Fighting for a cause
Neha Walia

If you are not good in studies, then become a wrestler. An advice from his father worked well for Sangram Singh. His journey from an amateur wrestler to entering professional wrestling through reality show 100 % De Dana Dhan on Colors, Sangram Singh is ready to change the image of pahelwaani in India.

In the city to support Save the Girl child cause initiated by Global Punjabi, Sangram Singh defines the fine line between a pahelwaan and a professional wrestler. "Unlike today, when being a pahelwaan means playing the role of bouncers, it meant somebody who is physically and mentally strong." Well, that and also some wham, bam, slam.

The muscle man doesn't believe in supplements or steroids for six pack abs. "I come from Haryana, where I grew up in a lifestyle that makes one strong from within. The trend of getting six, eight or ten packs in quick time is not sustainable. Nothing beats an original, natural and healthy body." And he challenges any body who doubts the fact. The only exceptions he mentions are Sunny Deol and Salman Khan with 'real' hot bods.

Talking about being real, why spare the wrestling arena? Isn't that high on drama, less on fact? "A lot of people think professional wrestling is fake, but that is until you know how it functions. The dialogues or some sequences can be scripted but the fights are real." Though he believes, once you turn a sport into entertainment, dilution of rules and regulation happens. "Just like cricket has entertaining formats, wrestling too is finding its popular format," he says. But there is no comparison between the two when it comes to fit bodies. "We may have fit players but not someone at the level of Andrew Symonds or Mathew Hayden."

In an effort to popularise the sport, he announced an event Yodhao Ka Maha Sangram that will be held in Delhi on May 8, which will see international and Indian wrestlers fight it out. "The Great Khali will be the guest of honour and 50 per cent of the money collected would be donated to two NGOs working for saving the girl child, helping children of cancer patients and cleaning the Yamuna before the Commonwealth Games."

Chandigrah too will see auditions happening for the same in coming months. Of course, when it comes to flexing some muscles, who knows it better than Punjabis. "Not just that, but the region has a good track record in world of sports. Punjab and Haryana make 80 per cent of Indian sports." So, we have both, fact and fighting spirit.

laugh out loud

Laughter takes you closer to God. Don't we sinners need that badly? On the World Laughter Day May 2 we attempt to please the almighty and to remind ourselves that there are things worth a laugh. And while doing so, Rajiv Nigam shares some tips on this healthy and happy exercise of muscles.

"When we say that laughter is the best medicine, it implies to the stressed out lives we are living 24X7. It comes free of cost and without any side effects." The stand up comedian, who practices what he preaches on Comedy Circus on Sony week after week, believes the popularity of laughter shows is a proof of the need for laughing out loud. "It's a demand and supply chain. The reason why we have umpteen number of laughter shows on television and comedy movies in Bollywood is that people want to have a good laugh, which seems like a Herculean task with the lifestyle we are living. Thus humour is turning out to be the most popular genre in every field, be it films, TV shows, books or even music." Well, who would mind a tickle on the funny bone?

"Also, in North India we have a culture of masti and light hearted fun. The best example is Punjabis," he adds. "With the number of jokes on Punjabis now reaching a record mark, we can't deny how potentially strong we are in this area."

Anyway, back to what he does best i.e. making people laugh, Rajiv says, he has his hands full with that responsibility. "I have been part of Comedy Circus for three years now and play Mastana Bandwala in Lapataganj on SAB. Apart from this, I have the first Internet show called Jai Hind, which takes digs on anything or anybody in news." His recent prey- Swami Nityanand, Lalit Modi and Shashi Tharoor.

What the hack
Jasmine Singh

A cab screeches to a halt right in front of Flying Machine sector-17. A young boy in white tee and denim walks towards us, carrying a laptop and smile, which stayed till the end of what we term as the 'ethical conversation.' "He is Ankit Fadia," introduces Prithvi, accompanying him. "Does he look a day more than 20. What on earth is he up to? Peeping into other people's accounts. Let me see if he can break through my account." We were ready to flood him with queries and a personal ID was given to him , which he obviously needed to crack to validate his stance.

Hacking….How can someone get fascinated by it, more than this, how can someone make a damn good profession out of it? Twenty- four-years old (we were pretty close) Ankit is glad to reply. But before that he needs to clear the test. Precisely 15 minutes, and I see my Gmail ID accept a password booted by Ankit. 'Here you go,' he smiles, 'this wasn't tough.'

Wondering how it happened, we quiz him on how he did it. "I have been doing it when I was 10-years-old. Now, I am 24, so you can imagine how much I have practiced it," Ankit gladly replies. "So you hack accounts," we ask without mincing words. "Yes, I do, but I 'ethically' hack accounts," he replies. 'Ethical Hacking', where did he pick up this word from? "Forbidden fruit always attract," he says. This quiet puts the why and how to rest, but we are interested in the whole story. "I was 10 when I got attracted to Internet and started reading books on programming, cyber security. I hacked my sister's account for fun sake, but later on I got really interested in it. So, I wrote my first book Unethical Guide To Official Hacking when I was 14, which was immensely successful," says Ankit, laying out the details of his 'ethical career' in chronological order. "The publishers of my first book took one year to legally and technically get the material checked. This is when I thought of adding the word 'ethical' to hacking lest it sounded like some crime."

No doubts on his ability (he just cracked my password), how does he hack? He laughs, "Simple when I hack, I think like a criminal. Basically, it is a hit and trail method, out of the 100 tools one does the trick. No system is 100 per cent safe. Even when the technology is changing, there is no full proof security system to guard the network." This is where Ankit's ethical hacking comes in. "Corporates don't realise that they need to hire hackers, who can hack into the network and help in improving the security of the systems," he adds. Not convinced yet. This might entice. "There is a huge demand of hackers in India. This is a lucrative career money. Imagine being paid to hack into people's accounts." How cool is this! All the same, must be a never- ending exercise. Don't forget this question is for a pro- Ankit Fadia. "Sometimes it takes a few hours and sometimes a few days. It depends on how sophisticated the criminal and the system is," provides Ankit, who likes to travel to unconventional countries like Iran, Morocco, Tanzania.

It's like fire cutting fire. And Ankit successfully used this strategy to de code the Email by Al Qaeda that fetched him international recognition. "I would be wee bit sacred to do something like this now," he laughs, "I was too young when I did it. I was working on the cyber war between India and Pakistan, where in Pakistan criminals were hacking Indian sites and posting anti-Indian messages. Few months after 9/11 I was asked by US government to de code an Email send by Al Qaeda ," he replies, wanting to sound absolutely modest, which he is.

Now, this is getting serious. "It isn't a child play either," he replies immediately, which is why he has come up with Hack Attack, a board game on computer hacking, which teaches the young minds the best security practices," he chips in. It's time to wind up the conversation. "Do your friends share their Email Id with you," we ask unceremoniously, "They trust me. I don't misuse my knowledge," he replies.

(PS: Do I need to change my password Ankit?)

Ankit Fadia in association with Flying Machine is on a three-city tour in Punjab, where he will be talking on the subject of cyber security measures and matters related to hacking. Catch him at Flying Machine flagship stores. He tips us on cyber secuiry..
w Use a strong password of alphabets, numbers and special characters.
w Install fire installation 
w Use anti virus and update it once a week 
w Use an anti spy

Role call

Actor Shahid Kapoor, who broke out of the chocolate boy image in Vishal Bharadwaj's Kaminey, says he doesn't want to play himself in "different costumes". "I don't want to play Shahid in different costumes. I hope I can break that. It has happened a couple of times and I hope I can do it once in a while," Shahid said.

Shahid feels that no actor is bigger than the script of the film he gets to do. "An actor can never be larger than the script. If the script provides you space where you can attempt something new, then one does it. Whenever I get these opportunities I take them," Shahid said. "I am neither as established as the three Khans nor as new as some of the people there right now. I am somewhere in the middle so I need to balance things out. I need to do different kind of films. I need to do something which is different."

"But at the same time I can't do something so different that people can't connect me with it. So it's a thin line and at the end of the day you will have to choose from the films that are offered," Shahid added. "If a script excites me and if a character excites me, I take a leap of faith that I have liked it and now it's up to us as a team to make it a good film," he added. — IANS

Not so funny

He is India's best known stand-up comedian who makes laughing matter out of everything from Madonna to Mayawati. But Vir Das, the actor is stepping out of that comfort zone to play the bad guy on the silver screen. 
Vir Das
Vir Das

Be it his upcoming film Badmaash Company or the Aamir Khan production Delhi Belly, Das says that he has made a conscious decision to play characters not comedians.

"My character in Badmaash Company has what is called grey shades and similarly in Delhi Belly, I am not playing the joker in the group, it is a flawed character, a selfish guy. I get my fix of comedy doing stand-up, I don't want to do the same in films," Das said.

He plays one among a quartet of ambitious crooks who hit the big time in Badmaash Company where he will star alongside Shahid Kapoor, Anushka Sharma and Meiyang Chang. Das plays a wannabe actor Chandu in the film, whose ultimate ambition is to act opposite Madhuri Dixit. "I play one of the four friends and Chandu is a very animated guy, sort of a pervert. Because the film is about the friendship between the four characters, all of us had to bond and have that chemistry for it to show on screen," said Das who debuted as an actor in Vikram Bhatt's Mumbai Salsa in 2007.

And the fact that his co-stars understood his sense of humour, though much to Das' surprise, helped the four get on fabulously. "In real life I have a very weird sense of humour. The jokes I crack during my shows are created to make the audience laugh, so that does not count. But these three actually got my jokes and we bonded very quickly and they attended many of my shows," said the artiste.

Das will soon start dubbing for Delhi Belly, which is rumoured to be a desi version of American Pie, a label that the actor vehemently denies. "It's a film about three guys living in Delhi, but every film about a group of guys does not have to be a sex comedy," said Das who co-stars with Imran Khan and newcomer Kunal Roy Kapoor in the film directed by Abhinay Deo. — PTI

Tale of two states

Bollywood diva Manisha Koirala, who is all set to tie the knot with Nepali businessman Samrat Dahal on June 19, says she will definitely have a home in Nepal after marriage and looks forward to spending more time with her parents too. "I have thought of going back to Nepal and spending more time with mom and dad. Just to be with them, give them moral and emotional support. I was planning that when I happened to meet my would-be husband," Manisha said.

"His name is Samrat and he has done his MBA from the US. Now he is a businessman in Nepal. We have known each other for a while and then our families also met and finally we decided to get married," she said. Asked if she would settle in Nepal, she said: "I will make a home in Nepal. I have a home here. So I will be shuttling between the two countries." Her wedding might be just months away, but she is almost equally excited about her next film Ek Second Jo Zindagi Badal De in which she plays a complex role. Directed by Partho Ghosh, the movie releases June 4, just ahead of her marriage.

Talking about her character in the film, Manisha said: "It's not a double role but shows two characters within a single person. One side of the character is very submissive and docile and innocent. The other side of her is very strong. She is decisive just like women of today's world. I am playing two shades of the same character. It's quite an interesting concept you know." This is her third film with director Partho Ghosh.

"I have done Agni Sakshi and Yugpurush: A Man Who Comes Just Once in a Way . I knew dada (Ghosh) has innovative ideas...The script is fantastic. It was lovely working with him," the actress said.

The actress is known to be choosy while picking roles and is always on the lookout for something she hasn't done before. "Something that is new, something that I haven't done before, something that keeps me on my toes. I was really excited to do Deepti's (Deepti Naval) film Do Paise Ki Bhook, Char Aane ki Barish where I am playing a street prostitute. I was very excited about it because that would be a great experience for me as an actor. Any actor...I think all of us...crave to do something that we haven't done before," Manisha said. — IANS

One more time
Demi Moore keen to make film with her daughter

Hollywood actress Demi Moore wants to make another film with her daughter Rumer Willis. "Rumer is the only one who is interested in pursuing a career in the entertainment industry and I did a movie with her when she was seven.“she said.

i also had the opportunity to direct her in a short film last summer and it was an amazing experience and a whole other way of getting to know her. I'd be very open to doing something else with her," she said.

The actress insists she always puts her family ahead of her career, because without their love her work is meaningless. "Family always comes first because that's what you have at the end of your life. Your work is just what we get to do, which is a real gift," she added. — IANS 

Knotty affair

Singer Mariah Carey and her actor husband Nick Cannon celebrated their second anniversary with their third wedding, hosting a bash at their Hollywood Hills home.

The lovebirds were snapped kissing and dancing in front of their guests Friday night, with Nick looking dapper in an all-white suit and Mariah in a sparkling wedding dress.

"This is my third wedding, so it's gonna be fun," Nick said. "I'm just showing up with gifts and smiles."

So what did Nick get the diva who has everything? "You've gotta be really creative. You've gotta get another ring," he said, explaining that Mimi still has the first two. "She still wears them!" The two tied the knot with a surprise wedding in the Bahamas in 2008.

Though Mariah has been rumored to be pregnant on a regular basis ever since their first nuptials, Nick told Laura that the two weren't expecting yet. "Only time will tell," he said.


Age no bar

Hollywood actress Halle Berry's former boyfriend Gabriel Aubry has claimed that the nine year age gap is not to be blamed for their split. According to the Canadian model, the break up of his four and a half year relationship was amicable and denied that the age difference between him and 43-year-old Halle was a factor, as speculated by the media.

"While I will not comment on all of the wild inaccuracies being speculated about in the media, I am sad to say that Halle and I have decided together to separate at this time. She is, and will forever be one of the most special and beautiful people that I have ever known, and I am certain that we will continue to have only love and respect for one another," said Aubry.

Since the couple split, which happened a few months ago, Gabriel, 34, and the Oscar-winning actress have been working to resolve their finances and make arrangements for their two-year-old daughter, Nahla, whom they are said to be planning to equally share custody of. "We have been blessed with the most amazing daughter in the world. Her happiness and well-being are the most important thing for both of us. Respect our privacy during this difficult time," Aubry said.


Fan club

Hollywood superstar Russell Crowe has admitted that he is a great fan of Real Madrid striker Cristiano Ronaldo. The New Zealand-born actor had his picture taken with Ronaldo as well as with defenders Alvaro Arbeloa and Pepe, striker Raul Gonzalez and midfielder Guti.
Russell Crowe
Russell Crowe

"I was definitely looking forward to meeting Ronaldo because obviously he is one of the best players to have ever played the game," Crowe said. The Oscar winning actor told the club's television station: "I always check out La Liga table to see where Barcelona and Real Madrid stand, you have a great team." Crowe gave each player a baseball cap from his South Sydney Rabbitohs, a rugby team he owns in Australia. He received a Real shirt with his name emblazoned on the back.

"It was fun man. Obviously Real Madrid is a legendary club," Crowe said.

Crowe was in the Spanish capital to promote his latest film Robin Hood which he produced and stars in. — ANI

Infant woes
Dr Sunil K. Agrawal

Summers is a difficult season to cope with. It's far more difficult for your newborn. Overdressing, excessive use of diapers could bring a heat rash. Extra cooling of an air conditioner could also be harmful for the little one. Here are some tips that can help you make it better for your little one

Breastfeed more often to avoid dehydration

Studies suggest that to avoid dehydration, let your child be breastfed whenever he or she wants. Breast milk is mainly water and in summers, babies love to be breastfed more often, specially after short intervals. Place a cool cotton towel or baby sheet on your arm and lap, in case the baby gets irritated while nursing.

Switch to cloth nappies and avoid diapers

In summers, avoid the use of diapers; as the synthetic waistband of a diaper allows sweat collect around the waist resulting in a heat rash. Instead switch to cloth nappies made of good absorbent cotton. A cotton cloth nappy helps keep your baby cool and prevents rashes.

Dress your baby in cool cottons

Avoid synthetic fabrics as they retain heat and are very uncomfortable resulting in prickly heat and heat rashes. Remove excess padding from the pram as this can also make it hot and prevent airflow. A bath before bedtime will also keep the baby cool and comfortable.

Use talcum powder wisely

Assuming that talcum powder keeps the baby cool, often mothers apply loads of talc on the baby just after a bath. Powder on wet skin can cake up and cause irritation and discomfort. Use talc wisely, especially in the diaper and neck area. When using talc make sure it is not inhaled. Use it little quantity and rub it well.

Check AC temperatures

Ensure that the cold air is not hitting your baby directly when the angel is asleep or playing. Avoid taking the little one into warmer areas immediately from an air-conditioned environment and vice-a-versa.

The writer is MD Fortis Hospital, Mohali.

Pause…start again
Postmenopausal stress tough to deal with? The solution is not hard to find
Ashima Sehajpal

A certain woman patient suffering from multiple problems like body aches, irritability, and sleeplessness…consulted an orthopedician, cardiologist, physician, almost all specialty doctors for treatment. The reason behind the physiological and psychological changes in the body could not be detected until she visited a gynecologist. What seemed a complex health problem rather turned out to be a usual physiological transformation in the body: Menopause. There is no denying the fact that coping with the changes is extremely difficult but as Dr. Swapna Mishra, Gynecologist, Fortis asserts, "A healthy diet, right lifestyle and acceptance of the fact that menopause is not necessarily the sign of body growing old makes it far easier for women to cope with changes." Menopause can in some cases lead to osteoporosis as the content of calcium in bones falls down. Sudden hot flushes is another problem.

To further help the cause, there is an option of menopausal counseling, "In which we guide women how not to get psychologically affected by the natural process." Counseling does require the involvement of husband. "During the counseling sessions, we counsel husbands to pay their wives more attention to assure she doesn't feel ignored." She suggests counseling should be started two years before expecting the menopause to deal with the situation better.

To a certain extent, menopause is an exaggerated problem. If a healthy lifestyle is followed, the chances of menopause affecting the body are very less. "There are women who are psychologically not affected by menopause. All that women need to do is keep themselves busy. Meeting women who have been able to deal with menopause, without having undergone distress can help a lot," says Dr. Anju Huria, gynecologist, GMCH 32. Weight bearing exercises and a regular morning walk will help keep the body fit and diet rich in calcium will help avoid osteoporosis. Sunita Malhotra, dietician, PGI advises, "Intake of Soya products should be increased. Soya products are rich in iso flavons that render the body strength to cope with hormonal changes. Presence of photo chemicals in soya products keeps the body in a good shape post menopause. " More water intake and diet comprising of green leafy vegetable are also recommended.

Dr Mishra feels that in the Indian society menopause means the end of youth. Fear of looking old and unattractive start bothering women. "Also around that time, children get married, they get busy in their own life and their own family becomes a priority. Change in the family and social circle can make the feeling of growing older stronger." The production of estrogen, the hormone responsible for the feel good factor begins to fall post menopause. "It's also the reason behind the sudden behavioral changes in women," adds Dr. Huria. The only way out she suggests is, "Keep yourself involved in activities. Divert your attention and eat healthy." Now that is not really tough!

Counter effect

Most teenagers don't know what acetaminophen is, despite having taken the over-the-counter analgesic recently, a US study found. The University of Rochester Medical Center Study assessed teens' health literacy.

More than 60 percent of the teens in the study had never before heard of acetaminophen despite 21 percent of them having taken it within the previous month.

When presented with a mock scenario in which they might choose to take acetaminophen (brand name Tylenol), nearly 85 percent of teens in the study would have put themselves at risk of overdosing on the medication that can cause liver damage. Among those teens with limited health literacy, the percentage of potential overdosing rises to 94 percent.

"Teens are starting to medicate themselves without parental input, so these numbers are incredibly concerning. Acetaminophen may be an over-the-counter medication, but that doesn't mean it is completely safe. In severe cases, misuse of it can cause liver failure," said Laura Shone, M.S.W., Dr.P.H., associate professor of Pediatrics at URMC's Golisano Children's Hospital and author of the abstract presented today at the Pediatric Academic Society meeting in Vancouver, Canada.

The study recruited 266 young people in Monroe County, N.Y., between the ages of 16 and 23 in 2008 and 2009. The adolescents' health literacy was assessed through the Rapid Estimate of Adult Literacy in Medicine (REALM) survey for participants 18 and older and the REALM-Teen for those younger than 18. About 36 percent of teens had limited health literacy and 64 percent had adequate health literacy. — ANI

In nature's lap

Can't find time for workouts? Fret not, for a new study claims that five minutes of exercise in a "green space", such as a park or near a lake, is enough to boost your mental health. Researchers in Britain have based their findings on an analysis of evidence from 1,250 people in 10 studies - in fact they found that "green exercise" can boost fast improvements in mood and self-esteem.

The study, published in the 'Environmental Science and Technology' journal suggested that the strongest impact was on young people.

In their study, the researchers looked at many different outdoor activities including walking, gardening, cycling, fishing, boating, horse-riding and farming in locations such as a park, garden or nature trail. The biggest effect was seen within just five minutes. With longer periods of time exercising in a green environment, the positive effects were clearly apparent but were of a smaller magnitude, the findings revealed.


BODY wise
Weight & watch
Sachin Kalra

The term weight trainning does not find too much appreciation among women. The reason is the myth that working out with weights will turn them into female body builders. However that is far from true. Women do not, and cannot, naturally produce as much testosterone (one of the main hormones responsible for increasing muscle size) as men, and therefore it is impossible for a woman to gain huge amounts of muscle mass by merely doing some weight training. If women can get past the initial concerns with weight training, they will see that the strength training is an outstanding way to maintain good health and have a toned body.

Tips and advice for women who want to weight train and build those muscles:

Work-out regularly and consistently. You should weight train a minimum of 3 times a week that should provide enough exercise required by your body to build muscles.

Intake of an appropriate diet is the first step towards building lean muscle mass. Your top most priority should be the intake of proteins that will help put on extra muscle in your body by increasing the volume of the muscle tissues. Also make sure to include green vegetables, carbohydrates, vitamins, etc in your meals.

Take in adequate calories. You have to feed your body properly with the right amount of calories, protein, carbohydrates and fat in order for it to change. If you cut back on your calories too much you will only lose water and muscle. And you don't want to do that because when your lean muscle decreases your metabolism decreases, making it much harder to actually lose fat.

Measure body fat, not weight. If you're actually gaining muscles, you will be gaining weight, even if you're losing inches on your body.

Push yourself. Heavy weight training exercises are the best way to put on muscle. Your trainer will train you on light weights first and then gradually shift you to heavy weights. General rule: use a weight that tires the muscle(s) out within 8-12 repetitions.

Don't cheat by racing through your exercises. Move slowly. Also aim for smooth, flowing, continuous movements when using weights. Fast, jerky or uneven movements will put unnecessary strain on your muscles and could result in injury.

Take a protein supplement such as a protein shake.

Balance your weight training workout. Work n all your major muscles and muscle groups like abdominals, legs, chest, back, shoulders and arms.

Learn proper form and technique, so as to avoid injury and reap maximum benefits. Also vary your exercises. If you repeat the same exercise, you will overdo a particular muscle group. Also the body is very adaptive. Performing the same routine over and over is not only boring, but your body will get used to the routine and quit showing results. Use a full variety of exercises, machines and resistances. Varying your exercises will shock the muscles and in turn challenge them, leading to a more effective workout.

Breathe freely. Never hold your breath during weight training. Your muscles need a constant supply of oxygenated blood and by denying them that you risk broken blood vessels, high blood pressure, etc. Instead, exhale as you lift the weight and inhale as you bring the weight down.

To ensure you are working your muscles in the most effective way, it is important to focus on what you're doing. If your mind is elsewhere it's easy to fall into bad form and risk injury. Focus on effective weight training principles throughout your workout and your strength training will give you the results you want.

Be patient and workout religiously. It takes time to see the true benefits of any weight lifting exercise. You need to make sure to set systematic, reasonable goals for your muscle building program that you can track, progress, and meet overtime. And if you keep trainingyou will lose weight and gain muscle and strength.

It's important to think quality rather than quantity during weight training. Weight training doesn't only have to be done at a gym. It can be done at home, with simple equipment such as free weights, dumb bells and stretch bands. The bottom line, however, is that if you weight train properly you will lose weight, gain muscle strength and reap numerous other health benefits.

Young expressions
Eight budding artists put together an interesting mix of art
Neha Walia
Photos Pradeep Tewari
Photo: Pradeep Tewari

Even though art has become a medium for a better life, the fact remains that art needs appreciation and artist needs patronage. Keeping this in mind, Chandigarh Lalit Kala Academi presented scholarships to eight budding artists from the city under their scholarship scheme started in 2008, to promote and support young talent. And one look at the display of their works at the Art Gallery and Museum-10 highlights the talent we are talking about.

Putting together an interesting mix of art media, caricatures, acrylic on canvas, sculptures and mix-media, these artists have each created art works rich in visual culture. Celebrity faces, time-pass games and digital images have creatively been used to present a distinctive style of work. Be it the frustrations and alienation of outwardly open society or abstract art, a reflection existing of social disparities or humorous interpretation lent to a famous face, each work took one year to complete in its perception and appeal.

Gitika Pathania, winner of Amrita Sher-Gil scholarship has displayed her metal sculptures on the theme of Inhumane, which took three years to complete. "I have tried hybridization of animal and human figures symbolising animal instincts in human nature. Most of them are distorted figures." Another work by Mukesh Kumar throws light on Chandigarh's planned structures and black and white colours. "I am fascinated by the city's division, whether structurally or character wise.”

For most, it is their first display and so public opinion matters. "Though artists create out of their own thought processes, but market study has become very important these days. Exhibitions give us an exposure and interaction with the public," says Ritu Raj, one of the artists.

The jury for selection comprised of Viren Tanwar and S Raj Kumar. One of the artists, Aishwarya, has received a French scholarship and is involved in experimentation with various art genres.

Summer fiesta

Retrofuturistic design is back this season. Whether it is Micheal Jackson's famous red jacket from the 80's hit track 'Beat It' or Madonna's fashion incarnation in 'Just like a Prayer'.80's is synonymous with the birth of pop and the uprising of punk culture, and experimentation! This summer, relive the 80's with bold and rebellious designs and fashion from Esprit! Experiment your way through the season with a collection inspired by the era of color, volume, and versatility.

Esprit's 80's fashion for Men reflects punk, street culture with acid-washed jeans and denim jackets, oversized t-Shirts, Parkas, and Extra long blazers that can be teamed up with the denims for a look of laidback sophistication.

Inspired by pop legend Madonna's effervescent style, the ladies can add a touch of siren glamour by teaming up denim skirts with leggings, bold and dramatic tops and slim denims in colours of the season; orange, grass green, bright red and shades of berry.

For those with a 'Yuppie' sense of fashion, 'Esprit Women 80's Casual' has a collection that will bring to you a sense of Déjà vu. Attractive, luxuriant and narcissistic, this line gets a gypsy touch with tunic-style dresses along with earthy looking skirts. Esprit brings cropped pants, chinos and boyfriend jeans that add a touch of nostalgia.

Esprit 80's Men casual spells a look that's breezy, athletic, casual, and is perfect for a chilled out summer. This range consists of casual field jackets, innovative blouson shapes and denim jackets, bermuda shorts and T-shirts for a comfort stretch. The colour scale plays with the environmental green tones accompanied by new shades of purple along with summer darks, brown and beige. So invoke the spirit of the 80's with Esprit's new range this summer! Esprit 80's collection starts from Rs 590 onwards.


Walk another day

The city saw another bunch of celebrities joining hands for a cause, along with over 2000 school children in a support march held at the Sukhna Lake on Sunday morning. As a part of initiatives undertaken by The Global Punjabi, a social forum and fashion designer Sanjana Jon, the march for saving the girl child had celebrity wrestler Sangram Singh, comedian Rajiv Nigam, Sanjana Jon and eminent personalities from city participating. "The response has been tremendous with so many people joining us for the cause. Female feoticide is an issue that concerns everyone and more support we get, the easier it becomes to root out this social evil," says Sanjana.

Rajiv Nigam, who has been associated with the cause in Mumbai as well, said that killing a girl child is like killing your mother. "The shocking difference in the gender ratio in states like Haryana, Punjab and Rajasthan show how desperately the girl child needs our help. The message has to be put across in any way possible."

Abhijit Sharma, founder, The Global Punjabi says, "This is a walk for India's missing girls. This is the beginning of our effort to eradicate female infanticide. We will spread this campaign on the grass root level in states of Punjab, Haryana and Rajasthan."

Neha Walia

Spice up
Cooling effect
Shahnaz Husain

Many natural ingredients help to cool and refresh the skin during summer. Most fruits can be used for face packs. In fact, ingredients like cucumber, papaya, melons have a cooling effect. These can be used in face masks. They also soothe the skin, while many of them help to remove sweat deposits and reduce oiliness.

Here are some ways to use natural ingredients for summer skin care:

Clays like Fuller's Earth (multani mitti) have a cooling effect. To reduce oiliness, mix one tablespoon Fuller's Earth with rose water. Apply the paste on the face and wash it off after 15 to 20 minutes.

Cooling Mask: Cucumber juice (or pulp) can be mixed with two teaspoons powdered milk and one egg white. You can put the ingredients in a blender, for a smooth paste. Apply on face and neck and rinse off with water after half an hour. For oily skin, omit milk powder.

Mix lemon juice with water in equal quantities and freeze it in an ice-cube tray. Whenever you want a refresher, rub a frozen cube lightly over the face and then wipe with cotton wool. Removes oiliness and leaves the skin fresh. Rose water or a rose-based skin tonic can be kept in the refrigerator, in a bowl, with cotton wool pads soaking in it. Use it to wipe your skin several times a day. Can also be used over the eyelids, as eye pads, to remove fatigue.

For Oily Skins and problem skin: Take one tablespoon lemon juice and one tablespoon rose water. Add crushed mint leaves and let it stand for one hour. Strain the leaves and apply the liquid on the face. Wash it off after 20 minutes. Helps to reduce grease, refreshes and cools.

Mix egg white and honey and apply like a mask. Wash off after 20 minutes. Egg white has a cleansing effect, reduces oil and tightens the skin, while honey is a powerful natural moisturizer.

Mix one teaspoon honey with two teaspoons lemon juice and apply daily, washing it off after 20 minutes. This is ideal for summer and lightens skin colour over a period of time of regular use.

To one tablespoon honey, add 15 drops of orange juice, one tablespoon oats and one tablespoon rose water. Mix together and apply on the face. Wash off after 15 minutes.

Cleansing Papaya Mask for all skin types: Papaya pulp can be applied on the skin like a mask, washing it off after 20 minutes. Papaya contains enzymes and helps to soften and cleanse the skin of dead skin cells.

Cleansing and Skin Lightening Mask: Mix cucumber and papaya pulp with one teaspoon yogurt, one teaspoon honey, 3 teaspoons oatmeal and one teaspoon lemon juice.

Fruit Mask for all Skin Types: Fruits like banana, apple, papaya, orange can be mix together and applied on the face. Keep it on for 20 to 30 minutes. Papaya is rich in enzymes and helps to cleanse dead skin cells. Banana tightens the skin. Apple contains pectin and helps to cleanse the skin. Orange is rich in Vitamin C. It restores the normal acid-alkaline balance.

For sunburn: Apply yogurt or buttermilk on the face and wash it off after 20 minutes. Or, crush sesame seeds (til) coarsely and soak in water overnight. Next morning strain the water and use the white liquid to wash the face. Soothes sun-burn and sun-damaged skin in summer.

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