Bowled over
Brett Lee talks of his love for India and everything Indian
The love affair is relatively old now. But, a reminder of the pleasant acquaintance brings a glint in his eyes and changes the facial contours from straight to a little impish. And the smile just widens, refusing to let go of Brett Lee's face. It casts a spell, reminiscent of how much he fell in love with the music, the food, the people and the ambience on his first visit to India in 2004.

Hooked onto it!
French photographer Olivier Culmann's pictures capture expressions of people watching television
This is in honour of something that hasn't been given its due share of respect. Condemned, criticized, censured…yet the poor thing has been serving mankind. And look at the injustice; those who spend maximum time in its company call it the idiot box!

Old blends with new
Gypsy Urf Khana Badosh explores human psyche
The old civilization ushering in the modern era had many contradictory attributes, at least for Russian author Alexander Pushkin. And one can find its reflection in his classic creation Gypsy, sculpted while he was in forced exile, Gypsy is also considered a romantic narrative poem of high order for its attempt to grapple with real issues of human psychology and morality. The author recovers an explosive truth that people who live away from the modern and advanced civilization relish their life in harmony with nature. The classic was translated into Punjabi by octogenarian Karanjit Singh for Raduga Publications, Moscow, and distributed on a large-scale alongwith Russian literature during the disintegration of USSR.

Bon Appetit
The bounteous broccoli
Broccoli intrigues me. Its almost like God picked up a paintbrush and cauliflower, and decided to paint it green! Its almost like he too was playing Holi! We did not grow up knowing this first cousin to cabbage and cauliflower since it's a new entry to our variety of veggies. Broccoli is high on the list of healthy foods for various proven benefits.

Something cooking
Chandigarh Institute of Hotel management organised the first Tricity Inter Hotel Management Institutes Patisserie Competition at the institute premises recently. Over nine colleges participated in the contest.