Changing contours of Lohri 
Dulla Bhatti and his heroic deeds are a thing of the past. Gen Next would rather groove to Jazzy B’s Rambo Rambo around a bonefire
A Muslim highway robber Dulla Bhatti, besides robbing the rich, rescued Hindu girls who were forcibly taken to the slave market of the Middle East and put on sale. He arranged their marriages to Hindu boys with proper rituals and even provided them dowries. A good years down the line, kids knocked at the doors of their respective neighbours and sang out praises of Dulla Bhatti, and take peanuts, jaggery and money back home.

Home away from home
Youngsters from the city who are out in different parts of the country celebrate Lohri the traditional way
Connect to the Net, attach a webcam, adjust the volume, and then focus on the ‘online’ bonfire while wishing happy Lohri to all your relatives and friends. Or just shut down the computer, give your friends a call, gather, light a bonfire and then sing and dance together. Take your pick! Those who find the second idea more appealing can take cue from these youngsters, who are away from their homes but make sure that Lohri is celebrated the way it is supposed to be.

North meets East and how!
Ever thought why the easternmost part of India is referred to as the northeast whereas the western as simply the west? Certainly not due to the whims and fancies of geographers who demarcated the regions. In fact, it goes much beyond the latitudes and longitudes. It has mostly to do with culture. Let us explain how. North and northeast may be poles apart in terms of language, food habits or even the mindset of people, but there is one day in the year where the two parts amalgamate into one - January 13.

An eventful journey
Simran Kaur Mundi is back again, this time to judge the hopefuls for Miss India 2010 crown
Great looks, amazing body and a style to carry yourself are the prime requisites for anyone looking for a career in the glamour industry, says Simran Kaur Mundi, Pantaloon Femina Miss India Universe-2008. In tricity, to judge the Chandigarh audition round of the Miss India 2010, Simran exchanges quick notes on her journey from being a participant to being the judge. "It was an amazing journey with mostly ups. Miss India is the right platform if you want to make it big in the glamour industry and puts you in the slab of top models instantly", she says.—
Photo: S Chandan

Mind the calories
Til (sesame seeds), gachak, and rorhi or gur (jaggery) are a must on Lohri. But considering our fitness freak janta, we take a quick look at their calorie count
It's biting, chilling and freezing. Albeit more adjectives are available for this weather, let's rather talk about something that warms us up - the festival of Lohri. In this weather when not even a bird likes to flutter its wings, Punjabis warm up with a festival that welcomes the change in season (Lohri marks the end of winter and ushers in the summers), celebrates fertility as well as sweetness and joy of life.

Lighting it up… on the campus 
When the fire's the brightest, the music loudest and the mood liveliest …for all the Lohris to come the one you spent with friends in hostel, stretching up till wee hours, sleeping through the lectures the next day, would be perhaps remembered, rather recalled, the most. Don't very few things qualify to be shared as 'living room tales' or 'dining table stories' or 'those were the days' memories? 

Students of Panjab University celebrate Lohri
Photo: S Chandan

A sparkling offer
Milleret, a Swiss watch company, brought to India by the House of Vee Line Jewels and Watches Pvt. Ltd, has launched a festive scheme, which promises to make this season truly sparkling. The offer includes a free diamond pendant worth Rs 5000 on every purchase up to Rs 50,000. On any purchase from Rs 50,000 to Rs. 1.5 lakh, the company is offering a diamond pendant worth Rs 5,000 with a chain.

Dress circle
New fabrics replace the old ones every year but what have remained constant are cotton and silk. There's no replacement or substitutes, the reason every trousseau still has suits or saris in silk. The Silk Mark expo, 2010 confirms the popularity of silk yet again by bringing to the city silks from 15 states. The exhibition at Kisan Bhavan-35 has 65 stalls that has on display dress material and home furnishings. — Photo: S Chandan