Sunday, January 31, 2010, Chandigarh, India

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Grooms Wanted

Suitable match for beautiful and slim slightly Manglik Goel girl, 18.3.1986, 4:51 a.m., (Khanna), 5'-4", B.Tech. (CS), MBA (IB) from Singapore. High class reputed family of businessman or serviceman preferred. Decent marriage. Send BHP. [email protected] Box 12631F Tribune, Chandigarh.

Suitable match for Hindu Verma girl 5', 28, Double Post-graduate. Well Educated Panchkula based Service class family. Contact: 93575-57770 Box 12436F Tribune, Chandigarh.

Alliance invited for Arora girl, 28/5'-5", fair, slim, JRF/doing Ph.D in Punjabi. Looking for boy well educated, settled near Chandigarh preferred. Reply with biodata & recent photograph to E-mail: [email protected] Box 12470F Tribune, Chandigarh.

Professionally qualified Manglik/Non-Manglik match for Panjabi Arora slim beautiful girl Master of Pharmaceutics, 5'-3", 3.12.1981/12:15 p.m./Amritsar. MNC Gurgaon 4 lakh+. Email : [email protected] ; Mobile 94173-38350, 0172-2232470. C9-108116

Professionally qualified suitable match for MCA, M.Phil Issueless girl, 33, 5'-1", looks younger. Government teacher Chandigarh. 98154-53416. Box 12538F Tribune, Chandigarh.

Suitable match preferably B.Tech. for beautiful, slim, fair Arora girl 24/5'-4", MCA, employed Delhi. 092592- 61645. [email protected] C9-109268

B.Sc., PGD/GMT, serving Manager MNC, beautiful girl, 160 cm, 31 years. Defence Officers' family. Settled Mohali. Contact: 98556-07228. Box 11810F Tribune, Chandigarh.

Issueless, loving, cultured, professional, n/s Sikh/Hindu match (progressive urban family), for slim, fair, v. attractive, '66 born/5'-5", Sikh female, Postgrad., well-settled, balanced, from professional/Defence family, girl relocatable. [email protected] C9-102868

Suitable match for Weaver (NP) fair complexion girl, 25.03.81, 5'-2", 6 p.m., Mohali, MBA, Diploma Fashion Designing, working State Bank, Chandigarh. Preferred cleanshaven, tricity. Early simple marriage. E-mail: [email protected] Box 12421F Tribune, Chandigarh.

Ramdasia (Julaha) parents seek educated Turbaned match for 5'-6", 33 year old, highly educated, professionally employed daughter. Serious queries only to email: [email protected], with recent photo and full bio- data, or Telephone: +44 7814717167. C9-107604

Accomplished well-settled professional, cleanshaven match preferably from Defence background for 29/5'-2", slim, smart, convent educated Jat-Sikh girl, Manager with top MNC, Mumbai. Contact: [email protected] +91-9805002201. C9-108310

Suitable match for Ramdasia Sikh Julaha beautiful girl Oct. 78/5'-4", Non-Transferable Class-II Govt. job in Chandigarh, elder brother running own Petrol Pump, one brother Sr. Class-I Officer, Father Socially and Politically active. Early marriage. [email protected] 98554-21580. Box 12504F Tribune, Chandigarh.

Match for Kamboj Sikh B.D.S girl 1984/ 5'-3'' running own clinic from well educated family. 9988593725. C9- 108814

Jat Sikh parents seek compatible professional match preferably Doctor in USA, for Doctor daughter, doing Residency in USA, 31 yrs., 5'-3", fair, slim, smart, beautiful, sincere, charming down to earth, permanent resident USA. Only USA visa holders Contact: Email: [email protected] A9-91028-OL

Canadian BDS (NBDE Part-I cleared) 27/5'-2" beautiful, elegant & gentle daughter of Senior PCS Officer, reputed Malwa family seeks suitable professional match preferrably Doctor/Dentist/Engineer. Send bio-data with photo: [email protected] or Contact: 95013-00026. C9- 100778

Canada based Jat Sikh parents seek Jat Sikh professional match 32-36 yrs from Toronto or willing to relocate to Toronto for their India born, convent educated, University degree holder, Canadian Citizen, fair complexioned daughter 1977 born, 5'-3.5". Permanently employed with Federal Govt in Toronto. Well versed in both cultures, brief marriage annulled. Respond with complete details and recent picture to: [email protected] C9-101666

Jat Sikh cleashaven, living affluent area Chd., solicit proposals for daughter, never married, 31/5'-4", slim, Engineer + MBA from top 10 US Univ., VP Premier Bank USA. High $ 6 figure salary, G.C. in process. Caste and relocation no issue. Visiting India shortly. Email: [email protected] C9-103751

Suitable Jat Sikh match preferably from Canada for our accomplished Doctor daughter MD in Internal Medicine, 32/5'-4", extremely intelligent, beautiful. Contact: [email protected] C9-103801

California based tall, cleanshaven Jat Sikh professional match from cultured and educated family for brilliant beautiful Dr, 30/5'-7", holding H1B visa. Email photos biodata. Email: [email protected] C9-105248

Toronto based, retired Defence officer looking for a match for his beautiful, fair, 28 year old daughter, 5'-9", professionally employed as a Teacher. Looking for a tall, handsome, professional, clean-shaven Jatt Sikh boy, aged 29-32, 6+ feet tall, from Canada or US. Respond with picture and details at [email protected] or call 905-456-2139. C9-107232

American/Canadian alliance match for Benipal Jat/Sikh, 24 yrs 5'-4" girl. Doing M.S. Nanotechnology in USA. Contact: 98555-85251. Email: [email protected] C9-107482

High status, cultured family seeks highly professional, educated, handsome, cleanshaven match from high status & educated family preferably from Chandigarh not below 29 years for their beautiful, slim, convent educated daughter 25/5'-5", MBA. Send biodata, latest photo. Email: [email protected] C9-107508

Status Jat Sikh Defence officers family, seeks professionally qualified match, MBA/Engr./Defence Officer preferably defence background for their smart, charming, cultured girl. 27 yrs. born March 82/5'-5 ". Physiotherapist working in Pune. Email [email protected] Contact: 98812-09488. C9-107576

Jat Sikh Medico/Engineer USA based match for beautiful MBBS, cleared USMLE-1, girl 25/5'-7". Only brother, doing Residency in States. Father retd. from Senior Post in Punjab Medical Service. [email protected] 98558-02802. C9-107594

Vegetarian, nondrinker match for Jat Sikh, M.Tech. girl, 1984/5'-2", Lecturer (Punjab). Foreigners excuse. 94641-50094. C9-107632

Alliance for slim, fair, 5'-4", Nov.1975 born girl, working in IT (MNC). 97795-77909, [email protected] C9-107844B

Match for Jat Sikh Canadian PR girl, 1976/5'-5", Masters from Canada
beautiful slim sober highly professionally qualified preferred. Email: [email protected] Phone: 011- 27864978, 097171-07626. C9-107862

Jat Sikh clean shaven edu. & well settled match for smart, sober, educated Sandhu girl 29/ 5'-4'' MBA working in MNC. 9876883395. 001-347,330,7128. [email protected] C9-108040

Jat Sikh parents of 30 years/5'-5" beautiful US Citizen girl, holding two professional degrees, seeks Jat Sikh 6' handsome boy Engineer/Doctor. E-mail biodata with recent photos. E-mail: [email protected] 97799-78700, 001-4082740111. C9-108044

Jat Sikh NRI parents looking for a suitable match for their daughter, 28, 5'-7", Graduate, divorcee. Only qualified Jat Sikh boys, willing to settle in Australia should send their bio-data and recent photograph. Email: [email protected] C9-108104

Jat Sikh girl Jan. 1979/5'-5", M.A., M.Phil. Punjabi, B.Ed. Prefer Chandigarh, Mohali. Mobile 094654-47457. C9-108580B

Looking for handsome, 6+, 24-26 Jat Sikh, non-drinker, only Medico, preferably USMLE cleared boy from educated family for our beautiful daughter 23/5'-10", MD, US citizen. Email: Biodata and pictures to: [email protected] C9-108636

Professionally qualified turbaned Jat Gursikh match for US citizen slim, beautiful girl 26/5'-5", Graduate America. Please send biodata with photo. [email protected] C9-108642

Match for Jat Sikh sober, LL.M. girl born Sept. 83, 5'- 8", belongs to small educated family. Reply Box 12519F Tribune, Chandigarh.

Suitable match for 33 years, 5'-9", very fair, beautiful, educated Jat Sikh innocent Divorcee girl. Match between 33 to 38 years from Canada/U.S. preferred. Contact: 98729-94815. E-mail:- [email protected] C9-108818

Professionally qualified, well-placed service/business match for 25/5'-4", B.Tech., MBA, slim, smart, fair, very beautiful Jat Sikh girl, Army background. Working MNC good package. [email protected] C9-108822

Educated cleanshaven US Citizen match for slim beautiful 5'-8", Deol Jatt
Sikh girl doing doctor of Physiotherapy in USA. Parents in transport business in Zambia. Girl presently in USA. Tel: 94649-34996, 00260976454777, E-mail: [email protected] C9-109022

Doctor/Engineer or professionally qualified Jat Sikh match for MBBS good looking sober girl, 28/5'-7", cleared USMLE Steps I & II CK/CS appearing for residency interviews and Step III ten years multiple entry US visa. Email: [email protected] C9-109132

Match for Engineer in Canada on Work permit, B.Tech from India, Masters from Canada, 29/5'-1", Only brother Engineer in Canada. Father senior officer in PSU. Phone 0172-2620267. email : [email protected] C9-109290

Suitable match for Jat Sikh LLM from Kingston University, London girl 5'-8'' April 1977 born. Educated from convent school Chandigarh. Father Army background. Contact 9872243108. [email protected] C9-109400

Suitable match for beautiful, slim, Jat Sikh Bajwa girl, 1989/5'-4", BCA, pursuing MCA (1st year). Status family. Preferred Mohali/Chandigarh/Patiala. 9888908985. Box 12625F Tribune, Chandigarh.

Match for 1977, 5'-2", B.Sc., MBA, employed MNC. Excellent package. Father Colonel. Email: [email protected] 0181-2482491. C9-109673

Professionally qualified Jat Sikh match for convent educated, beautiful, fair girl, 24 years, 5'-2", MBA, employed in MNC Gurgaon. Father retired Army Officer. Contact: 0-97799-12885, Email: [email protected] C9- 109737

Wanted suitable professional match for Chahal girl, 5'- 6", February 1983 beautiful, MBA (Finance), SAP, doing job Noida. Brother settled Germany. Parents retired Govt. service. Early marriage. Upper caste no bar. Only Gursikh families may contact. 098162-03954. C9-109751

Professionally Qualified match for beautiful Jatt Sikh Gill girl 28/5'-4", MBE, Diploma business Communication (Vancouver, Canada) on student visa USA. Coming India in February. Eleder brother USA Citizen. Younger brother settled Australia. (India/Australian) Citizen from Malwa region preferred. 0015106775970, 01765-326021. [email protected] C9-109797

Looking for a Jat Sikh, highly qualified, teetotaller, with good family background match for 27, 5'-6", Canadian girl born in India with strong family values, doing 1st year of CMA and working at good post. Prefer NRI. Send photo, family and boy information to: [email protected] C9-98326

Professional Jatt Sikh match for convent educated MBA (Marketing
Executive), 5'-3", 84 born girl well-versed with both Eastern and Western culture from respectable family. Email: [email protected] NA9-71885-OL

Match for Canadian Jat Sikh Brar 27/5'-7", professionally educated and employed beautiful girl from well-educated family. Brother, sister, cousins are Engineers/Lawyers. Boy should be convent educated with Degree in Engg., Dentistry, Law, Pharmacy, Vat. Science or Commerce and should be able and willing to upgrade education in Canada. 97797-34090, 99154-47041. E.mail: [email protected] NA9-71895-OL

Match for Saini Sikh girl 25.1.1983, 5'-1", M.A., D.Pharmacy, M.Sc. I.T., Pursuing MCA. E-mail: [email protected] 098784-95161. Box 12432F Tribune, Chandigarh.

Professionally qualified employed match for Saini Sikh girl, 1986, 5'-2",
B.Com (professional), M.Com, pursuing PGDBA. Respectable educated family. Send biodata with photo. [email protected], 98722- 90133. C9-107666

Suitable match for Sikh girl 29, 5'-3", Working as Captain in Army Dentist. Preferred Medico Army Officer. Caste no bar. Contact: 98156-00087. C9-107824

Suitable match for NRI beautiful girl 28/5'-3", U.S. citizen working as Ortho Paediac Surgeon. Only USMLE passed please contact. 096466-46534. A9-91465-OL

Professionally qualified preferably Australia settled match for Punjabi Khatri 37/5'-3" slim, smart, fair, double M.A., B.Ed., MBA. Australian citizen Govt. Officer unmarried girl. Engineer brother also Australian citizen. Email: [email protected] C9-107530

Canada based Punjabi family seek Punjabi professional match 33-37 yrs.
from Toronto or willing to relocate to Toronto for their Canadian born daughter fair complexioned 5'-3" born 1975, Govt. job well versed in both cultures never. Please Email [email protected] C9-107592

New York based affluent Saini parents seek clean shaven Sikh match from USA/Canada for Jan. '78, US born daughter, 5'-3", very pretty, fair & slim. MS Scientist. Caste no bar. Email bio/photo [email protected] C9-107902

Ramgarhia Sikh beautiful girl Canadian PR, now in India, Ph.D Micro-biology, 77 born, 5'-6". Caste no bar. E-mail: [email protected] C9-108654

Preferably Medico for USA citizen beautiful teetotaller Brahmin girl 27/5'-6", BS. Biotech Research Scholar. Highly educated USA citizen parents. Own handsome business & property. Email: [email protected] Ph. 94664-49647. NA9-72356-OL

Seeking professional match preferably in Australia for 27/5'-4" beautiful
Hindu Nepali girl, settled in Australia. Family based Chandigarh. 98720-04759. [email protected] C9-107426

Cleanshaven match for beautiful, slim girl, 27/5'-3", College Lecturer, doing MBA (2nd year). Upper caste no bar. Send biodata/Photograph. [email protected] C9-107802

Hindu Punjabi Nai girl 1.5.1981, 10.45 am, Chandigarh, 5'-3", MBA (IT) Orcale DBA in-service IBM Gurgaon. [email protected] C9-108852

Match for Mair Rajput girl, M.A., B.Ed., working at Chandigarh, 6.12.1977/5'-6". Upper caste no bar. 098151-90814. Box 12429F Tribune, Chandigarh.

Well settled/ educated Kashyap Rajput match for July 1984/5'-6", beautiful girl, M.Sc. Physics, M.Tech. (Nano Technology), brother B.Tech. (ECE). Father Executive Officer. Well educated, respected family. Box 12466F Tribune, Chandigarh.

Suitable match for Himachali Rajput girl, M.Sc. (Physics), B.Ed., 4 December 1982, 5'-3", Lecturer in Engg. College. Himachali preferred. 096469-64483, 099150-25740. C9-109570

Suitable match for Canadian girl Feb 77, 5'-3", Double MA. Professionally qualified, sound financially should contact. Girl arriving Feb. 2010. No bar. 0181-5078443, 90239-84789. C9-107192

Army Officer seeks suitable match for his daughter, B.A. Eng.(Hons) Psy, MBA (HR), Pune University, 25/5'- 2", working MNC. Punjabi Brahmin family. E-mail: [email protected] Mobile: 098983-64769. C9- 107262

Professionally qualified match for beautiful Punjabi Saraswat
Brahmin girl, 30/5'-6", M.A., B.Ed., PGDBA (HR). Caste no bar. E-mail: [email protected] Box 12428F Tribune, Chandigarh.

Suitable match upto 40 for Brahmin, vegetarian, Manglik girl, 11-05-1972, 11:20pm, Ludhiana, B.A., 5'-1", Private job. Upper caste no bar. Early marriage. Ludhiana/Jalandhar/Chandigarh preferred. Contact after match kundli. Issueless divorcee/widower/NRI also contact : 98887-65490, [email protected] C9- 107360

Match for Non-manglik Saraswat Brahmin beautiful girl 5'-4", 7.8.86 (11:35 a.m.) Patiala, B.A. LL.B. (Hons.) from PU, persuing LL.M. 9815064450, 0172-2569025. Box 12443F Tribune, Chandigarh.

Very attractive lively educated working girl 5'-4", 06 Oct., 79, seeks spouse. Deep values only consideration. Good family background liberal views. Early marriage. 098156-02381. [email protected] C9-107914

Saraswat Brahmin girl M.A., E.T.T. Permanent Teacher, Punjab Govt. near Chandigarh, 4'-10"/33. Box 12473F Tribune, Chandigarh.

Tall, slim, fair Saraswat Brahmin girl, MCA, 5'-5", working in MNC, 4 Sept. 1981 at 7:27 a.m. at Chandigarh. Contact after matching kundli. E-mail with Photo to [email protected] Box 12496F Tribune, Chandigarh.

PQM4 SB, fair, slim, B'ful, 27.12.79/5'-1", Ansk Mglk. M.Sc. plant Pathology, wrkg research Associate Delhi. # 96506-49267. [email protected] C9-108560

Non-manglik match for fair beautiful Brahmin girl 5 feet, Sept 82, B.Sc. (C.Sc.), M.Sc. (Math), B.Ed., PGDCA, school Teacher. Status family. 98149-66333, 98150-44333, E-mail: [email protected] C9-108766

Match for Professionally qualified MBA Finance, beautiful, slim, well cultured Brahmin girl, 5'-6", 25 years, 10.05 am, Chandigarh, Working MNC Hyderabad, 3.5 LPA. Well settled Chandigarh based family. Tricity based and Working Hyderabad boy preferred. Caste no bar. Early marriage. Contact: 93168-46656. Box 12564F Tribune, Chandigarh.

Brahmin girl 5'-2"/1974, looks very young M.A. (Hindi), B.Ed., permanent job in DMC Ludhiana (Nursing). Well settled employed family, brother in America, two younger brothers Govt. employees. Employed/NRI preferred. Contact 90236-20959, 95013-21221, [email protected] C9-109428

Suitable match for Saraswat Brahmin very fair, beautiful girl MA, B.Ed., working as Permanent Government teacher near Chandigarh 16.5.1975, 12:40 a.m., Delhi. Salary 24500/- per month. Early decent marriage. 98720-32369. [email protected] ; Box 12600F Tribune, Chandigarh.

Match for fair, slim, beautiful Brahmin Himachali girl, B.Sc., B.Ed., M.Sc. IT, 1983/5'-3". Working with reputed institute, Chandigarh. Kundli must. Contact: 94640-97349. Box 12607F Tribune, Chandigarh.

Smart match for beautiful caring HP Brahmin working girl Government of
India 10.7.81, 22:10/Muradnagar. 159 cms. Welcome GOI/PSU/Bank/MNC Officer. 0761-2742911. BHP : [email protected] C9-109765

Alliance invited for Sarswat Brahmin pure vegetarian smart, slim girl, 5'-4", 24.01.86, 10:22 p.m., Chandigarh, M.Sc. (Foods & Nutrition), Gotra Kaushal Dutt from well settled Panchkula based family. Email: [email protected] Box 12531F Tribune, Chandigarh.

Preferably Medico for USA citizen beautiful teetotaller Brahmin girl 27/5'-6", BS. Biotech Research Scholar. Highly educated USA citizen parents. Own handsome business & property. Email: [email protected] Ph. 94664-49647. NA9-72355

Match for beautiful Himachali Jat girl, April 1985/152 cm. M.A. (English), one year Fashion Designing Diploma (NIFT), doing B.Ed. Preferably Radhasoami family. Box 12636F Tribune, Chandigarh.

For Punjabi Khatri Hindu beautiful girl. Chandigarh based status family. MBA-Finance, Symbiosis, Regular. Manager Scale-II, Nationalized Bank. 24 years, 5'-5", fair, slim, homely. Mail: [email protected] Box 12453F Tribune, Chandigarh.

Suitable match for Hindu Khatri beautiful girl 5'-1", 30.7.1983 at 12.30 pm, Chandigarh, B.Com., M.Com. from Chandigarh MBA from Pune, working MNC Bank Gurgaon. E- mail:- [email protected] 98766-10620. C9-108758

Professionally qualified match for Khatri slim beautiful B.Com professional PGDHRM girl 31.07-1983, 10;49 am Amritsar. Father Bank Manager, brother NRI. Contact: 9888869729. Email: [email protected] C9- 108806

Suitable match for Khatri beautiful, slim, homely Delhi based girl, 5'-3", MBA, M.Phil., 18.3.1980/7:30 a.m./Dhariwal, Seeks Professionally qualified boy. Father Class I Govt officer. Correspond 098996-33345. Email : [email protected] ; Box 12553F Tribune, Chandigarh.

Khatri, fair, slim, very beautiful, religious, well- cultured, convent educated girl, LL.M., 5'-6", 10.04.1979, 4:20 a.m., Kalka. Looking for highly qualified, professional, handsome boy from cultured Khatri family or upper caste. Send bio-data/photo at Email: [email protected], Phone: 094163-94783. Box 12558F Tribune, Chandigarh.

Suitable match for B.Com., LL.B., Oath Commissioner Advocate
Hindu Khatri slim, smart, 26/5'-4", girl status family. Early decent marriage. Box 12588F Tribune, Chandigarh.

Manglik/Non-Manglik match for Khatri Teacher girl, 1976/5'-1", Postgraduate Media, pursuing for Australia as PR. Sister PR Australia, Brother studying Australia. 98886-73355. C9-109426

Match for beautiful Khatri Manglik girl, 25.11.1977/3:15 p.m./Chandigarh, 5'-2", MBA. Working in MNC Chandigarh. Contact 98159-66951. [email protected] C9-109488

Qualified match for Australian PR holder Khatri girl, fair, slim, smart, BCA/Masters in Accounting/wkng + studying CA, 5'-6", 13.09.83, 4:00 p.m., Jalandhar, Punjab. Settled at Sydney. Prefer PR well settled boy in Australia or Canada. Send bio-data after matching kundli (photo must). Email: [email protected] or Contact: 98155-97795, 0181-2402690. C9-109675

Professionally qualified match for Manglik Local Panjabi Khatri MBA
Chandigarh girl, 5'-3", 25.7.1981/3:35 p.m. Father Chartered Accountant. 098146-40822, 098558-50822. Email : [email protected] C9-109777

Punjabi Arora Business family of Panchkula seeks alliance for beautiful, fair girl 25/5'-4", graduate, persuing MBA. High status Business family preferred. Box 12454F Tribune, Chandigarh.

Fair slim beautiful B.Tech. Arora girl, 14.3.1984/9:42 p.m./5'-5". Working MNC Banglore. 099288-56672. [email protected] C9-107826

Suitable match for Arora Manglik girl 9.9.81, 4:15 p.m. Fazilka, 5'-2". MOT (Neuroscience), Certified Sensory Integration California, USA. Director Rehabilitation Centre, Mohali. Medico, C.A., Engg. settled in Tricity. 094163-70439, 94170-96185. Box 12628F Tribune, Chandigarh.

If u look like Shahid Kapoor, then u are the one. Looking for a charming, handsome, clean shaven, well- educated groom for my daughter. Must be 34 yrs. or older & willing to move to Canada. Please forward pics to: [email protected] or mail to 431 Forrest Drive Sherwood Park, Alberta Canada T8A 6L2. C9-105978B

Chandigarh settled Ramgrahia Sikh daughter born 1971/5'-4", with highly moral values under convent education. Hindu match also welcome. Father retd. Gazetted officer. Own residence. Divorcee excuse. Box 12522F Tribune, Chandigarh.

Punjabi Ramgarhia family invites alliance for their beautiful, slim, fair,
cultured daughter, 25/5'-4", MBA, working reputed company. Looking for handsome, well-settled boy in Business/Profession. Call after 8 p.m. 0183-5094888. E-mail: [email protected] C9- 108974

Match for Ramgarhia girl, fair complexion, 1983/5'-3", M.A., B.Ed., Permanent Govt. Teacher. Father Senior Manager in Nationalised Bank. Caste no bar. Email: [email protected] Box 12574F Tribune, Chandigarh.

Match for Ramgarhia Sikh girl 76/5'-1", B.A. Home Science, Diploma
Fashion Designing + Computer, Home Science teacher, sister Canada, brother Australia. Email: [email protected] 98151-69022. NA9-70663-OL

Professionally qualified well-settled Khatri Sikh cleanshaven match for beautiful, slim, fair Khatri girl 5'-3", July 82 born, Masters in Fine Arts, excellent earning. In or around Chandigarh preferred. Contact: 98880-64557. E-mail: [email protected] A9-90071

Qualified preferably Canadian citizen match from reputed family for Sikh Khatri girl, July 82, beautiful, slim, fair, 5'-3", Masters in Fine Arts. Excellent earning. Around Mohali, Chandigarh preferred. Contact: 97808-89921, Email: [email protected] A9- 90123-OL

Professionally qualified match for slim, beautiful SC Ad-dharmi, MBA, working girl, 26/5'-3". Well settled family. 98729-67294. Contact after 6 pm to 9 pm 0181- 2297717. E-mail: [email protected] C9-109446

Suitable match for fair, slim and beautiful Ramdasia (S.C) Himachali
Hindu girl 31/5'-5", MCA, working as Software Engineer in Gurgaon. Seeking for B.E./ B.Tech./ MCA/ MBA/ B.Sc/M.Sc./MBBS boy preferably from Himachal. Reply with BHP. Phone: 98714-33554 Email: [email protected] C9-98418

Match for Joggi Nath 8.8.80/5', M.A., M.Sc. IT, National Bank employee, Chandigarh. 98721-35820. C9- 107834

Suitable match for issueless divorcee Ramdasia Sikh girl 32/5'-2", Assistant Manager in Bank. Status family. E-mail:- [email protected] Box 12518F Tribune, Chandigarh.

High status and well respected Arora Sikh family from Nairobi (Kenya) invite alliance for their only daughter 29/5'-6", slim, very beautiful, fair, cultured. She is Graduate from U.K. and Masters from Perth Australia with strong family values. Girl presently settled in Perth, Australia and working in a bank. Boy can be turbaned/cleanshaven, tall, handsome, very well educated and settled in Australia or willing to settle in Australia. Girl with her parents is visiting India/Chandigarh/Grandparents Feb. 2010. Early marriage is planned. Please send details with photograph at [email protected]  [email protected] Chandigarh Mobile 94173-78778. C9-107566

Suitable match for Sikh US Green Card Holder MBA (HR) beautiful,
fair girl, Sept.1978 (looks younger), 5'-5", divorced, (marriage lasted 10 days). 9888154245. Email: [email protected] Box 12482F Tribune, Chandigarh.

Professionally qualified match for Sep. 82, 5'-3", beautiful, fair B.Com. L.L.B., Company Secretary Solicitor of England & Wales, working in Jalandhar. Well placed cultured family. 98147-20936, 98555-05938. E-mail: [email protected] C9-108748B

Suitable qualified settled match for Mohali based beautiful Jindal girl, 1983 born, 5'-3", M.Com, Company Secretary Inter. Box 12435F Tribune, Chandigarh.

Employed match around Chandigarh for beautiful Singla slim, sharp features Govt. employed girl, earning 16000/- PM. 5'-4", 27.7.1978. Contact 98159-08687, 0172-2632824. Box 12442F Tribune, Chandigarh.

Match for beautiful Garg girl 17.8.1983, 2:45 p.m., Jagadhari, 5'-1", LLM,
doing practice. Father industrialist. 01732-226014, 094160-69200. [email protected] C9-108331

Professionally qualified match for Aggarwal Manglik girl MBA, 5'-4", July 1983. Early decent marriage. 98883-84864. [email protected] Box 12562F Tribune, Chandigarh.

Engineer/doctor match for MDS Aggarwal girl, 5'-5", March 83, Senior Lecturer Dental College. Father Bank manager. E-mail: [email protected] 98555-35105. C9-109448

Match for Manglik Goel girl, July 1981/5'-5", slim, fair, M.Com.
PGDCA, M.Sc. (Computer Science). Experienced working as Asstt Manager in Insurance Company. Brother Doctor, Father Retd Class-I Officer. 093555-26212. Box 12604F Tribune, Chandigarh.

Aggarwal Garg Manglik girl 16 August 1982, 11:45 a.m. 5'-4" MBA beautiful & slim. Highclass reputed family Businessman or highclass Serviceman preferred. Highclass very decent marriage. Box 11681F Tribune, Chandigarh.

Professionally qualified match for good looking, slim Gursikh Arora girl, 1984/4'-11", MBA, working MNC, Bangalore, handsome package. E-mail: [email protected] 98149-64204, 98884-79019. Box 12561F Tribune, Chandigarh.



Mohali: Corner 6 marla single storey marbled kothi, 2 bedrooms, DD, Sector-68. 3 bedrooms DD fully marbled flat 4th floor Rishi Apartment, Sector-70. Contact: 98727-73972. C9-108404


Wanted plots, kothies in Panchkula, Chandigarh. Direct parties preferred. Brokers may excuse. Bajwa 98884- 04935. C9-105090


Newly built-up Showroom, Basement, Ground (1700 sq.feet approx.), Ist floor, 2nd floor (2200 sq.feet approx.), Model Town, Mela Singh Chowk. Yamuna Nagar. 98962- 09066. C9-108378


Two bed room, D/D, kitchen, bath, top floor. H.No. 3077, Sector 20-D, Chandigarh. C9-108300


Wanted Data Entry Operator having good knowledge of Internet Usage you
will operate from Home and work on Assignment Base. Reply with Resume to [email protected]  C9- 109276


VIP number for sale. PBR-90 & 78. 50,000/- each. Contact: 9988152800. C9-107422B


CFDI (Centre for Forensic Detectives and Investigation) contact for all type of Investigations and Detective field work. Phone: 0172-5013291, 94170-92753. E-mail: [email protected]  C9-108626


Wanted Pharma Factory at Baddi (HP) on out right Purchase/Long lease. Contact: Awasthi 092185-40005 or E-mail: [email protected] C9-109376


Prime Development 8 acre land close to Jalandhar for sale at below market price by NRI family. Buyer must have financing to be able to complete sale immediately, will also consider trade with properties in Canada, US, UK. Contact: [email protected] or 604-889-7006. C9- 104801B

Prime land Four acre tubewell Chunni Approach from Landran Sirhind highway Commercial Institute use. Guranteed lowest rate 30 lac per acre. Owner 98151- 40108. C9-109100

Excellent investment opportunity, just 22 kms from Chandigarh (Mullanpur side) Mohali, 7 acres (4840 gaj/acre) farm house suitable, fertile land on mettled 22' road with fencing, 15 HP submersible. Contact: 98880-76544. NA9-72040-OL


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