Knot at a cost
Many youngsters are going in for inter-faith and inter-caste marriages to script the
story of a new Kashmir, but this is proving costly with various communities
resorting to violence to thwart such alliances, writes Jupinderjit Singh

LOVE, they say, can bridge many a gap. Therefore, a large number of second-generation Hindus, Muslims, Sikhs and Christians are increasingly choosing the "bond of love" over a communal or caste one in the strife-torn valley of Jammu and Kashmir despite a violent suppression of such alliances. Many persons have either been killed in the process or been forced to kill their feelings. Many are living in hiding and many outside the state. Those who continue to live here are treated like outcastes ...

Photo: Kuldip Dhiman

A burden too heavy
Each peasant suicide in Punjab — known for its prosperity — indicates the plight of millions of the rural poor. Women bear the burden of managing the demands of fatherless families. They pay a heavy price, writes Ranjana Padhi
OR the widows of farmers of Punjab who took their lives when caught in the vicious cycle of agrarian debt and misery, the ubiquitous picture of the content and smiling Punjabi farmer — seen on many a calendar — seems like a cruel joke. The ground reality reveals depression, alienation and suicide.

His art lives on
The paintings of Raja Ravi Varma on mythological legends and portraits continue to hold their own even 100 years after his death, says Vimla Patil
ITH the winter mellowing down and the summer not yet in full bloom, the artistic fraternity of the country is doing all it can to bring the best of art, music, dance and museum shows to the cognoscenti.

Perfume and personality
Perfume is your way of conveying style and taste to the world, says Kiran Ranga
ERFUMES are not only fashion essentials but are an extension of our personalities. The unique nature of perfumes is that they interact with human scent and create an individual fragrance for people.

Nature’s treasure trove
A desert, a beach and wetlands — Kutch offers a  mind-boggling variety to the discerning traveller, writes Akhila Singh
T is almost heavenly to see the white desert turn into silver and then blue on a full moon night. More so, when the spectacle is witnessed right in the middle of a dry desert that extends up to 45,612 sq km.

Devotional music is big draw
Ruchika Kher
evotional music is one genre that has shown no decrease in popularity in India at a time when all other genres of the industry have been affected by Bollywood music, say singers and music sellers.

The book and the film
Every time a movie based on a book is released, it spurs booklovers to watch it while boosting the sale of the tome, says K. P. Singh
"NEVER judge a book by its movie" goes a famous saying and so true it is in case of the new Bollywood blockbuster 3 Idiots. The film is involved in a controversy when the director Rajkumar Hirani claimed that the movie is just five per cent of Chetan Bhagat’s debut novel Five Point Someone, based on the story of three IIT Delhi students.

Cool Gul
I don’t want to be remembered just as a beauty queen, says Gul Panag in a chat with
Joginder Tuteja

T's substance over numbers for Gul Panag. The actress, who has received rave reviews for her role in Rann, says she didn’t want to be remembered just as a former beauty queen and that was why her career mantra had been to opt for fewer films.


’Art & soul: Pen and parchment
by B. N. Goswamy

Nature: Spot the sparrow
by Lieut-Gen Baljit Singh (retd)

TELEVISIONLast crusade

HOLLYWOOD HUES: Episodic entertainer
by Ervell E. Menezes

Food talk: Go bananas
by Pushpesh Pant

Do not restrict choice of customer
by Pushpa Girimaji

by David Bird

ULTA PULTA: Flying high
by Jaspal Bhatti


Off the shelf
An intellectual par excellence
Reviewed by V. N. Datta
Redefining Humanism: Selected Essays of D. P. Mukerji
Edited by Srobona Munshi.
Tulika Books in association with the University of Calcutta.
Pages 109. Rs 175.

Books received: english


Hallmark of diversity
Reviewed by Harbans Singh
In Step With Paradise: Rhythms to the Poetry of Kashmir
Conceptualised and edited by Uma Vasudev.
Shubhi Publications.
Pages 144. Rs 2,500.

Meteoric rise of a cricket star
Reviewed by Gopal Sharma
by C. Rajshekhar Rao. Foreword by Kapil Dev.
Pages 134. Rs 95.

A life full of moments
Reviewed by Aditi Garg
by Harinder Brar.
Pages 59. Rs 150.

Engaging family saga
Reviewed by Puneetinder Kaur Sidhu
Five Queen’s Road
by Sorayya Khan.
Penguin Books.
Pages 213. Rs 250.

Kindle interest in books
Mehak Uppal
The online reading debate has got a whole new twist with the launch of the e-book reader Kindle. Booklovers and publishers spell out their views
OW we take life’s most precious moments for granted–getting intoxicated by the fragrance arising from the characters sitting pretty on the shelves of our favourite book house, feeling the hardbound copy in our hands, rough and coarse, gulping the quick summary at the end, wonderstruck at the cover design though not quite getting it, adding it to our own collection, inscribing the date of purchase on the last page ...

Paperbacks to iPads
Christine Kearney
Publishers expect the iPad to boost online reading, but a revolution is unlikely
OOK publishers have predicted that Apple’s iPad would boost interest in online reading. But observers doubted the novel tablet computer would immediately revolutionize electronic publishing like the iPod changed music listening.

Telling the truth about history
Shelley Walia
HOUGH he is no more, his books will, no doubt, inspire generations to come. And if we can discuss peace and human rights today, it is all because of the undying commitment of people like him. Howard Zinn died suddenly while swimming at Santa Monica, California, recently. He was 87.

Prize for South Asian literature
SC Limited, an infrastructure company, has announced a prize of $50,000 for South Asian and subcontinental literature. "The purse of $50,000 will be awarded to the winner in 2011. The award will recognise writers of any ethnicity writing about South Asia and its diaspora.