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Babbu Mann Concert
Rumour of firing leads to stampede
Mohit Khanna
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, January 24
People who had gathered from far of places to listen to Punjabi pop singer Babbu Mann got panicky after a rumour of his personal security guard firing shots in the air spread like a wild fire during a concert organised at Guru Nanak Stadium here today.

This incident took place while the singer was going towards his cab after giving his performance. According to an eyewitness, the frenzied crowed swarmed over the singer and suddenly someone shouted that a gunshot has been fired. A stampede like situation could be seen in the stadium.

Earlier, during the performance the PSO had tired to shoo away a fan when the latter had tried to come over the stage. He had showed his gun to the fan.

Wherever this Punjabi pop singer goes controversy follows him. The singer gave scant regards to the instructions given by the cops and sang the ‘Baba Nanak’ song in the beginning of his performance.

Recently, the singer quoted controversy for his songs, when the audience pelted empty bottle and stones at him during a sports festival at Dhirba in Sangrur.

In order to avoid similar situation the city police had told him not to sing any of his controversial songs at Canada Kabaddi cup held at Guru Nanak Stadium here today.

A top police official said the singer was conveyed before his performance, not to sing any controversial song. “We never wanted repeat of what happened in Sangrur, after all precaution is better than cure,” he added.

The cops were keeping their fingers crossed and were hoping that no untoward incident take place during the performance. They were relieved after the singer finished his concert but the rumour again put the cops in a tizzy.

However, the SSP said no such firing incident had taken place. It is just a rumour, he added.


Citizen’s forum seeks judicial probe
Anshu Seth
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, January 24
The Citizen’s Forum for Justice today demanded a judicial probe into the incidents of violence that rocked the city from December 2 to December 4, 3 and 4 in 2009. The forum also held the state government and the district administration guilty of instigating violence against migrant workers living and working in the city.

Heads of various social organisations and migrants attended the meeting from different parts of the city.

Gurcharan Kochar, a writer and an activist of the forum, accused the cops and the district administration of having threatened to “oust” the migrants from the city permanently. “I was shocked to learn on my visit to their dwellings that the workers were told more than once to pack their bags and leave the city. This is not fair as being the citizens of India, it is their constitutional right to work and live anywhere in India, including Ludhiana,” the writer added.

The migrant women, who attended the today’s convention, were resolute not to leave the city. Sarita Devi said: “We have been living the city for the past 11 years and have worked hard to make a respectful living for our children who were born here. There is no force on the earth that can oust us from this place as it belongs to us as much as it belongs to the people born here,” she added.

Coming down heavily on the discriminatory attitude adopted by the administrative officials who harass the migrants for “producing” identity cards at every step, a migrant said, “It is rather strange that we are referred to as the valid voters during elections as we have voter I- cards but when it comes to getting rations and other compensations we are asked to produce separate identity card.”

Dr Arun Mitra and Prof AK Maleri criticised the government for having failed to compensate the deceased and injured in the violence incidents. They said, “It’s not fair to further delay the compensations as all beneficiaries come from economically weaker sections who have to toil for making their both ends meet.” 



Dangerous diversion: 12 accidents in 24 hours 
Lovleen Bains

Doraha, January 24
At least 12 accidents have taken place during the past 24 hours at the Kaddon Chowk here, thanks to the callous attitude of the National Highway Authority of India (NHAI) which in the process of widening the road (six laning) is narrowing down the passage (four lane) to the extent that many more lives could be snuffed out or get hurt in the process.

Especially at the Kaddon Chowk, a diversion has been made in a careless manner by the NHAI, seemingly oblivious of the fact fatalities it can cause to on the National Highway No. 1 and that too in this acute foggy weather.

“So horrifying is the scene at the Kaddon Chowk that it literally seemed that people were using hit and trial method for commuting. As I stood there for an hour or so, I was literally stunned to observe the dangerous scene. It seemed that every second vehicle was sure to hit the diversion which sans reflector and was in no way visible in the dense fog. A driver could make it out only when he came too close to it. At that nick of time, either the vehicle got out of control and rammed into the diversion or due to sudden application of brakes, those following him, became the victims” rued Jandeep Kaushal, a social activist of the area.

At the time of the filing of the report even, three occupants of a Scorpio (PB 31-0024) who on their way to attend a marriage at Kotkapoora from Rajpura sustained injuries when the jeep rammed into the diversion, as has been the case with the majority other vehicles, at this particular spot, since yesterday morning. Arshjot Singh, Amandeep Singh and Gurwinder Singh, who sustained injuries, have been admitted to Sidhu hospital.

Besides this, a truck, an Innova, a tempo and many other vehicles rammed into the board but had a miraculous escape.

There is no reflector in this diversion, thus it has become a potential threat to every road-user during day and particularly at night. A good number of accidents are being reported at theses diversions, including the Rajgarh and Barmalipur ones.

‘As thick blanket of fog has engulfed the region, reducing the visibility to as low as 50 meters, special arrangements should have been made by the NHAI authorities at the onset of the winter.

Their autocratic systems were earlier taking a heavy toll on our pockets alone but now they have started playing with our lives too. In the absence of proper signboards, barricades and speed breakers driving requires extra caution. The driver cannot afford to miscalculate at any cost,” complained another commuter.



R-Day Function
DC relents, gives special kids a chance to perform
Charu Chhibber
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, January 24
Drama got unfolded during the final dress rehearsal for the Republic Day function here today when a controversy arose over the special children’s performance between the Deputy Commissioner and a few staff members of schools catering to these children.

The controversy arose after 25 special children from five schools reached SCD Government College, the venue of the Republic Day function, where rehearsals are going for the past several days. Their teachers accompanied these children.

Children adorned in fancy dresses with miniature National Flags in hands, they were all set to display their talent when the organisers informed them that the Deputy Commissioner had allegedly cancelled their performance.

Shocked, the staff members approached Deputy Commissioner Vikas Garg, who along with other senior officials was inspecting the final dress rehearsal.

”However, the Deputy Commissioner, who had already announced this decision, argued that he had taken this step keeping in view that the children had not been rehearsing for the function at the ground with the other participants,” alleged an eyewitness.

This made teachers panicky, who had put in great efforts in getting a nod from the administration for the performance.

When arguments failed, the teachers tried requesting the Deputy Commissioner to let the children perform as they had been practicing hard for the past one-week for the function, though not at the official venue for the function. However, the requests soon turned into fervent appeals, another eyewitness added.

Sources revealed that the matter was finally resolved when after a lot of coaxing, the Deputy Commissioner told teachers to make the children perform in front of him and the SSP. Only after inspecting their performance did the Deputy Commissioner relented and gave permission for the children perform on January 26.

Relieved at the positive development, a teacher remarked, “We literally had to beg in front of the Deputy Commissioner to let our children perform. We are happy now and thankful to him.”

When contacted, Deputy Commissioner denied any controversy. “The special children had not been rehearsing at the grounds with the other participants, so there was a little confusion. However, we inspected their performance today and they are performing on January 26.”



Quake over 6 may flatten
40 pc city buildings: Experts
Jyotika Sood
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, January 24
Failure of residents to construct residential and commercial buildings according to the prescribed Bureau of Indian Standards may lead to mass destruction if an earthquake of intensity above six on the Richter scale strikes the city.

This was stated by Dr HS Rai and Dr JN Jha, professors and head of civil engineering department, Guru Nanak Engineering College.

The experts said almost 40 per cent of city buildings would be destroyed if earthquake like Haiti hit the region.

One of the major flaws is the designing of commercial and residential buildings by unqualified persons, who are not structural engineers.

“In fact mass awareness is required. People need to be told that they should get designs of their constructions checked by structural engineers,” said the experts, adding that training workshops for masons and bar turners should be emphasised.

Besides, old buildings in the city should be rechecked for seismic design and efforts for it should be made by the municipal corporation or the district administration.

“Estimates must be made according to seismic zones and type of building but not as per plinth area. Besides, retrofitting must included in the CSR,” said the two.

They said people should ensure use of correct size and quality of bricks while constructing houses. Also, masons employed should be trained and must use the right proportion of water and cement.

They added that a district-level inspection committee be formed with permanent members to keep a tab on new structures coming up in the city.

Besides, publicity on measures to taken during disasters like earthquake, etc. be done using mass media.

The professors emphasised the need for creating awareness among residents to stay prepared for any eventuality.

The MC should start a disaster mitigation centre, a single-window system like Suvidha Centre, providing the following:

n List of trained masons, bar benders

n List of structural designers

n Free-of-cost structure designs for homes depending on plot size

n Passing of only those building plans that conform to BIS standards

n Encourage eco-friendly constructions



Fog makes school going a Herculean task
Lovleen Bains

Doraha, January 24
Dense fog and ongoing spell of cold has crippled the routine of common man more so of the children, who find it difficult to go early in the morning to school.

Children and parents are finding it difficult to cope up with the unfavourable weather conditions. The kids were seen huddled up to each other in the rickshaws and auto rickshaws today.

“Yesterday’s fog was the most dense in the season. Visibility came down to 50 metres,” said a parent of a KG class student. “Should the schools not declare a holiday on such a tough day at least? The ones absenting themselves will remain under pressure of lagging behind especially at the time when the exams are round the corner. But I wonder what will these students learn and what will the teachers teach in such weather conditions?”

“I cannot be on leave in any case today. My preliminary board examinations are going on. It is so difficult to study, more so, when the power supply continues to play hide and seek even during the night” expressed a student of a local school.

Those, who were seen making their way towards their schools through the dense fog, today, said in a shivering voice. “It is really very difficult to study. We cannot keep ourselves warm in the classrooms and on the playgrounds, it is even worse”.

School authorities fail to understand the problem of small children, who cannot move about freely, concentrate on their studies and make preparations for their test and exams”, complained another parent.

In the wake of such a telling weather, the parents and the guardians are demanding closure of schools till the weather clears up.

“If the senior students can fight with the adverse weather conditions and are sensible to the extent of saving themselves, the smaller ones are not even aware of how they can protect themselves from the cold, once they leave their homes. They move about openly in the school and on return invite sickness along”, said a concerned mother.

“The administration should close the schools till the weather becomes favourable”, the parents demanded.



Sales draw customers in droves
Shivani Bhakoo
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, January 24
Big shopping malls, markets and shops in the city have once again started offering “heavy” discounts to “smart shoppers” to clear their stocks.

Banners of sales dot every nook and cranny of the city luring customers. Starting from electronic items to clothes, shoes, accessories and even toys, discounts are being offered on almost everything to customers.

Companies are using means like distributing pamphlets, giving advertisements in newspapers and on local TV channels, and even sending messages on mobile phones to draw customers’ attention.

Departing from the usual trend, companies selling mobile phones are offering gifts with new handsets. Free bags, cash box, track suits, etc. are some of the goodies being offered by Nokia dealers.

Leading brands like Wills, Big Bazaar, UCB, Madame, Sportking, etc. are offering discounts up to 60 per cent as part of their “end-of-the-season sale”.

And, customers have also shown keen interest in the ongoing sales, as they are making a beeline for shops to buy their favourite products.

Besides, toy dealers at Rani Jhansi Road, Ghumar Mandi, Pakhowal Road, Gole Market Model Town are offering lucrative deals to lure kids with 25 per cent and 5 per cent additional discount on American standard approved toys.

A homemaker at Rajguru Nagar Deepa Grover, who frequents such sales says such deals allow you to purchase “excellent” stuff at reasonable prices. “I purchase only necessary items in the season. But when discounts are offered, I make huge purchases for all in the family, including kids and my husband. Besides, I prefer to buy home-furnishing products also during the sale period. Some of the sales are really genuine,” said Deepa.

A salesman at a shop on Mall Road says it has been a good season in terms of business for hosiery manufacturers.

“Still, we put everything on sale during closeout period. Starting from 25 per cent, the stocks are cleared at around 50 per cent discount during the last days. The enthusiasm among buyers remains the same,” claims the salesman.



DMCH accredited to American Heart Association
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, January 24
The DMCH is the first medical institution in the region to be accredited with the American Heart Association (AHA) for imparting training in basic life support and advanced cardiac life support courses, under the supervision of AHA’s international training centre and the Maulana Azad Medical College and Hospital, New Delhi.

Secretary of the DMCH managing society Prem Kumar Gupta and Dr AK Agarwal, Dean, Maulana Azad Medical College and Lok Nayak Hospital, New Delhi, will inaugurate the DMCH-AHA training site on January 24. Prem Kumar Gupta said the DMCH would be taking a lead in training medical professionals and educate public in these essential life saving skills.

Principal of DMCH Dr Daljit Singh said this universally accredited course would train all healthcare providers on the core basic skills needed to perform BLS and ACLS in accordance with the latest AHA-ACLS guidelines and algorithms. He stressed the need for these courses to the all medical and paramedical staff and also common public. “Cardio-pulmonary resuscitation (CPR), which is a combination of BLS and ACLS, is an important life-saving emergency first-aid skill practiced effectively throughout the world for an unconscious victim on whom breathing and pulse cannot be detected,” said Dr Daljit Singh.



Official rigmarole hampers search for bodies
Ashok Kaura

Phillaur, January 24
Thanks to the lackadaisical attitude of the Phillaur and Ludhiana civil and police administrations, two local families are still awaiting the retrieval of bodies of their sons even four days after the two drowned in the Sutlej while immersing the idols of Goddess Sarawati after Saraswati Pujan.

The Phillaur and Ladhuwal officials had been passing the buck of responsibility to one another as they could not decide on the jurisdiction of the scene of the mishap. This had led to a delay in search and rescue operation for the two missing youths.

Both sides claimed that the mishap took place in the other’s jurisdiction.

Phillaur SDM Pritam Singh claimed that the scene of the mishap was in the jurisdiction of the Ludhiana Sadar, according to the revenue records.

However, after protest by Phagwara residents, including the families of the victims, the Ladhuwal police arranged some divers on Friday, 20 hours after the mishap. However, they failed to recover the bodies.

Victims’ families said they had offered Rs 15,000 to the divers for locating the bodies.

The civil and police administration had failed to launch either a rescue operation to save the youths or a search operation to locate the bodies, saying they did not have adequate arrangements to fish out the bodies.

Now, the victims’ families have been told by the authorities to wait for a few more days, as the bodies will come to the surface on their own.



Badal to unfurl flag in city
Our Correspondent

Ludhiana, January 24
Punjab Chief Minister Parkash Singh Badal will unfurl the National Flag and take salute from a parade during a Republic Day function at SCD Government College for Boys here on January 26.

This was stated by Deputy Commissioner Vikas Garg at a meeting convened to review the arrangements for the Republic Day function after an inspection and full dress rehearsal of the parade, cultural programme and PT show. SSP Sukhchain Singh Gill was also present at the meeting.

Garg said all arrangements were in place for the function. He said a colourful march past would be organised in which contingent of the ITBP, Punjab Police, Traffic Police, Punjab Home Guard, NCC, ex-servicemen, boy scouts, girl guides along with brass and pipe bands of Punjab Police would take part.

He said a cultural programme and a PT show would be conducted by students of different schools.

Also, tableaux would be presented by various departments, depicting the all-round development of the district.

Freedom fighters would be honoured during the celebrations and sewing machines would be given to poor and needy women. Also, tri-cycles would be presented to the physically challenged persons.

Among others present were SP Harish Kumar, SDM (east) Manpreet Singh Chhatwal, SDM (west) Prem Chand, MC joint commissioner Mohinder Pal, District food and supplies controller Rakesh Bhaskar, assistant excise and taxation commissioner Rishi Pal Singh, additional district transport officer Sukhwinder Kumar, district development and panchayat officer Mahinder Singh, district education officer (S) Bachitter Singh, tehsildar Rajinder Oberai, zila parishad secretary AS Gujral, PSEB’s additional superintending engineer Rajiv Gupta, and small savings’ deputy director AK Sharma.



Ramoowalia decries repression against teachers
Our Correspondent

Ludhiana, January 24"
Former Union Minister and president of the Lok Bhalai Party (LBP) Balwant Singh Ramoowalia today condemned the inhuman and repressive treatment being meted out to teachers, recognised as builders of society, by the Punjab government with a note of warning that if the political parties and the intellectuals kept mum over the disturbing trends, history will never forgive them.

In a statement here today, Ramoowalia said for several years now, the agitating ETT, BEd teachers and activists of many other teaching bodies were being brutally beaten up by the police, so much so that even the women teachers were not being spared.

“The way the teachers are being treated by the police at the instance of the government reminds people of the events like ‘Jaito Morcha’ or repression let loose by British rulers.”

He said providing education and creation of necessary facilities for this purpose was the constitutional duty of the state government, but the government in Punjab has given nothing but “lathis and bullets” to the teaching community, which put every right thinking person to shame.

It was not only on the education front, but government had failed where providing employment opportunities to the educated youth was concerned.

“Youth are being exploited by greedy and opportunist travel agents, who are extorting huge money in the name of sending them abroad. Besides, thousands of Punjabi girls have been pushed into flesh trade in countries like Singapore, Malaysia, Cyprus, Thailand, Ukraine, a large number of youth have either died or have been lodged in jails for unlawful immigration,” the LBP leader said.

Ramoowalia asked the government to realise the feelings of helplessness and insecurity among the educated youth and take immediate remedial measures lest the desperate affected youth should take to an armed struggle which could once again put this border state in peril.



New hostel opens at vet varsity 
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, January 24
Catering to the increased demand for hostel facility for girl students, the newly constructed wing of Guru Angad Dev Veterinary and Animal Sciences University (GADVASU) girls’ hostel was thrown open for the use by students here today during a function held at hostel No. 5.

The new wing houses 32 furnished cubicles, which have been allotted to both, undergraduate and postgraduate students.

Director (students’ welfare) Kulbir Singh Sandhu said in the wake of the increased strength of girl students in university colleges, there was a growing demand for additional housing facility in the existing girl’s hostel. “Last year the matter was taken up with the vice-chancellor who readily agreed to the proposal and the new wing was constructed in record period of time,” said Sandhu.

With the addition of this new wing, spread over an additional area of 16,400 sq ft, the existing girls’ hostel (hostel No. 5) of GADVASU can now accommodate more than 100 boarders against the earlier capacity of 74 cubicles.

Designed in line with modern architectural advances, the new wing offer spacious accommodation as special care has been taken to ensure proper ventilation and natural lighting. Furthermore, said Sandhu, “Ceilings have been provided with advanced waterproof technology so as to reduce any chances of roof leakage during monsoons.”

“There could have been no better time than this year to shift into this new wing as at a time when power pangs are virtually keeping us on toes, ample provisions for natural lighting has solved our biggest problem to a great extent,” remarked Harsh Shaveta, a postgraduate student of the department of veterinary microbiology.

Talking about the future plans of the estate office in bringing “revolutionary” changes in the housing facility for outstation students, Sandhu said an international hostel, a scientist’s hostel and a farmer’s hostel would be constructed in the near future.

Earlier during the day, before moving into their rooms, the girls organised a ‘Sukhmani Sahib Path’ in the new wing and prayed for the well being of hostellers. Later, all hostellers and employees were served community lunch.



Roving Romeos a nuisance
Charu Chhibber
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, January 24
Roving Romeos have become a major source of nuisance on the grounds of SCD Government College where hundreds of girls rehearse everyday for the Republic Day function along with the other participants.

The youths, most of them in the age groups of 16-25 years, come to the venue early in the morning and stay till the rehearsals are over. During their few-hours’ sojourn at the ground, they prove to be a virtual nightmare for the girl participants who are practicing for the parade.

Lewd remarks, vulgar songs, intimidating stares and suggestive glances are just a few of the things these girls have to suffer at the hands of these youths, majority of whom are students of the nearby schools and colleges.

With no restrictions on entry into the college and no one to question their presence on the college campus, these youths are having a field day at the cost of innocent girls for the past many days.

“As if the harsh weather conditions are not torture enough already, that these youths further compound our difficulties. It becomes very tough to ignore their cheap antics while we are rehearsing for the parade. Throughout the practice session, these people continue to pass vulgar comments on us,” said a Class XII girl participant.

Another student of Class X added, “Some even go to the extent of following us, all along teasing us with ‘left, right, left’. It gets very irritating.”

When the girls complain to their PT or march past instructors or their school/college teachers accompanying them, they are, more often than not, told to “ignore the boys and carry on with the practice”, they informed.

Interestingly, a group of youths, aged around 20-21, gave a clear verbal proof of their intentions. When this correspondent questioned the seemingly aimless youths, hanging around the grounds for over two hours, about the reason behind their presence, they replied with brazen shamelessness, “We are admiring the beauty of the city girls. After all, all beautiful things should be appreciated.”



‘Rab di Hakoomat’ book released 
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, January 24
Balwinder Singh Aulakh has delved deep into the realities of life in his book “Rab Di Hakoomat”. The book was formally released by Dr SP Singh, former Vice-Chancellor of Guru Nanak Dev University. Speaking on the release function, Dr SP Singh said the book had put forth many truths of life.

He said the short stories in the book had presented corruption, bribery and other vices present in our system.

Prof Mohinderdeep, while reading his paper on the book, said the book was based on the Marxist ideology. The present situation of corruption present in the system and the administration’s casual attitude towards it was also depicted in the book.

Prof Prem Singh Bajaj, while reading his paper on the book, said the stories included in the book were based on our daily lives and were presented in a very refined manner by the author.



Three arrested with 90 kg ganja
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, January 24
The Focal Point police today arrested three persons, including a woman, for possessing 90 kg ganja at fish market in Focal Point here today.

The seized contraband had been smuggled from Nepal, from where it had had first been taken to Bihar and then transported into the city in a train.

The accused have been identified as Sheikh Habib, Surjit Kumar and Sunita Rani, all from Bihar. They were arrested while they were trying to sell the narcotic at the fish market.

The police suspected the involvement of some railway employees behind the peddling of the seized contraband.

SHO Sandeep Wadhera said the three had kept the contraband in a sack and smuggled it into the city by train.

He added that the seized contraband was in demand amongst migrants.

The police said the three had been in the trade for some time. A woman was used in the crime to mislead the police into believing that they were a family.

The three have been booked under the various sections of the NDPS Act.



Kabaddi matches cancelled after coach’s death
Our Correspondent

Samrala, January 24
The last day of the kabaddi tournament organised by the Malwa Sports Association at Malwa College Bondli Samrala ground was cancelled today after the death of a coach, Jagga Singh (38), in a road accident last night.

Jagga Singh, a resident of nearby Otalan village, was returning home after attending the tournament, when his motor cycle was hit by an unidentified vehicle near Bondli village. He received serious injuries in the accident.

He was taken to the Samrala civil hospital from where he was referred to Ludhiana. However, he died on the way to the hospital.

He had been training players in kabaddi at Otalan village for several years. He was one of the active organisers of the sports association.

While events of the first two days of the tournament were completed, the last day’s events, including final matches, were cancelled. He was cremated at Otalan village today. Kabaddi lovers, including local MLA Jagjivan Singh Khirnian, attended the cremation.



KVM, Green Land, Sacred Heart hog limelight
Our Sports Reporter

Ludhiana, January 24
Green Land Senior Secondary School, Jalandhar bypass branch, stole the limelight as their students clinched titles in the girls’ under-19 and boys’ under-14 categories in the Ludhiana Sahodaya Schools Complex (Central Zone) Chess Championship that concluded at Kundan Vidya Mandir, Civil Lines branch, here today.

Hosts bagged top honours in the boys’ u-19 group.

In the boys’ (u-19) section, Kundan Vidya Mandir garnered 12 points to stamp their superiority over others.

Green Land Senior Secondary School followed them closely with 11.5 points, while BCM Senior Secondary School, Shastri Nagar branch, secured 10.5 points to content with third position.

In the girls’ under-19 category, Green Land Senior Secondary School accumulated 13.5 points to romp home as champions.

GMT Public School, Jalandhar bypass branch, gathered 10 point to finish runners-up, while Kundan Vidya Mandir with 9 points stood third.

Green Land Senior Secondary School also stamped its class in the boys’ 14 category. Their players collected 15.5 points to emerge victors.

The runners-up slot was filled by BCM Senior Secondary School, Shastri Nagar branch, with 10 points. DAV Public School, BRS Nagar, with 9.5 points had to content with third position.

In the girls’ under-14 section, Sacred Heart Senior Secondary School, BRS Nagar, came out triumphant with 12.5 points, followed by Green Land Senior Secondary School and Guru Nanak Public School, Sarbha Nagar, with 11.5 and 10 points, respectively.

Punjab State Chess Association treasurer IK Kalia gave away prizes to position holders.



Keen contests in kabaddi
Our Sports Reporter

Jarkhar (Ludhiana), January 24
Keen tussles were witnessed in kabaddi matches on the penultimate day of the 24th edition of the sports festival being held under the aegis of the Punjab Rural Sports Promotion Council at Mata Sahib Kaur Stadium here today.

A large number of spectators braved the chilly weather to watch the competition held in various sports disciplines with kabaddi matches attracting the maximum crowd.

In kabaddi one village open, Ghawadi got the better of Kanganwal 20-16; Dhode outperformed Phallewal 22-14; Akalgarh defeated Kheri 20-12; Mukandpur prevailed over Kalsian 20-19; Lohgarh outplayed Littran 21-11; Chuhrchak beat Malerkota 21-16 and Chuhrchak pipped Akalgarh 20-19.

In basketball, Ludhiana cagers had a field day as they outclassed Muktsar 43-33 and in the girls’ section, Ludhiana drubbed Hoshiarpur 36-16. Kapurthala girls outplayed Sangrur 39-32.

In hockey (seniors), Malwa Academy along with Haryana XI, PAU XI and Jarkhar XI topped their respective pools to secure berth in the semifinals.

MLA Darshan Singh Shivalik gave a cheque for Rs 5 lakh to the organisers of the festival.

Gujatinder Singh Randhawa (USA), chief editor, Punjab News, along with Gurnam Singh Dhaliwal Thakarwal were felicitated for their contribution towards promoting sports in this part of the state.

Today’s results: hockey (senior boys): Guru Nanak Dev University, Amritsar b Khalsa College, Ludhiana, 5-0; Haryana XI drew 1-1 with Jarkhar Academy; u-14: Jarkhar Academy b Jagtar XI 3-0; Government School, Ghawadi, b Prithipal XI 2-1; Mehta Gurukul Academy, Doraha, drew 1-1 with Randhir Academy, Dhamot; and Doraha Academy b Jarkhar Academy 4-3.

Hockey (senior girls): Sangrur Academy b Malwa Academy 4-1; Haryana XI b Ropar XI 3-0.

Handball (boys): Ludhiana b Jalandhar 24-10; Faridkot b Sangrur 17-7; Patiala b Ferozepur 14-8; Amritsar b Faridkot 20-11 and Ludhiana b Mohali 15-11. Girls: Ropar b Amritsar 16-11.

Volleyball (boys): Railway, Ferozepur, b Khanna Club 25-20, 25-14; Ludhiana b Hoshairpur 25-18, 25-22; girls: Tarn Taran b Amritsar 25-15, 25-11; Ludhiana b Amritsar 25-18, 25-16.



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