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DMCH drops doctor accused of negligence
Anshu Seth
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, March 21
Following a complaint of “medical negligence” against him, the Dayanand Medical College & Hospital (DMCH) administration has removed Dr Kuldip Singh from the post of head of the general surgery department, giving the officiating charge to Dr Jasdeep Singh.

Dr Kuldip had admitted Parvinder Kaur, a resident of BRS Nagar, to his private clinic in Model Town on March 17 to operate upon her for a stone in gall bladder.

However, the patient collapsed soon after she was administered medicine before the operation. Kuldip immediately took her to Hero DMC Heart Institute with a low blood pressure and sinking pulse.

Parvinder is presently undergoing treatment at the institute under Dr Naved Aslam, who has termed her condition “critical”. “Though it is difficult to say which particular drug reaction has affected the patient the probability is of the analgesics that are administered to control pain. She is on a ventilator and is serious as her brain is not working,” Dr Aslam said.

Hospital staff maintaining anonymity said that the patient was already in coma when she was brought to the hospital by none other than Dr Kuldip Singh’s son. The patient’s husband, Daljit Singh, told The Tribune: “ My wife lost consciousness soon after she was given a medicine in Dr Kuldip Singh’s clinic and then was taken to the Hero DMCH Heart Institute. Presently she is in coma and I’ll take the necessary action in the case once she recovers.”

At the same time, the circular issued yesterday by the DMCH administration states that Dr Jasdeep Singh has been designated as acting head of the general surgery department with immediate effect.

When contacted Dr Kuldip denied the charges of medical negligence, adding it was a simple case of drug reaction that he said was quite normal.

“The management acted in haste as I was absolutely right in getting the patient admitted to the Hero DMC Heart Institute, which any other doctor would do in an emergency. I’m very much a part of the Dayanand Medical College & Hospital. This controversy is baseless and I am sure the charges will be found to be without substance as I did everything to save the patient in the capacity of a responsible doctor,” Dr Kuldip went on to add. 


Winds of Change
Cops turn polite
Mohit Khanna
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, March 21
Winds of change have started blowing in the police setup. The voice which used to shrike at troubled complainants has become astonishingly polite.

A disgusting hello, which had enshrined a sense of fear amongst the residents, have replaced with the words like ‘May I help you?’ or ‘What can I do for you?’

A munshi at police stations who used to scream at the top of his voice and used to smash the phone instead of answering the query has remarkably changed his way of speaking.

It is learnt that the sudden twist in the tongue has come following the commissioner’s orders. He has laid down strict guidelines that strict action would be taken against a cop if found misbehaving with residents.

It was after his initiative that a seminar was organised at the PAU on improving the communication skills of cops.

Random calls were made at several police station and helpline numbers to check the improvement.

When dialled 100, the man in khaki on the other side said, “May I help you?” On being asked how did it feel to be polite he laughed and said, on the condition of anonymity, “It is very difficult. We are attuned to attend criminal and anti-social elements. We hardly get a chance to talk to common man, so dry tone is natural. But we are receiving amazing response. People, who used to reply angrily, are now thanking us for assisting them.”

The residents are also happy at the changing attitude of angry policemen. “I called up Model Town police station and the munshi whop took the phone spoke in a very polite tone. I asked for a mobile number of a police official. The munshi asked me to hold the line and later told me the number. He then asked “anything else sir?” I was shocked and could not resist asking the cop if it was Model Town police station? The voice on the other side confirmed it,” said Ashish Bansal, a local resident.

However, a section of cops have raised doubts on the continuation of the newfound mantra of politeness for a long time. They said they were working under immense stress due to acute staff shortage. “Almost all police officials were working overtime. If someone is in trouble it would reflect on his language and the way he or she speaks. Cops are also humans,” said a police officer requesting anonymity.

He further added that cops spend more time with criminals than their relatives. It was natural that the company affects them.

Take to yoga to bust stress
Rakesh Gupta

Jagraon, March 21
The local police today decided to go in for yoga exercises to relieve the stress in various spheres of life including being on duty round the clock. Interestingly the instructor will be none other than district police chief Harinder Singh Chahal who had obtained tips on yoga classes from yoga expert Ramdev.

The SSP said his men were succumbing to many lifestyle diseases like hypertension due to long working hours. “Other stress factors arising from family and other conflicts are adding to their problems. Yoga is the only way to keep healthy, both mentally and physically”, he added.

The one-week yoga camp, which will have a session lasting an hour and a half every morning, will be attended by all gazetted officers, SHOs and those in charge of police pickets besides constables who are interested in taking part.

The SSP will also impart information on herbs like ‘neem’ and ‘tulsi’, said to be useful for keeping good health, which he gathered at a yoga camp held by Ramdev recently. “I’ve been regularly practising yoga for the past 15 years”, he stated.

Police officials who attend the camp, after getting tips on yoga exercises, will conduct yoga camps at the subdivision and police station level.



Zebra crossings vanish within a week
Shivani Bhakoo
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, March 21
Only a week after the municipal corporation in association with the traffic police painted zebra markings afresh on city streets, they have begun disappearing in patches suggesting poor quality materials were used.

What is more, though the work of painting these markings has yet to be completed they have disappeared from almost all roads. It has become difficult to ascertain in many cases whether they were painted afresh or were years old.

According to sources close to the MC, the work of painting zebra crossings was allotted to several contractors. However, most of them have not paid any attention to the technical specifications.

It now appears substandard and poor quality of materials were used to paint these crossings on streets and intersections. According to the specifications laid down, the contractors were asked to use thermoplastic paint to paint them and use imported fine glass on the paint to make it shine in the dark. To ensure its long-lasting effect the contractors were asked to coat a thick layer of 2.5 mm paint.

"Unfortunately, no attention has been paid by the contractors who have obviously used substandard materials. The thickness of the painted layer at several crossings is less than 2 mm. There is no shine on crossings when it is dark. At many places the paint has almost vanished. The civic body has spent a sizable amount of money on giving a fresh look to all zebra crossings, but all in vain", said an MC official on condition of anonymity.

Even the traffic police is finding it difficult to regulate vehicular flow at major intersections and roundabouts in the city including Bharat Nagar Chowk, Bhai Bala Chowk, Malhar Road and Aggar Nagar crossing.

Rupinder Singh, a traffic cop, said, “Vehicles were supposed to stop before zebra crossings. However, drivers go much ahead and cross the markings. If they are questioned the reply usually given is that the paint on zebra crossings is not visible. And they are right, too. It’s difficult to make out whether there is a zebra crossing ahead if you’re driving a car or bus. Both the white and black colours on the markings have lost their sheen”.

Meanwhile, executive engineer-A HC Salaria, A when contacted, said the MC was to provide the funds for painting the zebra crossings and the traffic police had to lay down the specifications. "It’ll not be advisable to comment on anything as work is still going on. Though it has been a joint effort the specifications have been provided by the traffic police itself and we’re making every effort to ensure they are being properly followed”, said Salaria.



Power Cuts: Students find themselves in tight spot
Lovleen Bains

Doraha, March 21
Power cuts, both scheduled and unscheduled, are taking a heavy toll on studies with students literally forced to ‘burn midnight oils’ in the wake of power failure every now and then.

The students, whose final exams are midway, are in no mood to compromise with the idea of resorting to the unscheduled power cuts and that too during daytime and for that matter at night too. “The power cut imposed from 6 am to 7 am is the peak time for us to brush up the entire syllabus, particularly during examination day. Another cut starts at 10 am and lasts till 1 pm and still another from 3 pm to 5 pm,” said a student.

This again is the crucial time for the students taking their exams either during the morning session or in the evening .The power at this crucial juncture, sometimes proves to be fatal as far as the performance of the student is concerned.

It has been observed that at some examination centres the students simply cannot take their exam in the absence of proper light. With the rise in mercury, the students tend to panic due to power cuts coupled with pressure of exam and its timely completion. “The power, too, is seldom restored readily by artificial ways and hence the ultimate sufferers are the students whose entire future is at stake at that point of time,” added another student.

A student preparing for his board examination rued that the regular and irregular snapping of electricity was taking place at the time, which was vital to them from every angle. “Moreover, if I plan to adjust my schedule according to the supply of electricity, I fail badly as the unscheduled cuts turn all my plans topsy-turvy. My studies are seriously being affected in the wake of existing power situation.”

Besides, the residents, too, are in a tight spot as the timings of the scheduled as well as unscheduled power cuts coincide with the crucial activities of the day-to-day life.

An agitated consumer said, “At the very onset of summers we are forced to undergo a cut of nearly 6 to 7 hours. What is going to become of us in the months of June and July?” 



260 cardiac patients examined
Our Correspondent

Raikot, March 21
The Lions Club, Raikot, recently organised a medical camp for cardiac patients of the area at the Loins Club here. Dr Gurpreet Singh Wander, head DMC Hero Heart Centre, Ludhiana, conducted a thorough medical check-up of around 260 patients.

He also gave tips to the patients on how to prevent cardiac diseases and in case of cardiac arrest how to act quickly to safe guard patient’s life.

He advised those present that a regular check-up was a must for early detention of the disease and its cure.

Dr Karishma Virk, chief dietitian of the DMCH, Ludhiana, gave tips on healthy diet to the patients.

She said majority of health problems could be solved if one started taking balanced diet, but this was not possible in developing countries like India.

She said the farmers, too, in order to raise the production of their crops resort to chemical fertilisers and pesticides/insecticides, which have deadly effect on the human health.

Medicines were distributed among patents free of cost.



‘Don’t be afraid of knee replacement’
Anshu Seth
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, March 21
Sulbha Deshpande (74), Marathi theatre and Bollywood actor, having overcome her arthritis is now inspiring thousands of Indian women suffering from the disease, as she tells them “Don’t fear knee replacement, as all you need is will power and medical assistance which will give a relief from the pain and discomfort.”

The actor was in the city today to motivate women to come forward and fight against arthritis at a special function organised by the Rotary Club Ludhiana.

Dr Rahul Bhan senior consultant, SPS Apollo Hospital, and Dr Sanjeev Mahajan from the DMCH delivered a speech on the cure of arthritis. They emphasised upon weight control, active lifestyle and early intervention on realisation of joint stiffness, swelling, redness and warmth in joints.

Sharing her experiences with the women patients, Sulbha Deshpande: “I had given up all hope to work or feel normal after discovering about my arthritis at the age of 58 and spent almost eight years in pain and anguish, but then I thought of going for the knee replacement and went ahead with the operation in Mumbai. Miraculously, I resumed my normal routine within 15 days and now I am all hail and hearty,” said Sulbha.

The actor cited the example of her joint family with 30 people living under one roof and all women in the family suffered from arthritis.

“In olden days it was assumed that women have to bear the pain and live with it as it is normal in old age, but when I suffered from the same I came to know that it was in my family genes, but proper medical examination followed by right medication and surgery worked for me.”

AFI (Arthritis Foundation of India) in order to clear myths about arthritis and knee replacement has taken the help of Sulbha to campaign against the disease across 18 channels in India, which is being shown in seven languages, including Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Kannada, Marathi, and Bengali.



320 examined at eye camp
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, March 21
A free eye and dental check-up camp was organised by Ved Mandir Eye and Charitable Hospital here today. A total of 320 patients were examined for eye ailments and 26 were registered for operations that would be carried out in the hospital.

Similarly, 120 patients were examined for dental problems and were given medicines free of cost.

Homeopathy practitioners present in the camp examined 40 patients. 



Teachers to sit on hunger strike

Ludhiana, March 21
To protest against the non-fulfillment of promises by the state government on the issue of seniority, lecturers belonging to the Scheduled Castes have decided to sit on a hunger strike unto death.

At a meeting of the lecturers held here today, it was decided that they would fast unto death from April 6 outside the office of Deputy Commissioner, Jalandhar.

Kanwaljeet Singh Rataul, an office-bearer of the Scheduled Caste Employees Joint Action Committee, Punjab, said the state government, in December 2008, issued a seniority list of lecturers, based on the 85th Amendment of the Indian Constitution, which was "somewhat fair to the lecturers belonging to the Scheduled Castes.”

However, Rataul alleged in February 2009, another seniority list was released by the government, wherein lecturers from the general category were given preference over those belonging to the Scheduled Castes. "Thousands of lecturers belonging to the Scheduled Castes were pushed back in the list," Rataul alleged.

Further elaborating on the discrepancies in this list, Rataul added that lecturers, who were appointed through direct recruitment process, were given seniority above the Scheduled Castes lecturers in the new list, which also gave subject-wise seniority to science and mathematics lecturers over the others despite they being junior.

"This was done to relegate the Scheduled Castes lecturers to a junior post so that they cannot become principals and is a violation of the 85th Amendment of the Constitution," he alleged. — TNS



Trends in retail business discussed
Our Correspondent

Doraha, March 21
A national seminar on “New Horizons of Retail Management: Challenges and Opportunities” was organised yesterday at Doraha Institute of Management and Technology in collaboration with the 
Punjab Commerce and Management Association.

Dr RK Lekhi, director, DIMT, said the thrust area of the seminar included contemporary retail scenario, challenges faced by the retailers and emerging business opportunities for new entrants.

The seminar also deliberated on the issues that Indian retail sector was observing in the present transitional phase (from traditional unorganised retail to a more organised retail format).

Supreet Kaur, co-ordinator, DIMT, welcomed the dignitaries and the participants.

The seminar was inaugurated with the address of Sukhpal Singh, chairman, Doraha Group of Institutes. It was followed by recital of shabad and welcome address of Dr RK Lekhi, who said retailing has emerged as one of the most dynamic and fast paced industries with several players entering in the market. “India’s vast middle class and its retail industry are key attractions for global retail giants wanting to enter newer markets. Sound economic growth, rising population, changing lifestyle and rising incomes have generated demand for a broader range of retail goods among Indian consumers, presenting a wealth of opportunities for international retailers. With the advantages like penetration in rural India, retail sector provides the largest number of employment opportunities to the Indian youth. However, the organised retailers, both global and local, need to acutely observe, analyse and formulate strategies before taking the final plunge headlong,” he added.

The morning technical session was chaired by Prof Nawab Ali Khan, Department of Commerce, Aligarh Muslim University, Prof Arif Akhtar, Prof Rizwana and Prof Somaiya of Aligarh Muslim University presented their papers.

The evening session was chaired by Dr Joginder Singh, consultant, Rattan Tata and former head department of economics and sociology, Punjab Agricultural University.

He presented his views on rural retail marketing. Professor from Guru Nanak Khalsa College, Yamunanagar presented his paper on service led growth. Dr B Singla, Punjabi University, Patiala, reviewed different papers stating that retail market for food and grocery worth Rs 7, 43,900 crore is the largest of the different types of retail industries in India. Dr Sanjeev Sharma, associate Professor, University Business School, Panjab University, Chandigarh, presented his paper.

Dr Ashwani Bhalla, vice-president, Punjab Commerce and Management Association (PCMA), Dr BB Singla, General Secretary, PCMA, Anshu Aggarwal, zonal head, ICICI, New Delhi, Dr RL Behl, principal, Kamla Lotia SD College, Ludhiana, Prof SL Aggarwal, Prof Khanna, head, M Moga, Umal Kaur, chairperson of Doraha Group of Institutes, Japvir Singh, director of Doraha Group Institutes, Tapvir Singh, director, Doraha Group Institutes, were present.

Dr Mukesh Arora, member of Syndicate Panjab University, and Dr RL Behl, principal KLSD College, Ludhiana, were guests of honour.



ETT teachers burn degrees
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, March 21
Member of the Unemployed ETT Teachers’ Union of Punjab burnt their degrees and staged a protest against the state government at the Chattar Singh Park here today.

The unemployed teachers were protesting against the faulty government policies. They union demanded that ETT teacher should be permanently recruited and action should be taken against the teachers who were holding the posts by submitting fake certificates.

The union members took a pledge to intensify their protest if their demands were not met.



Central Schemes
Govt charged with failure in implementation
Our Correspondent

Ludhiana, March 21
Punjab Youth Congress president and Lok Sabha member from Anandpur Sahib Ravneet Singh Bittu today charged the state government with failure to implement hosts of centrally funded welfare schemes in Punjab due to fund crunch.

Addressing a party workers meeting at Dugri, the Congress MP claimed that the Congress-led UPA government had launched several welfare schemes, including the National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme, the Prime Minister Rural Roads Scheme and the Jawahar Lal Nehru Urban Renewal Mission with an objectives of rural and urban development as well as providing employment opportunities to villagers.

“However, these schemes have failed to yield desired results as the cash-strapped SAD-BJP government in Punjab has, in most instances, failed to contribute the share of the state so as to utilise the central grants. Quite a few grants have remained non-utilised and many others are on the verge of lapsing at the end of financial year,” Bittu alleged.

Coming down heavily on the Punjab government for what he described as failure on all fronts, Bittu said even after hike in power tariff and levying of more taxes, the coffers were empty, government employees were being paid salaries from the central grants or from funds meant for development, there is no power to run business and industry, corruption has reached a new high, law and order situation has worsened and prices have gone through the roof while the government was busy making tall claims of development through flashy advertisements by wasting public funds.

Speaking at the occasion, District Youth Congress president Dimple Rana dwelt upon the work done on the “aam admi ka sipahi” programme introduced by Rahul Gandhi and explained several welfare projects being undertaken to achieve the objective of reaching out to the poorest of the poor across the city. He said the party cadres were vigorously carrying out the assigned task of propagating the policies and programmes of the party and mobilising people to prepare ground for the next assembly polls when the ruling alliance would be ousted.

Vikas Upadhyay, secretary, Indian Youth Congress and in charge of Punjab affairs, Rohit Mehta, Yash Pal Mehta, Gurpreet Dugri, Harish Dua, Abbas Raja, Tejinder Chahal, Kuldip Verma, Balraj Jagota, Sanjeev Arora, Munish Shah, Balwinder Sethi, Pankaj Choudhry, Gagandeep Tinku and Sunil Shukla were also present at the meeting.



Open sale, misuse of contraceptive pills
Campaign against AIDS put on back burner
Anshu Seth
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, March 21
The sale of emergency contraceptive tablets has increased manifold in the past one year, which has put the national campaign against HIV/AIDS on the back burner. Unable to differentiate between the two categories, uneducated women and young girls are rampantly using the emergency contraceptive pills, openly being sold as over-the-counter product.

Ignoring the contra-indication mentioned in the instructions of the emergency contraceptive pills that say, “Emergency contraceptive tablet does not protect you from HIV/AIDS or other sexually transmitted diseases (STD)”; the women and girls are using them as the substitute of contraception.

The Punjab State Aids Control Society, agreeing to the fact that the emergency contraceptive pills were hindering their campaign, had promised to take up the matter with the department of health and family welfare, Punjab, but nothing had been done so far.

Emergency contraceptive tablets like Pill 72, I-Pill and Unwanted- 72 are easily available at every chemist shop in the city and the state at large.

The campaign undertaken by the society to control the incidence under the ABCD programme wherein A stood for abstinence from sex for unmarried youth, B for being faithful to your partner, C for promoting condoms and D saying no discrimination against HIV/AIDS patients, stands defeated in wake of rampant sale and misuse of emergency contraceptive tablets.

On the other hand the city gynaecologists are getting number of cases wherein women and girls even after consuming emergency contraceptive tablets report with positive pregnancy test.

Dr Neelam Sodhi, a city-based gynaecologist, while pointing towards the misuse said, “Despite the clear instruction given in every pack of these tablets which say that tablet has to be consumed in case of unprotected sex, contraceptive failure and improper use of regular birth control method, women and girls are using it as a substitute of contraception.” The success rate of these pills is 90 per cent and in many cases women and girls conceive even after consuming them within the stipulated time, Dr Sodhi added.

A few people are allergic to levonorgestrel (the basic salt used in these tablets) and end up in a hospital after consuming them without the advise of medical practitioner or gynaecologist.



Woman scribe passes away
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, March 21
Punam Sapra (46), a senior journalist with a regional newspaper, died due to cardiac arrest at his Jassian road residence here today. The incident took place this morning when she was spotted lying motionless on the bed.

According to her mother-in-law, she was perfectly fine and was keeping a good health.

She said last night Sapra, went to bed after taking dinner, but did not wake up in the morning.

He was rushed to the DMCH where doctors declared her brought dead. She was cremated this evening at Civil Lines crematorium.

Punam had written on various issues and was well respected for her balanced reporting. Punam is survived by husband Rajesh and two children Paras (son) and Mani (daughter).



Carpeting of roads begins at Ward No 1
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, March 21
Carpeting/patch-work of roads was started at ward number 1 here today. The laying of roads started in the streets of Aman Nagar and Akash Nagar. The project of road carpeting was inaugurated by RS Sibia, husband of ward Councillor Rattanjit Kaur Sibia.

Sibia told TNS that it was a much-awaited project. The total cost of laying of new roads and patch-work would come out to be Rs 18 lakh. “It will take approximately one month to complete the work. People will be relieved once new roads are laid in streets,” said Sibia.



Three-day power cut on industry a cruel joke: Tewari
Kuldip Bhatia

Ludhiana, March 21
Ludhiana MP and national spokesperson of the All-India Congress Committee Manish Tewari today castigated the Punjab government for imposing drastic power cuts of 58 to 72 hours on industry and furnace units, increase in electricity duty proposed in the state budget and imposition of tax on electricity produced by generators on the recommendations of Sukhbir-Kalia report.

“While the state government claims of being pro-people and pro-industry stand thoroughly exposed by these foolhardy decisions, the recession-hit industry in Punjab, especially the small and tiny sector, will receive a crippling blow,” he observed.

The Congress MP claimed that the party had sounded a note of caution to the people not to take promises of the SAD-BJP combine on their face value as the track record of these parties was far from being impeccable. Even as the summer season has just started, the power scenario in the state had already deteriorated, and the industrial production, particularly in the wake of fresh restrictions and compulsory offs, was expected to drop by 60 per cent or even more.

“The state government has played a cruel joke on the industry and other section of consumers by way of hike in power tariff, electricity duty and tax on generators. As if to add insult to injury, the government functionaries, specifically Deputy Chief Minister Sukhbir Badal is still saying that Punjab will be made a power-surplus state,” Tewari chided.

Continuing his tirade, he said short-sighted and opportunistic policies of the SAD-BJP government had pushed the state to the brink of bankruptcy, all development works had been pushed to the back burner and the state had slipped several notches down from its top slot among other states in India.



Commercial activities in vacant land irks residents
Shivani Bhakoo
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, March 21
The residents of Sarabha Nagar, J block, have condemned the commercial activities being going on in a vacant plot of the Ludhiana Improvement Trust (LIT), near Durga Mata Temple, here. This had been second camp held by a car company in the past 15 days to which residents have raised objections. They feel that such commercial activities disturbed the peace of residents and authorities must not “promote” such activities in residential areas.

Talking to The Tribune, SS Chana, a retired IFS officer and resident of the area, complained that Sunday was meant to relax. But the particular car camp had created nuisance in the area. The entire Durga Mata Tample road had been blocked with cars. People were coming for sale/purchase and servicing of their cars. In residential areas, such commercial activities should not be permitted by authorities, he asserted.

“They play loud music during the camp. There are senior citizens and ailing patients who are unable to bear the noise of music and horns and feel disturbed. It has become a routine to hold such camps in the vacant plot. I feel this land should be converted into a park, giving much relief to area residents,” said Chana.

Saurabh Gupta, a student preparing for an entrance examination, said he could not concentrate on studies as the camp was held just opposite to his house. “Cars are parked haphazardly. Even if we raise objection, people refuse to listen to us. Loud music played by organisers disturbs the peaceful environment. Such commercial activities in posh localities should be discouraged,” he said. 



Dalits continue to be exploited: BSP
Our Correspondent

Ludhiana, March 21
The Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP) has charged both the Congress-led UPA government at Centre and the SAD-BJP government in Punjab with exploiting the Dalits and the poor even after 63 years of Independence.

Presiding over a party meeting here today, state unit general secretary of the BSP Ramanjit Lally alleged that the Dalits and the other under-privileged sections of the society were facing social, religious, economic and political exploitation. He said all major political parties, including the BJP, were least bothered about the economic upliftment of the Dalits, who were treated as a significant vote bank.

Lally said: “The poor continue to suffer under the burden of inflation, economic disparity is further widening and even basic needs like two square meals and civic amenities are not available to a majority of the people both in villages and towns.”

Targeting the SAD-BJP government with pursuing a similar “anti-poor” and “anti-Dalit” agenda, the BSP leader said the state, which was in the forefront in development activities, had lagged behind. The development had been reduced to newspaper advertisements. To make the matters worse, unemployment among the educated youth had become rampant and even those members of the Dalit community, who were in government jobs, were being discriminated against. He claimed that BSP president and Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Mayawati had launched several welfare schemes for the empowerment of the Dalits and the poor. The party was committed to put the caste-based discrimination to an end wherever it came into power. 



One dead, 4 hurt after SUV rams into tree
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, March 21
One person was killed and four others seriously injured after the overspeeding SUV in which they were traveling rammed a tree on Pakhowal Road near Vikas Nagar here today.

The victim, identified as Parsdeep Singh, 21, who was driving the vehicle, died on the spot while four of his friends - Udhay of Pathankot, Mohit of Rohtak, Sahil of Gurdaspur and Abhinav of Ambala - were rushed to DMC and Midi-City hospitals. Their condition is stated to be serious.

According to the police, all of them were reported to be in an inebriated condition when the accident took place.

Eyewitness said Parsdeep failed to negotiate a turn due to overspeeding and rammed his SUV straight into the tree. The victim and the injured were said to be close friends and studied together in a school. They were reunited after a long time and were on their way to attend the wedding of Parsdeep's elder brother.



70 units of blood donated

Jagraon, March 21
A blood donation camp was organised today at the Civil Hospital, Jagraon, by the National Consumers Awareness Group to commemorate the death anniversary of Shaheed Bhagat Singh. In the seventh blood donation camp, 70 volunteers donated blood.

The camp was inaugurated by Manpreet Singh Ayali, chairman, zila parishad, Ludhiana. — OC



Ghuggi, Navneet promote their film
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, March 21
Comedy is always his first love. Gurpreet Ghuggi, an ace comedian, will now be seen in Punjabi movie “Lad gaya pecha”. Portraying different characters with a shade of comedy is all he wants to do. Ghuggi and Navneet Kaur, the lead pair of the movie, were in the city today.
Gurpreet Ghuggi and Navneet Kaur at a press conference in Ludhiana on Sunday. A Tribune photograph
Gurpreet Ghuggi and Navneet Kaur at a press conference in Ludhiana on Sunday. A Tribune photograph

Telling about his forthcoming movie Ghuggi said the movie was full of romance and laughter. “In every movie I have tried to be different. Though I always portray a comedy character, but none of the characters I have portrayed are same. My last movie “Munde UK de” was largely appreciated by the audience and the audience liked the character I portrayed in it,” he said.

Navneet Kaur, who has done considerable number of films in South, said: “I am always interested in doing Punjabi movies since I belong to this place.”

“The movie is absolutely entertaining with heavy dose of comedy and romance. The story revolves around a man who does not want to get married and gets in touch with a ghostly spirit who inspires him to die,” told Navneet.

Chipping in, Ghuggi said fun and laughter followed when he decided to die in the movie. The movie will be released on March 26 and has many well known faces like Khyali, Savita Bhatti, Rana Jung Bahadur and Gulshan Pandey.

The lyrics of Lakhpati, Shyam Balkar and Manthan have been presented by renowned singers like Sunidhi Chauhan, Mika, Richa Sharma, Master Saleem, Nakshatra Gill, Sumedha and Mauli Dabe.



Owner of marriage bureau held for cheating
Our Correspondent

Raikot, March 21
In a late evening drama set up by the local leaders of the Lok Bhalai Party ended with the arrest of the owner of a Raikot-based marriage bureau, along with two of his accomplices. The Lok Bhalai Party had initiated a campaign against the fake marriage bureaus and travel agents indulging in cheating the unsuspecting clients.

Rupinder Singh Grewal, the owner of the infamous Grewal Marriage Bureau of Raikot, issued an advertisement in some regional newspapers that the family of a Canadian citizen girl was looking for a handsome groom belonging to a poor family.

Khushwinder Singh of Chajjewal village near here contacted on the given phone number and offered that his relative from Manuke village was willing to marry with the girl advertised. On March 19, the representative of the marriage palace visited his village and took Rs 200 as their visiting fees. For the settlement of the marriage they asked for Rs 25,000.

He, instead of paying the amount to accused, informed Avtar Singh of Sudhar, the national vice-president of the Lok Bhalai Party, who laid a trap for them. Last evening when Grewal, along with his accomplices Mohinder Kumar, alias Pinder, of Kalsian village and Kirpal Singh of Kutba village, reached Chajjewal village to collect the payment, they were held captive by the villagers and party activists who were waiting for them.

The accused admitted in the presence of villagers and the police that they did not have a single NRI match with them and confessed that they were tricking the innocent villagers. Grewal said he strongly believed that nobody would ever approach the police for a small amount of Rs 5,000.

Since Grewal had many such cases pending against him, he had now adopted a novice way of trapping the targets by giving the fake address, but correct phone numbers. This time he gave the fake address of the marriage bureau with the location at Gobindgarh town.

The Dakha police registered a case against the trio tricksters under Section 420 of the IPC on the statement of Khushwinder Singh. SHO Jangjit Singh said they would be taking the accused in police remand for interrogation.



Blind murder case cracked, 1 held
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, March 21
With the arrest of a Bihar resident, the city police has solved a blind murder case of a man whose body was found stuffed in a gunny bag near a garbage dump in Shimlapuri on March 14.
The murder accused in police custody in Ludhiana on Sunday. A Tribune photograph
The murder accused in police custody in Ludhiana on Sunday. A Tribune photograph

The victim, who was later identified as Ramji Lal, was working as a mechanic in the Shimlapuri area. The police said Ramji Lal was killed by his colleague, who had an eye on his wife.

The accused, identified as Dalip Kumar, a resident of Bihar, was nabbed from Street No. 10 in Janta Nagar, when he was planning to leave the city. Dalip committed the crime along with his accomplice Pawan, who managed to flee.

Dalip has reportedly confessed to the crime. He told the police that he was in love with Ramji's wife Renu. He thought that if he would eliminate Ramji, he could marry Renu.

ADCP Sushil Kumar said Dalip and Pawan hatched a conspiracy to kill Ramji. They took the victim from his house on March 12 evening on the pretext of drinking liquor.

Dalip took the victim to his residence where they consumed liquor till late night. Pawan also joined them.

Finding an opportunity, both Pawan and Dalip allegedly strangulated Ramji. They even poured acid on the victim so that he could not be identified and later stuffed his body in a gunny bag. After waiting for a day, they placed the body near a garbage dump in Shimlapuri on March 13.

When Renu inquired about her husband, the accused reportedly told that her husband had gone to Delhi for some urgent work and would return soon.

The ADCP said when inquired, Dalip made varying statements following which cops in muftis were deployed to trace his movements. After collecting evidences, the accused was finally nabbed.



Gang of LPG cylinder thieves busted, 4 held
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, March 21
The police has arrested four members of an LPG cylinder thieves gang from the Shimlapuri area following a tip-off. The accused have been identified as Binder Kumar, Ravinderpal Singh, alias Danna, Ram Rattan, alias Gyani, and Vijay Kumar.

Dalip Singh, in charge of Sherpur police post, said the accused had confessed to the crime. The accused told the police that they used to hire an auto-rickshaw for a day in order to steal LPG cylinders. Their main targets were labourers, who used bicycles to take the cooking gas cylinder from the filling stations. The accused used to waylay and thrash the victims before taking the cooking gas cylinder. The cops have recovered eight LPG cylinders from the accused. The police has also confiscated an auto-rickshaw used for the crime.

The police said the accused used to sell stolen LPG cylinders in black to migrants in Dhandri. The accused claimed they used to earn nearly over Rs 3,000 for each cylinder. They were even providing these cylinders on rent.

The police said that all the accused are chronic drug addicts. They used to commit the crime in order to buy more drugs.



Man kills brother over land feud

Ludhiana, March 21
A man was killed while three others, including a woman, seriously injured following a family dispute in Kirpal Nagar in Jodhewal today. The deceased has been identified as Dharminder, 38, while the condition of his wife Madhu, 35, and two younger brothers, Ramesh and Shashi, who were rushed to CMC Hospital in a serious condition is stated to be critical.

The incident took place this afternoon when the eldest brother in the family, Ramraj along with some his goons attacked the family members with sharp-edged weapons after an altercation over a property dispute.

According to the police, both groups were at loggerheads over ownership of a piece of land. The fight took place when Dharminder along with his brother tried to take possession of the disputed land. After killing his brother, the suspect, Ramraj, fled the scene. In the meantime, the police has registered a murder case against him and begun investigations. — TNS



Charanjeet declared Mr Ludhiana
Our Sports Reporter

Ludhiana, March 21
Charanjeet Singh, a trainee of Flex Body Liners, Dugri road, was declared Mr Ludhiana in the junior as well as senior section in the Mr Ludhiana and Mr India Bodybuilding Championship held at SD Kamla Lohtia College, near Daresi ground here today.

Mohd Akram from Delhi warded off the challenge posed by his rivals to romp home as Mr North India.

A large number of participants competed for top honours in the Mr Ludhiana and Mr North India competition.

In a keen tussle, Charanjeet overcame a stiff challenge form Mr India Sandeep Kumar, who was later adjudged the best poser.

Results: Mr Ludhiana (junior) 55 kg: 1st Inderjit Singh, 2nd Sunny and 3rd Harpreet Singh; 60 kg- 1st Satpal Singh, 2nd Amrinder Singh and 3rd Ramandeep Singh; 65 kg- 1st Amit Nijawan, 2nd Saurabh and 3rd Naresh Kumar; 70 kg- 1st Charanjeet Singh, 2nd Gaurav and 3rd Karanjot Singh; 75 kg- 1st Bakhtawar Singh, 2nd Ajay Pal Singh and 3rd Kishan Singh; +75 kg- 1st Sandeep, 2nd Raghu Raj Sharma and 3rd Parminder Singh.

Mr Ludhiana (senior): 55 kg- 1st Robin Singh, 2nd Inderjit Singh and 3rd Sunny, 60 kg- 1st Vikas, 2nd Satpal Singh and 3rd Anil Kumar; 65 kg- 1st Ramandeep Singh, 2nd Amit Nijawan and 3rd Naveen; 70 kg- 1st Charanjeet Singh, 2nd Om Parkash Sharma and 3rd Rahul; 75 kg- 1st Bakhtawar Singh and 2nd Ajay Pal Singh; 80 kg- 1st Raghu Raj Sharma, 2nd Amit Sharma and 3rd Kishore Kumar; 85 kg- 1st Micky and 2nd Munir; 90 kg- 1st Sandeep; +90 kg - 1st Deepak Dhir, 2nd Parminder Singh and 3rd Mandeep Singh.

Mr North India: 55kg- 1st Honey (Punjab), 2nd Vinay Sharma (Delhi) and 3rd Wasim Saqlain (Uttar Pradesh); 60kg- 1st Anil Kumar (Punjab), 2nd Jai Naryan (Punjab) and 3rd Deepu (Delhi); 65kg- 1st Mohd Akram (Delhi), 2nd Mohd Khalid (Uttar Pradesh) and 3rd Mohd Ilyehas (Uttar Pradesh); 70kg- 1st Charanjeet Singh (Punjab), 2nd Hemant (Delhi) and 3rd Om Parkash (Haryana); 75kg- 1st Vaneet Marwaha (Punjab), 2nd Ramesh Kumar (Delhi) and 3rd Sunil Tiwari (Delhi); 80kg- 1st Atul Sharma (Delhi), 2nd Sukhneet Singh (Punjab) and 3rd Kapil Kapoor (Uttar Pradesh); 85kg- 1st Manjinder Singh (Punjab), 2nd Sukhvir Singh (Punjab) and 3rd Fred Knight Peter (Uttranchal); 90kg- 1st Narinder Kumar (Delhi), 2nd Mastu (Uttranchal) and 3rd Pankaj (Uttranchal).



World kabaddi meet from April 3
Our Sports Reporter

Ludhiana, March 21
The motive of organising the World Kabaddi Cup Tournament is to keep the youth away from drugs and motivate them to take part in sports. This was stated by PS Aujla, secretary sports, Punjab, while addressing a press conference here yesterday.

The inaugural edition of the mega event will be held from April 3 to 12 at different venues across the state.

Teams from 10 countries- the USA, Canada, the United Kingdom, Scotland, Spain, Italy, Australia, Iran and Pakistan besides, host India will be seen in action during the sports extravaganza.

The opening ceremony of the event will be held at Yadvindra Stadium in Patiala on April 3, while the closing function is slated for April 12 at Guru Nanak Stadium in Ludhiana. Both these functions will be preceded by a cultural show on the pattern of the Indian Premier Cricket League.

The winners in the tournament will pocket a cash prize of Rs 1 crore, while the runners-up will be given Rs 51 lakh. The teams finishing at third and fourth places will receive cash prizes of Rs 25 lakh and Rs 10 lakh, respectively. Besides, other teams will get prize money of Rs 5 lakh each.

Overall best raider and the best stopper will also be given cash prizes in addition to tractors and motorcycles.

Meanwhile, trials were conducted here today to select the Indian squad for the tournament and contrary to the expectations, only 94 players attended the trials held at Punjab Agricultural University.

The selection panel, which conducted the trials, include Shiv Dev Singh, Devi Dyal, Balbir Singh Bittu, Jaspal Bangar and Sarwan Singh Dudhike.

A team of doctors from the National Anti-Doping Agency (NADA), New Delhi, was present at the venue. Over 30 players were tested by the visiting team.



Training camp from March 26
Out-of-book solutions for hockey
Mohit Khanna
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, March 21
Following the debacle of Indian team in the Hockey World Cup, its high time that hockey coaches learn some practical lessons too. Nearly 50 hockey coaches, majority of them with huge tummies, would be seen sweating it out during practical training camp from March 26 to April 7 in Jalandhar. The camp would be organised to keep the hockey coaches updated with recent trends in the game.

The decision has been taken following the two-day seminar conducted at PAU where former national and international coaches, including Shiv Jagday, hockey coach of the US and Canada, discussed the debacle of the Indian Hockey during the recently concluded Hockey World Cup. According to Ramandeep Grewal, former captain of the Indian Hockey team, the practical camp would be organised to keep the coaches abreast with the recent techniques employed at the International circuit.

Jagday, along with Raandeep Singh Grewal and former Nation coach Sukhvir Grewal, compiled videos of European hockey teams during the World Cup. These videos were shown to the hockey coaches during the seminar. Coaches were told to observe these latest techniques thoroughly.

"These coaches would undergo a 13-day practice camp at Jalandhar. Where it would be seen how well they have understood the intricacies of the modern hockey. Further, a team of Jagday, Ramandeep and Sukhvir would be appointed for the practical training of these coaches," said director of sports Pargat Singh and further added that if the coaches would be aware of the latest developments in the game only then they could teach the players.

A two-hour discussion was conducted during the second day of the seminar, where Shiv Jagday slammed the arguments of coaches that the Indian players lacked physical standard.

Jagday said: "Our players are physically as fit as their counterparts. We have to analyse what game we are playing during the World Cup. Players tend to get exhausted while playing "man-to-man", which is not our strength. First we have to start playing at our strengths. We need to have a mix of both, technique and strength, much like the European hockey. Europeans are good at "man-to-man" and also with their basics."



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