Record-breaking acts

Guinness World Records Smashed features people who are ready to go to any lengths to attempt new world records
Guinness World Records Smashed features people who are ready to go to any lengths to attempt new world records

THEY are home to the fastest, slowest, longest, shortest, fattest, thinnest`85.the list goes on and on. In fact for the past 55 years the Guinness World Records — known till 2000 as the Guinness Book of World Records — have been chronicling some of the most difficult, challenging and weird achievements by men and women around the globe. Though the records have ranged from funny (the loudest burp) to the weird (largest collection of aeroplane sick bags) and from human endeavour (heaviest car balanced on head) to stomach-churning achievements (most rattlesnakes held in the mouth), they have caught the imagination of the world. Guinness World Records Smashed! every Wednesday at 10 P.M. on AXN is an entertainment series that reinvents record breaking by inviting members of the public and well known faces to attempt new world records! Presented by Fearne Cotton and Ben Shephard, it features people, who are ready to go to any lengths and risk everything to get an entry into entry into the Guinness World Records.

Daring heroes

Extraordinary things can happen when ordinary people tap into their inner strengths and face challenges that circumstances throw at them. Heroes from Monday to Thursday at 10 P.M. on Star World is an epic science drama that chronicles the lives of ordinary people, who discover they possess superhuman abilities and how these powers affect them in their daily lives. The surprise package is one of its lead characters, Dr Mohinder Suresh (Sendhil Ramamurthy), who is a genetics professor from India driven to confirm and champion his father’s theory that there are people with extraordinary abilities living among us. Suresh’s father had died at the hands of one of these special people. This is the fourth season of the series titled Redemption. It opens six weeks after the events of the last season, with the heroes trying to settle back into their ordinary lives but not for long. The biggest challenge this season is a dangerous set of people with powerful evil powers, led by a charismatic boss called Samuel. The heroes must muster up all their super powers to stop him and his band from destroying the world. — NF