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Minors hurt in factories thrown out of job
Demand action against employers
Mohit Khanna
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, February 4
Two minor labourers, whose hands were crushed while working in industrial units, have demanded police action against their employers after the latter threw them out of their units as the duo was incapacitated for life.

Saroj and Mandeep, both from Uttar Pradesh, along with Chitranjan Singh, a labour leader, went to the SSP office to lodge a complaint against their employers, who not only employed minors but also refused to bear their medical expenses and later threw them out of job.

They were, however, told to return as SSP SS Gill was busy. Narrating his tale of woes, 12-year-old Mandeep, who is the only male member in the family after his father died a few years ago, alleged that he was working as a sweeper at a factory, located in the Focal Point area for Rs 1,200 per month. He alleged that the employer forced him to work on a cutting machine, which made plastic blocks.

He further alleged that he first refused to work, as he did not know how to operate the machine. Mandeep said on December 18, when he switched on the machine, four fingers of his right hand got cut in the machine. He was rushed to Ram Charitable Hospital, Dhollewal, where he was operated. He complained that his employer did not pay the hospital charges.

He further alleged that the owner of the factory unit threw him out of job as he was incapacitated. "How will I support my family? What will happen to my two younger sisters? My mother, who is working as a sweeper, is bearing my medical expenses since the time I got injured," he rued.

The condition of Saroj (13) was no better. His left hand was also crushed while he was working on a spinning unit at Focal Point. Hailing from Uttar Pradesh, he was sent along with his uncle to work in the industrial city.

The incident took place on December 28, 2009, while he was working on a spinning unit. As the factory was facing acute shortage of workers following the Dhandari incident, the owner of the factory unit forced him to operate the machine. While working on the spinning machine his left hand was crushed. He was rushed to Mohandai Oswal Hospital. He alleged that the employers did not even foot the bill and his uncle bore the hospital expenses.

Sitambar Singh, president, Shiromani Youth Akali Dal (Badal), labour wing demanded police action against the employers. He alleged that the employers used the children as tissue paper and threw them once they were rendered useless for them.

“What will they do, as they have no jobs. Their medical bill keeps on mounting. It is totally inhuman. The employer paid scant regard to the fact that they were minor and still made them work in industrial units. Not only the children used to work overtime but they were also paid low wages," said Sitambar.


Industrialist gets 6 months for excise evasion
Rajneesh Lakhanpal

Ludhiana, February 4
A city industrialist, Shiv Singh, who is a partner in a firm Rubber Ring Industries, located at Focal Point, was convicted of evading central excise duty 21 years after committing the offence. He was ordered to undergo imprisonment for six months and also pay a fine of Rs 2,000.

Chief judicial magistrate Jatinder Kaur pronounced the sentence under section 9 of the Central Excise & Salt Act, 1944 while adjudicating a complaint filed by the customs & excise assistant collector, Ludhiana.

Two other suspects, Gurinder Singh and Rajinder Singh, both partners in the same company, had already been declared proclaimed offenders in the case. The complainant had submitted before the court that the firm was engaged in manufacturing rubber tubes and flaps of different sizes for motor vehicles.

On Feburary 22, 1989 members of the central excise preventive staff paid a surprise visit to company’s factory and found Shiv present there. During scrutiny of documents the staff discovered that the last gate pass (no 111) was issued on Feburary 10, 1989 and the RGI register was not updated, showing a balance of stock up to February 10, 1989. The staff also found the entries in other records were not up to date.

The complainant stated the suspects had admitted the ‘challan’ book contained sales of tube manufacturing in the factory for which no central excise gate pass was issued. Apart from this the search team found 268 pieces of auto tubes but without any records. All the three suspects were summoned but they did not appear, and later a penalty was imposed on them.

Though Shiv pleaded he and his partners had been falsely implicated, the court, convinced by the submissions of special public prosecutor Maninder Singh, found the former guilty and sentenced him accordingly.



Proposed LPG hike uncalled for, cry consumers
Shivani Bhakoo
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, February 4
The recommendation by a prime minister-appointed expert committee to raise prices of LPG cylinders by Rs 100 has shaken consumers, particularly homemakers, in the city. Terming the panel’s report “highly "irresponsible" the common man feels with inflation already having peaked the suggestion, if implemented, will lead to a "revolt" against the country’s policymakers.

“Even though politicians claim to have revived economic growth it has become virtually impossible for people to earn a livelihood in a dignified manner”, said consumers.

Talking to The Tribune, Shammi Sharma, a housewife residing in Bhai Randhir Singh Nagar said: “It would be uncalled for on the government’s part to hike prices of petrol or LPG cylinders. An increase of Rs 100 per LPG cylinder means we’ll be asked to shell out Rs 430 for a cylinder. Pulses, edible oils, sugar, petrol, diesel, cooking gas, flour - everything has become so expensive that homemakers find it difficult to plan their monthly budgets."

A bank employee, Narinder Singh, said the country’s policy makers, who claimed to have brought about an improvement in its economy, had let down the public. "The common man has become the worst sufferer. A salaried person finds it almost impossible to meet daily expenses. Today if you go to the market to buy bread, eggs, milk and butter, which are daily requirements, you have to shell out more than Rs 100. Has anyone ever thought salaries should also be increased in proportion to inflation?" he asked.

During the past few months prices of basic commodities have gone through the roof, putting an additional burden on consumers. On top of spiraling inflation the Punjab government levied various new taxes and increased some existing ones, leaving a deep hole in consumers’ pockets.

Meanwhile, Bharti Kisan Union (Punjab) president Ajmer Singh Lakhowal condemned the recommendations of the Kirit Parikh panel for an increase in prices of petroleum products. “The agricultural sector would be the worst affected if prices are hiked”, he said, adding the Bharti Kisan Union will resort to agitation against the central government if the latter increases prices of necessary commodities.



4 get burn injuries
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, February 4
Four persons were injured, two of them seriously, after kerosene, spilt on floor, caught fire at a house in Janakpuri here this morning.

The incident took place when Vijay (22) and Anwar Ansari (48) were preparing food, while Raj Kumar (27), Saddam (14) and Ram Khilawan (20) were sleeping.

Durgesh, who was attending on the injured, said the fire was caused due to the spillage of kerosene, while filling a stove.

Anwar, who received nearly 40 per cent burns, said a burning matchstick accidentally fell on the floor and the kerosene caught fire. "Before we could react, the kerosene canister also caught fire and resulted in a explosion," said Anwar, adding that in no time the mattresses also caught fire and the room was gutted.

Residents of the area managed to douse the fire, before the arrival of fire tender.

The condition of Vijay and Anwar Ansari was stated to be critical, while Raj Kumar and Saddam, who also received burn injuries, were out of danger. Ram Khilawan was sent home after getting first-aid.



Oral cancer cases on rise among women
Anshu Seth
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, February 4
Use of tobacco products is on the rise among women and so are cases of oral cancer.

The previous male-female ratio of 5:1 of oral cancer patients now stands at 2:1, the reason being use of tobacco products by women.

Ludhiana being no exception has a large number of women, especially those working in factories or as domestic help, using tobacco products.

Pointing towards the rise in number of tobacco users in the city, Dr Pradeep Sharma of the Ludhiana Civil Hospital said as the labourers are not allowed to smoke on the factory premises, they take to chewable tobacco, which is more harmful and the main cause of oral cancer.

“A large number of patients come to us with abnormal growth in their oral cavity and mouth ulcers, who are referred to the Mohan Dai Oswal Cancer Treatment and Research Foundation, Ludhiana, for cancer detection," said Dr Pradeep.

Use of tobacco leads to changes in cells that are either exposed to smoke or come in direct contact with chewable tobacco. This leads to not one but second and third site cancers, he said.

Cancerous conversion of tissue may take place in lips, mouth, voice box, lungs and food pipe at the same time. Those who chew tobacco are at high risk for gum and cheek lesions that can lead to cancer, the doctor added.

Another cancer expert blamed the corporate sector for arbitrary promotion of the hazardous products through advertisement, which he said was in violation of the Anti-Tobacco Act.

“The WHO, in its conference in 2005, had called upon member states to focus on prevention of oral cancer and the declaration was attended by the World Health Assembly of 57 nations, including India, in 2007. A resolution was passed to take steps to ensure oral cancer prevention as integrated part of national cancer control programme, but nothing is being done," a doctor rued.



World Cancer Day observed
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, February 4
The Department of Health and Family Welfare and various private hospitals in the city organised workshops and orientation programmes to observe the World Cancer Day here today.

In order to create awareness among people, these hospitals are holding week-long exhibitions, camps and orientation programmes in the district.

Mohan Dai Oswal Cancer Treatment and Research Foundation today organised a poster exhibition on various aspects of prevention and early detection of cancer at the College of Nursing.

Dr Satish Jain, head of surgical oncology and director of the foundation, while speaking on the occasion appreciated the efforts being made by the state government.

“We are planning to extend every possible help to the state government in terms of examination and treatment of people suffering from cancer, as together we can make a difference. We will take part in the detection camps that the government is planning to hold in the areas with maximum cancer cases,” added Dr Jain.

Meanwhile, renowned cancer superspecialist and executive chairman of the Cancer Council of India Dr Devinder Singh Sandhu, MD, DM, delivered a lecture on cancer awareness at Gujaranwala Khalsa College, Ludhiana .

Dr Sandhu said cancer cases were on the rise in Punjab, with lung, breast and uterus cancers being reported more frequently.

Dr Sandhu said about 40 per cent of cancers could be prevented by lifestyle modifications. Deaths could be significantly reduced by screening.

Use of tobacco accounts to 5.4 million deaths per year globally.

High fat diet, sedentary life style, lack of exercise, obesity, less intake of fruits and vegetables, use of pesticides, water pollution, smoking, alcohol intake, pollution and infections are the common risk factors for cancer. The protective food items include onions, garlic, carrots, tomatoes, cabbage, cauliflower, soy, green leafy vegetables, potatoes, berries, citrus fruits, apples, whole grains and nuts, beans & other legumes and cherries.

Dr Narotam Dewan, president, IMA, Ludhiana, said vaccinations against hepatitis B and human pappilloma virus were known as anti-cancer vaccinations, so everyone should be immunised against these infections.

Awareness and timely examinations like breast-self examination, mammography, chest X-ray and pap smears are simple measures which can help in the early detection leading to complete cure. Students and staff members pledged to spread the knowledge and discourage the use of tobacco and alchohal.

Dr Hardeep Singh, general secretary, IMA, said the association had started the year-long Anti-Cancer Awareness Campaign 2010 in association with the NGO Punjab Youth Forum.



NGOs running ‘gaushalas’ to get financial aid: Badal
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, February 4
To ensure proper shelter and upkeep of stray cows in the state, Chief Minister Parkash Singh Badal today said the government would provide financial aid to NGOs, voluntary and religious organisation running ‘gaushalas’.

Addressing a gathering at Temple Sri Govind Gaudham at Hambran road, Badal appreciated the efforts of the organisation for providing shelter and veterinary care to the ailing cows.

The CM appealed other NGOs, religious and voluntary organisations to promote the social cause. Keeping stray cows in ‘gaushalas’ would ensure the safety of commuters and would also provide relief to farmers from substantial loss due to the damage caused to their crops, said Badal.

He said the state government would soon prepare a plan to identify 20 to 30 acres under the jurisdiction of either village panchayats or municipal councils for setting up of ‘gaushalas’ at all the district headquarters, which would be run by the NGOs and voluntary organisations. He said that the state government was also contemplating to constitute a board for the welfare and maintenance of stray cows.

Referring to a centrally sponsored scheme to provide shelter for cows, the CM said he would take up the matter with the Centre for seeking funds for setting up ‘gaushalas’ across the state. He also announced a grant of Rs 10 lakh to the ‘gaushala’ from his discretionary quota.



Bullish trends in realty sector
Kuldip Bhatia

Ludhiana, February 4
The cascading effect of global slowdown and recession on the realty sector for almost two years now is apparently over and the property market is all set for revival.

Claiming this at a dealers meet here last evening, Ashok Malhotra, chairman and managing director of the Ashok Malhotra Group, said buyers were back in the market and investors, who were shying away from making investment in residential and commercial properties, are also coming, albeit in selective properties for the time being.

“Nearly 65 per cent plots in the 54 acre IT Park have already been sold out even as the project is still in a conceptual stage," he said while interacting with property dealers and estate agents.

Gulshan Kumar, CMD of the GK Group, another coloniser, is also of the view that the property market has all the positive signs of a recovery in the days to come. “Although it will be too early to say that the trends are bullish, but the vibes are good. Unlike in the past year or so, buyers of residential and commercial properties in our colonies are back and sales will soon pick up if the number of inquiries is any indication,” he said.

The GK Group, he said, having developed more than half-a-dozen colonies in different parts of the city, was now in the process of carving out a mega residential colony-cum-industrial park on the Chandigarh road in around 55 acres. "The sale of plots is picking up and the encouraging thing is that the investors are also coming forward to buy properties, which is an indicator that the land prices will appreciate at a faster pace."

Several local estate agents and property dealers maintain that the market is witnessing flurry of activity after lying dormant for quite some time now. “We get a number of inquiries about good pieces of land, both residential and commercial, with prospects of appreciation and some of them further translate into deals," said Gurmukh Singh, a property dealer in BRS Nagar.



Experts dwell on crop improvement
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, February 4
One can diversify agriculture by promoting horticulture, as it offers several benefits like livelihood security, employment generation, nutritional security, enhancement of profits through value addition, foreign exchange and helps sustain agro-industry.

These views were expressed by Punjab Agricultural University Vice-Chancellor Dr Manjit Singh Kang during a seminar on “Advances in Temperate Fruits in Sub-Tropics” organised by the university under the sponsorship of National Horticultural Mission (NHM) at the Wheat Auditorium.

Dr Kang said, “India has become the second largest fruit producing country. Workshops on vegetables and fruits will help take stock of the status of horticulture.”

Dr Kang also released a book on production of fruit crops that he said would help amateurs, nursery growers and gardeners make horticulture scientifically sound.

Dr Baldev Singh, director of horticulture, Punjab, said with the help of the latest technologies, horticulture of fruits, vegetables and flowers had excelled in the state.

He said last year was termed as a good potato year.

He deliberated upon the statistics of fruits, vegetables and flower growing and production targets in the state. He said in order to promote horticulture, the government had launched several subsidy schemes for developing cold stores, refrigerated vans, pack houses and net houses.

Dr Singh said in order to earn more profit, farmers should adopt net-house technology for the cultivation of vegetable crops.

Director of extension education Dr MS Gill said horticulture had a prominent place in Punjab, as growers could enhance their profit per unit area through horticulture. He said under the NHM about 13 plant health clinics would be established. He dwelt on the importance of drip irrigation in horticulture.

Additional director of research (agriculture) Dr SS Gosal said breeding of fruit crops was inadequate for which more efforts were required.

He said more germplasm collection could give impetus to horticulture through characterisation and evaluation.

Dr Gosal said coloured vegetables and fruits were rich in antioxidants.

He said nematodes in stone fruits was a cause of concern for researchers.



Doc told to leave park
Jyotika Sood
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, February 4
In a peculiar incident, two residents of Gurdev Nagar, including a member of the Park Management Committee, asked a doctor to leave a public park situated at the rear of SAS Grewal Hospital.

Talking to Ludhiana Tribune, Dr SK Prabhakar alleged, “I was waiting for one of my patients in the morning. Meanwhile, I thought of taking a stroll in the nearby park. After strolling as I sat on a bench to read a newspaper, two men in their sixties approached me and asked me to leave the park.”

Dr Prabhakar asked them the reason, the duo said, “Since, the owner of SAS Grewal Hospital does not pay for the maintenance of the park, you have no right to sit and enjoy the green environment.”

Expressing shock at their behaviour, the doctor said, “As I was not playing satta or strewing garbage around, why was I asked to leave the park? I was not causing any damage, but was just enjoying the fresh air. The men not only harassed me, but also insulted me.”

Condemning the whole episode, president of the Ludhiana Park Maintenance and Management Committee SS Channa (retd IFS) said, “This was completely wrong. Maintaining a park does not mean that you own it. The two gentlemen who asked the doctor to leave the park should tender an apology.”

The MC officials should look into the matter, he added.



‘Ectopia-2010’ at DMCH concludes
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, February 4
“Ectopia-2010”, the three-day cultural festival of undergraduate students of Dayanand Medical College and Hospital concluded today.

A large number of students took part in the solo songs, instrumental and choreography competition held last evening. Medical students entertained the audience by singing various Bollywood and folk numbers. Madhurima from (batch 2008) got the first prize, Bhavleen (batch 2008) bagged the second prize and Suhasini of batch 2005 shared the third prize with Amritpal Kaur of batch 2009.

The first, second and third prizes in instrumental music were secured by batch 2006, batch 2005 and batch 2009 respectively. In the choreography competition, the 2005 and 2006 batches were declared winners for presenting an item based on the theme of "patriotism”. The second prize was given to batch 2009 and third prize went to batch 2008.The major crowd-puller was turncoat extempore while parody contest was the most entertaining event of the day.



‘Develop intellect to control mind’
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, February 4
Secret of success in life lies in developing an intellect i.e. how well we develop the capacity to analyse, judge and question ourselves, said Gautam Jain, head, Vedanta Cultural Foundation, while delivering the lecture on topic “The Art of Self Management” to members of the Ludhiana Management Association here recently.

Dr KNS Kang, general secretary, welcomed the guests and VK Goyal, president of the association, presented vote of thanks at the end of the lecture. Jain also highlighted that there was difference between intellect and intelligence, which the people often confused.

Intelligence was collection of information and knowledge from the outside world where as intellect had the capacity to handle emotions and feelings.

He stressed that one should develop intellect to control one’s mind.



Rabies expert bags national award
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, February 4
Dr Charan Kamal Singh, an established rabies expert from Guru Angad Dev Veterinary and Animal Sciences University, has bagged “Savithree Jibachch Sinha Best Poster Presentation Award” at the national level during the annual conference of Indian Association of Veterinary Pathologists.

This award has been given for poster presentation entitled “Ante-mortem detection of rabies antibodies: immunodiagnostic approach”. Singh has rendered lifetime contribution in the field of rabies. The topic of his PhD thesis and five of his MVSc students and a PhD student has researched on different aspects of rabies virus. As a principle investigator of an ICAR research project, he developed first diagnostic kit for rabies in India. He wrote the first textbook on rabies in India. So far, Singh has published 58 research articles mostly on rabies in national and inter-national journals of repute.

Singh has also been duly acknowledged for his contributions in the field of rabies by national and international institutions. Singh was nominated as adviser to the World Health Organisation. He was the nominated member, Task Force on Surveillance of Rabies by WHO. Singh has been admitted as Associate of Academy of Sciences for Animal Welfare. Presently, working as a professor in the Department of Veterinary Pathology, Singh is also working as coordinator of the Departmental Research Committees of various departments of GADVASU.



Body of youth found
Our Correspondent

Mullanpur Dakha, February 4
The Dakha police last evening found a body of a youth from a dry canal on the outskirts of Khanjarwal village near here.

The youth was about 32-34 years of age. He was wearing blue jeans, shirt and sleeper along with a green cap. The body bore about a dozen stab marks. A passerby saw the body lying there had informed Jagwinder Singh, Sarpanch of Dakha village, who further intimated the police.

The Dakha SHO said the body remained unidentified till evening and it seemed that the body was thrown there after killing the youth elsewhere. The youth seemed to have been murdered a night before. He seemed to be from a well to do family and had come out in slippers just to accompany some known person or persons, who later on murdered him.



Congress councillors hold protest
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, February 4
Following slow pace of work on the up-ramp to Jagraon bridge, Congress councillors today held a protest and raised slogans against the Municipal Corporation and Mayor Hakam Singh Giaspura.

Area councillor Rakesh Parashar said: “It has been over 15 months now and the project is still to be completed. The Municipal Corporation had given six months time to the contractors to finish the work.”

“People are complaining on a regular basis. Since the area falls in my ward, it's me who has to answer,” he said.

Lashing out at the Municipal Commissioner and Mayor Hakam Singh Giaspura, Congress councillors Rakesh Parashar and Sanjay Talwar said: "If the civic body fails to complete the project soon, they will gherao the duo and even block traffic."



Youth fest at RIMT today
Our Correspondent

Mandi Gobindgarh, February 4
“RIMT Institute of Management and Computer Technology, Mandi Gobindgarh, will be introducing new courses of BBA-retail, BSc-animation and multimedia, MTech,” said chairman of the group Dr Hukam Chand Bansal at a press conference here yesterday.

RIMT vice-chairman Vijayant Bansal said the RIMT would organise a National-Level Inter-College Youth Festival “Rythmz 2010” on February 5. Various activities like rangoli, mehandi, best out of waste, ad mad show, collage making, salad decoration, extempore, face painting, flower arrangement, declamation, debugging, solo song, chess competition, quiz, poster making, modelling, classical dace, western dance, traditional dance, choreography, skit, mimicry and debate will be held.



Woman alleges police inaction
Tribune News Service

Phillaur, February 4
Paramjit Kaur of Phillaur has accused the police of not taking action against a cop, who had allegedly tortured her on January 30.

Talking to mediapersons in Phillaur hospital, where she is undergoing treatment, alleged that her husband, who died in 2000, was facing a police case registered against him, and the ASI concerned went on harassing her even after the death of her husband. She said that the alleged accused had raped her on several occasions.

She said that the accused took Rs 8.40 lakh from her and gave her false assurances to purchase a house in Jalandhar and never returned her the money, instead he tortured her and even snatched her gold earrings. The accused threatened to involve her and her children in false cases. The police did not register any FIR on her complaint today.

On the other hand Phillaur DSP Kamaljit Singh Dhillon said a probe was on.



Beauty contest at club
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, February 4
“Har Nazar ka khwab”, a beauty contest, was organised by members of the Aastha Ladies Club here today. The club members participated in the event with gaiety.

Draped in bright coloured and stone-studded sarees, women walked the ramp elegantly. A question-answer round was also held.

Neelam Sharma, a leading beautician, was the judge.

In the under-45 category, Rajbir Gill won the title.

Best personality title was bagged by Kirandeep, the title of best skin was given to Harleen and best smile title was bagged by Anjali.

In the above-45 category, Rama Gujral became the Aastha Queen, Uma Sharma won the best smile title, while Pammi Sidhu bagged the best personality title. Savita Gupta won the best skin title.

Attractive prizes were given to winners. Several entertainment games were also organised for members.



RCF hold PNB to draw
Our Sports Reporter

Ludhiana, February 4
The match between Rail Coach Factory, Kapurthala, and Punjab National Bank, Delhi, ended in a draw (1-1) on the second day of the sixth edition of the All-India Guru Gobind Singh Hockey Tournament being organised by the Ludhiana Sportsmen Welfare Association under the aegis of the Punjab Rural Sports Promotion Council at Prithipal Singh Memorial AstroTurf Stadium, Punjab Agricultural University, here today.

After wasting a couple of scoring chances, Rail Coach Factory earned the lead in the 29th minute through a penalty corner conversion by Sanjayvir.

After changing ends, Punjab National Bank players unleashed an array of attacks on the rival’s territory. RCF men, too, managed to sneak into opponents’ citadel time and again, but failed to capitalise on scoring opportunities.

In the 63rd minute, PNB players succeeded in neutralising the lead, when Damandeep Singh sounded the board to read it 1-1.

In the second match, Namdhari XI of Bhaini Sahib defeated Indian Air Force XI, Delhi, 3-0.

Sher Singh put Namdhari XI in to an early lead when he found the target in the fourth minute, while Karamjeet Singh pumped in two goals to complete the rout (3-0).



Budding cricketer honoured
Mahesh Sharma

Mandi Ahmedgarh, February 4
“Instead of aiming at wickets, a bowler should be able to read a batsman’s mind,” says Arpit Sharma, a pace bowler of the U-19 Indian Public School Conference Cricket Team.

The team was declared runners-up during the recently concluded 55th National School Gamers, which was organised by the School Games Federation of India.

Arpit Sharma, a student of Yadavindra Public School, Patiala, was given a special prize for his outstanding performance in the final match of the national tournament.

Arpit said, “We should impart technical knowledge to our bowlers. Accuracy and swing are more important than velocity of the ball.”

His bowling was also appreciated at the Hyderabad games last year.



Arvind first in sack race
Our Sports Reporter

Ludhiana, February 4
A large number of students participated in various events on the first day of the annual sports meet at BCM Arya Model Senior Secondary School, Shastri Nagar branch, here today.

The sports meet was for the primary section. Students presented a cultural programme on the occasion.


Obstacle race: Kerrin 1, Medha Aggarwal 2 and Ayush 3; combined race: Shubham and Harsimran 1, Madhu and Mitin 2, Alsuboo and Ayush 3; back race: Sidharrh 1, Akashdeep 2 and Param 3; relay race: Akash and Raghav 1, Vaibhav and Shivam 2, Jasnoor and Taranjot 3; frog race: Nishitha 1, Sannidhya 2 and Kanwarpal Singh 3; sack race: Arvind 1, Sahil 2 and Nishant 3; ball race: Daksh 1, Uday 2 and Ruhani 3; hop race: Jagjot Singh 1, Vasubindal 2 and Jasnidh Kaur 3; lemon race: Karan 1, Lakshika 2, Kanishka 3; pair race: Dhruv and Yuvraj 1, Dhananjay and Sahil 2, Ansh and Vibhor 3; lemon race: Deepti 1, Anmol Dhaliwal 2 and Muskan 3; obstacle race: Yuvraj 1, Arjun 2 and Gautam 3; blind race: Karan Sood 1, Sahib 2 and Diksha 3; relay race: Raghvidner and Akshay 1, Vishesh and Abhishek 2, Santa Singh and Birjot Singh 3; sack race: Aniket 1, Anchit 2 and Gaurav 3; pair race: Mayank 1, Adamay 2 and Sarthak 3.



Football trials tomorrow
Our Sports Reporter

Ludhiana, February 4
The District Football Association will conduct trials to select the Ludhiana football squad (senior boys) on February 6 at Guru Nanak Stadium at 10 am.

The selected players will represent the district in the 62nd Punjab State Senior Football Championship to be held from February 10 to 15 in Patiala.

Interested players should report to senior football coach Jaspal Singh at the venue. Players should be in their sports uniform.



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