Rhyme time

Bare feet

I saw a child with bare feet

Whose desires it seems will never meet

I felt sorry for his chaos

A life full of woes

He was too young to understand

His brother’s command of ‘stand to beg’ or ‘beg to stand’

His running nose showed a grim picture

A portrait with a ruined posture

But his smile was blissful

Which also told a story so sorrowful

I looked deep in his eyes

Here dreams were just a pack of lies

The sun’s shine couldn’t hide

The darkness behind his life

And the nightmare of struggle and strife

I couldn’t see a sight so gory

So I gave him chips and he jumped with glory

Will he ever hold a book?

A good house to live in and look

Arshiya Dhir, XI, D.A.V Sr. Sec. School, Kotkapura, Faridkot