Rhyme time
A real angel

Sometimes I wonder what an angel looks like

Does it have wings with enchanted golden dust?

And a matching halo to distract her from all kinds of lust

But what do these bizarre thoughts have to do right now

Coz I am sitting in my room down with flu

And have to miss the sunny day and the eventful school

Suddenly I hear the door click downstairs

And I hear a familiar voice call “anyone home”?

My mother comes in, greets me with a kiss and enquires about my health

This brief spell of affection takes away all my aches

This is the moment I realise what an angel looks like

It is neither a sparkly winged creature, with matching robes and a delicate halo

Nor is it a pearly white dress-clad lady with shiny silver feathers

And a wand to complete the look

But it is you — my mother

An angel in disguise

Aarushi Grover, X, Sacred Heart Sr. Secondary School, Chandigarh