Opt out of Cop Out

THE trouble with Hollywood is that they never know when enough is enough. They continue to flog a long dead horse. Or else what would one say of another buddy-buddy cop film Cop Out. They think Bruce Willis is still able to hold a film together.

They donít realise he has come a long way since his Die Hard days (1988 to be precise) and teaming him with loud-mouth Tracy Morgan (were they thinking of the Lethal Weapon team of Mel Gibson and Danny Glover?) doesnít make the fare any better and these two NYPD cops go about their own predictable beats trying to keep their heads above water.

Kevin Smithís Cop Out is below average
Kevin Smithís Cop Out is below average

Jimmy Monroe (Bruce Willis) and Paul (Tracy Morgan) are not exactly looking for trouble when trouble finds them. Jimmy loses his priceless baseball card in a heist. Actually he had planned to sell it in order to marry off his daughter. Their search leads them to a number of blanks and finally to a Mexican gang and that spells big, big trouble.

But nothing youíve not seen in these NYPD encounters. But director Kevin Smith is hampered by a lacklustre screenplay and a jaded Bruce Willis who seems to go through the motions almost in a trance. Tracy Morgan tries his best to infuse interest but sadly fails by a long way. There are a few good moments but few is the operative word. If the beautiful stowaway with a language problem is supposed to add to the humour, it is only partially successful. At best, the fare is below average which makes the promos comparing it with Dirty Harry look benign. The two films canít be mentioned in the same breath. One has to suffer through 118 minutes of inanity before being finally redeemed by the end, precisely because it is the end. My advice is please opt out.