain, said: “This is my first visit to the city. It has given me a chance to observe the multi-ethnic culture of the city which is evident from the people waiting on the platform.” 


Youth snatches car in broad daylight
Woman seating in co-driver’s seat jumps out, hurt
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, January 8
A youth snatched a brand new Swift diesel car in a broad daylight the moment its owner alighted from it for purchasing the milk from near the Hero Bakery Chowk at the Pakhowal road here this morning. When this incident took place the car owner’s wife was sitting on the co-driver’s seat.

The woman jumped off the speeding car to save herself and sustained injuries on her knees in this process. The couple, in their mid-40s, identified as Durbal Singh and his wife Balwinder Kaur, residents of Urban Estate Phase- 1, Dugri, had gone to the market for purchasing grocery items.

Narrating the incident, Balwinder Kaur said as soon as her husband entered the shop the youth in his early twenties opened the car’s gate and sat on the driver’s seat.

“When he opened the door, I thought my husband has returned. But when I realised, he had already started the car. Before I could react he pointed a pistol and told me to stay quiet. He then accelerated the vehicle and drove it towards a level crossing in Shastri Nagar. Finding an opportunity I opened the car door and jumped out of the car (PB- 10- CR- 4243) as soon as it slowed down near the crossing,” added Balwinder Kaur, while showing the wounds on her knees.

Husband Durlabh Singh attempt to chase the vehicle proved futile.

Durlabh then informed the police about the incident. A case has been registered in this regard. As Dulabh’s wife Balwinder Kaur had seen the snatcher, the police was taking the help of an artist for identifying the youth.



3 drug addicts held for killing two college friends
Mohit Khanna
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, January 8
A laptop proved to be a nemesis for Amit Kumar, a resident of Zeenat colony in Haibowal, who along with his friend Madhoop Kumar Jha, a resident of Bathinda, were feared to have been killed by their three drug addict college friends in Barnala.

The duo, students of the third semester of Baba Hira Singh College of Engineering and Technology at Lehra Gaga in Sangrur, went missing under mysterious circumstances on January 3, while they were returning home after taking their examination.

The accused have been identified as Gurjit of Nabha, Baljinder of Hamirgarh Village, and Pritpal Singh of Mansa. They were nabbed by the police here today.

DSP Rupinder Singh said the accused who were driving an Indica car met the victim at Barnala bus stand and offered them a lift.

When they entered the car, the trio offered them the cold drinks. When all of them fell unconscious they threw them into the Sarhind Canal’s Bathinda branch river.

The DSP said the accused were nabbed when Pritpal Singh used the mobile phone belonging to Madhoop Kumar, which was being tapped.

SI Sumit Sood, who was investigating the case, said the body of the victims had not been recovered as yet.

Meanwhile, a pall of gloom descended in Amit Kumar’s house. Victim’s brother was due to get married on January 11.

For family, the celebrations turned into tragedy. The condition of the mother was stated to be serious as she went into the shock after the police told the family about the tragedy.



Eloping Case
Three booked for stealing gold, abduction
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, January 8
Seven days after the 19- year-old girl from Alamgir village allegedly fled away with 330 grams of gold and Rs 6 lakh, before eloping with the youth, her lover and two of his associates were today booked for stealing gold jewellery and for abducting the girl. They have been booked after the girl’s parents in this regard lodged a complaint against them. The accused have been identified as Mandeep Singh of Alamgir village, Talwinder Singh of Duley village and Amandeep Singh of Rangia village.

Mandeep Singh, who was the girl’s neighbour, hatched a conspiracy along with his associates. Girl’s father alleged that Mandeep befriended his daughter on the pretext of marrying her.

The girl’s father added that on the night of January 1, accused along with his associates entered his house and stole gold and cash worth Rs 11 lakh.

Whereas, Mandeep Singh’s relatives have alleged that it was the girl who had stolen the gold and cash from her house. According to them, Mandeep and his friends have falsely been implicated in the case.

Mandeep, Talwinder and Amandeep are on the run along with the girl.



Mika loses cool, misbehaves with scribe 
Manav Mander
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, January 8
Controversy follows wherever Punjabi pop singer Mika goes. Known for his uncouth behaviour Mika don’t even hesitate to spur a rumpus even at public meetings. The singer, who was in the city yesterday evening for the premier of his first Punjabi film “Mitti” at Waves, allegedly misbehaved with a journalist.

Miffed over a query about Rakhi Sawant put forth by a TV channel reporter, Mika lost his cool and started abusing him. This angered the journalists who said they were just doing their duty. “The chapter is closed now. I am really disturbed over the repeated questions being asked about Rakhi Sawant from me. It was not I but Rakhi, who did a publicity stunt to gain fame,” he said looking visibly ruffled.

A delegation of the local media today met SSP SS Gill and requested him to take action against the singer. The SSP has promised to take action against Mika.

‘‘He has a behavioral problem. If he is not willing to answer questions he should not hold press conferences in future. Action should be taken against the singer for misbehaving with the mediapersons,’’ said a journalist after meeting the SSP.

However, on being asked about his film Mika said: “It is about four guys who want to achieve something in their lives. One is adamant to go abroad while the character I am playing wants to become a singer. Punjabi films have now come a long way and are made at par with the Hindi films.”

Irony of the situation is that even during the media interaction Mika was asked a question as to why controversy always follows him. To this, he had stated that the controversy always follows famous people. “Since I am a celebrated singer today, debates and controversies will always follow me,” he added.



MC gift to martyr, a garbage dump
Mohit Khanna
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, January 8
Memorial of Baba Bhan Singh, who attained martyrdom during the Gadar Movement, in BRS Nagar is bearing the brunt of an anti-encroachment drive as the municipal corporation has dumped the rubbles in front of this memorial.

Residents of the area had constructed the memorial so that the new generation could be made aware of his supreme sacrifice but the civic body has failed to keep its surroundings clean.

This is the only memorial dedicated to the martyr, who died a painful death while sentenced to “kalapani” in the Andaman and Nicobar Islands. He spent many years of his life in a small iron cage in which he could only squat.

The residents who had constructed the memorial are upset over the apathetic attitude of the civic body which instead of cleaning the area dumped the entire garbage and rubble collected during the anti-encroachment drive here.

“He laid down his life so that we could breathe in a free world and look what have we given him in return, a garbage dump. What a disgrace to a great man,” said Balbir Singh while pointing towards the garbage dump with his face covered.

The memorial became a political hotbed after the villagers raised slogans against the ruling party and blamed it for the mess. At this, the civic administration woke up and got the garbage cleared.

But once the poll was over neither officials nor politicians turned up for the upkeep of the memorial. It stands as an apt example of the administrative apathy towards such a great man of the country.

The maha sabha had constructed the memorial after pooling in resources. It had not sought help from any government agency. They had even constructed a model of a Circular Jail in the Andamans and Nicobar Islands, depicting the plight of Baba Bhan Singh. 



Potato growers using fertilisers in excess 
Charu Chhibber
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, January 8
Potato consumers beware! For, what seems to be healthy, fresh potato, might be injurious to one’s health.

Punjab Agricultural University (PAU), Ludhiana, experts have found through a survey that a majority of potato growers in the state are using more than the recommended levels of nitrogen, phosphorus and potash fertilisers.

“Only 3 per cent of the farmers decide about fertiliser use on the basis of soil test reports,” said MS Gill, director, extension education, PAU.

Dr Gill added that farmers were using more than the recommended levels of fertilisers, which not only make the production costly, but also have ecological consequences.

Keeping in view the extensive use of fertilisers in different crops, especially fruits and vegetables, and their harmful effects on health, soil and other ecological dangers linked with it, the PAU experts have now decided to start a campaign for promoting rational use of fertilisers among farmers. The programme is the brainchild of the directorate of extension education of the PAU.

This was stated by Dr Gill while addressing a state-level meeting of extension personnel from KVKs, FASS and different departments of PAU on January 4.

Dr Gill said farmer members of the Punjab Naujawan Kisan Sanstha and the PAU Kisan Club as well as other inquisitive and progressive farmers were being provided encouragement to maintain soil health, which was the matter of prime concern in the state agriculture. He suggested that farmers should go in for enhancing organic matter content in soil through incorporating crop residues.



‘Eve-teasing’ by students a growing menace
Charu Chhibber
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, January 8
Last night's harrowing incident in which five college students were booked for allegedly molesting a woman at a movie theatre has brought to the fore the rising number of cases of sexual harassment and ‘eve-teasing’ involving college and school students in the city.

Unfortunately, most such incidents go unreported for various reasons. And, in the absence of any complaints filed and action taken by the police, the suspects are further encouraged to indulge in such antisocial activities.

A random survey by the Ludhiana Tribune team revealed almost all women in the age groups of 10-55 have, at some point of time, been subjected to sexual harassment at the hands of school or college students.

Very often, young girls complain to their mothers and other family members about boys in their schools or colleges teasing them or passing lewd comments about their physical appearance, which too amounts to sexual harassment. However, more often than not, the social stigma attached to sexual harassment prevents the victims and their families from reporting the cases to the concerned authorities.

The most common forms of sexual harassment these youngsters indulge in include passing lewd remarks, obscene comments and teasing on streets and at public places. Entrances of various girls' colleges, however, continue to rank among the top public places where such youngsters manage to catch easy ‘prey’. Other places include schools, colleges, movie theatres, shopping malls, markets, coffee shops, cyber cafes, ice-cream parlours and parks.

Most commonly, students - usually adolescents - indulge in such acts when in large groups and tend to pick on a target who is alone or unescorted by a male. However, that does not prevent a lone youth from misbehaving with an unescorted woman or women in groups, though such cases are fewer.

"Young children, barely 13 or 14 years old, can be seen passing obscene remarks, singing ‘cheap’ songs or making vulgar signs at girls and women. These children don’t even hesitate to tease women old enough to be their mothers, which is really shocking," remarked Arpita Sehejpal, an entrepreneur and mother of two teenaged children.

Narrating her experience, Sehejpal added: "I was once teased by a class IX student studying in my son's school during the annual day function. Not only did the child pass a cheap remark on my dress but also followed me to the washroom."

However, she said she did not complain against the boy to school officials keeping in view his tender age. "The school authorities would have given him a harsh punishment, leaving a blemish on his career, and I didn’t want that," she added.

A similar tale was narrated by Sushma Sharma, another middle-aged woman, who said she was subjected to ‘eve-teasing’ by a group of school students, who looked barely 17 or 18 years old, outside a shopping mall.

"They sang a vulgar song, made obscene gestures and even asked me to accompany them to a movie. And, though this hasn’t happened once, I’ve never complained because being teased by young boys who are my kids' age sounds so absurd. I don’t want to be a laughing stock in the town," she said.

Unfortunately, almost all women Ludhiana Tribune talked to had similar stories to share. "Little boys waving out of school buses and teasing girls and women is another common thing that is perhaps never reported”, remarked Puneeta Singh, a schoolteacher.



Oz High Commissioner meets Tewari 
Says Australia concerned over security of Indians
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, January 8
Australian High Commissioner to India Peter Verghese met Ludhiana MP and national spokesperson of the Congress Manish Tewari at the latter's Delhi office yesterday to apprise him of the measures being taken by Australia for the safety of the Indian students there.

Tewari expressed grave concern to the High Commissioner on behalf of the government of India and thousands of parents whose children are studying in Australia. He asserted that it was the duty of the Australian government to ensure safety of the Indian students there.

Tewari said the concerns had grown more serious in view of the two incidents of killing of Indian students in less than a week. The issue had assumed grave concern across India as the killings have been followed the consistent racial attacks against the Indian students a few months back.

While Punjab Chief Minister Parkash Singh Badal led a delegation of leaders to meet Verghese at the Australian High Commission in New Delhi on Wednesday, the Australian High Commissioner made it a point to call on Tewari himself in his office and brief him about the measures being taken by his government in Australia about the safety and security of the Indian students.

Verghese told Tewari that the Australian government was serious and was seized of the matter and it was as much concerned about the security of the Indian students. He also assured that the guilty would be identified at the earliest and would be brought to the book. He maintained that Australia would always welcome Indians. He said the recent unfortunate incidents were just an aberration and would at no cost be allowed to happen again.

The Congress, during its official briefing on Wednesday, had also raised serious concern about the security of the Indian students in Australia and hoped that the Australian government would take measures to prevent any such untoward incidents in future. 



‘Upbringing’ blamed for unruly behaviour
Anshu Seth
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, January 8
Repeated incidents of misconduct with girls/women by unruly boys during late night shows at theatres have added to the apprehensions of moviegoers.

It’s not only conservative families, who avoid sending young girls for movie shows after 9 pm, but a large number of professionals with an ultra-modern approach, too hesitate before taking out their womenfolk for late night movie shows.

Dheeraj Sharma, a young businessman, narrated a recent incident, wherein he, along with his wife, were subjected to extreme “embarrassment” by a group of boys at a multiplex.

“The boys were sitting at the back row and kept on passing lewd comments throughout the movie. Despite our repeated complaints, security personnel failed to take any action against the boys,” complained Dheeraj.

In most of the cases, boys belong to affluent families and they are not scared of the repercussions of their actions, as they get away with anything and everything using the influence of their wealthy backgrounds and close connection of their fathers with “top cops” and “politicians”.

Blaming it on the “upbringing” of such children, city-based clinical psychologist Dr BP Mishra termed it as the behavioural problem in teenagers.

“Parents try to compensate their children with material rather than spending time to counsel them, as a result, some boys in their teenage remain busy watching television serials and movies that are not meant for them followed by experimentation of the same in real life,” Dr Mishra observed.

However, the manager, sales and marketing at a multiplex, said they kept a strict vigil inside every hall during all shows.

“The security personnel do not hesitate to throw the miscreants out of the cinema hall even at slightest misconduct inside the movie hall,” the manager said.



Total Knee Replacement
New invasive surgery ensures faster recovery, says doctor
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, January 8
A new technique of minimal invasive surgery has revolutionised the total knee replacement surgery, says associate professor in the department of orthopaedics at the DMCH Dr Rajnish Garg.

In the latest technique, a very small incision of 4 to 5 inches (half of the size of incision in conventional replacement surgery) is given to replace the knee. As there is less damage to the tissue around the knee, patients who undergo the procedure expect a shorter hospital stay and a faster recovery, the doctor said.

Referring to a recent case, the doctor said Bhupinder Singh (60) found it difficult to walk, climb or go downstairs or get up from low seats due to knee problem. He had swelling around the knee, stiffness and a feeling of looseness. After undergoing the knee replacement surgery through minimal invasive surgery, Bhupinder is leading a normal life, he added. The results of this technique are better than the conventional method as the blood loss during the surgery is minimum and the patient can start walking the next day after operation, observed professor and head of orthopaedics at DMCH Dr Mohammad Yamin.

Having done this procedure for the last two years, Dr Rajnish has many total knee replacement surgeries to his credit. The patients having the severest of knee deformities have also been treated through this latest technique with good results and are now walking comfortably, squatting and even climbing stairs after undergoing the surgery. This new technique is far superior as trauma during surgery is minimised and post-operative healing and recovery is very quick, he added. 



Pay Scales
Teachers of GTB college stage dharna
Rakesh Gupta

Mullanpur Dakha, January 8
Teachers of GTB National College, Dakha, today staged a dharna against the non-implementation of the revised pay scales.

The protest will continue for three days.

Prof Baljit Singh and Ranjit Kaur said 80 per cent of their salary was paid by the Central government and the remaining 20 per cent was paid by the state government. They said, “The state has already sanctioned Rs 148 crore for the implementation of new pay scales and the DPI (Colleges) has approved the new scales. In spite of this, the college managements are not implementing the new pay scales.”

When contacted, Sher Singh, president of the college managing committee, said the revised pay scales would be implemented after the directions of the DPI (Colleges).

Meanwhile, the non-teaching staff of the colleges alleged that the Punjab government failed to implement the new pay scales.



Prizes distributed during NCC camp
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, January 8
The closing ceremony of the annual training camp of No. 4 (Pb) Air Sqn NCC Camp was held at Jawahar Navodya Vidalya, Dhananshu.A prize distribution function and a cultural show were organised on the occasion. The camp will conclude tomorrow.The camp was held by No. 4 (Pb) Air Sqn NCC with Commanding Officer Wg Cdr H S Gulati as the camp commandant.

He was assisted in the camp by Deputy Capt Charanjit Singh, gliding instructor.

OP Yadav, Commandant ITBP, 26 Battalion, Ludhiana, was the chief guest, while other guests included principal of JNU School, Dhananshu, Wg Cdr MR Pandeya and Wg Cdr Kuldeep Singh Chauhan.

Schools, which participated in the camp, included Sacred Heart Senior Secondary School, BRS Nagar, Malwa Khalsa Senior Secondary School, Government Senior Secondary School, Samrala, Nankana Shahib Public School, PS Khalsa School, GNPS, Sacred Heart Convent School, Sarabha Nagar, and JNV, Dhanansu.

As many as 50 senior division cadets participated in the camp.

The chief guest, in his address to cadets, congratulated them on putting in efforts during the camp.

He educated cadets about the paramilitary forces and invited them to the ITBP Camp.

Talking to the Ludhiana Tribune, Wg Cdr Gulati said, “Lots of efforts had been put in by the NCC cadets, the staff of 4 (Pb) Air Sqn NCC, the ANOs, who are qualified teachers, and lecturers, who accompanied the schools. I am really impressed with the enthusiasm with which cadets participated in the event in spite of the severe cold conditions.”

He said a plethora of activities were organised during the camp, including aero-modelling, drill, .22 firing, 12 bore skeet shooting, flight safety competition, technical classes, line area competition, cultural activities, PT and games.



Chinese kite strings a threat to birds
Mohit Khanna
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, January 8
Strings of the Chinese kites, which are made of plastic, are posing a threat to birds and humans alike, as the authorities are yet to impose a ban its sale.As plastic thread, produced in China, has taken over the conventional cotton thread and the sale is catching up among youngsters, there is a growing concern among residents, with birds falling prey to this lethal string.

The plastic thread is considered far stronger than the conventional cotton thread and is considered dangerous for humans and birds. In the absence of stringent law to curb the menace, the sale of this string is going on unchecked.

The plastic string being sold at Rs 650 per kg by kite vendors all over the city has made the bird lovers anxious. According to a kite trader, last year plastic string worth crores was sold across the state.

Twenty cases of pigeon deaths due to entangling in kite strings have been reported from various parts of the city. The thread is laced with razor-sharp glass powder enough to cause harm to human life.

Recently two residents of Kidwai Nagar injured their hands while flying kites with plastic thread. Currently they are under treatment at a private clinic and have shown no signs of improvement.

If the thread gets entangled around high-tension power cables, it can also cause power failure.

Rakesh Jain, who is working as honorary welfare officer in the Animal Welfare Board India, has expressed concern over the increasing sale of plastic thread.

"This traditional merry-making proves to be a threat and fatal for thousands of birds every year. Ludhiana is a place with the highest number of kites flown during the month of January, which results in reduction of bird population by 20 per cent during one month," said Jain.

Sandeep K Jain, member of CAPE India, said kite flying is a personal decision and is deeply ingrained in our culture. It should not be made a killing instrument.

Spearheading a campaign against kite flying, which results in the killing of 40 per cent of the bird population in Ludhiana January every year, the local chapter the of the Pakshi Seva Samiti has appealed to the local residents to avoid these strings.

Vipan Bhatia, founder president, Pakshi Seva Samiti, near bus stand, has requested residents to bring injured birds to their bird care centre. The residents can also contact Helpline No. 92177-00298.



7 selected in placement drive
Our Correspondent

Mandi Gobindgarh, January 8
A placement drive was conducted at RIMT Management College.A team from Fullerton Securities and Wealth Advisors Limited visited the campus and conducted tests and interviews for the post of relationship manager.

Fullerton Securities and Wealth Advisors Limited is a Singapore-based organisation, which offers world-class financial planning and a wide range of wealth management products.

The team comprised four members, including state cluster head Manish Aggarwal, city manager Gurbax Singh Goraya and two representatives from the HR department.

Seven MBA students were selected by the company.



Training course for farmers begins
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, January 8
A three-month training programme on crop cultivation commenced today at Punjab Agricultural University.

Director of extension education Dr MS Gill was the chief guest on the occasion.

He said in order to yield more profit in farming, one had be aware of the latest technologies.

Course coordinator Dr Tejinder Singh Riar said such courses were organised every year by the university. Farmers are enlightened about farming and agro-allied professions during these programmes.

Nearly 45 farmers from various parts of the state have come to take part in the training programme.

Participants will be apprised of crop production, horticulture, vegetable growing, pest and disease control, bee-keeping, mushroom growing and other agro-allied professions.

They will also be shown farms of progressive farmers.



Tempo recovered
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, January 8
The tempo in which the robbers fled, after looting and killing the youth identified as Dinesh Kumar near Amaltas village, was recovered from near the Rahon road here yesterday.

However, the grocery articles worth Rs 5 lakh was missing from the tempo. The DSP said the accused might have transferred the goods in some other vehicle and left the empty on the spot.



Confidence Building Measure
DGP to meet industrialists, labourers today
KS Chawla

Ludhiana, January 8
Concerned over the panic among the industrialists and the migrant labourers in the focal point and the industrial areas, the Punjab Director General of Police (DGP), PS Gill, will hold a meeting with industrialists and labour representatives on January 9 in the office of the Chamber of Industrial and Commercial Undertakings at the focal point.

The visit of the DGP is primarily meant to restore the confidence of the industrialists and the migrant labourers in the administration and ensure normal functioning of the industry.

Although normal functioning of the industry has started after the clash between the police and the migrants on December 3 and 4, panic still persists among the migrants in particular and the industry in general. This is due to the failure of the police administration in the past to curb the activities of anti-social activities who have been active in the focal point and the industrial areas.

Industrialists and migrant workers have been both victims of the anti-social elements. A large number of migrants had left for their homes in Bihar and UP after the clashes causing shortage of labour. Even otherwise the overall crime situation in Ludhiana has been deteriorating for past few months. The number of snatchings, robberies and vehicle theft have increased. The incidents of murder are also on the rise in Ludhiana.

However, after the incidents of December 3 and 4, the police administration has woken up and started night patrolling in the focal point and areas where the migrants live. Four new police posts have been set up in the focal point to check the activities of the gangs like those of bikers gang and auto gangs, said Avtar Singh, General Secretary, Chamber of Industrial and Commercial Undertakings.

The shortage of labour still persists as D L Sharma of Vardhman Group said yesterday that the textile industry was facing shortage of labour up to 15 to 20 per cent. Ludhiana’s industry is solely dependent on migrant labour. The four-day curfew in the city from December 3 and 4 had caused a loss of Rs 2,000 crore to the industrial production in this town. Besides, the labour also lost its wages.



From kulfi vendor to ice cream tycoon 
Manav Mander
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, January 8
“Basants” are a real success story of Ludhiana. Starting from selling kulfi on a handcart, today they have as many as 200 outlets in the entire country and have also made their presence felt overseas.

Basant’s fruit ice cream and chocolate ice cream, which Ludhianvis have been savouring for the past 58 years, have won the national awards during the Great Indian Ice Cream Contest 2009, which was organised by the Indian Dairy Association in collaboration with Danisco in New Delhi. Nearly 43 ice cream companies from various parts of the country took part in the competition.

Basant is the only brand in North India to win an award.

Going down the memory lane, Rajinder Singh Basant, managing director of Basant Ice Cream, said his father Lal Singh started selling basant kulfi in 1952. He used to prepare it with his own hands.

“He used to sell kulfi on a handcart. In 1965, he opened a rented outlet at Field Gunj. After that there was no looking back for him. In early 70’s, I joined my father in his kulfi business and made some innovations like fruit ice cream, gharey wali kulfi and milk badam,” he added.

He said they had made no alterations in the recipe of the kulfi. “My father learnt the art of ice cream making from my uncle, who runs an ice cream shop “Pahwa Kulfi Wale” in Jalandhar. Since then we have been using the same ingredients in same quantity and people are relishing the same age old taste of our special ice creams,” he said.

Today, Rajinder’s two sons Charanjit Singh and Kanwalpreet Singh have joined him. They have further expanded the business by opening food joints.

“We have one outlet in London and it is popular not only among Indians but foreigners as well. We are planning to open outlets in the USA, Canada and New Zealand,” he added. 



From Schools and Colleges
Mathematics contest held
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, January 8
GN International Senior Secondary Public School, Model Town, organised an inter-school mathematics competition here today. Teams from around 22 CBSE-affiliated schools participated in the competition. Each team comprised five students.

“We have been holding this competition for the past 12 years,” said Sandeep Sharma and H Alagh, organisers of the competition.

The competition is based on the CBSE syllabus of Class X and its basic purpose is to prepare students for their board examinations.

Noble gesture

The management committee of Syntic Business School has decided to use the grant of Rs 1 lakh, recently given to the institute by Cabinet Minister Hira Singh Gabria, for the welfare of rural students. Apart from arranging equipment for poor students, the management will utilise the grant for facilitating job placements of these students.



IT conducts surveys
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, January 8
The Income Tax Department today conducted surveys on seven firms and about 12 of their premises in the city. Surveys were carried out under the supervision of KJ Singh, range VI, Additional Commissioner.

Surveys were carried out at Deepak Builders at Aggar Nagar, Berry Marbles at Malhar and Pakhowal Road, Kohli Chemicals at Industrial Area B, UHB Private Limited, Industrial Area A, Sant Store at Pakhowal Road, Red Carpet near Shastri Nagar and a DJ Studio at Pakhowal Road.

Incrementing documents were recovered during the surveys, which was going on till the filing of this report. 



Trade unions hold protest 
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, January 8
The Joint Council of Trade Unions today held a protest demonstration at the mini-secretariat.

Leaders of various trade unions, including the All India Trade Unions Congress, the Bank Employees’ Union, the PAU Employees’ Forum and others participated in the protest. Addressing the workers, general secretary of the council DP Maur demanded release of all the industrial workers who were arrested by the police on December 3 at Dhandari Kalan. He also sought compensation for the family of Amir Hasan, who was killed in the incident. Maur also demanded compensation to all whose houses, shops and vehicles were burnt during the incident.

Later, a demand charter was given to Deputy Commissioner Vikas Garg.



‘Wedding Asia-Royal Jewels 2010’from January 15
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, January 8
Another edition of “Wedding Asia-Royal Jewels 2010”, a wedding show, will be held on January 15, 16 and 17 at Hotel Majestic Park Plaza here.

Noted jewellers and apparel designers will display their creations at the show. Handcrafted and technically crafted jewels by renowned designers will be exhibited at the show.

Maninder S Sethi, creator of the show, said, “The wedding show is a premium show for premium people, where we try to bring all innovative, creative and quality brands together for shoppers, who understand how jewellery can add to the grandeur of their personality and occasion,” he added.



2 held for theft bid
Our Correspondent

Mandi Gobindgarh, January 8
A thief bit the ear of a godown employee, Ram Lakhan, in a bid to free himself after failing to commit a theft at the godown of GS Steels, Mandi Gobindgarh.

On Wednesday, two persons entered the godown by scaling a wall. The chowkidar, Jai Ram, noticed them and raised an alarm. Hearing the noise, godown keeper Ram Lakhan caught hold of one of the thieves, identified as Raghbir Singh, a resident of Chehallan village. His accomplice, Harjinder Singh of Iqbal Nager, Mandi Gobindgarh, was nabbed yesterday. In a bid to set himself free, Raghbir Singh bit the ear of Ram Lakhan, who was later taken to the local civil hospital.



Rs 16,000, jewellery stolen
Our Correspondent

Phillaur, January 8
Seventy gram of gold ornaments and Rs 16,000 in cash were reportedly stolen from a house at Garrha village, near here.

In his complaint lodged with the police, Mahesh Sharma alleged that he, along with his wife, was away to Jalandhar, when thieves decamped with the money and jewellery. A case has been registered in this connection. In another incident, thieves decamped with 350 gm of gold ornaments and Rs 2 lakh in cash from a house at Satnampura in Phagwara.



Arya College emerge champ
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, January 8
Sportspersons of Arya College here have given a New Year gift to their institute by lifting the Panjab University Weightlifting and Powerlifting Championship, 2009-2010.

In the weightlifting event, Gurpreet Singh, Kulbir Singh and Harinder Singh won gold medals, Gurjeet Singh bagged the silver and the bronze medals were won by Lovepreet Singh, Parminder Singh and Kuldeep Singh.

In the powerlifting event, Gurjeet Singh won the silver medal and Parminder Singh bagged the bronze medal. With their achievement, these sportspersons have added a new page to the glorious sports history of the college.

College principal RP Sabharwal congratulated the team members on bringing laurels to the college. Parminder Singh, lecturer in physical education, appreciated the efforts of the sportspersons. 

Silver for Dakha lad

MULLANPUR DAKHA: Harjit Singh Hissowal of GTB National College, Dakha, won a silver medal in the powerlifting inter-college championship held by Punjab University at Chandigarh. Hissowal, a postgraduate student in the department of history, participated in the 82.5 kg category. — OC



Karate camp concludes

Ludhiana, January 8
The five-day karate training camp concluded at Green Land Convent School here today.As many as 150 students participated in the camp.

Principal Vinita Sanan said students learnt techniques like street fighting, counter-attack, full contact fighting, kata training, use of samurai stick and non-stick during the camp. —TNS



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