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Monday Special
Children hooked to junk food
Schools fail to curb the menace
Charu Chhibber
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, April 11
Junk food addiction among city's children is gaining alarming proportions, a fact corroborated by a random survey across city schools.
Students munching on junk food at a school in Ludhiana. A Tribune photograph
Students munching on junk food at a school in Ludhiana. A Tribune photograph

Worst of all, the school authorities, instead of helping the children come out of the addiction, are further compounding it by making various kinds of fast foods available to them through school canteens and cafeterias.

While in school, it is the responsibility of the authorities to take care of the students' health, it is funny and also weird that our schools do not really practise what they preach. On one hand, they teach their students to keep away from junk food, while on the other, they lure the unsuspecting children to eat unhealthy, non-nutritious, good-for-nothing junk in their school canteens.

Pop-corn, chips, carbonated drinks, biscuits, noodles, burgers, pao-bhaji, sandwiches, hot dogs, patties, pastries, muffins, toast, kulcha-chana, samosa, chocolates, Maggi, confectioneries; you name it and you will have it!

These high-fat, high-sugar or high-calorie “competitive” food is also sold outside the school campuses across the city by small-time vendors with no policy to keep a check on them.

While some of the school canteens are run by the school committees, many are run by school management and others are tendered out to private companies or individuals.

All these canteens sell things which are on demand so that they can get maximum return, especially those who are tendered out to be operated by private individuals.

The practice of allowing the sale of fast food on the school premises is weird on part of school heads in the face of the fact that these very school authorities have been preaching against the consumption of the "oh-so-harmful" junk food. This they have been doing through numerous seminars, counselling sessions for students as well as their parents, workshops, lectures and stringent directions to parents on tiffin menu for students.


Why is it dangerous?

  • Junk food is made using a lot of saturated fats. Such fats are unhealthy and on digestion can release a lot of toxins into the body. The body gets food but not healthy food.
  • Junk food does not contain vitamins and minerals and much of the nutrients seen in properly cooked food and in raw food. The body is not getting the necessary vitamins and minerals necessary to have good health and immunity from diseases.


What can be done?

  • Carbonated drinks and other unhealthy foods should be strictly removed from all school canteens
  • Alternatives are: fruits like apples, mangoes, pineapples, guava, banana, watermelon, musk melon, etc.
  • For drinks, canteens can sell: coconut water, fresh lemon/lime juice, fresh juices like pineapple juice, mixed juice, orange juice and milk shakes like mango and banana, strawberry and chocolate shake.



Dr Molly Joshi, diet consultant lists the following as ill-effects of regular intake of junk food by children:

  • Lack of energy
  • Poor concentration
  • Obesity leading to inferiority complex and many times even depression
  • Heart diseases
  • High cholesterol
  • Stunted growth
  • Diabetes
  • Premature aging
  • Tooth decay



Sat Paul Mittal School

There is no canteen on the school premises.

Col DB Sharma“We are strictly against junk food, in word as in principle, that is why we don’t have a canteen in the school. Only milk and juices are available on the campus for the students as refreshments. Strict menu for tiffin is specified for all classes based on the nutritive value of various food items and is mentioned in the students’ handbook. This menu had been decided in consultation with an expert dietician. Besides, we also hold workshops and lectures by experts on the importance of healthy diet.

Col DB Sharma

DAV Public

There is no canteen in the school, nor is any street food seller allowed to stand outside the premises.

RS Patia“We are very strict as far as students’ health is concerned. We have a dietary plan for students of all classes which comprises wholesome, healthy, home-made food, replete with green vegetables, pulses and cereals. Pickles, spicy and oily foods are banned. Class teachers have their food with the students to ensure compliance with the diet chart as well as to check that students finish their food. Besides, we do not even allow our students to carry money to the school. We also organise workshops on healthy food habits for students.”

RS Patial



Kundan Vidya Mandir, Civil Lines

Rajeev NagaliaThe school has a well-stocked canteen where soft drinks and other fast foods, including oily and fried foods, are readily available.

"It is practically impossible to keep the children away from fast foods. We do sell colas and other fast foods in our school canteens but I have strictly directed the canteen operator to reduce the MSG content of these so as to ensure minimum ill-effects on the children's health."

Rajeev Nagalia

Guru Nanak International, Model Town

Gurmant Kaur GillThe school has a big canteen selling a variety of fast foods to students, including noodles, manchurian, patties, chips, soft-drinks, pizzas and sandwiches.

“Our school canteen sells junk to students but I have not been able to curb the practice since I joined the school last year only. But, we are soon planning to have a “thali system” in the canteen wherein students will be served proper lunch along with lassi and flavoured milk.”

Gurmant Kaur Gill

Green Land Senior Secondary Public School, Jalandhar Bypass

Baldeep PanderThe school canteen sells all soft-drinks, including colas, burgers, chips, sandwiches, biscuits to students.

"We have banned carbonated drinks Pepsi and Coke in the school canteen, only Limca is available. We also have flavoured milk and packed juices, but students prefer aerated drinks more than these.

We do have chips, sandwiches, and other such items in the school canteen because if we don't allow them, the students rush to the eating joint right next to the school and buy junk from there.

Baldeep Pander

Sacred Heart Convent, Sarabha Nagar

The school has a canteen which provides soft drinks, noodles, patties, chips to students, that too, at subsidised rates. Interestingly, Ludhiana Tribune saw two ice-cream vendors coming out of the school after the lunch hour. The vendors confirmed that they were regular at the school during the lunch break. Ice-cream, though not exactly considered junk, is said to have harmful effects on health due to high cream and sugar contents.

The school authorities simply refused to comment on the issue.

Sacred Heart Senior Secondary School, BRS Nagar

The school canteen is quite big and stocks soft drinks, patties, samosas, noodles, manchurian, chips, burgers and has a pop-corn vending machine as well. The students were being served these junk foods, though at a higher rate than prevalent in the market.

School heads refused to comment

Bharatiya Vidya Mandir, Udham Singh Nagar

The school has a canteen selling soft-drinks, patties, samosas to children. The practice was witnessed by the Ludhiana Tribune team



Amarjeet Singh“Education has become a trade and the authorities are least bothered about the students’ welfare. They want to mint money even if it means playing with the children’s health, hence the junk-selling canteens.”

Amarjeet Singh

Anupam Kumria“A school can shape a child’s personality and influence his habits, including what he eats. But today, we see schools themselves selling unhealthy food to children, which is quite unfortunate.

All claims of various school authorities on efforts to curb the junk food addiction among kids are nothing but a farce, in fact it is sheer hypocrisy.”

Anupam Kumria

Vikas Shukla “Schools should not be allowed to have canteens because if tempting but unhealthy food is readily available, why would the child eat his regular parantha-cheese?

Parents cannot succeed in their fight against the junk food menace unless the schools support them enough.”

Vikas Shukla


Kabaddi final: Cops in top gear
Mohit Khanna & Anil Dutt
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, April 11
The local police is taking all necessary security measures to prevent a stampede that is expected to occur during the World Kabaddi Cup final scheduled for tomorrow at the Guru Nanak Stadium. Learning from previous incidents where frenzied mobs scaled the fencing to storm the playing arena and caused damage to the costly synthetic track, the cops will exercise effective riot control strategies to avert similar disturbances.

Additional deputy commissioner of police, Ludhiana (I), Harsh Bansal said a standard crowd control drill would be conducted. He assured no “stampede like situation” would occur on Monday such as that in Bathinda yesterday, where overenthusiastic crowds broke through the security cordon and entered the playing arena. The police had to use force to evict them.

As many as 1,500 personnel drawn from adjoining districts besides those from the Punjab Armed Police, Jalandhar and the Punjab Police Academy, Phillaur will man every nook and corner of the stadium tomorrow. Spectators also are expected to have a tough time, as they will face a strict police ‘bandobast’ before gaining entry into the main stadium.

"All these measures have been taken to keep miscreants at bay and ensure they are not able to succeed in spoiling the festive spirit of spectators," said a senior police official.

In order to get direct access into the stadium, many people have not hesitated to exploit their police and political contacts.

The coaches posted at the Punjab sports department’s local office companied though they were the hosts for the event they had been rendered helpless as the cops and district administration officials were calling the shots.

"We’re requesting police officials and ‘babus’ to arrange VIP entry passes for the event, as they are enjoying the power and have made us just mute spectators," said a senior coach on the condition of anonymity.

Meanwhile, it is learnt the event’s organisers have told their confidants to bring as many as people to the stadium to make the final event a major success.



Residents block Hambran road

Ludhiana, April 11
Residents of Chand Colony, Haibowal Khurd, today blocked the Hambran road to protest against the apathetic attitude of the municipal corporation towards their repeated pleas.

The residents had complained that an illegal building was being constructed at Street No 2 in Chand Colony.

They alleged that owner of the building had encroached upon 30 square yards of public land to construct a four-storey building. Randhir Singh, an area resident, said the authorities had come to demolish the building, but it was just an eye wash, as the construction work was still on.

“If the authorities fail to take any action, we will gherao the residence of Commissioner AK Sinha,” said Randhir Singh. — TNS



Industrialist surrenders Rs 2.5 cr

Ludhiana, April 11
Tax evasion cost a local industrialist dear. In order to evade tax, a city-based industrialist made the registry of Rs 65 lakh, while actually he had sold the property for Rs 2.5 crore. Later, he was, however, caught in his own web and had to surrender the entire amount before the Income Tax Department.

Jaswant Singh of Sagar Engineering Works at Cheema Chowk had registered a complaint with the police when cash to the tune of Rs 2.5 crore went missing from his factory's safe. After the police investigated the matter, the entire amount was found lying beneath one of the machines installed in his own unit.

Following this, the police forwarded the case to the Income Tax Department. The department came to know that he had sold a property worth Rs 2.5 crore, but had shown only Rs 65 lakh on papers.

After this revelation, Jaswant Singh surrendered the entire amount as undisclosed income before the department. In addition, he will be paying its 33 per cent (66 lakh) as tax.

The department has also shot a notice to the other person who bought the property from Jaswant Singh and is investigating the case, besides enquiring about his source of income. — TNS



Ludhiana-Delhi test flight on April 13
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, April 11
After waiting for several years, the first test flight from Ludhiana to New Delhi will finally take off on April 13. This was disclosed by Manish Tewari, local MP and national spokesperson of the Congress, here yesterday.

Tewari, who has been lobbying hard for operating the flights to and from Ludhiana, said the director general of civil aviation told him yesterday that the ministry had finally decided to operate the test flight on April 13. The regular commercial flights will start in May.

Tewari said the Airports Authority of India and the Air India had finalised the date for the test flight, following which clearance would be issued for the commercial flights.

Sounding confident, a jubilant Tewari maintained that this was a long-pending demand of the people of Ludhiana.

He hoped that after coming on the aerial map, the business in Ludhiana would get a further boost. The people of Ludhiana will no longer need to go to Chandigarh or Delhi for boarding the flights.



City lads top in MCA CET-2010
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, April 11
Local lads have once again done the city proud by bagging top positions in Maharashtra MCA CET-2010 entrance test. As many as 21,000 students from across India had appeared in the test.

The overall topper in India is Pankaj Gupta with 99.99 percentile, while Danish is at number 5 with 99.45 percentile. Two other students Ashish with 99.42 percentile and Lovish with 97.19 percentile complete the “quartet of toppers”. Interestingly, all four toppers are students of TCY, Ludhiana.

When asked about the mantra behind his success, Pankaj, a BCA final year student, said, “I used to study around eight hours every day in two shifts. Besides that, my teachers at TCY really helped me and made a big difference, especially Manit and Nitin sir. Their focus always was on clarity of basic concepts and that really helped.”

By scoring 99.99 percentile, Pankaj has also achieved the distinction of being the sole claimant of the number one podium.

Like Pankaj, Danish, too, credits his teachers for his accomplishment. He said, “I have never really paid attention to the number of hours I study in a day. The concept-based teaching did wonders. I never went for rote learning and that’s what has helped me secure the rank.”

Danish revealed that last year also he had secured a high rank, but couldn’t join a good institute, as his BCA results from the PTU got delayed. He chose to wait another year rather than take admission in a second-rung institute. During this period he was imparting online tutoring to students in the USA.

Ashish, who scored 99.42 percentile in the exam, is a BCA final year student and belongs to a business class family. “I didn’t have any fixed study schedule, but only concentrated on the basics. My teachers repeatedly emphasised on sticking to the basics and that has paid rich dividends to me.”

Lovish (20) is the youngest of the quartet of toppers and has 97.19 percentile to his credit in Maharashtra MCA CET-2010. A self-confessed computer geek, Lovish gave the credit to teachers, parents and his passion for computers.



Jivesh first in declamation
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, April 11
A seminar on female foeticide was organised at Tagore Public School yesterday. Member of Rajya Sabha Avinash Rai Khanna presided over the seminar.

Khanna was accorded a warm welcome by members of the school managing committee comprising manager Amrit Lal Aggarwal, president of the society Baldev Kumar Aggarwal, school president Prem Kumar Gupta, principal Suman Arora, staff and students.

The day commenced with the lighting of the traditional lamp by the chief guest followed by a welcome address by the school principal.

Two students from each house of the school participated and expressed their views during the seminar. The main purpose behind the seminar was to request the chief guest to carry forward the message of the mission against female foeticide started by MP Harsimrat Badal.

Students of the primary wing were given prizes for excelling in academics. Award of excellence was also presented to NCC cadets.

A cultural bonanza on the day’s theme was also presented. The chief guest appreciated the efforts of students.

Avinash Rai Khanna was honoured with the Punjab Gaurav Award.

Prem Kumar Gupta proposed the vote of thanks and the functional concluded with the National Anthem.

Results of the declamation contest: Jivesh Arora 1; Shallu Gupta 2 and Shagun Narula 3.

Consolation prizes were given to Manvinder Kaur and Guneet Kaur.



Randheer first in turban-tying contest
Mahesh Sharma

Mandi Ahmedgarh, April 11
Ramandeep Singh of Dangon, Darshan Singh of Gill and Gurjit Singh of Bhikhi were declared the handsome Sikh youths in their respective categories at the annual turban-tying competition organised by the Sikh Youth Welfare Club at Pohir village near here today.

Dhuri MLA Iqbal Singh Jhoondan presided over the function, while Jagwant Singh Jaggie, vice-president, SAD, was the chief guest. Prof Harjinder Singh Walia, chairman, Global Punjab Foundation, and Rajpal Singh, captain, Indian hockey team, gave away prizes to the winners.

Convener of the club Sukh Sagar Singh Sodhi said the event was organised to mark the “World Dastar Divas” and to commemorate the sacrifice of 35,000 Sikhs who were massacred at Bara Ghallughara Rohira by Ahmed Shah Abdali’s army.


Winners in the age group of 10-14 years: Randheer Singh, Pohir, 1, Gursewak Singh, Dangon, 2 and Gurkeerat Singh, Ludhiana, 3.

10-18 years: Jaswinder Singh, Ludhiana, 1, Gurpal Singh, Ludhiana, 2 and Jagjot Singh, Samrala, 3.

19 to 35 years: Ramandeep Singh, Dangon, 1, Darshan Singh 2 and Gurjit Singh, Bhikhi, 3.

Martial fancy-dress contest (up to 10 years): Jaspreet Singh 1 and Sahib Singh, Jagdeo, 2.



PSEB Unbundling
Night vigil ordered as employees to go on strike 
Anil Datt

Ludhiana, April 11
In the wake of the proposed two-day strike (April 14 and 15) by the Punjab State Electricity Board (PSEB) employees against its unbundling; District Magistrate Rahul Tiwari has issued orders to conduct night vigil throughout the district.

As per the orders, under the Clause 3 of the Punjab Village and Small Towns/ Patrol Act 1918 all able and major men have been asked to conduct night vigil to safeguard the electric installations, transmission lines and public properties from 8 pm to 5 am. These orders will remain in force for a month (April 14 to May 14).

The orders further stated that as the state government had decided to implement the Electricity Act 2003 following which different unions of PSEB employees had demanded withdrawal of the move to unbundle the board and scrapping of the Act. The unions had also threatened to go on strike and gherao the electricity generation plants and grid stations.

As some of the unions under the patronage of the BKU (U) had also extended support to the PSEB employees’ opposition to the government move, the administration apprehended damage to the public property so the night vigil orders had been issued, the District Magistrate added.

Ready for do or die
Our Correspondent

Mullanpur Dakha, April 11
The PSEB Employees Federation- AITUC- of Punjab today decided to adopt do or die policy against its privatisation. The entire leadership today wowed to fight against the splitting up of the board till their last breath.

SP Singh, member of the state committee of the union, said Badal had left no stone unturned to suppress the voice of these common man. He said by deploying police and para-military force at the power grids the government would not be able to tame the employees and farmers.

It was unanimously decided that if the PSEB is split on April 15, the employees will go on strike for two days that could be extended further as per the circumstances. It was also decided that the government after passing a notification should annul the Punjab Electricity Board Act 2003 ab-initio so that the electricity should remain in the reach of poorest people of Punjab.

The association demanded that the implementation of the recommendation of 15th labour convention from January 1, 2006 and the arrears should be released immediately.



‘Illegal’ mobile tower a threat to residents
Despite orders, MC fails to get it removed
Shivani Bhakoo
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, April 11
Strange is the style of the Ludhiana Municipal Corporation’s functioning. Despite repeated complaint and the Assistant Town Planner’s (Zone C) on February 16 orders for removing the “illegally installed” mobile tower within three days, it has neither been removed by the owner, nor any action taken by the authorities themselves.
illegal mobile tower at Partap Nagar in Ludhiana.
Illegal mobile tower at Partap Nagar in Ludhiana. A Tribune photograph

As per the Municipal Corporation’s records, No Objection Certificate (NOC) for installing the mobile tower was issued to the property B-21/ 11303, Street No. 5, Partap Nagar, but it was installed at property No. B-21/11509 Street No. 2, against the rules. Close relatives own both of these properties.

According to information provided under RTI to complainant Kirpal Singh (a copy of which is with The Tribune), vide letter No. 41/RTI/PIO/R dated January 25, 2010, the Assistant Town Planner (Zone C) had asked the owner to remove the tower from the property within three days’. The assistant town planner had further said in case owner failed to comply with the orders, municipal staff would itself get the tower removed and owner would be held responsible for the monetary losses.

“But more than a month-and-a-half has passed, but no action has been taken against the defaulter. The House Tax Superintendent, too, was asked to verify the facts. But as far as removal of illegally installed mobile tower is concerned, nobody seems to be interested in taking action against the defaulters. It can be due to some political pressure”, alleged Kirpal Singh further adding that the owner was already running sewing machines and parts manufacturing unit from the premises. “He has entered into a deal with a Wireless TT Info Services for installing the mobile tower at the roof of his property. But for this NOC is required, which has not been taken as per the Assistant Town Planner’s version,” claimed Kirpal Singh.

The residents said there was no personal grudge involved since both properties belonged to close relatives, tower should be installed on the premises where the corporation granted permission. “The tower illegally installed at other premises should immediately be removed.’ added Kirpal Singh.



Rotarians vow to eradicate polio
Our Correspondent

Mandi Ahmedgarh, April 11
With intent of achieving the target of a polio-free society by end of the ensuing year, thousands of Rotarians and members of allied organisations have geared up for special national immunisation day to be observed on April 25.

Special motivational workshops have been inducted in formal training seminars of elected office-bearers of the organisation.

Showing satisfaction over warm response and enthusiasm shown by newly nominated presidents and secretaries of various clubs, Shubh Karan Gupta, member, India National Polio Plus Committee, said hundreds of newly elected presidents and secretaries from clubs situated in Punjab, Himachal Pardesh, Jammu and Kashmir, Uttar Pardesh and Haryana had vowed to involve all Rotarians in crusade lunched against the dreaded polio virus.

According to Gupta, shortage of staff, Unhygienic conditions and lack of awareness were among the major impediments in making India polio free.

In order to curb diarrhoea, a zinc oral hydration therapy had been launched in North India, he added.



Sehajdharis seek separate SGPC if voting right denied
Our Correspondent

Jagraon, April 11
The national executive council of the Sehajdhari Sikh Federation (SSF), a political party registered with the Election Commission of India, has decided to form a separate SGPC for ‘Patits’ and Sehajdhari Sikhs as they have been denied voting right in the SGPC elections.

Condemning the new definition of the Sikh given by the High Court, SSF leaders stated that the fanatic attitude of the SGPC and the Delhi Gurdwara Prabandhak Committee the Sikh religion had been confined to the ‘keshdharis’ and ‘amritdharis’ only.

Spokesperson of the federation Balwant Dhaliwal stated that the World Sikh Conference at Delhi was merely an eyewash of the Sarna brothers where 85 per cent of the Sikh population had been ignored by declaring them ‘Patits’ and non-Sikhs.

‘If a person who trims his beard is not a Sikh, a person who colours his /her hairs is not a Sikh who goes to the beauty parlour is not a Sikh, who consumes alcohol is not a Sikh, then who is left behind to be called a Sikh’, questioned the SSF leaders.

The SSF council stated that after the Haryana, Rajasthan SGPC was formed and after that a few so-called Sikhs have formed an All-India SGPC but all of them have ignored the Sehajdhari Sikhs. They stated that the persons born in Sikh families who does not keep unshorn hairs or trim their beards cannot be called ‘Patit’ as it is applicable for those thrown out of religion and those who commit transgressions after par taking amrit of the 10th Guru.

Labeling non- amritdhari as the ‘patits’ and non-Sikhs has divided the religion. Sikh religion, which is already in minority, has been divided into a sub-minority by this definition of the Sikh.



RTI bears the fact
No ‘agreement’, yet canteen functioning
Anshu Seth
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, April 11
The inability of authorities of Lord Mahavira Civil Hospital to produce the records of the “contracts” of the canteen being run on the hospital premises has put a question mark on its functioning.

Surinder Pal, a resident of New Vishnu Puri, had put up an application under the Right to Information (RTI) Act to know the name of the persons who had been allotted the contract of a cycle stand and a canteen on the hospital premises in October 2009.

But the hospital authorities have failed to give any record even after 30 days. As a result, Surinder Pal had filed a complaint against the hospital authorities in the state RTI commission in November 2009 and the first hearing was scheduled for December 16, 2009.

Due to some reasons, the complainant could not attend the hearing and the respondent misleads the State Information Commission on the details of the contract following which the case was closed. However, the reply sent by the Public Information Officer of the civil hospital did not have any details about the contracts and the complainant requested the State Information Commission to reopen the case.

The commission after accepting the request called the parties for hearing in February 2010 wherein the respondent when asked about the reason behind the denial of complete information stated that the cycle stand and the canteen had been given on contract. But later, he changed his statement stating that presently only cycle stand has been given on contract.

When directed by the commission to provide information on revenue earned from the contract of the cycle stand, the respondent clarified that as per instructions of the health corporation, the revenue earned is deposited in the bank. He further stated that due to the security reasons account number of the bank could not be disclosed. However, the commission ordered the hospital representative to give required information to the complainant.

But what was more shocking was the confession of the hospital representative. In the next hearing before the commission he admitted that the canteen was being run in the absence of an “agreement” between the department of the Health and Family Welfare and the contractor. The RTI commission took an affidavit from the respondent on March 11 and has called both parties on April 29.

Requesting anonymity, a senior doctor in the hospital alleged that the canteen was being used for the “deals” made in the name of the medico legal cases. “The nexus is being run in connivance of the cops, doctors and paramedical employees of the hospital and people running the canteen,” the doctor alleged. 



Ban ads with ‘Dhadi’ praising politicians, says Ramoowalia
Our Correspondent

Ludhiana, April 11
Accusing the successive governments of ignoring interests of folk artistes-Dhadis and Kavishars- the Lok Bhalai Party has announced to launch a coordinated movement for the preservation and promotion of the art that has been recognised as the symbol of communal harmony.

Regretting that organisers of a few TV channels had been making mockery of the devotional art for appeasing their political masters, the outfit urged the administration to impose ban on telecast of commercial advertisements in which ‘Dhadis’ and ‘Kavishars’ were shown praising political leaders through the art that was gifted by the sixth Sikh Guru for imploring members of the martial community to fight the Mughals.

Balwant Singh Ramoowalia, the party president, has threatened to launch a coordinated struggle in case the state government did not impose a ban on display of a few commercial advertisements in which ‘Dhadis’ and ‘Kavishars’ were shown appeasing political leaders by appreciating their achievements in a traditional way.

“It is really shameful that Sikh leaders who should have taken a lead to watch interests of ‘Dhadis’ and ‘Kavishars’; are making mockery of the art.

A few ‘Dhadi’ organisations, led by Guru Hargobind Rai Dhadi Sabha had earlier protested against alleged disrespect to the art through reported misuse. They had demanded ban on display and telecast of a few advertisement on TV channels. But no action was taken by the administration.

Historians claimed that Guru Hargobind Rai had rechristened as laureates and researchers and they were deployed to persuade Hindus and Sikhs to fight against atrocities of Mughal emperor Jehangir. They (Dhadis) used to narrate victory stories from epochs including Ramayana and Mahabharata. 



Lecture on challenges for managers
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, April 11
“Dynamic environment, fast changing climatic conditions, technological advancements, diverse markets and fragile financial markets are some of the biggest challenges that the managers of tomorrow are going to face,” said Dr Devi Singh, director, IIM Lucknow, while delivering a lecture on “Challenges for Managers of Tomorrow”.

Dr Devi Singh said during recession global banks, financial institutions and countries like Iceland had to face a lot of difficulty. He said in India inflation was on the rise and

in such a scenario the country needed managers who were competent enough to tackle such problems.

He said the regulatory framework was not unilateral or bilateral, but it was multilateral.

“Managers will have to work together to sort out issues of national and international interest,” he added.

Dr KNS Kang, general secretary, Ludhiana Management Association, VK Goyal, president of the association, JR Singhal, senior vice-president, were also present on the occasion.



Lack of guidelines on installation of gates
Residents encroach streets, citing ‘security’ concerns
Shivani Bhakoo
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, April 11
In the absence of any uniform guidelines spelt out by the municipal corporation on installation of gates in various city areas, residents have now begun encroaching upon lanes and streets in many localities are now being encroached-upon by residents for their own vested interests.

Iron gates, both large and small in size, have come up - ostensibly for "safety purposes" - on land maintained by both the MC and the Ludhiana Improvement Trust. Area residents have cordoned off many streets to the public under the pretext of security.

A survey by The Tribune reveals huge gates have been erected by committees and residents associations at several places including Sarabha Nagar, BRS Nagar, Deep Nagar, Green Park, Kitchlu Nagar, Bhagat Singh Nagar and Udham Singh Nagar. Area residents pool in money to hire ‘security-guards’ who are stationed at the gates installed by them. Many of these gates are usually locked after 11 pm, causing great inconvenience to the public. The ‘guards’ ask visitors to take an “alternative route” to reach their destinations.

At many places public lanes and streets are blocked by residents for their own vested interests. They do so to ensure their vehicles are parked safely or - in other places - to enable one or the other activity to take place. Area residents of New Janta Nagar and Daba Road had recently raised objections against such a blockade as residents had encroached upon public land to engage in some commercial activity. RS Bhaskar, a resident of BRS Nagar, said that “it was good” that guards kept a watch at the gates.

"The gates provide a sense of security and safety. Anti-social and other undesirable elements can be kept out of residential localities to an extent. However, at times we face great difficulty, as the gates are not opened early in the morning. We feel harassed when we are asked to take alternative routes. There should be a uniform policy on the gates and the MC should keep a check on their installation”, Bhaskar said.

Asked whether area residents secure the MC’s permission before erecting gates, ML Sharma, a bank employee who is also president of a RWA, said: "No, why should we take permission? It’s the police’s duty to provide us security. But when it fails to perform its duty we have every right to protect ourselves”.

Meanwhile, MC additional commissioner KP Brar admitted gates have been erected in several localities in the city. "Since we are getting number of complaints against installation of illegal gates, we will definitely take necessary action. Public lanes and streets cannot be arbitrarily blocked by residents”, she said. 



Religious function held

Mullanpur Dakha, April 11
“Religion is a soul while sects are its body. The followers of various religions are always seen using the religion for their benefit instead of following its teaching,” said Swami Shankaranand Ji Bhuri Wale, while inaugurating the two-day “United religion initiative” at Sant Kabir Academy here yesterday at Dham Talwandi.

The students of Sant Kabeer Academy presented shabads, which were followed by reports from various delegates.

The delegates laid stress on the fact that various religions preached only one thing and that was love, peace, brotherhood and patience. — OC



Changes in lifestyle can prevent diabetes: Docs
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, April 11
Homoeopathic and allopathic doctors deliberated upon the prevention and treatment of diabetes in India. People from different walks of life, including diabetic patients undergoing treatment, attended the lectures organised by a pharmaceutical at Hotel Le Baron here today.

Dr Dinesh Jain from the DMCH expressed concern over the increasing rate of diabetes in India. He said there was a need to bring about a positive change in the lifestyle so as to prevent diabetes.

He emphasised upon healthy diet, exercise and called upon people with parental history to undergo tests at regular intervals. “In the US, the death rate of people with diabetes is more than the cumulative deaths caused by cancers and AIDS. If we don’t take care of the problem in India, soon a large number of populace will suffer from this lifestyle disease,” Dr Jain said .

Dr Muktinder Singh, a leading homoeopath from the city, spoke on the scope of homoeopathy in handling diabetic patients . “If treated with homoeopathy, the complications can be avoided which include blindness, heart attack, renal failure and the most common being the diabetic foot,” Dr Singh said.

Further emphasising upon the treatment in homoeopathy, Dr Muktinder said the treatment was given as per the constitution of the patient. He added that in homoeopathy, the basic principle of “treating the man in disease and not the disease in man” was followed.

Terming it a fast acknowledged treatment even in western countries, Dr Singh said homoeopathy helped in relieving patients from psychological disorders.

“A patient suffering from diabetes came to me. He had repeatedly attempted suicide and three months after undergoing the homoeopathic treatment, there was a remarkable change in his behaviour,” said the homoeopath.

Awareness on cancer treatment

With an aim to dispense best and early treatment to the children suffering from cancer, the department of pediatrics, DMCH, and the Arpita Cancer Society jointly organised a two-day practical paediatric oncology workshop on the hospital premises.

Children undergoing treatment for various cancers at the DMCH were invited with their parents to get latest information on the modalities of the treatment.

Dr RK Marwaha, professor of haemato-oncology, PGIMER, Chandigarh, was the guest of honour.

Professor of paediatric oncology at the DMCH Dr Praveen C Sobti welcomed the dignitaries present on the occasion.

Dr Sobti said a majority of children suffering form cancer could be treated. He said, “Pediatricians are most elemental in detection of cancer in children as after reading into the symptoms, they can refer children to the nearest cancer treatment centre.”

Suresh Munjal briefed audience about the functioning of the cancer society that was formed in August, 2008. The society has till now provided leukaemia treatment to six children at Dayanand Medical College and Hospital. The hospital gives 30 per cent concession on drugs and treatment.

Dr Rashmi Dalvi, chairperson of paediatric haemato-oncology, chapter of Indian Academy of Pediatrics, said with the recent advancements, cancer among children had become curable, but the access of cancer-affected children to such specialised services was minimal and it needed mutual support of the government, NGOs, media and other social organisations to generate awareness about the treatment of such disease.

The function concluded with a colourful cultural performance by children undergoing treatment for cancer at the DMCH. The two-day workshop includes scientific lectures on paediatric cancer by various guest speakers and exhaustive work stations and interactive sessions at the conclusion of the workshop.



Two held with 140-kg poppy husk
Our Correspondent

Mandi Ahmedgarh, April 11
The Jodhan police has arrested two persons and recovered 140 kg of poppy husk from their possession. The accused have been identified as Sukhwinder Singh and Sukhwinder Singh, alias Kala, of Chhappar village.

The police said the accused had been supplying drugs and narcotics to labourers and youths for the past many years. Jodhan SHO Inderjit Singh said after receiving a tip-off, nakas were laid at various places.

On seeing the police, the accused, who were travelling in a Maruti car, tried to flee, but were nabbed.

The police has impounded the car.



BJP Leader’s Murder
6 accused in judicial remand till April 24
Our Correspondent

Phagwara, April 11
Though the police had arrested six of those involved in the murder of BJP leader Sudarshan Dhillon that took place in here on March 5,but tension prevailed in the town, including the tehsil complex, when Dhillon supporters and that of the accused entered into a scuffle first in front of the tehsil complex and then in front of the local rest house yesterday afternoon.

DSP Harkamalpreet Singh Khakh while confirming the report said 11 persons, including a brother of Sukhwinder Singh, alias Sukha, one of the accused under Sections 307/511/341/148/149 of the IPC and25/54/59 of the Arms act. A Zen car and a Toyata Qualis of the accused were also impounded and a .315 bore pistol seized from their possession.

DSP khakh said six accused were brought from Kapurthala Jail and produced before a local judicial magistrate who remanded them in judicial custody till April 24.

Meanwhile, one of the Dhillon supporters alleged that he along with three others were standing in front of the tehsil complex, when a few supporters of the accused entered into a scuffle with them.

And when they were passing in front of the local rest house, more than 24 supporters of the arrested killers again scuffled with them. 



DC reviews last-minute arrangements
Anil Datt

Ludhiana, April 11
With only a day left for the final match of the first Pearls World Kabaddi Cup, top officials today held a meeting to review the arrangements for the mega sports event. The final match is scheduled for tomorrow at Guru Nanak Stadium from 7.30 pm onwards. The match for the hard line cup will be played at 5.30 pm.

Arrangement being reviewed for the World Kabaddi Cup final to be held in Ludhiana on Monday. A Tribune photograph
Arrangement being reviewed for the World Kabaddi Cup final to be held in Ludhiana on Monday. A Tribune photograph

Ludhiana Deputy Commissioner Rahul Tiwari enquired from officials of the district administration, local police, municipal corporation, district health department, Punjab State Electricity Board and those from the district sports department about the arrangements made so far.

He instructed all officials to ensure that all things were in place well before the commencement of match.

After the meeting, he said proper arrangements had been made to provide potable water. A separate enclosure for mediapersons had been set up behind the VIPs gallery, he added.

Harsh Kumar Bansal, Additional Deputy Commissioner of Police, Ludhiana (I), coordinator, organising committee who was present there said around 1,500 police personnel drawn from adjoining districts, along with those from the Punjab Armed Police, Jalandhar, and recruits from the Punjab Police Academy, Phillaur, would assist organisers to hold the event successfully.

When asked how they would handle the situation like one in Bathinda, yesterday, where the police had to resort to lathi charge to control the mob, Bansal replied that they had taken measures such as the “standard crowd control drill” to avoid the use of force.

Meanwhile, the stadium has been given a facelift. The whole structure has been painted, while the broken chairs in the south west and north east blocks have been removed. Chairs in the VIP gallery have also been repaired.

Pargat Singh, director, sports, Punjab, and secretary, organising committee, World Kabaddi Cup, said Bollywood celebrity and playback singer Sukhwinder Singh, Punjabi singer Dolly Guleria, besides other famous artistes would enthral spectators during the final.

A cultural troupe from the North Zone Cultural Centre comprising artistes from 14 states across the nation would also be performing during the closing ceremony. The main attraction of the concluding function would be a firework show, said Singh.

“Punjab Chief Minister Parkash Singh Badal will be chief guest at the prize distribution function, while the Deputy Chief Minister and chairman, World Kabaddi Cup Organising Committee, Sukhbir Singh Badal, will preside over the function. Former Chief Minister of Haryana Om Parkash Chauthala, along with Punjab Cabinet Ministers, will also be present there,” added Pargat Singh. 



Sports dept doesn’t follow what it preaches 
Mohit Khanna
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, April 11
It seems that authorities of the sports department don’t follow what they preach. The department, which was on the forefront in raising objection against the (mis) use of stadium for live singing concert in the garb of Kabaddi tournament, now appears to be a mute spectator as the local Guru Nanak Stadium will host the finals of the World Kabaddi Cup on April 12. According to the organisers, singers like Sukhwinder and Dolly Guleria would entertain the crowd after the Kabaddi finale.

The sports lovers of the city are keeping their finger crossed. Everybody hopes that the finale of the ongoing World Kabaddi Cup should not damage the state- of - the- art stadium.

Over 50,000 spectators are expected to visit the stadium to watch their favourite Kabaddi stars in action.

The sportsmen apprehend that this extravaganza might damage the costly synthetic track.

Several incidents of swarming of stadium by the spectators were witnessed during the past, when the mob broke lose during singing concert and vandalised the ground.

Director (sports) Pargat Singh took stern action after the representatives of all sports associations staged protest against the misuse of stadium during the Gurdas Mann concert and banned the use of “sports ground” for singing concerts.

But now, Pargat Singh seems to have caught in a tight spot, as the sports department itself was organising the tournament.

“I have requested Sukhbir Singh Badal to, please, save the ground from getting damaged. The onus is on him, how he manages to control the frenzied crowed. Spectators have often scaled the fencing and damaged the ground during the singing concert following a Kabaddi tournament,” said Rishabh Khular, a city resident.



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