Ulta Pulta
Sugarless lobby
Jaspal Bhatti

Oh, common man
Yes Pawar
Eating sugar?
No Pawar
Petrol costly
Donít use car

A teacher was making the schoolchildren learn the modified version of the famous poem, "Johnny, Johnny, yes papa ..." The principal of the school asked the teacher, "What are you teaching? Why are you changing the words of the poem?" The teacher said, "Madam, we must teach the students in the latest context. Sugar has gone out of the common manís reach. The food and agriculture minister, Sharad Pawar, has advised people not to use sugar if they cannot afford it. So if the minister goes about asking common people to open their mouth to check if they have had sugar, the poem makes more sense."

We must salute Sharadji for giving a great solution to the problem of price rise. Instead of the government taking measure to control prices, it should be the duty of the common man not to use the commodity that is not within their reach. If the petrol prices are up, start using bicycles. If rice is costly, eat wheat; if wheat prices go beyond your reach, try to live on bajra. Donít expect the government every time to check prices. You must learn to eat the grass.

A political analyst said, "This time the votebank of Sharad Pawar will increase definitely." "How?" asked the other person. "The diabetic association is going to vote for him. He has done lot for them to increase the sugar prices."