Rhyme Time
Free period

Itís a free period of my class

Students are reading chapters furious and fast

I am in a creative mood

All others are studying for their boon

With time flowing boundless and bare

My partner looked at me and gave me a stare

He frowned as if my activity he mocked

Thoughts flowing in my mind like a moth

Now my concentration may have wreck

With my chums and pals coming to me

Talking about their hairstyles and contriving to tonsure their heads

I am coming out of the vortex of my concentration

My attention is giving a sense of demarcation

Giving an apathy to their talks

I am giving the bleak period a halt

Diverting from them I am drenching into my creation again

Why is everyone standing I canít guess

It is the teacherís ingress now I got

My belated standing up made her glare

Hey this is not fair

Now I start pushing my pencil again

I think my perky restart went in vain

As the bell is ringing, my amusement is increasing manifold

I was oblivious of what I never thought

I remember what my grandpa always taught

Itís the time that should be kept on hold

It is ammunition by which triumphs increase manifold

After introspection, I think it was a great utilisation of time

As a verse is written from the hands of mine

Hunar Duggal, VIII-D, St Joseph Convent School, Bathinda