Karuna Goswamy


1. A county in southern England

5. Impolite; discourteous

7. Water creature

8. ___ Vadis, famous biblical film

9. A studentsí union in Assam (inits.)

10. A measure of paper

11. Sir Syed Ahmedís university (inits.)

12. What Jack and Jill went to get atop a hill in the nursery rhyme

14. John ___, famous US naturalist

16. Pious; devout; godly


1. Town in Madhya Pradesh bordering on Maharashtra

2. Spare this, and spoil the child

3. ___ Amin, strong man of Uganda

4. Astronomical almanac

6. Like in quantity, degree etc.

7. Meeting place for discussion, argument etc.

13. Unwell; sick

15. Many people claim to have seen this extra-terrestrial object (inits.)