Ulta Pulta
Black is beautiful
Jaspal Bhatti

THERE was a classic but hilarious song from the film Gumnaam sung by Mohammad Rafi and picturised on Mehmood ‘Hum kale hain to kya hua dilwale hain’. Some people have a complex about having`A0a dark complexion but there are others who are not bothered about the colour of their skin because they fully believe in their talent. Many people don’t understand that why Michael Jackson, who was a super-talented artiste, hated the colour of his skin and underwent so many surgeries to get a fair skin. Recently, detectives probing into his death have reportedly found several skin whitening creams from Jackson’s home.

In India also most women use skin-whitening creams and there are hundreds of products being advertised on TV, radio and newspapers that claim to make your complexion fairer. I still have to come across an ad saying, "Dark and Lovely cream makes your skin shine like brinjals." About Jackson I could not make out what he wanted to look like — a male or a female.

Had Michael Jackson tried break dancing on a famous Punjabi song, ‘Kala sha kala mera kala hai sardar goryan nu dafa karo’, he could have saved himself of many face surgeries and resulting depression. Once, during an outdoor shooting of a film I got sun burnt and my face became quite dark. In the evening I wore a yellow turban and asked my wife, "How do I look?" She said, "Aise lagta hai jaise koyle ki factory ko aag lag gayi ho." (You look as if a coal factory is on fire.)