Without a price
Reviewed by Amar Chandel
We Must Have No Price and Everyone Must Know That We Have No Price
By Arun Shourie, Rupa and Co; 
Pages 343. Rs 495.

rolific will be too small a word to describe the writing acumen of Arun Shourie. This talent was in full display not only when he was a journalist, but also when he became a union minister.

Focus on regional cooperation
Reviewed by Maj Gen (retd) Rajendra Nath
South and Central Asia: Issues of Peace and Development
Eds Neetu Gaur and Vijay Laxmi.
CRRID, Chandigarh.
Pages 162. Rs 430. 
THE Centre for Research in Rural and Industrial Development (CRRID) has been doing commendable work since 1982 on studies relevant to development of regional cooperation and peace in South and Central Asia. In this connection, a seminar was held in March 2009 which dealt with the development, peace and security issues relating to South and Central Asia.

From grace to disgrace
Reviewed by Ambika Sharma
Musharraf: The Years in Power 
By Murtaza Razvi.
Pages 243. Rs 399.
GENERAL Pervez Musharaff’s eight-year rule over Pakistan kept both the international community and India on tenterhooks. However, among the intellectuals of his own country, it was the story of a despotic army General whom absolute power had corrupted absolutely.

Championing farmers’ cause
Reviewed by Rachna Nehria
Death of a Moneylender 
By Kota Neelima.
India Ink/Roli Books.
Pages 220. Rs 295.
THE plight of Indian farmers is highligted in this book. It is also a personal journey of a young journalist, Falak Ahemd, who has attained a good position in his profession and is well versed with the tricks of his trade.

Thus spake the saints
Reviewed by D. Goel
Philosophical Contributions of Bhaktas and Gurus to Indian Culture
By Prof Nirbhai Singh.
Gyan P.H. Pages XI+317. 
THE author reports on the basis of his research from original texts some, still not printed, from medieval India, of saints from different cultures, but largely the Sikh Gurus, from the late medieval Mughal period. He recognises that old Vedantic and Shraman world-negating ideology left Indians groaning under the hoof beats of marauders.

An eloquent testimony
Reviewed by Kanwalpreet
Violence, Martyrdom and Partition: A Daughter’s Testimony
By Nonica Datta.
Oxford University Press.
Pages 235. Rs 695.

NONICA DATTA has crafted an interesting story from the narration of Subhashini, one of the forerunners of girls’ education in rural Haryana. Subhashini is the daughter of Bhagat Phool Singh who gave up his job as a Patwari to become an Arya Samaj preacher.

Borders, B-schools and betterment
Reviewed by Randeep Wadehra
Coming Blowback: How Pakistan is Endangering the World 
by Wilson John.
Rupa. Pages: xiv+296. Rs 595

  • You’ve Got To Be Kidding
    by Leena Walawalkar
    Pages 251. Rs 145.

  • How to Excel When Chips are Down
    by Joginder Singh.
    Diamond Books.
    Pages 174. Rs 95.

Wedded to tradition
Nonika Singh
cclaimed kathak exponent Shobha Koser has beaten many odds to create a niche in the galaxy of Indian classical dancers. And today, she is finding her moorings without the guiding force of her life—her late husband M.L. Koser. Stepping into his shoes, in her new avatar as registrar of Pracheen Kala Kendra, she can, however, feel his presence at every step.